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By Terias McKlay


"Lords of Kobol, what am I doing?" She asked directing her question to the statuette of Athena, a gift from Maya. A rustling at the flap of her tent let her know she was no longer alone.

"They can't hear you, you're too far from home. Even if they could, they don't care." Laura looked over her shoulder rising from her knees and turning to the doorway. Making a quick motion with her hand the two marines departed leaving the shackled Cylon 'Sharon' standing alone at the entrance to her tent.

"Really?" Laura asked pulling out a chair for herself and one for Sharon. "What makes you so sure of that?" Sharon licked her lips taking a seat.

"If they really gave a damn do you think they would've let us destroy the colonies?" Laura sat and poured two cups of tea handing one to Sharon before settling back into her chair. She had been expecting the young woman, Adama had called down from the Galactica to inform her Sharon had requested the meeting though the Cylon wouldn't say why.

"If they didn't give a damn how did we make it past the destruction to New Caprica?" Sharon looked over at the former president an unpleasant smirk marring her attractive face.

"Yeah," she said taking a sip from her tea. "This planet is really something to be proud of," the statement was accompanied with a roll of deep brown eyes.

"You think because you have solid ground under your feet and a breathable atmosphere that you've accomplished something? That someone divinely intervened?" The Cylon asked as she shook her head letting out a dark laugh.

"You have a better explanation for why we're not dead?" Laura asked an eyebrow raised in question. The bark of laughter that came from her companion sounded slightly strangled.

"Look at you," Sharon said sweeping her hands around the room as best as she was able to in her shackles. "You're a bunch of ants milling about killing yourselves just to get by. You're one plague or civil skirmish away from having your entire species past tensed." Sharon shook her head once again. "You are dead, you just haven't accepted it yet."

Laura nodded seemingly undisturbed by the comment. She didn't want to give the Cylon the satisfaction of knowing she agreed. The longer they stayed the more likely it was that the journey to Earth, where they truly belonged, would never happen.

"Did you come all the way down here just to share your stunning epiphany or was there a more useful purpose to this little endeavour?"

"You killed my child." The accusation was clipped and calm belying the fiery rage that burned within dark eyes.

"Ah I see, and you're here for what? Revenge?"

"Something like that."

Pursing her lips Laura nudged her tea cup to the side leaning toward the Cylon.

"I swear to you, by my gods and yours, I did not kill your child," she said staring the woman in the eye.

"You think your words, your oaths matter to me?" Sharon asked straining against her shackles to bring her face to within a hairsbreadth of her companion's. Laura could see that her words did matter to the Cylon, though she didn't think the woman believed her.

"If that's the case, then we're more alike than you realize," Sharon said finally as she sat back in her chair watching Laura do the same.

"Cylons and humans?" The former president asked, that was no real surprise.

"I think you realize how alike Cylons are to your species." Laura nodded, uncomfortably aware of the fact that their differences were so few and so subtle that even now there were still undiscovered agents in the settlement.

"Specifically speaking I meant you and I," Sharon said reaching for her cup only to find it empty.

"How so?"

"This place, this…Planet signifies your inability to lead your people to where they ought to be. It shows how you weren't willing to make a sacrifice, to do what needed to be done for your greater good." Sharon reached forward her restraints clinking softly as she poured herself another cup of tea. Clearing her throat Laura looked at the Cylon curiously.

"And how does that make us the same?"

"Your weakness will destroy your people," she said sipping from her cup. "Just as my weakness will destroy mine. I couldn't support my child, couldn't bring her into this world healthy, couldn't protect her from those who would harm her. I failed Hera. My weakness kept her from growing into the person she should have been."

"And what was that?"

"Proof." The Cylon stated simply. "Proof that destruction isn't the only thing Cylons are capable of. She was the hope of our society, our future, and she's gone." The Cylon hung her head as though the desire to live had suddenly been pulled from her being.

Laura forced herself not to reach out, the woman in her was grieving alongside the bereft mother. But the part of her that still remembered being the leader of the Colonies recognized that it could simply be another Cylon trick.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry, no mother should have to lose her child," Laura said quietly. Lifting her head slowly Sharon pushed dark brown locks from her eyes her pained expression receding to that of emotional numbness Laura had come to expect from the woman.

"I think I'd like to go back to the Galactica now."

"I thought you wanted revenge?" Laura asked suddenly as the Cylon rose from her seat and headed toward the door. Sharon turned and smiled at her with an expression that nearly made the former president cringe.

"No, I said I wanted something like it," Sharon corrected. "You think you found this planet by accident? That during our first jump back to Caprica we just happened to lose a Raptor that just happened to find a habitable planet on a mission where I just happened to be the one controlling the co-ordinates?" Laura's eyes went wide as realization dawned.

"I knew how the politics would work, knew Zarek needed something to turn the election in Baltar's favor," there was that smile again. "You took my hope, my future. Now you know I've taken yours. That was the point to my 'little endeavor." Sharon called for the guards.

"You may not be dead Madame President, but rest assured that you are in Hell." Sharon looked across the room her eyes boring into Laura's. "I swear that by MY God and yours."

Laura watched as the Cylon was led away before taking a white knuckle grip of her table and staring at the dented wood. She had taken the child, whether Hera, -Isis-, was dead or not, it didn't matter. Her actions had forced Sharon's hand and brought them all to this gods forsaken planet, ended their possibility of finding their true home. She had been strong enough to take a child but too weak to take an election.

Gods damn her, what had she done?

The End

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