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By Sing1118


"Starbuck, you're an embarrassment." Kat leaned forward, putting weight on the words. "You used to be the hottest stick on the fleet, now…" she looked like she was going to spit. "You're just a reckless drunk who sends other people out to get killed." Starbuck took a step up onto the platform, so that she was once again taller than Kat. Kat took a small step back. "what are you gonna do? You gonna hit me, Starbuck?"

Starbuck leaned forward the tiniest bit. "Scares you, does it?"

Kat snarled slightly. "Actually, no." She almost looked as though she was going to hit Starbuck before Starbuck took another step forward, putting them too close together for Kat's comfort. She stared at Starbuck hard for a brief moment before- to hell with it all- her lips covered Starbuck's and her hands pulled at the other pilot's flight suit. Just as one hand started so slide into Starbuck's pants-

She found herself thrown to the other side of the room, tucking her hand guiltily behind her back as-

"Ten-hut." Apollo strode into the ready room, studying the two pilots. "What's going on?"

Starbuck shot a calculating glance at Kat before turning to Apollo matter-of-factly. "A little tactical discussion, sir."

Apollo quirked a corner of his mouth. "Well, it must have been lively." He shot a glance at Kat in the corner, who looked at the wall and the floor, still hiding her hand behind her back. "Right then. You two get ready." He left, and Kat looked uncomfortably at the floor.

"Starbuck.... I mean sir…"

"Shut up for once, ok, Kat?" And Starbuck was on top of her, pushing her against the wall. Kat started to protest, to try and take control, and found herself utterly unable to counter the control that the captain held over her. Starbuck was fully dominating, physically and mentally, and she was powerless to do anything except give in to the feeling of the soft lips on her neck.

Strange that someone so hard can have such soft skin… but underneath that skin was steel, cold and unrelenting. Kat gasped as Starbuck kissed a quick, ruthless pattern down her neck, pulling at her tanks, pushing at her pants, before returning to Kat's lips to press hungrily, as though she were trying to consume Kat whole.

"Sir…" Kat gasped desperately, trying to remind her about the door, but gave up.

"What is it, Katraine?" Starbuck growled, palming Kat's breast, hearing her moan, giving up on any attempt at coherent conversation. She grabbed at Starbuck's ass, stroking the fabric that covered it, trying to get under her clothes. Starbuck pushed her hands away and slid one hand into Kat's flight suit, into wetness she knew would be waiting, and began driving into her. No gentleness here- she had been waiting too long for a release, especially after the frak-up with Apollo last night. Kat settled her hands around Starbuck's waist, wanting to stand tall as her superior led her over the edge. She stifled a moan, desperate not to cry out her need, not wanting Starbuck to know how in control she was.

Starbuck grinned against Kat's mouth. "Give it up, Kat," she murmered. "You know I'm the best, and I always will be."

"Ohhhh…" Kat finally let it out. "Frak me, please!" She moved faster, pushing herself harder against Starbuck's hands and breasts and hips, wanting more contact, and more, anything keep this feeling going. She pressed herself against the taller woman, trying not to collapse as she came, shuddering and crashing into the wall. She slid down to a sitting position, pulling Starbuck down on top of her, trying to regroup her thoughts. She didn't want it to end this soon. She pulled at Starbuck's flight suit, and this time, the blonde allowed her to undo the fastenings. Kat pushed Starbuck's boxers aside- Of course, she would have to wear shorts, wouldn't she- and into Starbuck's center. It was warm, and wet, oh gods, so wet, and Kat knew that she could show Starbuck that she isn't an upstart. She knew what she was doing. She slowed down, though she knew that Starbuck liked it hard. Slow, coaxing, stroking, starting too soft and building up, pressing hard, until she knew Starbuck would respond.

"Keep going, Katraine…" Starbuck very nearly purred into Kat's ear as Kat stroked her clit, flipping over and sliding her hand back into Kat's wetness. Kat's sigh echoed through the empty ready room, and she doubled her pressure on Starbuck's clit, pushing the other woman over the edge.

Starbuck exhaled, but Kat sat up. "Footsteps." They jumped up, barely pulling clothes straight before Apollo strode back into the room.

"Frak it, are you fighting again? I thought I told you to get ready. I'm pairing you up. Kat, I want you to fly Starbuck's wing out by the big spud."

"Sir, I-"

Apollo shot a quelling look at Kat. "I've got a hunch there will be a bunch of Raiders behind it so I want my heavy hitters out there…"

Kat looked at Starbuck, who avoided her gaze, concentrating on Apollo's words. Back to the mission, back to fleet life, back to seeming normalcy. No one else might ever find out, but Kat had gotten under Starbuck's guard, knew what was there, and it was a person, tangible and bittersweet, and that was enough for now.

The End

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