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Truth Revealed
By J. Sims


We got to Red's place, quickly thanks to my driving skills. If B had been driving we would have gotten here a lot sooner but in a tangled bloody mess and then what help would we be.

I pulled up in front and could see Ken pounding on the door shouting for Willow to let her in. I also noticed the half empty bottle of whiskey in her hand. If she were a clone of me it would take more then that to get her wasted. B let out a long sigh as she looked on at Kennedy's drunken state.

"How come no one's called the cops on her yet?" I asked as I got out of the car eyeing the neighbors.

Red caught a break on this small house near downtown. It's on top of one of those Ley Lines so G figured it would be good for her spells. It's a nice two-floor place on a hill that only has a few houses around it with lush woods taking up the rest. Her neighbors looked like retirees, the first and only time I saw them, and probably were the nosey types, which is why I was worried about an audience for what was sure to be an interesting discussion.

"Will put up a masking spell," B answered as she followed me out of the car. "She said as far as the neighbors are concerned nothings going on outside their windows."

"Hope they don't decide to take an evening stroll," I joked looking at B to see her resolve face on.

She was focused on Ken now but I could see a worried look in her eyes that made me rethink letting her be here. I'm not stupid enough to suggest she wait in the car. Red's her best friend and she needs to be here. I'm just worried about what a drunken Ken'll start blabbing to upset her or enforce her belief that there could be something developing between Red and me.

"B," I say softly reaching out and placing a hand on her shoulder.

I can feel some of the tension in her ease just from my touch. I like the way that works on both of us. I could be in a murderous rage and all B has to do is smile and cup my face and BAM, I forget all about what's got me riled up. I love her so much and nothing is going to change that.

"I'll be okay," B, replies, looking over my shoulder and giving me a reassuring smile.

"Just remember babe," I begin in a warm yet strong tone, "No matter what the runt says, I love you. Red and me are friends nothing more. You believe me right?"

"I do sweetie," B said resting her head against my hand, "I love you too but I thought I was the runt."

"You are, so I guess I should call Ken pint size," I joked.

"I thought that's what you call Dawn," B teased.

I laugh softly and place a soft kiss on B's lips and said, "We'll work on an appropriate nickname for Ken later."

"I can think of a few choice ones right now but you're right," B said turning her attention back to Ken, "Willow needs us right now."

I nodded in agreement and followed after her, hoping things didn't get out of hand but secretly wishing Ken gave me a reason to knock her on her sorry ass.

"Open the door baby," Ken was slurring from the top of Red's small porch, "Please. I want to come back home."

"Think you wore out your welcome, Kennedy," B said in a strong tone.

Ken turned around and stared with bloodshot eyes at us. I was right, Ken must have been knocking back a whole case of JD or some other shit to get her eyes looking like that.

"Well look whose here," Ken said waving her arms around. "The bitch who stole my girl."

"I didn't steal your girl," I shouted angrily.

B quickly stepped between Ken and me, blocking me from her and said in a strong yet gentle tone, "Kennedy, I think you should leave. Willow doesn't want to talk to you right now, especially when you're like this. Go sober up and maybe she'll talk to you tomorrow."

I could see Red peaking through the curtain on the door but she stayed put as Ken nearly fell from the steps and stood in front of B.

"No she won't," Ken said sadly, "I fucked up, Buffy. Turns out karma is real and it kicked my ass."

"What are you talking about?" B asked.

"The new girl I..." Ken stopped herself, took a gulp from the bottle in her hand then continued in a soft tone, "She cheated on me. I didn't care at first, thinking maybe we could get a threesome going. Turns out she doesn't want to lose all her friends or her place here so she dumped me. I've become the black plague, no one here wants to be around me."

"Can you blame them?" B asked softly.

"No, I can't," Kennedy answered in a chocked up tone, "But it isn't all my fault. It's both of theirs too."

"What did I do, Kennedy," Red shouted, throwing the door open and taking a step forward.

"Willow," B scolded, looking up at her friend.

"You and the rogue here have been fucking behind mine and Buffy's back," Ken answered pointedly.

"Nothing is going on between Faith and me," Red said strongly, looking at both Ken and B.

I decided after my last little outburst that I would let B handle the talking. She's way better at the whole talking things out then me, though I am working on that. I'm here now for backup, because I think B has to work this out not just for Ken, but for her as well.

"I believe you, Willow," B said honestly a warm smile on her face.

Red smiled a relieved smile back then looked at me. I also smiled warmly at her and gave her a slight nod.

"I don't believe this," Ken shouted, "I know what's going on here. The three of you are fucking each other. That's why you're not upset. If that's the case then I want my turn."

I was slowly inching my way forward because I had a feeling what Ken was going to say next. If she was stupid enough to say it I wanted to be close by to knock her out or kill her, which ever was easier?

"What do you say, Buffy," Ken began, her voice slurred again but with a tinge of sultry mixed in, "Let's you and me..."

Ken never got the chance to finish. B punched her fast and hard across the jaw, knocking her down and out cold.

"Damn, B," I said in mild surprise with an approving smile on my face as I looked over her shoulder and down at Ken, "And people call me short tempered."

"And you were worried I was going to do something rash," Red stressed out in a teasing tone.

"What?" B asked, looking all innocent and cute.

I moved in and wrapped my arms around both of them, pulling them in close as we all broke out laughing over Ken's drunken and unconscious form.

B called Giles and he showed up in a van with two other newbies and hauled Ken's snoring ass away. He told us that once she was awake and sober that he'd talk to her, see if she'd like to take up a position at another city. I was thinking another country but whatever works. The truth is, despite all the shit Ken's stirred up, she's a good Slayer and we need her, just not here.

Red invited us in after Ken was taken away. B and me could tell she wanted to talk so we decided to hang out with her for a while.

"Where's the booze, Red?" I asked heading to the kitchen.

"I'm afraid all I have is wine, Faith," Red answered.

"Wine's good," I called back grabbing the bottle of red wine out of the cabinet, "B, you want some?"

"Yeah," she answered and I grabbed three glasses and brought them into the living room.

B and Red were seated on the couch and I took the matching love seat after pouring them each a glass and handing it to them. Red gave me a thankful smile as she took a long drink from her glass. Her nerves were obviously shot and whatever she wanted to talk to us about was going to take the last of her strength. I was getting worried and so was B.

"Will," B said softly as she pulled her friend in to a hug and held her tight, "It's over now. Kennedy will be out of Cincinnati by tomorrow and you can move on, find yourself a girl who will love you right."

Red tensed up at that and B could feel it.

"Oh, Buffy," Red sobbed out as she pulled back and lowered her head, "Kennedy was the first person I had feelings for since Tara. She was the one who broke through the wall I put around my heart."

"I know, Will," B soothed, "But trust me, you'll find someone."

"B's right, Red," I added warmly, "I know you're hurting now and it will take time for you to heal but you will find someone. A girl who will sweep you off your feet and love you the way you deserve to be loved."

Red let out a choked laugh then looked at B then me before lowering her head again, sobbing silently.

"That's funny," Red said after she wiped her eyes.

"What is sweetie?" B asked.

"The two girls who love me the way I deserve to be loved, the two girls I love with all my heart, they're already taken," Red answered then got up and ran out of the room.

B and I looked at each other with confused looks on our faces as we just sat there in silence. We heard a door upstairs slam shut that brought us out of our stupor.

"Did she just say what I think she said?" I asked still shocked.

"Come on," B said standing up and heading to follow Red.

"Where?" I asked stupidly, my brain still in shock and not operating right. If you make a coma joke, I'm putting you in one.

B narrowed her eyes at me and answered in a stern tone, "After her of course."

"B," I said but was interrupted by Buffy coming back in and grabbing my arm.

"Just shut up and follow me," B said as she pulled me up out of my seat and led me to the stairs, "And let me do the talking. I mean it, Faith. No smartass or sarcastic comments or you've had it."

"B, I don't think my brain can form coherent thoughts at the moment, much less my usual ones," I replied as I was led up the steps.

"Keep it that way," B added as we approached Red's bedroom door.

I had no idea what B had planned or how what Red just admitted didn't floor her. She loved us, I mean I knew she loved us but I always thought it was in a close friend sort a way. Not in love LOVE. I…I got nothin'. What do you say to that? How do you respond? I hope B has the answer because I sure as hell don't.

"Will," B knocked and slowly opened the door.

I followed her in and saw Red, sitting with her legs crossed on the bed staring at a picture of the three of us.

It looks like it was taken at King's Island. That was a great day, one of the happiest in my life. Just Red, Dawnie, B, and yours truly hangin' out on a fine summer day. Poor little D, she got sick on The Beast the second time in a row we went on it. Red and B were scared shitless when I said lets do it again. Roller coasters ain't got nothin' on vampires and demons, at least to me. B crowned me 'The Girl Without Fear' after I went on it two more times by myself. I got all cocky and they got all mad so, to make it up to them, I spent a small fortune winning all three of them their own stuffed animal. Dawnie's was the silliest being a pink elephant. I could of made some lame joke about it but choose not to. We finished off the day huddled up watching the fireworks before going our separate ways.

"I really want to be alone," Red said softly.

"That's not going to happen," B countered as she sat down next to Red, placing her hand on top of hers.

Red looked at me with a slight smile that vanished once she saw my face. I guess I still looked shocked or scared or something cause she looked back at the picture.

"So much for the Girl Without Fear," Red teased sadly.

B looked at me with a tearful expression as she nodded her head towards Red. I looked at her and saw the pain she was in and before I knew it I was sitting on the bed, resting against the headboard. B pushed Willow in to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in close to me. B rested her head on Red's lap and wrapped her arms above mine. We stayed like that as Will sobbed softly till the room fell comfortably silent.

"How long?" B asked and I'm guessing she wanted to know how long Will's loved us that way.

"I've had a crush on you, Buffy since the day we met. A high school crush but still a crush," Red answered, "I sort of started having feelings for you Faith since our little trip back from L.A. It got stronger over time. I've never acted on my feelings for either of you, especially when I fell in love with Tara. I thought I'd finally found my soul mate, until she was taken from me."

B gave Will a tight squeeze and I kissed the top of her head, both of us letting her know we were still here, offering our love and support.

"The feelings were still there and then Kennedy came along and they went away again," Red continued calmly, "That just ended badly and who should I turn to for comfort but the two of you. So once again I bury my feelings and try to move on but it seems that didn't work. I'm happy just having you both in my life and don't want to ruin it or what you two have found over some pesky thing like my love for you two. Now those feelings may cost me my best friends."

"Will?" B asked warmly, "Does it look like you've lost us?"

"Well," Red began sadly and I knew she was referring to me.

"I'm an idiot, Red," I said quickly, "I'm slow and stupid and not very good at dealing with things like this, but I'm trying to change all that. I want to be a better person then I was."

"You are," B and Red interrupted in unison, causing me to smile.

"Thanks," I continued warmly, "What I'm trying to say is I was surprised by what you said and it takes my brain a while to catch up."

"I was surprised too, Will," B said, "But unlike my slow girlfriend I recovered quickly and came right up here to check on you."

"Hey, I was going to come around. Eventually," I pouted.

"Yeah right," B replied teasing me.

"As much as I enjoy listening to the two of you bicker," Red interrupted softly, "What to we do now?"

"I don't know, Will," B answered which I was grateful for, I still got no idea what the hell to do about this, "Faith and I…we need to talk about this together."

"I understand," Red, said softly, "It's a lot to take in."

"What do you want to happen, Red?" I asked curiously.

"I told you, I'm happy just so long as I have you two in my life," Will replied warmly, "I honestly don't know what I want now that I told you two my real feelings. The balls in your court now; all I can promise is whatever decision you two make I'll accept and honor it."

"Thanks, Will," B said gratefully.

I placed another kiss on Red's head and we soon fell back in to comfortable silence.

Red had a point; the decision of where we go from here is up to B and me. Like she said, we have to talk about this together before we make up our mind. I love Willow but I'm IN love with Buffy. This is all making my head hurt. I don't know what to do.

"Faith," Red said softly, "You don't have to worry about it right now."

"Let's just take the night to relax," B added warmly.

I had to grin at the way these chicks know me so well. I love em both so much. Oh crap. Stop thinkin' about all that now, Faith, and just enjoy the moment. The shit can wait to hit the fan tomorrow.

The End

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