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On The Roof
By resolute


Faith snapped the phone shut, stuffing it into the front pocket of her jeans. She shrugged her jacket into place, looking at the blonde. This one was all kinds of strange. She called herself Six, for starters. And she was seriously into God. Just . . . off.

"We got our orders, Six." The blonde kept looking over the edge of the roof, across the city lights and flow of traffic. "Six. Night wants us, we gotta get the lead out."

Six turned suddenly, spinning in place on the very edge of the roof. Faith had a momentary urge to grab at the woman, pull her away from the drop. But people, in Faith's view, could either take care of themselves or they couldn't. And if they couldn't there was no stopping them. "They look like blood," Six said, smiling, "the blood of this city flowing like water in the streets."

Faith put on her game-face. "Funny you say that, Blondie, 'cause that's our orders. Get some blood."

Six walked -- no, no, that wasn't walking, that was some other form of movement entirely -- Six prowled up to Faith. She curled her back and neck, leaning toward the much shorter Slayer. "Anyone's blood," she murmured, "or someone in particular?"

For the last eight months, ever since Night had started making her move, Faith had been working with very strange people. Creatures, some of them. People, aliens, machines. She had never really been one for flinching at threat. More one for kicking it in the ass. Faith'd learned to curb both those impulses. Stand her ground. Don't fight, don't run. She breathed in the hot smell of Six, the heat of her neck and her breath, the slight smell of eucalyptus in her blonde, blonde hair. "Night gave us an address. I think it's not a killing she wants, more of a theft."

Six circled around behind Faith. Faith had the impression that Six did it on purpose, knowing it made Faith crazy to have this psychotic bitch standing at her back. All the more reason to hold. This was it; this was all there was. If Faith couldn't get along with her new partners she'd be out in the cold. You worked for Night or you were pushed aside. Wes, Kennedy of course, even Wils had signed on. Especially after what had happened to Buffy.

"He," Six said.


"God is he. Not she."

Faith looked over her shoulder. Six's lip, her throat were at Faith's eye level. Faith swallowed and hoped Six hadn't noticed. "I wasn't talking about God. I was talking about Night. In Love With Night. Our boss?"

"I only answer to one authority, Slayer," Six murmured into Faith's hair. "And I believe I have seen him in her eyes. Night is God. It would . . . serve . . . you well, to remember that."

Faith closed her eyes, hoping very much that she wasn't about to be killed by the madness she could hear, the madness she could nearly feel on her skin. She stepped away, heading for the fire escape. "Enough. Six, we have our orders. Time to go."

The End

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