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This Wasn't In the Cylon Training Manual
By carpesomediem


"Harder," Natalie groaned through gritted teeth. She couldn't get enough, her need to be close to the blonde woman considered her enemy was insatiable.

Since the first meeting, Natalie had been intrigued by the demeanor Kara Thrace, Starbuck as she was called, portrayed. She was strong, hard and perversely Cylon-like, without actually being a Cylon. There was something under the exterior, something dark and heady, something infectious. It was like walking a tight rope, hoping to fall yet somehow clinging to life. It was a skill, Natalie had thought, wafting through life with a death wish.

Starbuck certainly had one of those.

Kara flexed her lower arm, stifling her pounding to a slower pace, taking her time to make Natalie come. Despite being ready, being at the edge, Kara wanted it to last. She wanted the feeling she was alive to fill her to the brim, she wanted to make Natalie feel, anything other than being a machine.

"Please, Kara-"

"-Starbuck," the blonde interjected, "I'm Starbuck to you."

"Starbuck…" Natalie labored, "Please, Starbuck?"

"Please, what?" Kara teased, grinning ear-to-ear and stopping her hand all together. Two fingers, covered to the brim with Natalie's insides, held painstakingly stilled as the other woman began thrusting her hips to and fro, trying to maintain friction with the digits filling her. "If you want me to continue frakking you, you're going to have to let me do all the work; do you understand?"

Natalie whimpered. For someone who'd just taken over the Cylon cause, effectively leading the Twos, Eights and her sister Sixes to their fate, Natalie found some sort of mortality in submitting herself to the Captain Thrace. In this moment, in the here and now, this was as close to human as she could possibly come to knowing.

"Frakking toaster," Kara cursed, "Defiant to the frakking end, aren't you?" Kara started laughing, shaking her head at the absurdity of the situation, as she withdrew her fingers and lapped at them. The heady scent of the woman filling her nostrils. Here she was, when she could've had her pick of any man or woman in the fleet, and she was on board the basestar in between meetings with the President and the Old Man. Her hand, her fingers, having frakked the hell out of a Cylon. A frakking toaster.

President Roslin would have her out the airlock for it, who knows what the Old Man would do if he saw what she was taking part in now. This wasn't an interrogation, this wasn't like what happened to Gina on the Pegasus, and this was something more, something deeper. Something profoundly human happening, a shared connection between man and machine.

And before she knew it, Kara was being taken over by the machine.

"Defiant to the very end, Starbuck-" Natalie mocked, flipping the smaller woman onto her back and quickly pulled down her pants. Before Natalie had a chance to duck down, Kara's military training kicked in and she launched herself up practically tacking the Cylon to the ground with a clash. "I would say that surprised me," she smiled, "But it didn't."

Natalie quickly had the upper hand again, flipped Kara once more until Natalie's hands held her firmly in place. She was on her knees, between Kara's legs, holding her hands in place on the woman's thighs letting her know there was no debate. It was sex or death, her superior Cylon strength on full display. Kara didn't stand a fighting chance.

"Frak," Kara whispered under her breath, turning her head to stare at the wall. She closed her eyes momentarily, wondering if she had walked into the biggest ambush of her life.

"That's the idea, Kara," Natalie emphasized the Captain's name, taunting her as fingers now splayed across her thighs, tracing patterns as her head dipped dangerously low to the black briefs the soldier wore.

Kara's head bolted up, crying out, when a tongue probed through the fabric into her center. It swiped against her nub gently, buckling her hips in the process.

"I see you appreciate my many skills," Natalie purred, looking up and meeting Kara's eyes. There was desire, and something else, hidden beyond the reasoning of both of them. But, it was there, something deeper, something forbidden. Something that most likely would never be shared again after these moments. "Let me show you what else my model can do."

Kara closed her eyes, tightly. She tried to grip something on the floor, but the cool metal grates around her weren't enough. Natalie pushed aside the briefs, probing her tongue into her center before licking its way up her slit and circling the glistening bud poking out from its hiding place. She continued slow, steady circles, as Kara cried out for more. Natalie happily gave; she began circling faster, indulging in the fact that Cylons didn't necessarily need as much air as humans.

Kara came violently, thrashing as her orgasm washed through her body and rippled into Natalie's face. Natalie smiled against Kara's center, steadying herself on elbows into between the woman's legs and watching as she lay limp, spent before her. Kara absently reached out for something to hold onto once more and was surprised when Natalie's hand met hers.

As quickly as it began, it ended. Kara suddenly very aware that they were no longer frakking and were bordering on real affection. She tore away violently, struggling for her clothes and dressing herself as hurried as possible. Natalie watched, amused as she now sat cross-legged on the floor, naked from waist down. She laughed at the haste in which the other woman was dressing herself.

"What's so funny?" Kara barked, pulling her black tank top over her grey muscle shirt.

"I suspect you run away as quickly from all your conquests," Natalie mused, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm going to be late for a meeting with Admiral Adama," Kara said flatly, not amused by the assumption however true it may be. She ran off for Galactica as fast as she could, barreling into an Eight on the way. Natalie just watched her go, not expecting her to look back.

Sexuality was covered in Chapter 5 of the Cylon Training Manual. But it wasn't covered quite like this. There was no chapter on Starbuck, and now that Natalie had tasted her, she thought their should be.

The End

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