A. Magiluna Stormwriter

New Beginnings PG-13 Willow/Alex Poltergeist: the Legacy crossover - New beginnings may be exactly what Willow needs... Complete


A Matter of Faith 1-6 7 8-11 12-14 15 15 Faith/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Faith gets a letter that sends her to NYC and her life changes. On-Going

American Slayer PG-13 Willow/Kennedy mention BtVS/American Dreams crossover - Kennedy goes back in time...and finds someone she knows. Complete

Blast From The Past PG-13 Willow/Kennedy mention BtVS/American Dreams crossover - Sequel to American Slayer. Complete

Crossing Kennedy 1-6 PG-13 Kennedy/Jordan Crossing Jordan crossover - Before Kennedy showed up in Sunnydale, a tragedy sent her to Boston. On-Going

The Aftermath of Want, Take, Have PG-13 Faith/Shane The L Word crossover - Before Faith returned to Sunnydale (during season 7 I think) she had an encounter with Shane...these are Shane's memories of that night. Complete


Eternity Again PG-13 Willow/Tara Even after the death of the first, Buffy can see Willow mourning her lost love. If she gets the chance to have anything in the world, what will she do? Complete


Seriously Jaded 1-6 7-12 13-18 19-24 25-30 15 Buffy/f Buffy makes a new friend only to find that the first wants her back, can the slayer hold onto what's hers for a third time? Complete

Death by Darkness 1-6 7-12 13-17 18 Buffy/Faith Something is stealing the essence of slayers and leaving them comatose. Can Buffy and her friends save the slayer line before it's too late? Complete


Decisions PG-13 Willow/Tara Willow and Tara have a budding new relationship. Will an old acquaintance coming back to town destroy that young connection? Complete

Full Circle PG-13 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Faith A long-lost enemy comes to Sunnydale with a warning for the Scooby Gang that will change their lives forever. Complete

Darkness Falls PG-13 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Faith A visitor comes to town at the same time a mysterious woman tries to tear apart the gang. Complete

Reunited PG-13 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Faith   Xena/Gabrielle Willow and Tara try to rebuild their broken relationship. Somehow they have to find their way back to each other if they have any hope of helping a stranger in need. Complete


Jupiter PG-13 Buffy/Willow   Xander/Anya As the episode Something Blue winds down, we have another series of scenes that lend to our story. Chronologically they appear between the crypt scene and cookies the following day. Complete


Prodigal Slayer 15 Willow/Faith Willow and Faith go on a bumpy ride, can they keep it together...Tara is evil in this one. Complete

A Different Road 15 Willow/Faith Faith and Willow take a different road of adventure, love and violence. Complete


My Brunette with Golden Eyes 15 Willow/Tara Willow reads Tara lesbian love poems in a forgotten room of the campus library. Complete

Under My Skin PG-13 Buffy/Faith Faith lingers in Sunnydale after "Who Are You?", spying on Buffy at a bar. A confrontation ensues. Complete

Closer to You PG-13 Buffy/Faith Two times Faith almost kissed Buffy, and the two times she actually did. Complete

Want.Take.Have. PG-13 Buffy/Faith Buffy tries out living by Faith's motto of "Want, Take, Have". Set during Bad Girls. Complete

However Far Away, I Will Always Love You PG Willow/Fred Angel crossover - Set during Orpheus S4E15. Slightly AU, the timeline has been stretched. This is set as post re-insoulment, with the goodbye set for the morning after. Willow never started dating Kennedy. Willow and Fred stay up late talking about spells and magick. Complete

Snow Falling on Scottish Castles PG-13 Willow/Fred Angel crossover - AU set in season 8 Buffy comics (no spoilers other than location). Either season 5 of Angel didn't end the same, or Willow found a way to fix it. Fred sees snow for the first time, and Willow and Fred end up in a snowball fight. Complete

Fate Intertwined PG Willow/Tara Their fates had been linked, their futures intertwined, with the promise that it would always be that way. Character Death. Complete

Family PG Willow/Tara Tara meets the Scoobies for the first time. Complete

Things That Weren't Lost in the Fire PG Willow/Tara Set after Tabula Rasa. Willow's progression through the break up to trying to get Tara back (pre-Entropy). Complete

Of Shells and Magicks PG-13 Willow/Illyria Angel crossover - Illyria is time shifted (from ep Time Bomb) to the forest with Dark Willow (ep Villains). Illyria kisses Willow mid-fight. Complete

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, it's Whether You Get a Pig PG Buffy/Faith Faith, Buffy and Dawn at parent teacher night. Complete

Welcome to Sunnydale PG Willow/Fred Angel crossover - After falling for Willow, Fred visits her in Sunnydale, and tries to find her place amongst the scoobies. Complete

A History of Tara PG-13 Willow/Tara   Tara/OFC Moments from Tara's life from 4 to 21. Complete

Just One Moment of Weakness PG-13 Buffy/Faith Set post-Enemies, Buffy slept with Faith after the Bad Girls club scene, and is now dealing with the ramifications now that Faith has killed someone and joined the side of the Big Bad. Faith breaks into Buffy's room while she's sleeping, and a confrontation ensues. Complete

Right on Time PG-13 Buffy/Faith Faith's usually late, but for once she shows up exactly when Buffy needs her. Written for femslash_land's big bang, prompt "punctual". Slayer-related violence. Complete

The Weirdest Perfect Gift PG Buffy/Faith Set during "Helpless" (S3E12), Buffy finds a very different Faith waiting for her. Written for femslash_land's big bang, prompt "Happy Birthday to you". Complete


It's Just You PG-13 Buffy/Faith One moment inside the minds of two worryingly similar people. Complete


Bring Me to Life 18 Willow/Sonja Underworld crossover - The PtB are at it again only Willow gets a 'turn' at being the focus. Willow and the Scoobies get an introduction to the world of Lycans, Hybrids, and a hot, leather-wearing, Vampire named Sonja. Complete

Bobby L.

Confessions PG-13 Buffy/Willow The battle done, Sunnydale is gone, now the slayer must deal with what's left of her previous life, and maybe try to build a new one. Complete


Faith's Hope 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 PG-13 Buffy/Faith When Faith comes back to Sunnydale, she finds something she didn't expect. On-Going


When You Read This... 15 Buffy/Willow Buffy writes Willow a goodbye letter. Complete

Under The Willow Tree 15 Buffy/Willow No synopsis given. Complete

What are we going to do? PG Buffy/Willow Did you ever wonder what that little smile on Buffy's face at the end looking over the crater of Sunnydale meant? Well, this is my simple answer. Complete

The Gift PG Buffy/Willow No synopsis given. Complete

Carla Mayumi

Total Eclipse of the Heart PG-13 Buffy/Faith What happened in Faith's apartment that night. Complete

As Lovers Go PG-13 Buffy/Faith Just a little Christmas fic. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Secondary Characters 1 PG Faith and the Mayor return to Sunnydale, where they collect an odd group of friends. Complete

Secondary Characters 2 - Halloween PG-13 Buffy/Faith   Amy/Anya The Goonies' enjoyment of Halloween is interupted by the arrival of the other Slayer. Complete

Secondary Characters 3 - Heart's Desire PG-13 Buffy/Faith   Willow/Tara Spells, gods, slayers and witches. Complete

Unexpected Life PG-13 Buffy/Faith   Willow/Tara No synopsis given. Complete

Patching Her Up 3: Crush PG-13 Buffy/Faith No synopsis given. Complete


All in a Moment's Notice PG Willow/Tara An argument falls to the wayside as Glory rears her ugly head. Complete


Summer Confessions 1 2 PG-13 Buffy/Willow Buffy wrote letters to Willow, but never sent them. What happens when the letters find their way into Willow's hands? Complete

For the First Time 18 Buffy/Willow Picks up at the end of 'Summer Confessions'. So much for waiting. Complete


In This Life PG Willow/Tara   Willow/Kennedy   Willow/Fred Driving back from LA with Faith, Willow takes stock. Complete

As the Old World Ends... A New World Begins 15 Kate/Faith Kate Lochley fights through her own apocalypse. Complete

A Hole in the World PG-13 Willow/Fred   River/Kaylee   Inara/River   Fred/River Firefly crossover. Complete

The Big Bad Wolf PG-13 Drusilla/Buffy   Drusilla/Darla Drusilla decides to have the Slayer for tea. Complete

Geometry of Shadows 15 Willow/Fred Another short for the Femslash Today Porn Battle. Complete


What's the Problem? G Buffy/Cordelia Alternate ending to the episode 'Out of Mind, Out of Sight'. Buffy unties Cordelia's bonds. Complete

Christopher Andrews

Forgotten Conscience 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-100 101-105 106-110 111-114 18 Buffy/Faith A young woman wakes from a coma and heads to LA. Complete


Lotus 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-91 PG Willow/Tara Three months after 'Grave'. We encounter our heroes who stumble brokenly, desperate to find a new path and heal. On-Going

Crazed Attourney

A Lost Paradice 18 Willow/Tara   Cordelia/Anya Faith is freed from prison by the Daywalker and given the job of protecting his daughter, who just happens to live in a little Californian town called Sunnydale. Complete

Redemption Series

Fallen 18 Willow/Tara This first story, in a series of five, is set after a revised 'Family' where Tara leaves. Faith's dreams are haunted by her past, while Giles and Spike's past comes to Sunnydale and threatens to bring change and horror to the Scoobies, in the form of two warring vampires. Complete

Reunion Act I 18 Willow/Tara Second in the Redemption series - reunions bring joy and heartache, while new friends are made and the battle between good and evil rages on. On-Going

An Empire's Honour 1 2 18 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Cordelia Uber. On-Going

In the Shadows of Darkness 1 18 Buffy/Lara   Willow/Tara Tomb Raider crossover - Lara Croft comes to LA to investigate the death of her uncle and the disappearance of her cousin (a certain blonde Wicca) - both of whom meet up with a runaway slayer. Whilst in Sunnydale an ancient and powerful evil is reborn in the body of a former ally. On-Going

The Ghosts of Atlantis 1 15 Willow/Tara   Lara/f Tomb Raider crossover - It is 1936, and a discovery in Egyptian Tomb will lead two expeditions - one British, one German, into a desperate race across continents and into danger as they attempt to uncover the secrets of a lost civilisation On-Going


Shouting Whispers PG Buffy/Faith A video music series - AU following Faith and Buffy's relationship through the seasons. From love to hate and back again. Complete

Plan B PG Buffy/Faith Buffy's plans for a romantic evening quite literally go up in flames. Written in response to Ralst's Disastrous Dates' prompt. Complete


Not Ready PG-13 Buffy/Faith Buffy and Faith, and the infamous rooftop scene. Complete

Your Name Upon My Heart 15 Buffy/Faith Spike comes back to Sunnydale and causes trouble for the slayers. Complete

Slayer Dreams and Wicked Things 15 Buffy/Faith Faith has a surprise and a question for Buffy. Complete

You Have Thirty Seconds 15 Buffy/Faith It's in the title. Complete

Dark Wyldchilde

Life on the farm 1 2 3 15 Faith/Tara Faith ala La Femme Nikita. Complete

Declaration of War 18 Faith/Tara This is a sequel to Life on the Farm which was an alternate version of season 6. So the events here will be a continuing elaboration which will draw some things from season 7. When the story starts Faith has the installation up and running and they have begun operations. Complete

The Front 18 Faith/Tara This is a sequel to Declaration of War. Ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer spun off there were crossovers with Angel, this is mine. Complete

Friend of my Friend 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby NCIS crossover - Marines are missing, and turning up as vampires. The Lock is seeking out the source, and will do so with some new allies. Complete

Downtime 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby NCIS crossover - Gibbs NCIS team is no longer with NCIS, and has signed on to hunt monsters with the men and women of the Lock. This is their transition. Complete

Witches Powder 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby NCIS crossover - The Lock doesn't tend to societies ills, but the hot new party drug on the scene is looking like it will take their special expertise. Complete

Hunting Tigers 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby NCIS crossover - An old enemy returns. Complete

Running With the Devil 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby NCIS crossover - The soldiers of the Lock are coming to the understanding that the reason there isn't a plural for the word apocalypse is because it would devalue the concept, and the doomsdays that they have been facing have simply been warming them up. Complete

Rebirth 18 Buffy/Tara/Faith Looking at the "heroes" of season 6 the villains seem to make more sense. This story continues in that vein. Complete

Family Matters 18 Buffy/Tara/Faith Buffy has been turned and turned both her sister slayer Faith as well as Tara and made them both her immortal lovers, with their full consent. Turned by her sister Dawn and with the help of the soul-free Angelus Buffy is the new Master and has set up shop on the Hellmouth. Complete

The Datajunkie

There Once Was A Demon... 18 Buffy/Willow/OFC A rare demon brings Buffy & Willow closer. Complete

There Once Was A Demon Who Fell 18 Buffy/Willow/OFC/Tara Unspoken desires threaten the Triad. Complete

There Once Was a Demon Who Loved 18 Buffy/Willow/OFC/Tara Some final moments in the lives of the foursome. There really is no hard plot to this. Just some scenes I had floating around in my mind. Complete

Chosen 18 Buffy/Willow/Tara/OFC In an Alternate Universe, the Chosen wields the power of her position with a firm and passionate hand. Complete

Chosen Too 18 Buffy/Willow/Tara/Kennedy/Faith The Dark Slayer returns at the same time the Council turns against the Chosen. Complete

Chosen Three 18 Buffy/Willow/Tara/Kennedy/Faith   Faith/Jenny A Slayer dies. Complete

Chosen 4 U 18 Buffy/Willow/Tara/OFC Changes disrupt the Chosen's House and it's up to her Handmaidens to make it right again. Complete


Keeping the Monsters At Bay PG Willow/Tara Tender moment when Buffy first realizes how special the W/T connection is. Complete

A New Kind of Synchronicity PG-13 Willow/Tara Well, Tara DID say that nether-realms spell would be different than anything they had ever done before, so this is my take on what happened after the episode. Complete

Standing Ovation 18 Willow/Tara Sequel to A New Kind of Syncronicity - The morning after the night before... or something like that. Complete

The REAL Reason Buffy Gave Riley A Chance 18 Willow/Tara This is set right after my first two stories "A New Kind of Synchronicity" and "Standing Ovation." Please read those first, cuz this one picks up right after. Complete

The Heart of Isis 1-2 15 Willow/Tara   Buffy/OFC Buffy and crew have to stop yet another Big Bad from taking over the world with a little help from a certain video game Goddess. On-Going


A Promise Once Made 15 Willow/Tara A promise that Tara made in her teenage years is coming back to get her. Complete

Ends of the Earth 1-11 12-15 15 Willow/Tara Tara is brought back - but if it had been previously deemed impossible, why is it doable now? Complete

Hide and Seek 1-5 6 15 Tara/Kennedy Unable to deal with Willow's spiral into dark magick, Tara flees Sunnydale and gains an unlikely ally. On-Going


The Willow Diaries PG-13 Willow/Tara   Faith/Cordelia AU - As college begins, Willow looks back on the past; but the future is about to change in ways she can't imagine. Complete

The Calendar Pages PG-13 Willow/Tara   Faith/Cordelia AU - Faced with a new enemy, Faith and the Scoobies are about to undergo the most difficult trial they've ever faced; and not everyone's going to make it out alive. Sequel to 'The Willow Diaries.' Complete

The Dawn Journals 15 Willow/Tara AU - With a new face wreaking havoc in their lives, Faith and the Scoobies learn the hard way that sometimes the most dangerous enemies aren't the demonic ones. Sequel to 'The Calendar Pages.' Complete

Erin Griffin

Cut Loose A Little PG Buffy/Faith Buffy and Faith prepare to have a baby. Complete

Be My Valentine, Be My Girl PG Cordelia/Faith Cordelia and Faith get together for Valentine's Day. Complete

Merry Christmas Baby PG Cordelia/Faith Faith gets a real Christmas. Complete


Fallen Sisters G Willow/Kenedy Kennedy reflects on her fallen sisters. Complete

Fun In Dysfuntion

Gaydar 18 Willow/Tara Willow and Tara argue over the existence of gaydar. Complete

Wants 15 Willow/Tara A Tryst. Complete

Needs 15 Willow/Tara Sequel to 'Wants'. Complete


The Heart Loves Who It Will PG-13 Buffy/Tara What happens when Buffy falls for Tara after Tara helps her deal with being resurrected in season six? Complete

The Farm 15 Tara/Faith Tara's dad is driving the truck that Faith falls into after being stabbed by Buffy. What happens from there? Complete


Meant to be

Book One: The New World 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-22 18 Buffy/Faith The first in a series of novels reimagining Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season by season, character by character, apocalypse by apocalypse, with a focus on the Buffy and Faith pairing. Complete


Dance While The Devil Sleeps 15 Willow/Erica Hahn Grey's Anatomy crossover - Erica doesn't like the inexplicable. Sunnydale seems to have a lot of it. Complete

Fade Away 15 Willow/Tara Sleep, perchance to dream... Complete

J. Sims

Night Out PG Buffy/Faith A night out between our two slayers leads to Faith discovering trouble between Willow and Kennedy that could cause trouble between her and Buffy. Complete

Night In PG Buffy/Faith A night together doesn't go as planned for Buffy and Faith. Complete

Truth Revealed PG Buffy/Faith Coming to Willow's rescue leads to an interesting confession for Buffy and Faith. Complete

Problem Solved??? PG Buffy/Faith/Willow Faith comes up with a plan after Willow's confession. Complete

New World New Chances 18 Faith/Ivy The Hollows crossover - A strange new visitor to the gang brings with her a new threat and new feelings for Faith. Complete

Jessica Knight

Buffy: A New Journey

Season One

Episode 1: A New Beginning 15 Buffy/Amy A girl named Buffy Summers arrives in Sunnydale, CA, looking for a fresh start. She doesn't know what to expect, but soon finds out that not knowing what to expect in Sunnydale can be a wonderful thing, as long as she doesn't mind facing death on a regular basis that is... Complete

Episode 2: Future Girl 15 Buffy/Amy Second episode in the 'A New Journey' series. Complete

The Wiccan Way: A Fire That Moves Us 1-5 15 Tara/OFC Tara's parents, Andrea & Jenny, own a magic shop called The Wiccan Way, & have lived there on the 2nd floor with their daughter since Tara was only 5. Tara went to school, made friends, grew up, & fell in love with a girl named Sasha. Now, a vampire attack outside the Sun Cinema leads their paths to cross that of a certain Vampire Slayer... On-Going


The Dance of the Happy Little Toaster PG Willow/Tara No synopsis given. Complete

If Wishes Were Horses PG Willow/Tara   Willow/Kennedy No synopsis given. Complete


Would She Make of Me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 18 Buffy/Faith   Willow/Tara As Buffy watches over a comatose Faith, she thinks about her mistakes and how to put them right. Others think she made only the one mistake and have their own solution. On-Going

A Friend in Need 1 2 18 Buffy/Faith What could/should have happened at the end of Helpless. On-Going


Passion Fruit 15 Willow/Tara This got started in a rather lengthy conversation between dekalog, drlloyd and me about Willow and Tara on holiday and sarongs. Don't ask me how the conversation went because, honestly, it went WAY out into left field. Hope you enjoy it, K! Complete

Any Day Now G Willow/Tara A message to the future. Complete

She's a Keeper G Willow/Tara Willow is woolgathering and touches on a happy memory of a conversation between her and her Zayde (grandfather). Complete

Come Away With Me 1-9 10-14 PG-13 Willow/Tara Willow bumps into this amazing blonde at a local coffee shop on South Street (Philly). Her preoccupation with jazz chanteuses leads to some interesting daydreams. Romance ensues, of course. Complete


The Love Shack Series 15 Buffy/Willow Willow returns from a trip to Boston with a surprise and some keys for Buffy. Complete


The Key 15 Buffy/Tara Tabula Rasa spell goes awry... Everyone's favorite Wiccan ends up with a certain blonde slayer. Complete

My Heart Belongs to You PG-13 Buffy/Tara Who needs a summary??? How about the fact that W/T were together previously but are just friends now... and that's all I have to say. Everything else is up for grabs, throwing everything else that happened on BtVS out the window as I like to play/screw with everything anyways!! LMAO Complete

Don't Go 1-6 7-12 13-17 18 Buffy/Tara Picks up when Tara's leaving after the Tabula Rasa Spell. No Buffy/Spike. Thereafter it goes different. And the spell will have taken place later in the season than it originally did (if you pay attention to that sort of thing). Complete

Trick or... Treat 18 Buffy/Tara On this Hallowed Eve is it going to be a trick... or a treat for certain members of the Scooby gang? Complete

The Start of Something Good 15 Buffy/Tara No synopsis given. Complete

The Gift 18 Buffy/Tara Someone needs to be shown what love is... Complete

Strap-On Fun 18 Buffy/Tara I think the title pretty much says it all.... Complete

Mischief Maker 18 Buffy/Tara No synopsis given. Complete

Fireworks 15 Buffy/Tara No synopsis given. Complete

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun 18 Buffy/Tara   Riley/Spike What happens when Tara's hit by the rod device the Toth has instead of Xander? Story picks up when the group (Now including Tara, of course) are at the junk yard hunting for the Toth. Complete

Cave Slayer & The Wiccan 18 Buffy/Tara What happens after Buffy drinks the Black Frost beer, causing her to become Cave Slayer, and she sees a 'pretty' girl? Hmmm... Let's find out! Complete

A Little Christmas Present 18 Buffy/Tara What might happen when a certain slayer wants to celebrate Christmas in a new and different way? Complete

Chasing Daylight 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 Buffy/Tara What happens when two women finally admit their feelings for each other? Complete

Kirk Baldridge

Different Roads 1-2 3-5 PG Willow/Tara Set well in the future, this is an 'alternate universe story' where Tara left Sunnydale after breaking up with Willow in season six. Many of the other events of season six alternatively happened without her, but not neccessarily the same way they did on the show. All will, hopefully, be explained. Complete

There But For Glory 15 Willow/Tara Tara discovers that her world's not the only one dealing with Willow's magic. Complete

Alternate Alternatives

Alternate Alternatives 15 Vamp Willow/Tara Vampire Willow's alternate reality continued after DOPPLEGANGLAND, with some new faces in familiar places and situations. Complete

Alternate Alternatives 2: Dark Horizons 15 Vamp Willow/Tara Willow and Tara's burgeoning relationship is put to the test by a number of strange characters, who all seem to want the same thing...them dead. Complete

Alternate Alternatives 3: Road to Destiny 15 Vamp Willow/Tara Willow and Tara must come to terms with their newfound powers and growing relationship, while a mysterious force draws ever closer to the city. Complete

Alternate Alternatives 4: Union of Dark Souls 15 Vamp Willow/Tara The Hellmouth has been closed and the world saved but Willow and Tara's lives aren't any better. If Sunnydale can't be their home anymore, what are a vampire and a witch to do? Complete

Alternate Alternatives 5: Vendetta 15 Vamp Willow/Tara Settled in LA, Willow finds one of her evil deeds coming back to haunt her. Now Tara must find a way to save her lover's life. Complete


Born to Run G Willow/Faith Buffy and Willow have a little chat. Complete

Run for Love G Willow/Faith Buffy and Willow meet in a coffee shop. Complete

Late Night Meeting G Willow/Faith Late at night Willow meets an old friend. Complete

Running into Each Other G Willow/Faith Willow seeks a quiet spot for meditation. But somebody else had found this place before. Complete

Coming to Conclusions G Willow/Faith With Faith away on a mission, Willows contemplates their friendship. Complete

Confessions G Willow/Faith This story is part of my "Running Universe". It is a sequel to my other Buffy stories "Running into each Other" and "Coming to Conclusions", but set before "Born to Run" and "Run for Love". It takes place three days after "Coming to Conclusions". Willow meets Buffy to tell her something. Fluffy. Complete

Anniversary G Willow/Faith This story is part of my "Running Universe". It is a sequel to my other Buffy stories "Running into each Other", "Coming to Conclusions" and "Confessions", but set before "Born to Run" and "Run for Love". It takes place one year after "Confessions". It's the anniversary of Willow's and Faith's first date. Fluffy Complete

Views from the Outside New PG Willow/Faith Several people watch Willow and Faith. Complete

The Last Good Name Left

Four Conversations PG Willow/Faith Scenes from a relationship. Complete

Six Easy Steps 15 Buffy/Faith Lewis Carroll's Doublets: hate to love, six steps. In episode for Graduation Day, I. Complete

What Little Girls Are Made Of PG-13 Buffy/Faith "Sugar and spice and all that's nice; that's what little girls are made of. Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails; that's what little boys Faith is made of." Buffy gets Faith a birthday present. Complete

Fool's Paradise PG-13 Buffy/Faith Dreams. Complete

Sand PG Buffy/Faith cadence_k is running a femslash drabblethon, and this is my contribution for the prompt, "Buffy/Faith, sand". Complete

Sinned Against, or, Seven Ways in which Faith is Not Like Buffy PG-13 Faith Faith the Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003. Complete

Now You're Inside PG-13 Faith/Tara/Willow Tara meets a stray in the park, and she follows Tara home. Complete


Tempus Fugit S4 PG-13 Willow/Tara Willow attempts to deal with her growing feelings for Tara and a strange device that Buffy essentially drops into her lap and, in her usual Buffy style, leaves our beloved redhead to deal with on her own. Meant to be read with its sisterfic Tempus Fugit S7. Complete

Tempus Fugit S7 1-6 7-12 13-15 16-18 PG-13 Willow/Tara Meant to be read with its sisterfic Tempus Fugit S4. Complete


Tears of the Goddess 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-29 15 Willow/Tara Tara and Willow take their commitment to a new level with unexpected results. Involves a cross-over with ANGEL, and an NBC show that you'll have to read to believe.. Complete


Finding Heaven 1-6 7-11 12-13 15 Willow/Tara Tara makes a choice about where she'd like to be - post season six. On-Going


Diamond Road PG-13 Willow/Faith   Faith/Buffy   Willow/Kennedy On the drive back to Sunnydale, Willow and Faith put their differences aside and discover confession is good for the soul. Complete

Prophecy PG-13 Tara/Faith Ever wondered why Faith agreed so easily to go back to Sunnydale with Willow? Well here's one explanation for you. Complete

Safe and Sound PG-13 Buffy/Tara How two lost, confused souls, can find reason to live again. Complete

Sometimes PG-13 Buffy/Tara Fate brings two friends together. Complete

The Difficult Kind PG-13 Willow/Tara or Buffy/Tara Tara thinks about life now Buffy is back from the grave. Complete


Crying Your Heart Out 1-3 4-8 15 Buffy/Faith Faith's little trip to LA finishes very differently and allows the two slayers to admit a few things they'd been hiding. On-Going

Rekindled Love 15 Buffy/Faith Faith visits Buffy five years after leaving prison and moving to England. Complete


A Werewolf Fighting PG-13 Willow/Tara Tara has a vision. Complete


The Further Adventures of Willow

What's Next 15 Willow/Tara   Willow/Kennedy After the end of season seven, the scoobies set up a new home in a new town. Complete

The Return 15 Willow/Tara   Willow/Kennedy Tara's return stirs thing up for the gang. Complete

The Morning After 18 Willow/Tara   Willow/Kennedy Willow and Tara get reacquainted in many ways, while Faith gives Kennedy an unexpected pep talk. Complete

Rebuffed PG Buffy's thoughts after her friends turn her out of the house - season seven. Complete

In Love PG Willow/Tara Tara has an unwelcome admirer. Complete


Is this This? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime.... Complete

Nerdy Girl

Long Ride Home PG-13 Willow/Faith The car ride back to Sunnydale. Complete


Love Through Touch 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 15 Willow/Tara   Buffy/f Just as a new nemesis looks set to cause trouble for the scoobies, they meet a most interesting new friend. On-Going

Three Small Words 15 Willow/Faith Promises have to be kept. Complete

Three Small Words 2 15 Willow/Faith Sequel to Three Small Words - What happens after you utter those three little words. Complete

All I Need 18 Buffy/Faith Buffy and Faith share a night together. Complete


A Love Less Ordinary PG-13 Buffy/Faith A being supposed to only materialise every hundred years plays the Scoobies and their friends a visit. Complete


Light and Shadow PG Willow/Tara Vignette describing Willow's thoughts around the middle of season six. Complete

The Demon Way PG Willow/Tara Anya's thoughts as the dust settles at the end of season six. Complete

Frog Invasion PG-13 Willow/Tara Willow is bitten by a demon and hallucinations ensue. Complete

Crackers and Ginger Ale PG Willow/Tara Willow contemplates co-parenthood, mortgages and pickled onions. Complete

Colours PG Willow/Tara Willow 's thoughts on the absence of colour in her life - set late season six. Complete

You Made Me Believe PG Willow/Tara Very short, very angsty little piece set days after the end of season six. Complete

Three Minute Silence 15 Cordelia/Faith Cordelia and Faith meet up in Sunnydale and end up sharing a bus ride back to LA. Complete

TV Butches Anonymous PG-13 Willow/Faith   Willow/Buffy Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

TV Femmes Anonymous PG-13 Willow/Faith   Willow/Buffy Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

The OTP Vote PG Willow/Faith   Willow/Buffy   Buffy/Faith Multi-fandom crossover - It's time to put the pairing question to the vote. Complete

B.F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - a meeting of the 'Blonde Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

I Hereby Call this Meeting to Order PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters are at it again. Complete

Secret Smiles PG Anya/Willow   Willow/Kennedy Willow and the new girl were sharing secret smiles, and Anya didn't like it! Complete

To Remember Them PG Willow/Faith To remember those who have fallen. Complete

Ground Zero - Sunnydale, 3.19am PG Willow/Anya Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

Raven Morbisk

Heroes And Slayers 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-19 Epilogue PG-13 Faith/Niki   Buffy/Peter Heroes crossover - Post Chosen. Faith goes to Las Vegas; saving a boy from a pack of vampires she meets his mother. Complete

Nobody Should Be Alone For New Year PG Buffy/Faith What's the point of New Year anyway? Everything stays the same in the end. Clearly, Faith doesn't like New Year. Complete

Rebecca Ashling

A Tragic Death at Cleveland Zoo 15 Buffy/Willow   Willow/Kennedy Dark comedy. One-shot. Warning: may be triggering for animal death! Complete


The Varos Triad 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13 14 15-16 17-18 19 20-21 PG-13 Cordelia/Faith Faith returns to Sunnydale in pursuit of a demon some three years after confessing in LA. However, after discovering a deadly plot to bring a powerful demon to the world, it appears that Buffy and the Scoobies must work with Faith and her friends, Angel, Cordelia, Wes and Gunn. Complete


Learning Curve 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-18 19-21 22-24 25-27 28-30 18 Faith/Tara   Buffy/Willow Seems Faith discovered more about Buffy during the body switch than everyone thought. Complete

Second Chances 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-18 19-21 18 Buffy/Faith Buffy takes Giles' advice and attempts to use the Aspect of the Demon on her greatest enemy. On-Going


On the Roof PG Faith/Six Battlestar Galactica crossover. Complete


Patience 18 Buffy/Faith Buffy is waiting for someone to return. Complete

Fields of Gold 18 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Willow Season 7 with a few twists and a happier ending, through Willow's thoughts. Complete

Want To 18 Buffy/Willow After the fiasco that was graduation, Buffy and Willow take a vacation. Complete

Tabellae Vado 18 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Willow Willow doesn't want to say goodbye. Complete

One Belief Away 18 Buffy/Willow Willow tells Buffy a truth the Slayer all ready knows. Complete

Ghost 18 Buffy/Willow Six years after Chosen, Buffy is still lost. Complete

Leave the Past 18 Willow/Tara   Buffy/Tara Tara reflects on the life she's leaving behind after Chosen. Complete

Spinning Wheel 18 Buffy/Willow   Willow/Tara   Buffy/Tara Buffy looks back at her life in Sunnydale before deciding to move on. Complete

Waiting 18 Willow/Tara It took more than one coffee date for Willow and Tara to begin to mend their relationship. Complete

Valentine PG Buffy/Willow Willow casts spells to see the future. Complete

Stand Back Up 18 Willow/Faith   Buffy/Willow I never understood why Spike got to be the hero. Complete

Moments 15 The night that Willow tries to end the world, Buffy thinks, remembering and hoping. Complete

Visit PG-13 After 'The Gift', Willow tells Faith that Buffy is dead. Complete

A Goodnight Kiss PG-13 Buffy/Willow Buffy can't sleep after patrol. Complete


Resurrection is for the Unbelievers 1-2 3-4 5-6 6-7 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46 47-48 49-50 51-52 53-54 55-56 57 15 Willow/Kennedy   Kate/Elizabeth Dracula II and II crossover - When Kate Lockley leaves LA, is she heading for a new life, or the same old nightmare? Complete

Mercy is for the Just 1 2 3 4 5 15 Elizabeth Blaine/Kate   Willow/Kennedy   Emily/JJ BtVS and Criminal Minds crossover - A string of violent crimes in Chicago has the police calling in the BAU to solve what the papers are calling the, "Kiss of the Vampire" slayings. Drawn into the investigation, Kate Lockley and her partner, Elizabeth Blaine work behind the scenes to help find the killer before the city's nonhuman denizens decide to introduce Chicago to real vampires... Complete

Desire: Black On Black 15 Kate/Elizabeth Blaine Dracula II & III crossover - No synopsis given. Complete


The Joys of a Straightrazor PG Buffy/Faith Demon goop. It's always demon goop. Buffy, Faith, and a razor. Complete

Hard Lesson PG-13 Faith/Kendra AU Kendra lives and Faith is Called. It all comes down to one moment where their choices will determine their destiny...and the fate of the world. Complete

Inexplicable Attraction PG-13 Buffy/Faith Faith sauntered into the Bronze with her hair loose and her leather pants tight. Complete

One Dance Can't Change the Past PG-13 Buffy/Faith Companion piece to 'Inexplicable Attraction', Faith's side of things. Complete

In the Sauna PG-13 Faith/Cordelia Drabble. Cordelia is in the sauna when a guest surprises her. Complete

Not to Plan PG-13 Lilah/Harmony Lilah has screwed up once again, but this time the Senior Partners want her head. What else could go wrong? Warning for coarse language. Complete

Not to Plan (Alternative Ending) PG-13 Lilah/Harmony Alternative Ending - Lilah has screwed up once again, but this time the Senior Partners want her head. What else could go wrong? Warning for coarse language. Complete


The Turning of the Tide PG Willow/Kennedy Willow and Kennedy begin to bond after "Showtime." Complete

Tomorrow Night 15 Willow/Kennedy Sequel to Turning of the Tide. Willow and Kennedy explore their feelings for each other. Complete

Astral 18 Willow/Fred Fred helps Willow readjust post-astral projection. Complete

Restoration 1 2 PG-13 Willow/Fred Willow Rosenberg stared at the leather clad woman who lay prone on the bed in front of her. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" she asked.
"This world bores me. There is nothing here but ashes." Illyria replied.
"I'll take that as a yes, then."

Susan L. Carr

Chances Are PG-13 Willow/Tara Willow is forced to ask herself some hard questions. Complete


The Things She's Used to... And Not PG-13 Faith/Kate Faith is used to many things... Complete


Bread 15 Willow/Tara Willow, Tara and Dawn struggle to come to terms with the tragedy of 'The Gift' and move forward. Complete

Terra Firma 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-15 16-18 15 Willow/Tara Set after season 6. Willow and Dawn return from a three month stay in England, where the young witch had been trying to recover from her magicks overload and grief. Once home secrets are revealed and a discovery made that will change all their lives. Complete

Twisted Minstrel

Above, Between, Below 1 2 3 18 Willow/Tara Willow….Tara….love….sex….chocolate…a few laughs maybe… Complete

Arrears of Moonlight 1-4 5-7 15 Willow/Tara A scene cut from "Selfless" - D'Hoffryn sends Willow somewhere...with Tara. Think a Twilight Zone episode, if done by David Lynch. Complete


And Wouldn't You Be Bored? 18 Buffy/Willow After the quest for fire is complete… Complete

Another Side of Faith (The Wicca that Won’ta Remix) 15 Buffy/Faith   Willow/Kennedy Faith is many things. And Willow’s annoyed by them all. Complete

Flood 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 Epilogue 18 Buffy/Willow I received this challenge near the springtime of 2008: “There was a throwaway comment in season three Earshot where Willow asks Buffy if the demon that infected her was a boy demon and I always expected someone to run with this but I’ve never seen anything.” What I ended up with was an unusual hurt/comfort story with an awkward foundation. Complete

Footprints PG Subtextual Buffy/Willow Buffy comes into the possession of a powerful magical item that allows the bearer to manipulate the past or future in their sleep. She has just awoken to find that she’s restored something that has great importance to her. Complete

How Not to Say No: the Passive Person's Guide to Flubbing the Spurning of Unwanted and Unexpected Sexual Advances G Willow/Kennedy   Buffy/Willow Ten drabbles. One story. See title. Complete

In the Mourning 18 Buffy/Willow   Willow/Tara Willow takes measures to put one of her demons to bed. Complete

Possession 18 Buffy/Willow Set in season one during The Pack. Willow exacts her nine-tenths. Complete

These and Other Differences 15 Buffy/Willow Another morning after. Complete

Widdershins PG-13 Buffy/Willow Ask a stupid question… Complete

Across Seasons

Crossed Wires PG-13 Buffy/Willow Questions can be dangerous. Complete

Cross Words PG-13 Buffy/Willow Cuteness just because. Complete

Cross Purposes PG-13 Buffy/Willow Loves lost, hints taken. Complete

Where Dreams Cross PG-13 Buffy/Willow Research runs afoul. Complete

Cross Section PG-13 Buffy/Willow A view from the gallery. Complete

Crossed Paths PG-13 Buffy/Willow Talking’s s’posed to be a good thing, right? Complete

Lines Crossed PG-13 Buffy/Willow More uncomfortable questions are asked. Complete

Crossing the Rubicon PG-13 Buffy/Willow Even the longest journey must begin where you stand. Complete

In the Crosshairs PG-13 Buffy/Willow Infatuation is fire in the foundry of hopes and dreams. Complete

Cross Examine PG-13 Buffy/Willow Xander ponders sainthood and the potential effect of Pythagoras’ theorem on his dating prospects. Complete

Another Thirteen Steps

The Outsider 15 Buffy/Willow Take Buffy Summers and cultivate the more egomaniacal tendencies she was displaying in Season Seven, then drop her into Season Eight. Because that only makes sense, right? We don’t see some big emotional growth spurt in between the seasons. Joss just says ‘you’re all better now’ and ‘poof’ like magic we have a more grounded character in Season Eight. I didn’t like that, so I made snarky, sulky, separatist, socially scary Buffy come to life and I gave her a toy…one that made sense to me. Complete

The Noose 18 Buffy/Willow My Willow doesn’t damsel. She’s far too accident-prone for that. Complete

Blue 15 Buffy/Willow Xander's deeply concerned by the behavior of his friends, but the reality is... Complete

Gravity 1 2 15 Buffy/Willow How many of you have pined for someone only to be rejected? Complete

Crimes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 18 Buffy/Faith This is a mess…an extremely controlled, intentionally created mess. Complete

Epitaph 18 Buffy/Willow From victim to assailant, it’s an intriguing transition, one that we make through the eyes of an unknown character. Then the camera turns and we view her through a very familiar pair of eyes. Complete

Empty Spaces

Absolute Zero PG-13 Willow’s libido has fun with her brain. Cordy/Buffy   Buffy/Willow & Cordy/Willow. How bad can a piece of fanfiction that’s based on a truly terrible pun be? Complete

Kinda Pretty PG Buffy/Willow-ish Drabble. Seeing that Bunny girl is pretty important to Willow. Complete

Fishwife Blues PG-13 Speculative and snitful musings concerning Buffy/Willow and Buffy/Faith. Never trust a sullen witch. Unlike dragons they don’t care about ketchup. Complete

Glass Heart PG Buffy/Faith Drabble. This has probably been done a thousand times. Let’s make it one-thousand and one. Complete

In the Time of Wolves PG-13 Willow/Tara Whispers in the night. Complete

Shards of Reflection (Other Fragments)

Balance (an Interlude) PG-13 Buffy/Willow A break in the wake of the schism. Complete

Therapy and Waffles PG-13 Buffy/Willow Every romance is made from fluff and angst, even the unusual ones. Complete

Soft Spot G Buffy/Willow Drabble. Random Wiffiness. Complete


Deluded Dreams PG-13 Faith/Cordelia This was a wacky scene that kept playing out in my mind after seeing the Angel ep "First Impressions." Angel isn't the only one who dreams about someone he shouldn't. Complete


Slayer & Wiccan: Redemption x2 1 2 18 Willow/Faith What would have happened if Faith and Willow bonded over some shared issues. Complete

Pain 1 2 18 Willow/Faith A revisionist take on Willow and Faith's relationship to each other. On-Going


One Last Shot 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 15 Buffy/Willow An A.U. Post-Chosen Fic. Buffy and Willow in New York trying to reconnect. On-Going

Dark Passenger 1-3 4-6 7-9 15 Buffy/Willow Dexter crossover - This is a follow up to One Last Shot. Buffy and Willow take a much needed vacation to Miami and end up running into a monster not met before. Complete

Animal 1-4 5-7 8-10 11-14 15-17 18-19 20-21 15 Buffy/Willow   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU/Dexter crossover - The third part in the OLS universe. New trouble for the gang while working a joint case with the good folks down at the One-Six. Complete

Let the Dominoes Fall 1-4 PG-13 Buffy/Willow   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU/Dexter crossover - Fourth of the One Last Shot Universe - We get to see the various couples live their lives and get some nice background info in the process. On-Going

Happy Development 1-7 8-13 14-16 17-20 PG-13 Buffy/Willow   Faith/River Firefly crossover - The Scoobs and The Crew meet up in Cleveland a few years after Sunnydale became a landfill. Hijinx ensue. Complete

Bunnies PG-13 Buffy/Willow   Xander/Anya Ever wonder where Anya's fear of bunnies came from...I did. Complete


Crossing Paths 1-15 16-30 PG Willow/Kennedy   Buffy/Faith AU Season 7. What exactly goes on in Kennedy's mind during S7? Kennedy's POV. Complete

Fruit Loops PG Willow/Kennedy   Buffy/Faith A little glance in Kennedy's live now they've beaten the First. Kennedy's POV. Complete

Wee Ones PG Willow/Kennedy   Buffy/Faith Sequel to 'Fruit Loops' Complete

Rock Werchter 2004 PG-13 Willow/Kennedy   Buffy/Faith Sequel to 'Wee Ones' and 'Fruit Loops' Complete

Turns PG-13 Willow/Kennedy   Buffy/Faith Sequel to 'Rock Werchter 2005', 'Wee Ones' and 'Fruit Loops' Complete


The Anniversary 18 Buffy/Willow The Slayer's yearly visit brings about surprising revelations. Complete

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus PG-13 Buffy/Willow Seven year-old Alexandria Joyce Summers sees something she shouldn't on Christmas Eve. Complete

She Comes To Me In The Middle Of The Night 1 2 3 4 18 Buffy/Willow Willow is afraid she may lose the one who matters most. Complete


Icing 18 Willow/Tara Tara has an odd fetish, as Willow finds out. Complete


Four Times Faith Was Tricked & One Time She Was Treated PG-13 Buffy/Faith Five different Halloween moments in the life of Faith Lehane. Complete


Anger and Faith PG Buffy/Faith In facing life without lust after returning from the dead, Buffy finds that the only thing that makes her feel is... Complete

The Facts of Buffy 1 2 PG-13 Buffy/Jo The Facts of Life crossover. On-Going

The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP PG Multi-fandom crossover - The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP (Femslash Characters with Perceived Problems) Complete

Possessed PG-13 Buffy/Faith Buffy thinks she's possessed. Complete