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So Who Won?
By selenay_x



Cain walked the Pegasus, a ritual she repeated every day. It gave her the chance to see both the ship and crews condition unannounced. Today, however, was different. Finding the Galactica and the Civilian fleet had unsettled her both on the professional and personal front. It made her realise that on a personal level she was surrounded by sheep. Obedient, well trained, which quite frankly was overrated.

The Galactica and fleet opened up some interesting possibilities that needed to be explored. The fleet needed to be bought into alignment with the Pegasus way of doing things, something that would take a little work. The military situation was more easily resolved. Pegasus had by far the better fire power. The personal was more intriguing, especially if it could be used to advantage.

Returning to her quarters, she took a pad and pen and settled herself into the old fashioned list making she had used since a child.

William Adama

Pros: military, able leader, strong willed

Cons: honourable, inflexible, loyal

Lee Adama

Pros: good looking, well respected, excellent CAG

Cons: honourable, prone to self examination, loyal

Kara Thrace

Pros: good looking, ace pilot, good fighter

Cons: easily manipulated, loyal

Saul Tigh

Pros: none

Cons: loyal to Adama, drunk

Gaius Baltar

Pros: handsome, highly intelligent

Cons: twitchy, ambiguous regarding Cylons, easily manipulated

Laura Roslin

Pros: strong minded, manipulative, pragmatic, ruthless

Cons: physically weak

Well, that made the decision patently obvious.


Laura stretched, revelling in the fact that today was a good day and smiled gently at Billy who was doing his best to gauge her health level at this particular moment. She would probably never let him know it, but she found his protective traits quite endearing. Although his recently acquired habit of screening her paperwork and meetings was making her feel more that a little guilty. From the looks of the reports and post he was bringing in, he had obviously judged that today was going to be a productive one.

Working her way through the paperwork she came across a hand written envelope marked Personal, Laura Roslin. That was interesting. Most people never used her name. There were times in the dark that she began to wonder if she actually had one. It was usually Madam President, Sir.

Opening the envelope, her control faltered as a folded piece of lightly coloured lilac octagonal paper slipped out. The same paper Adar used to communicate with her. Hand trembling she unfolded the letter. The missive was short and to the point.

To: The President

From: The Admiral

We need to talk in person. A shuttle will collect you at 16:00.

Gods she hated ultimatums. There was nothing more likely to bring the three year old brat out than being backed into a corner and with the two battlestars on the verge of conflict Cain knew she couldn't refuse the invitation. Actually, if she were truly honest, she would have disliked Cain even if she hadn't destroyed civilian vessels to continue her crusade. She'd only just got Commander Adama trained and didn't relish the thought of having to break in another military leader even if she had sufficient time before her death.


To her surprise Roslin exited the shuttle without an escort. Hmm, she would loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. Looks like Roslin had more of a military mind than she had originally thought if she were keeping her people out of the potential crossfire. Which meant she was right in her assessment, her feelings for those she was close to could be used against her.

Time to initiate the game. "Madam President, welcome aboard the Pegasus."

Roslin returned the salute with a fairly creditable one of her own. "Admiral Cain. A pleasure to see you again. Thank you for the invitation." Now that was impressive, if she hadn't have known better she would have thought she meant it.

"I've had Chef prepare some light refreshments. I thought you might like a change from the rations you get on Colonial One. Chef's hobby is horticulture and Pegasus was fitted with growth rooms to supply fresh fruit, and the latest batch of strawberries is quite delicious." Oh now that was intriguing, at the mention of strawberries Roslin's eyes changed colour from a steel grey to light grey/green, something she thought only happened in bad romantic fiction.

"If you'd like to follow me Madam President?" Without waiting to see if Roslin was following, she turned and headed out. She just caught the sigh Roslin gave followed by the click of heels.


Although she couldn't fault Cain's manner, she still had deep reservations about being on the Pegasus, in fact she was pleasantly surprised that she hadn't been thrown in the brig on arrival. Long experience in the art of politics, despite trying to avoid it as best she could, which really was quite pathetic when you considered her choice of career, had taught her to expect the opposition to want something from you. Especially if they held most of the cards, hadn't yet played them and wanted to talk. Never a good situation to be in.

And this trailing Cain around the ship like a little lost puppy dog was beyond irritating. If it wasn't for the fact she'd look a total idiot if she got lost, not to mention she didn't even know where they were heading she'd stop for a breather. A good day was not good enough to speedwalk long distances and if they didn't get to their destination soon, she was going to embarrass herself by collapsing, and wouldn't that give Cain the advantage?

Even given her limited knowledge of the ships geography, she thought they were heading for crew quarters. Now that bought a personal meeting to a whole other level.

Thank the Gods. They'd arrived and not a moment to soon. Someone had been busy. A small table was set with drinks, a selection of sandwiches and some gorgeous looking fresh strawberries that smelt heavenly. Now all she needed to do was find a seat to collapse in without being too obvious, preferable next to the strawberries as her practically non-existent appetite came flooding back.

If she didn't know better, this looked more like a seduction than a meeting. Unless? Oh that was clever. Adama was already outgunned. Remove one of supports and Cain had to believe he'd be more easily controlled. Looks like Cain didn't realise she were far more likely than Bill to order the Admiral thrown out of an airlock without trial or hesitation.


"Take a seat. Can I get you some coffee?"

"That would be nice. Thank you."

"Please help yourself to Chef's offering."

Roslin smiled and helped herself to a strawberry. Now that was quite a turn on. She wondered if Roslin knew how much of her pleasure at the taste of the fruit showed in her eyes.

She took the seat opposite Roslin poured both or them a coffee and helped herself to a couple of sandwiches, studying the woman as she did so. She caught the speculative look thrown in her direction, but for the moment Roslin seemed content to just eat the fruit in silence. Not your typical politician.

When all the strawberries were gone Roslin looked up at her and asked "So what do you want from me? I really don't believe you invited me over for fresh fruit."

She debated internally. There were two potential options, the blackmail route or the physical route. Both of which were appealing. "You."

"That's unexpected."

"I'm sure I don't need to point out the advantages of your co-operation when Commander Adama and I meet."

"Ah. I see." Roslin smiled serenely at her. The smile that really beginning to frakking annoy her. "So do you always need to blackmail people into your bed? Or am I the only one to have this dubious honour?"

Oh frak this pussyfooting around She moved forward rapidly, one hand reaching behind Roslin's neck, taking a handful of hair to hold her in place, and placing a kiss. Although not moving or struggling, she fought the kiss.

Breaking the kiss she stood. Roslin just watched her, still with that serene expression.


She supposed she should make a move for the door or shout for help, but two things stopped her. The first, practical reason, they were on Cain's home ground and nobody was going to help her, and secondly it has been so long since anyone had tried to make love to her that she was inclined to go with the flow. And Cain was attractive. Intense, powerful and very much in control. They always made the best lovers, never wanting to cede control, they always sought to prove themselves and damned if that didn't make them attentive lovers.

Standing up she kicked off her shoes and returned the compliment. Oh that was interesting, Cain really didn't like someone else taking control. She found both wrists restrained behind her back as she was pushed sideways toward the couch. A very nice leather couch, much like Adama's. She was right looked like Cain was going to try and take control of the encounter. This was a win win situation. It looked as though Cain believed an encounter was good if you forced others to lose control, whilst remaining in command yourself. She, however, had been teased more than once by Adar for her instant gratification persona.

Oops. Better make a show of fighting for control or Cain might be suspicious.

The major advantage about being seduced by a woman was they didn't get phased by undressing you, bras were no mystery. Now that really was good work. Cain really was talented. She should feel guilty about using the woman for her own needs, but hey, she wasn't the one that started this. And Gods did that woman know how to use her mouth and her hands. Though it was a little disconcerting that she was totally unclothed and Cain had yet to lose one article of clothing. Actually more sad than disconcerting. Cain was more into power than pleasure, which probably explained the treatment of prisoners. The part of her that was capable of conscious though felt sorry for the woman.


Well that was unexpected. Roslin was amazingly responsive although she fought hard against showing it. She had expected the control, but not the responsiveness. The more Roslin fought against climaxing, the harder she pushed her to the edge.


Roslin shook her head violently. It was easy to make people scream in pain, but taking them to the edge to force the same response in pleasure took more skill.

She withdrew her hand slightly and was rewarded with a slight whimper. Then plunged deeper matching Roslin's rhythm. She was close to the edge now, eyes almost totally green.

And then she won. Roslin screamed.


Gods. I may never move again.

She heard Cain walk to the door.

"The shuttle is waiting to take you back. If you get lost, just ask one of the crew." She could hear the contempt in Cain's voice as she dismissed her, keeping her eyes shut and face turned away so the satiated expression on her face couldn't be seen.

Sometimes it was best to let the opposition think they've won. It always made them easier to deal with.

Hmm. Time for a shower and a couple of sandwiches.

And maybe a side trip to the galley to see if chef had some strawberries left.

The End

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