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Ground Zero - Sunnydale, 3.19am
By ralst


Anya passed the popcorn bucket to Willow before commenting on the display outside the window; the need to express herself with the help of over expansive hand gestures far outweighing the desire for more corn based sugar products.

"His movements are stiff and uncoordinated, and will therefore lead to his untimely demise at the end of the big sword Buffy is unfairly wielding."

"What fair? She's the slayer and slayers need big pointy swords," Willow defended, her words somewhat muffled as she crunched through another handful of popcorn. "Unfair would be that," she pointed towards where Faith stood showering the lumbering zombies with hot lead from her stolen AK-47.

"But effective." Anya helped herself to another handful of popcorn before snuggling closer to the redheaded witch. "This is like the old fashioned 'drive-in' Xander took me to for our third date, only with less exhaust fumes and wandering hands." She looked at Willow. "Why are your hands not wandering?"

Willow half-smiled, half-winced. "Butter-fingers?" She wiggled the sticky digits in question, only to have one captured and sucked by a thoughtful looking Anya. "This could not get more disturbing."

"Your fingers are far softer and tastier than Xander's or the G'Oalash demon I was briefly engaged to in the thirteenth century." Outside the window the zombified remains of a college student managed to wrestle Buffy to the ground. "Oh, well done!"

"Anya! Buffy's on our side!"

"Oh ... Bad zombie, bad!"

The End

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