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By Sing1118


"Lieutenant. Thank you."

Starbuck admires the president. She's elegant, in power, and Starbuck has done everything she asked. She disobeyed direct orders from the commander, someone she loves as much as her own father, to do something the president asked. As much as she'd like to tell herself that it was loyalty to the Colonies, or religious duty, admiration of the president as a prophet, she knows deep down that it's more. She'd have done anything the president wanted. But now, she's not so sure. Even though her travel to Caprica, and the whole mission to Kobol, turned out the way they had hoped, she's become disillusioned.

"We could all be chasing our tails over some half-assed planetarium show."

Racetrack knows exactly how to push Starbuck's buttons. Maybe she's letting out tension, maybe she's hoping for a good lay, hell, maybe she's just a frakking bitch. Starbuck doesn't know, doesn't care.

They run into each other later in the showers. Starbuck takes a quick look. Just to see if she hurt the other pilot. Of course.

Later she wonders how they got here. Racetrack pinned against the wall, Starbuck's hands all over her, possessive. Starbuck growls, pushing into her roughly, slamming her hips against the wall over and over.

"Congratulations, Captain."

Then it was the Admiral. Admiral Cain. Starbuck had never gotten to meet her before the attacks on the colonies, but had seen her from a distance, heard stories about her from other pilots, first on Caprica, and then from Pegasus pilots. She knows the Admiral was frakking the Cylon that's now in the Pegasus brig. Everyone knows. At least all the pilots do.

She stands in Cain's quarters. She's a captain now. She wants to show that she's grateful for the promotion, but she's too proud. And then Cain is closer, and she's taking Starbuck's head in her hands. Removing Starbuck's uniform. Dominating her. Starbuck lets the admiral do what she wants. She finds herself face down, tied up, being taken with the cock hidden under the admiral's strictly pressed uniform, pushing so hard she thinks her hips will break. For the first time in months, she's not in control. She likes it.

It scares her.

"I want you to take out your sidearm and shoot Admiral Cain in the head."

Starbuck gapes. Shoot Cain? How could Adama ask her to do that? She'd do anything for him, and she agrees anyway. For Zak's sake. For her own sake. Because she can't bear to let the old man down, no matter what.

"I want you to promise me that when that moment comes, you won't flinch."

Cain's words echo in Starbuck's head. She stands in the Pegasus CIC, fingering her sidearm, sweat dripping down her back. She knows it didn't come from Adama. It was all Roslin's idea. Part of her wants to be loyal to the old man, but the part of her that has to be loyal to Cain, to the admiral, to… She wants to know how the old man could have let himself be sucked into the president's frakking assassination plot. She knows Lee doesn't want her to do it. She knows that's why he's not here. She doesn't know if she can do it without him.

"It might be hard to admit, it might be hard to hear- but I think we were safer with her than we are without."

She's glad she wasn't the one to have to shoot the admiral, but she's glad that Cain is gone. She misses the authority, she misses how easy it was to follow, but she doesn't miss not being able to think for herself.

She doesn't even know if what she's saying is true or not. But it fits.

"Starbuck, you're an embarrassment."

She wants to hit Kat so hard, but she knows she'd only end up in the brig again. Not that she gives a frak what most of the fleet thinks. She's just getting ready to frak with Kat's mind some more when the lieutenant hauls off and hits her. And then Apollo's there and she can't do anything.

"You know, there are times when I look at you and I forget what you are."

Starbuck hates it. Sharon. She forgets that this is not the same Sharon she laughed with, trained with, even loved back on Caprica. She looks the same. She has the same memories. Starbuck wishes that it could all be as simple as it was then. Before she met Zak. Before Zak died. Before they got on the Galactica, never to see home again, at least not as they knew it.

And Sharon was frakking the Chief. Stupidest thing she'd ever done, that was for sure. Starbuck had still laughed at her when she'd messed up her landings every time, always blaming it on the ship. She sighs. How can she miss someone who's really a machine? But she does.

"I seem to recall someone saying my lips would never touch this rim?"

And now it's Kat. Kat, with her big mouth. Kat, with her frakking insufferable attitude.

Kat, who can actually outshoot her.

She still can't believe Kat stood up to her the other day. That she'd had the balls to punch a superior officer, something Starbuck herself had done, gods, it seems like so long ago. She can't believe that Kat took out Scar. That she'd let Kat take out Scar.

She'd handed over the Top Gun. She grabs Kat and drags her to the showers, pushing her under the cold water while the other pilots laugh. She stays, gaze lingering on Kat's wet shirts, plastered to her body. She glances at the door quickly before grabbing the sopping lieutenant and hauling her to a storage closet. She pulls Kat's shirts off, unbuttons her pants, too quickly for Kat to protest or try to undress her captain. Kat approaches frakking just like she approaches flying. She's hard, fast, and takes Starbuck with just as much force as Starbuck takes her.

This may not last, but it's what Starbuck needs now.

The End

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