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Resurrection is for the Unbelievers
By sHaYcH


Chapter Forty-Nine

Kisses like rainfall blessed by the warmth of the sun roused Elizabeth from slumber. Threading her fingers through Kate's hair, she swam in the emotion that flowed from her lover in an unceasing river of feelings.

Do you feel me too, love? In the wake of their loving, the vampath's control over the symbiote seemed unnecessary. Unshielded and unshackled, their emotions were bound and wound together so tightly that every caress, every breath was echoed.

I feel you.

Wordless thought, framed by emotional overtones.

"Are we… can you… read my mind?" Kate asked incredulously.

Shaking her head, Elizabeth said, "I don't think so."

"I'll test it." Barely able to hide a smirk, Kate thought, I want you to touch my breast.

Almost as soon as the thought had finished, Elizabeth was dancing light fingers over Kate's breasts.

"I'd say," the detective gasped. "That it works pretty well."

Putting her lips against Kate's ear, Elizabeth whispered, "Well, that wasn't so difficult to guess – try something… harder." She tweaked rapidly stiffening nipples.

The detective rolled onto her side and pressed herself against her lover. "Later," she growled, capturing Elizabeth's lip in her teeth. "Busy now."

Laughing joyfully, the vampath fell into their loving rapport once more.

Kate slid from the bed and padded to the bathroom. Steam soon filled the small chamber and she slipped under the roaring fall of scalding water. The heat drove into sore muscles and pounded away the soreness that was coiled within them like traps laid for unwary rabbits.

Everything was different and yet the same. Her body was a map of Elizabeth's love. Marked at throat and thigh, hip and breast by tiny, pinprick bruises, each held the key to unlocking one beautiful memory after another. She ached with a soreness that had been earned in moans and pleas for more, yes, there, and harder.

The soap in her hands was sharply scented. Lathering her body, she paid careful heed to bruises gained not in love play, but in the exercise of her profession. Vitmar Caruso's demons had been none too gentle with the warlock's intended victims.

A breath of cool air whispered across her back, but before she could turn warm arms enveloped her, pulling her against an equally warm body. There was no time for fear as her heart recognized her lover seconds before her head. The now familiar shape, curve and softness of Elizabeth Blaine was molded to her.

Pale, delicate hands reached up to cup Kate's breasts while sharp teeth grazed her shoulder, setting off a cascade of fireworks in her gut. With slow and deliberate motions, Elizabeth dragged her mouth over Kate's throat and across her shoulder blade. Twin pinpricks carved a shallow rail of fire in the detective's flesh.

Fogged by a swiftly rising sense of desire, Kate arched into Elizabeth and reached up to wrap her arms around the redhead.

The vampath angled her lover away from the direct spray of the water and skimmed her hands over Kate's breasts, abdomen and stomach, stopping when she reached her thighs.

Fastening her mouth to pulse point throbbing in Kate's neck, Elizabeth gently bit down and dipped her fingers into silk that was hotter and wetter than any shower. Kate cried out and clung to her lover, grinding into the fingers that were stroking her so intimately.

Their connection flared and pulsed, swallowing them in a supernova of emotion. Love and lust entwined as they swayed and thrust against each other. Unsure footing caused Kate to slip. There was a flash of pain, but it was quickly soothed away by her lover's gentle caress.

She was turned, pressed against the tiles and kissed senseless. Swept up in desire, overwhelmed by the need to touch and taste, Kate twisted away from Elizabeth. When the vampath made to follow, the detective shook her head.

Confused, Elizabeth opened her mouth to speak, but was silenced by fingertips against her lips.

Eyes half lidded, Kate slipped her fingers into Elizabeth's mouth, groaning when the vampath suckled them gently. The sensation was enthralling, driving electric bolts of pleasure from her hand to her groin. Kate moaned and slid to her knees.

The water pouring over them grew cool, but was ignored.

Wrapping her free arm around Elizabeth's thigh, Kate nudged the vampath's legs apart to nuzzle at the thatch of ruddy curls cloaking the gate to her lover's passion. Strong was the scent of need that greeted her, stronger still the taste that filled her mouth with a flavor so heady, so intoxicating, that Kate moaned and strove to drink it all.

The crack of Elizabeth's skull as it met tile was lost in the long, low growl of pleasure that erupted from the vampath. She was rapidly losing the ability to stand. Winding her fingers in Kate's hair, she held tight, whispering broken phrases of love and need that were lost in the rush of water pouring from the shower.

She was an aria, rising free and high; the apex of a crescendo so intense, so bright and unbound that when the final note was sang, she willingly shattered into a thousand shades of sound.

Caught in the eruption, Kate felt herself let go; felt the strings that bound her unwind and thrum in perfect harmony to her lover. The world went white and when sight returned, she was lying in the tub, held limply in Elizabeth's arms as cold water lapped against the porcelain.

Shivering, she strained to lift her foot and shut off the tap.

Elizabeth groaned.

With a chuckle, Kate pressed a lazy kiss in the hollow between the vampath's breasts and murmured, "Good morning."

Kate was elbows deep in a pile of dirty dishes when Elizabeth brushed by her. Startled by a wave of need so fierce she nearly crushed the delicate wine goblet in her hand, the detective shuddered violently.

"Whoa. That takes a little getting used to," she muttered as she rinsed the glass and set it in the drain rack.

Blushing, the vampath grabbed a towel and began to dry the dishes.

"Sorry," she said with a sheepish grin.

"No, no, I'm good. Really, really good," Kate said, her eyes half closing as she basked in the memories.

The tinkle of breaking glass caused her to dart a nervous glance at her lover.

At Elizabeth's feet, the remains of a wine glass sparkled in the kitchen light. A trickle of ruby red blood streamed from the vampath's hand and she was clearly unsteady on her feet.

Quickly, Kate rinsed her hands, grabbed Elizabeth's injured limb and guided her to the trashcan. The stem and part of the bowl of the goblet fell into the open maw of the garbage with just a slight nudge.

Using the towel to staunch the flow of blood, Kate pulled her lover into the main area of the loft and sat them both down at the table. The injury was minor, already closed over by the time she removed the towel.

Elizabeth flexed her fingers and sighed sadly. "I feel… so much. Too much, sometimes. From you, it's like… an avalanche. It just took me by surprise."

Half smiling, Kate said, "Join the club." Raising the now healed hand to her lips, she pressed a soft kiss into the palm. "I love you. This is all new, and I don't have a clue as to what's going to happen next or where we'll end up, but I know that I love you and that nothing can change how I feel."

A thick sob worked its way up from Elizabeth's chest and spilled out as a flood of tears that coated the vampath's cheeks as she threw herself from the chair to kneel beside Kate. Laying her head in the detective's lap, she wrapped her arms around Kate's waist and said, "I need you. Don't let me go. I don't want to fall into the darkness. I don't want to end up like Evans did."

Kate closed her eyes and stroked Elizabeth's hair. Her own voice was thick when she replied, "I won't let you go. I swear. I won't let you go, Elizabeth."

Night had fallen. A few phone calls ascertained that no one was in the mood for anything resembling work. Willow and Kennedy were still wiped and Dersk was still deep in recovery. Left on their own, Kate and Elizabeth gave in to boredom and were curled on the couch, watching something inane on television.

Dinner was a lazy affair of take out Chinese. Replete, the two newly made lovers eyed each other over a distance that seemed filled with all the uncertainties that had been ignored in the heat of their first loving. Only their joined hands spoke of their willingness and need to bridge that gap, to find their way to the promise of tomorrow.

"Stay," Kate said softly, rubbing her thumb over the back of Elizabeth's hand. Unspoken was, the plea, Don't let me fuck this up.

"Are you sure?" I'm so frightened by the love that's in you, Kate. But I'm more frightened by the need that's in me. If I stay, I'll never leave.

"Yes." She tugged on Elizabeth's hand, pulling her into her arms. I don't want you to leave.

"Okay. I'll stay." Forever, I'll be yours forever, Kate Lockley.

I know. And I'll be yours, Elizabeth Blaine.


Chapter Fifty

It was Tiatitania who uncovered the terrible truth about Caruso's proposal of marriage. It had all been a sham – a scheme invented to hide a deeper evil that left her breathless with rage.

Sitting in the well lit confines of Kate's office, with her son and his friends around her, she softly explained how the warlock had duped her.

"He used me as a distraction. While you were busy trying to rescue me, his henchmen were flooding the back alleys and dark places of Chicago."

Agitated into pacing, Dersk leapt to his feet and said, "Tell them why, Mother. Tell them what that bastard did." The half-demon's injuries had vanished, but his color was off, still a pale shadow of the rich teals and blues that had once shaded his scales.

Tiatitania frowned but said, "He's taken the children."


The room exploded in a furor of questions. It was all Kate could do not to grab her weapon and head out right then and empty several clips of bullets into Caruso's hide.

"His henchmen have taken every homeless child under the age of fourteen. Current estimates have the total at somewhere around three hundred kids," spat Dersk. "And it's not just Human kids, either. Everything and everyone was fair game."

Elizabeth was livid. Her face was flushed, her hair seemed to crackle as she slowly stood and curled her hands into fists.

"And we're doing something about this when, exactly?" Kennedy asked in a voice that was deadly in its calm tone.

"We need to surveil the situation and gather intel," Kate said softly. "From there, we can plan."

"Fuck the plan. I'm going to rip that bastard's nuts off and feed them to a shark," said Elizabeth. The vampath grabbed her leather jacket and walked out before anyone could stop her.

Kate's chair hit the wall as she headed after her lover.

"Doc!" she called, but she was met with silence. Frustrated, she looked around, but could see no sign of the vampath. "Damn it!" The detective punched a nearby wall in frustration.

"I'll follow her," Kennedy said. "You guys find out what you can about the kids." The dark haired slayer smiled tightly. "Buzz my cell – I'll call if I need backup."

With that, she strolled out of the building.

Kate and Willow exchanged mutual looks of helpless concern. Dersk pulled out a cell and began making calls while Tiatitania sat down behind Kate's desk and started to delicately type on the keyboard.

"Okay, where would I go if I was a pissed off vampath out to make some scuzzbucket warlock pay for a lengthy list of bad deeds?" Kennedy looked around, then up at the rooftops. "Right, the high road. Well, sorry, Doc but this girl's a ground-pounder."

The dark haired slayer began to walk toward their favorite park. Several of the local working girls knew both she and Elizabeth by sight.

"Hey Kennedy – where's tall, fiery and hot?" Dazzle Razzle, one of the women, crooned as the slayer approached a small knot of spandex and fishnet clad girls.

"Around," said Kennedy with a shrug. "How about you ladies? What's the word?" She smiled charmingly, which caused several of the women to giggle vapidly.

"Oh nothin' much," Dazz replied nonchalantly. The cigarette in her mouth bled a thick streamer of gray smoke as she strolled over to the slayer's side. "Why? You need a little action, baby?"

Kennedy shoved her hand into her pocket and then bent her wrist just enough so that Dazz could see the crisp corner of the fifty hidden by her thumb. "Maybe – what do you hear?"

Dazz licked her lips anxiously. The flash of greed that filled her eyes was almost like a scream. Taking a long drag, she exhaled and said, "Bitsy's missin'," she finally said. "Went off with some scuzzhead and hasn't come back in days."

"And?" The fifty slid further out of Kennedy's pocket.

"'An Josie got inna fight over some kid he was bringin' home. Swore up'n down that the bastard was tryin' ta bite 'im. But that was like, funny and not true, right?" Her bloodshot eyes scanned the area fearfully.

Dazzle Razzle was one of those unfortunate people for whom monsters become all too real. Kennedy and Elizabeth had driven those monsters back into the shadows and helped the hooker to write off the encounter as a bad trip.

"Yeah, Dazz. Must'a been some pansy assed dope head or something. Look, you know where Bitsy usually worked?"

"Yeah, yeah, little thing like her'd only get good custom on the north end of the park. S'where all the kiddies go." Hunger and hope filled Dazz's eyes as the fifty exited Kennedy's pocket.

"Just one more thing, and I'll be jetting – you see anything freaky and you and your girls find someplace inside, okay?" Another fifty joined the first. "Don't get dead over twenty bucks." Kennedy had barely extended her hand before the money was gone, tucked deep into the hooker's stiletto boot.

Dazz laughed breezily. "Oh honey, I'm gone." She snapped her fingers twice and sashayed away.

The slayer smiled and looked up into the nearby trees. Sunlight enflamed a hint of fluttering scarlet and she grinned. Surreptitiously, she nodded toward a park bench some yards away and then began to stroll toward it.

"Tell me again, what exactly are we doing here?" Dersk said while holding open the door to Bash'Ems open. With a smirk, Kate breezed in and then waited for him to join her.

"Trolling for information. You said that non humans were taken. That would make them just as pissed at Caruso as I am – maybe more so, if they're actually attached to their young." The detective squared her shoulders and approached the bar, where at least half a dozen creatures of a variety of species were doing the demonic version of crying in their beers.

The bartender, a bright red fellow with a bluish-brown scraggly beard bearing a collection of bones woven into it looked up and grunted. "Don't get your kind in here much. You got a taste for pig's piss?"

Kate made a face. "No, not really." She glanced over his shoulder and spotted a Sam Adams tap. "Is that thing a decoration or do some of your patrons have human tastes?"

Dersk settled on a stool next to Kate and smiled at the bartender. "Give the lady a glass, Braed. She's cool."

On Kate's other side, a multi-tentacled creature with pink eyes and yellow skin gave the detective a fishy grin and said, "So, what brings a pretty morsel like you into a dive like this?"

Kate accepted her beer, drank and smiled at the demon. "Oh, you know – the usual - a little brew, a little info…" She leaned conspiratorially close. "Got kids?"

The thing shivered, its tentacles curling and twitching frantically. "Not if I can eat them first."

Closing her jaw with an audible snap, Kate nodded and turned away. "All right. Next?" Slipping off the barstool she proceeded to venture up to each and every one of the patrons. With Dersk at her heels, she managed to question the various demons, half-demons and extra planar creatures that were populating the bar.

What she learned was both disturbing and disheartening. Of those who had any bond with their young, only two had trusted her enough to tell their stories. The rest either claimed no connection to their offspring or refused to speak to her, even when Dersk would smooth the way.

From the tidbits, Kate was able to piece together a bleak picture for the children in Caruso's custody. On their way out of the bar, she pulled out her cell and made a call.

"Yeah, Angel. It's me. I've got news. It's Caruso. He's the one. If you don't hear from me in a week, expect trouble on your end. Big time." Hanging up, she looked at Dersk and grimaced. "I hate getting his answering machine."

The half-demon laughed. "Better that than some dumb blonde of a secretary."

"Oh, Harmony's okay if you can get her to actually stop chewing gum long enough to pick up a pencil."

"I was being facetious."

"I wasn't."

"Oh. So, um… Harmony? Is she hot?"

Kate shrugged. "Sure, if you like them young, blonde and undead."

Dersk shook his head. With a low whistle, he said, "And I thought we had an unusual staff roster."

Kate just smiled.

Part 51

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