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Humanity’s Children Are Returning Home
By Geekgrrllurking


Dr. Janet Frasier stood silently in the dark observation room, anxiously clicking her ball point pen in and out, in and out as she stared into the interrogation room. Beside her Jack O'Neil leaned heavily on the frame of the two way glass mirror, running a hand through his short hair in frustration. She glanced at the man, knowing he was just as worried about Sam Carter as she was.

"We'll figure it out, Colonel."

Jack turned to look at the doctor, desperately wanting to believe her, their eyes locking. They both turned back to the woman they loved as she spoke for the first time in hours.

Sam Carter turned from her own reflection in the mirror and looked up into the most amazing eyes she had ever seen. The platinum blonde in the slinky red dress smiled seductively, slowly leaning forward to cup the Major's cheek.

"Six?" Sam smiled, so happy to once again see the woman who had come to mean so much to her since their mission to PX1020, or as the natives called it, Caprica.

"Shh, Samantha." Six placed one long finger on Sam's full lips. "We don't have a lot of time before General Hammond comes back." She dragged her finger down Sam's chin, followed the strong cord of muscle down her throat and finally over the thin black t-shirt.

Sam whimpered slightly, grasping at the arms of her chair as Six sank to her knees and began pulling the t-shirt out of her cargo pants to slide her talented fingers across twitching abs. She closed her eyes as she felt the zipper of her fly start to lower, hot breath tickling her skin.

Sam sighed and gave herself completely to her Cylon god.

The End

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