The Avengers

Fractures PG-13 Natasha Romanoff/Pepper Potts Everyone has weaknesses, faults, flaws, fractures. The things they're not quite rational about.The things that inform their every action.The things that can be used against them. Complete

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye

A Choice PG George/Fletch   George/Jenna Post season two - George has a decision to make. Complete

Bad Girls (movie)
k alexander

The End of the Wild West Show PG Anita/Cody So what exactly happened to Cody Zamora, Lilly Laronette and Anita Crown after they left the Circle Bar T in search of their fortune at the end of the movie "Bad Girls"? Follow the three cowgirls as they make a new life and find out just what it has in store for them. Complete

Erin Griffin

Missing PG Mona/Ruby Mona finds what she was looking for in the last place she ever expected. Complete

Bend It Like Beckham

Cheering For Navratilova PG-13 Jess/Jules Rumours lead to a realisation for Jess. Complete

Big Bad Swim

Discoveries While Swimming PG-13 Amy/Jordan A series of moments between Amy and Jordan. Complete

The Birds

Small Town Hospitality PG Melanie/Annie No synopsis given. Complete

Bitch Slap

Head Games 15 Hel/Trixie A year after that day in the desert, Hel's still playing someone else's twisted game. Complete

Black Swan

Convalescence PG-13 Nina/Lily After the death of the White Swan, Nina tries to pick up the pieces. Complete

Blade: Trinity

The Broken Tower 18 Whistler/Sommerfield Post-movie. Whistler thinks back on some better times. Complete

Lillybet Holmes

Senses 15 Whistler/Sommerfield A moment alone before the madness of saving the world ensues. Complete

Bubblegum Crisis
The Datajunkie

BGC Blues

Passages 15 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene A mission gone wrong threatens to destroy the Knight Sabers. Complete

Scars 15 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene Secrets force the team to take sides and a ghost from the past may end them all. Complete

Changes 18 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene Sylia and Mackie are hiding something and as Megatokyo begins to fall into chaos, the others must discover the truth. Complete

Shards 18 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene The Nanobots aren't perfect after all. Complete

Dark Illusions 18 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene The death of Priss rocks Sylia, driving her to attempt the unthinkable. Complete

Dark Revelations 18 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene Genom Retaliates. Complete

Resurrection 1 2 18 Priss/Sylia   Linna/Nene   Priss/F Scattered across a changed world, Priss searches for the members of her family. Complete

But I'm a Cheerleader
Erin Griffin

Inner Monologue PG Megan/Graham Graham tries to fit into Megan's world. Complete

Cold Mountain

The Reckoning PG-13 Ruby/Ada Ruby had never cared for wasting around, so she reckoned that the wait shortened was better than wondering when the Home Guard was going to come bash down the door and shoot her... And when other trouble presented itself, she was ready for that, too. Complete

Adagio PG-13 Ruby/Ada Of pianos, and music, and how little Grace Inman seems to take after Ruby more than she does Ada. Stand-alone one-shot. Complete

Conan the Cimmerian

Her Majesty's Handmaiden PG Queen Ereshka/Iniri The former princess now Queen Ereshka muses on her handmaiden, once a waif and thief, Iniri. Oh, how things have changed. Complete

The Battle for Yaralet PG-13 Queen Ereshka/Iniri A warmongering mercenary leader menaces the small prosperous country Yaralet. Queen Ereshka will not let him take her lands without a fight but as the battle drags on and Murr's forces wear down Yaralet's defenders she must send for help. Enter Conan. Companion piece to "Her Majesty's Handmaiden" Complete

The Descent

A Good Start PG Juno/Sarah A history of Sarah and Juno's relationship. Complete

Doctor Kay Scarpetta Series

The Modus Operandi Series

Prologue: The Calm before the Storm 18 Kay/Laura After three relatively peaceful years of living in New York, Kay Scarpetta's life is suddenly about to change forever. She's struggling to deal with events of the past, her attraction to a friend and colleague is threatening to spiral out of control; and to top it all off, a sinister reminder of the past makes itself known when a body is discovered in the subway. Complete

Dracula II & III

Resurrection is for the Unbelievers 1-2 3-4 5-6 6-7 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46 47-48 49-50 51-52 53-54 55-56 57 15 Kate/Elizabeth   Willow/Kennedy BtVS crossover - When Kate Lockley leaves LA, is she heading for a new life, or the same old nightmare? Complete

Mercy is for the Just 1 2 3 4 5 15 Elizabeth Blaine/Kate   Willow/Kennedy   Emily/JJ BtVS and Criminal Minds crossover - A string of violent crimes in Chicago has the police calling in the BAU to solve what the papers are calling the, "Kiss of the Vampire" slayings. Drawn into the investigation, Kate Lockley and her partner, Elizabeth Blaine work behind the scenes to help find the killer before the city's nonhuman denizens decide to introduce Chicago to real vampires... Complete

Desire: Black On Black 15 Elizabeth Blaine/Kate BtVS crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

The Elder Scrolls

A Thoughtful Gift 18 Elisa/Llathala A Morrowind short story. Complete

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

The Glass Wall PG Elizabeth/Bess The Virgin Queen may be untouched by any man but whose touch does she crave? Complete


Conversations with my Aunt PG-13 Lucy/Judy The night before Lucy and Judy's wedding. (Katie POV) Complete

Heart & Hearth PG Lucy/Judy A trio of 100 word drabbles (a tribble?) from Judy's POV during the movie. Complete

Blackout 15 Lucy/Judy During the blackout. Complete

Extreme Ops (movie)

Dammit PG Kitty/Chloe Ice and snow form the perfect backdrop to burgeoning feelings. Complete


After the Glass Slipper PG Cinderella/OFC What happens after the fairytale ending? Complete

Fried Green Tomatoes

Charmed PG Ruth/Idgie Their eyes met immediately, Idgie backlit by the moon, spectral and radiant, and Ruth was enchanted. Complete


A Moment's Peace G Ruth/Idgie A little slice-of-life moment. Complete

Just Another Day G Ruth/Idgie Idgie tries to make Ruth's mother's day special. Complete

In The Still Night Air PG-13 Ruth/Idgie Summers in Alabama? Are hot. Complete

F is for Foundations PG-13 Ruth/Idgie The story of Idgie Threadgood's life. Complete

O is for October PG-13 Ruth/Idgie It's best done now before one of them messes this up. Complete


Why She Stays PG Ruth/Idgie What keeps them together. Complete


Honey Fire PG Ruth/Idgie Ruth had never felt like this before. Complete

Jessica Knight

Brave PG-13 Elisa Maza/Dominique Destine Dominique Destine has a secret, a secret life full of tragedy and magic that she's lived for a thousand years. In all that time, she's learned one lesson above all: Don't trust humans, ever. So then, when police detective Elisa Maza comes to her rescue one night when she really needs it, how is it that she suddenly finds herself ignoring that lesson in the worst way possible, by falling in love? Complete

Daylight PG-13 Elisa Maza/Dominique Destine Emotions flair and danger threatens on the horizon as Elisa and Dominique have their first date in Central Park. Complete


After A Millennium A Renewal: Puppet Strings 1-8 9-16 17-23 18 Demona/OFC Kendra Canmore, a woman with an unusual past, finds out that the owner of Nightstone Unlimited, Dominique Destine, is also the gargoyle Demona. Though her family refused to join the hunt, she is curious about this revelation and decides to visit New York City to find out more. An encounter with the Quarrymen results in both struggling to survive a journey through the Canadian wilderness that will lead to startling revelations for both of them. Complete


A Million Reasons 18 Fox Xantos/Elisa Maza A simple night of passion becomes complicated. Complete

To Catch a Killer 1-3 18 Fox Xantos/Elisa Maza A serial killer is targeting prostitutes. Elisa and Matt are taken off the task force when an even more dangerous threat arises. On-Going

Goodbye Earl

Summer faded into fall PG-13 Mary Ann/Wanda Prompt: Offing your least favourite character. Complete

Erin Griffin

Goodbye Earl 15 Mary Ann/Wanda No synopsis given. Complete

JS Stephens

Moments in Time PG Rizzo/Sandy Rizzo finds herself counting on Sandy's support through the years as their friendship deepens...and starts changing. Complete

A Great and Terrible Beauty Triology

Champagne Supernova 15 Gemma/Felicity When Gemma steals away with Felicity after lights out she learns that they need not enter the realms to experience magic. Complete

When the Whiskey Goes In PG-13 Gemma/Felicity No synopsis given. Complete

Upon Yon Shore PG-13 Felicity/Pippa What we didn't get to see when Felicity and Pippa were reunited the realms in after months of separation. Complete


Take Those Lemons and Make Lemonade 15 Cherry/Dakota With their backs to the ocean, the survivors are able to begin getting back to something that resembles a normal life. Complete

Reach Up PG Cherry/Dakota A few hours after the escape the survivors find a brief safe haven and try to deal with what has happened to their lives and world around them. Complete

Hippocratic Ohhh 15 Cherry/Dakota Takes place about four months after the events in "Planet Terror". A new world, new lives and new loves. Complete

Butterfly PG Jungle Julia/Arlene Jungle Julia and Arlene share a quiet moment lounging on a porch on a balmy night. Complete

Harry Potter

Seeing Through the Years PG Hermione/Ginny Many, many years after the events of Deathly Hallows. With their husbands several years gone, Hermione and Ginny share a moment that is but one of many. Complete


Joy in Small Places 15 Tonks/Fleur Fleur invites Tonks over to dinner for some girl talk but the evening takes a very expected turn. Complete

Jennifer Lee

New Beginnings 1 15 Hermione/OFC Hermione thought she knew where her life was going. Then Jace came into her life and now everything has changed. Follow Hermione as she discovers her path in life; handles her friendships with Harry and Ron and tries to complete her sixth year at Hogwarts with the threat of Voldemort looming on the horizon. On-Going


A Lean and Hungry Look 18 Hermione/Pansy Someone's out to kill Pansy Parkinson. Can her former enemies put aside their own prejudices long enough to save her life? Complete

The Handmaid's Tale

To Imagine 18 Offred/OFC A moment in reflection. Complete

The Haunting

Asleep in My Arms 15 Theo/Nell The aftermath of escaping Hill House. Complete


Fruit of Life 15 Theo/Nell What would have happened if Nell hadn't died that night at Hill House? Complete

Head of State

Dirty Little Secrets 18 Olivia/Nikki Head of State/SVU - Olivia misses Alex so much she's willing to risk everything for a look-alike. Complete

Out In The Open 18 Olivia/Alex   Olivia/Nikki Sequel to 'Dirty Little Secrets' - Oh, what a tangled web we weave... Alex is back and so is Nikki. Complete


Confessions of a Superwhore 18 Nicki/Olivia   Alex/Olivia SVU/Head of State crossover - A strange business card places Olivia in an even stranger predicament. Complete

High School Musical
Hollywood Recycle Bin

The Cinderella Conspiracy 1 2 PG-13 Gabriella/Sharpay Fairytale AU, Gabriella lives with her evil step mother and her two step siblings. They hate her and make her life a living hell. One day, charming Prince Troy will come and rescue her. Except of course, her step sister, Sharpay is actually in love with her. On-Going

Home Room
Erin Griffin

Knowing For Sure PG-13 Deanna/Alica Post movie drabble. Complete

Shift in the Atmosphere PG Deanna/Alica Post movie fic. Moving on into the ordinary. Complete

Changing the Subject PG-13 Deanna/Alica Kiss scene reflection drabble. Complete

The Horse and His Boy

Her Story PG Lucy/Aravis They say no-one is told any story but their own. Aravis and Lucy are going to change that. Complete

Imagine Me & You

Déjà vu PG-13 Rachel/Luce Rachel and Luce meet before the wedding... I mean, why didn't the bride know the florist? Complete


Journalistic License PG Rachel/Luce Luce's ex returns... Complete


Confrontations PG-13 Rachel/Luce Heck shows up at Luce's flat in the middle of the night. Complete


Out Shopping G Rachel/Luce The Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover - Heck has never heard Rachel's confession. It is now a few months later and the two are on a trip to the US as Heck tries to gather experiences for his book, and decides to change tactics for a night and cook. But you need to buy food for that, don't you? Complete


Breathe PG Rachel/Luce Rachel just can't stop thinking about her. Complete


Autumn Cannibalist 1 2 3 PG-13 Rachel/Luce AU - Post-movie, Luce and Rachel have dinner at her parents. Complete

Independence Day

She Was a Phantom of Delight PG-13 Constance/Marilyn "She was a Phantom of delight / When first she gleamed upon my sight; / A lovely Apparition, sent / To be a moment's ornament" Complete

Kamakaze Girls
Erin Griffin

A Gang of Two PG-13 Ichiko/Momoko A movie reflection with hidden feelings revealed. Complete

Kill Bill

Loyalty PG Sofie/O-Ren Ever wonder why Sofie was at the wedding massacre in El Paso? Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Sophie PG-13 Sophie/O-Ren A killer romance. Complete

Cleo DeMayon

Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves 15 O-Ren/The Bride What really happened during their swordfight. Complete


Reflections of a One-Armed Woman 15 Sofie/O-Ren Sofie's thoughts as she lies in a hospital bed. Complete

Loving Annabelle

A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Foolish Heart

Gravity 18 Simone/Annabelle What I think would have happened if Mother Emaculata hadn't found Annabelle and Simone when she did. Complete


All Over Me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 18 Simone/Annabelle One teacher, one student, one secret kept? Complete

Untitled 1 2 3 18 Simone/Annabelle Sequel to 'All Over Me'. On-Going


Loving Annabelle - I 15 Simone/Annabelle Simone's POV - Jumbled Complete

Loving Annabelle - II 15 Simone/Annabelle Annabelle's POV - Jumbled Complete

Mai HiME

All With Good Intentions 15 Shizuru Fujino/Natsuki Kuga In the aftermath of the HiME festival, Shizuru and Natsuki try to find a way not only to heal, but to keep their relationship intact. Complete

Miss Congeniality
Erin Griffin

Not In The Tubie Things PG Cheryl/Gracy During the 'Girl Talk' scene of Miss Congeniality. Complete

Mortal Kombat
Katrina Highkick

From Assassins to Lovers 1 2 18 Kitana/Jade Kitana and Jade have been best friends for thousands of years. On a tragic evening, friendship turns into something more. On-Going

The Mummy / The Mummy Returns

A Princess's Tale 15 Neferteri/Anuk Su Namun I know I'm not the only one who saw some sexual tension in that fight scene; well this is why it was there. Complete

Fear Not For the Wind 15 Neferteri/Anuk Su Namun Sequel to "A Princess's Tale". What would happen if Anuk Su Namun got her soul back? Complete


Cherry Lips PG Evie Carnahan/Lara Croft Tomb Raider crossover - Lara gets closer to an accidental time traveler. Complete

Muriel's Wedding
Erin Griffin

As Good as Dancing Queen PG-13 Rhonda/Muriel Just a short fic about life after the movie ended. Complete

Oz: The Great and Powerful

A New Dawn PG-13 Glinda/Theodora Theodora may have never been given a gift or been asked to dance by someone but that doesn't mean someone hasn't wanted to. Complete

The Parasol Protectorate

Floating PG-13 Alexia Tarabotti/Genevieve Lefoux Alexia realizes that she isn't as alone as she thought. Complete

The Phantom of the Opera (movie)

A Lifetime of Longing 15 Meg/Christine Meg was Christine's friend, her best friend, long before the Phantom and Raoul changed their lives. And she saw things a little differently. Complete

Pitch Perfect

Just A Beca Thing 15 Beca/Chloe Chloe just resigned herself to the situation and tried to focus on the Bellas, and winning Nationals her senior year, because what you were supposed to do your senior year of college was to collect accolades and make memories, not bog yourself down in a mess of a sexual awakening. That was something you did freshman year. Complete


Lady Jam 3000 New 18 Beca/Chloe Chloe wasn't kidding when she told Beca that 'Titanium' was her "lady jam". Complete

Community Service New PG-13 Beca/Chloe Things don’t go according to plan during the Bellas’ community service project. Total crack!fic. Complete

Making Music With Her Mouth New 18 Beca/Chloe Beca doesn't just enjoy making music with her mouth, she loves it. Complete


Second Place is the First Winner 15 Beca/Kommissar The Kommissar does *not* like losing. To console herself, she aims to take advantage of the Bella Leader's sexual confusion. It does not go how she expects. Complete

The Quiet

Slow and Steady PG Dot/Nina No synopsis given. Complete

Resident Evil
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Resident Evil 3: Regeneration PG-13 Alice/Rain The third stage in the regeneration project. Complete


On the Brink 15 Alice/Claire No synopsis given. Complete


Protection 15 Alice/Jill To protect and keep safe. Complete


Ghost In You PG-13 Alice/Jill Memories of the past intrude on the present. Complete


Resident Evil - After Extinction 18 Alice/Claire No synopsis given. Complete

Resident Evil - Prison PG-13 Alice/Claire No synopsis given. Complete

Resident Evil - Arcadia 18 Alice/Claire No synopsis given. Complete


Cigarettes 18 Alice/Claire No synopsis given. Complete

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Erin Griffin

In My Garden PG Utena/Anthy Utena and Anthy meet again post series. You get three guesses where they find each other. Complete

The One You're Looking For PG Wakaba/Juri After the series takes place, Wakaba and Juri can't remember Utena, but they both still feel the absense of her presence. Together, they try to figure it all out and fill that emptiness Utena left behind. Complete

Itch PG-13 Utena/Anthy The only thing eternal Utena was able to claim was the itch from her scar and the broken heart in her chest. Complete


Sunny Day PG-13 Juri/Anthy   Utena/Anthy Cold and dark souls seek out the shadows when the sun becomes too warm and bright. Complete

A Bird in the Hand PG-13 Juri/Anthy Juri needs the Rose Bride. But not for a miracle. Complete

Rise: The Blood Hunter

Complimentary Dishes 15 Sadie/Eve AU, Sadie's plan for revenge hits a snag when she comes face to face with the woman who made her what she is. Complete

Saints Row 2

Anticipation PG-13 Boss/Shaundi After the end, Shaundi and the Boss take care of some unfinished business...almost. Complete

Scooby Doo

Well Jinkies PG-13 Velma/Daphne This isn't the way Velma would have planned coming out to their friends, but whatever works. Complete

Noticing PG-13 Velma/Daphne It's good to be noticed. But someone paying too much attention to Velma brings out the green-eyed monster in Daphne. Complete

She Creature
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Call of the Sea PG She-Creature/Lillian The siren's call. Complete

She's the Man

Debutante PG-13 Olivia/Viola I have a thing for Twelfth Night. And cross-dressing movies. And (somewhat shamefully) teen movies and sport underdog movies. Why did it take me so long to watch this? It doesn't really need a summary. This is how it should have gone. Complete


Christmas Wishes PG-13 Olivia/Viola There's really only one thing Olivia wants for Christmas... Complete

Resolutions PG-13 Olivia/Viola It's midnight on New Year's Eve. So why isn't it Duke that she's kissing? Sequel to Christmas Wishes. Complete

Rose Red PG-13 Olivia/Viola Valentine's Day isn't just a greeting card holiday for everyone... Complete

Silent Hill
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Fading to White PG Rose/Cybil After the film ended.. Complete


In the Eyes of a Child PG-13 Rose/Cybil What happened after the movie ended. Complete

Spider Lilies

Ten Years Ago...Today PG-13 Jade/Takeko A little ramble for what happens after we cut to credits. Complete

Star Wars
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Mists of Memory PG-13 Leia/Mara No synopsis given. Complete

Flickering Stars PG-13 Leia/Mara No synopsis given. Complete


Hyperdrive G Leia/Mara It was the Falcon's hyperdrive. They should have expected it really. Complete


Friends PG-13 Jaina/Tenel Ka Jaina goes to see Tenel Ka after Jacen's death. Complete

Irritation PG Bastila/Revan Bastila irritates Revan. Complete

The Inevitability of Falling PG Bastila/Revan   Juhani/Belaya Bastila is afraid of what may be. Complete

Grief 15 Jaina/Tenel Ka What better time to admit one's feelings than in the face of death? Complete

All Helmet, No Head Series

Baatir 18 Jaina/Mirta Jaina and Mirta meet up after Jacen's death. The unexpected occurs. Complete

Jurkadir PG-13 Jaina/Mirta Set after "Baatir." Mirta takes Jaina on a date. Complete

Stellvia of the Universe
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

A Letter to Shipon PG Arise/Shipon A letter of goodbye. Complete

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

The Debt PG-13 Chun-Li/Cantana Chun-Li owes Cantana. Complete

When Standing Wasn't Easy PG-13 Rose/Chun-Li Set after the events of the movie. Rose's thoughts on her father and Chun-Li. Complete

The Raven

The Terminator 15 Sarah/Reece What if Reece had been a woman? Complete

Terminator - Dark Fate 1 New 15 Grace/Dani Character studies. I hate writing dialogue after all. On-Going


For Now 15 Chloe/f Smallville crossover - For Chloe, helping a time traveler stop nuclear Armageddon could be day-to-day routine. But being told that in the future, she's a lesbian? Complete

Tipping the Velvet
Erin Griffin

Deep Sleep Dreaming G Nancy/Florence No synopsis given. Complete

Tomb Raider
Crazed Attourney

In the Shadows of Darkness 1 18 Buffy/Lara   Willow/Tara BtVS crossover - Lara Croft comes to LA to investigate the death of her uncle and the disappearance of her cousin (a certain blonde Wicca) - both of whom meet up with a runaway slayer. Whilst in Sunnydale an ancient and powerful evil is reborn in the body of a former ally. On-Going

The Ghosts of Atlantis 1 15 Willow/Tara   Lara/f Tomb Raider crossover - It is 1936, and a discovery in Egyptian Tomb will lead two expeditions - one British, one German, into a desperate race across continents and into danger as they attempt to uncover the secrets of a lost civilisation On-Going

The Raven

90 Minutes 15 Lara Croft/Sara Pezzini Witchblade crossover - Fast motorcycles, guns, magic, two beautiful women and 90 Minutes... Complete


Cherry Lips PG Lara Croft/Evie Carnahan The Mummy crossover - Lara gets closer to an accidental time traveler. Complete

The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Erin Griffin

Stupid PG-13 Abby/Noel Abby doesn't understand how beautiful she has always been to Noel. Complete

Erin Griffin

Uh... La? PG Alice/Bella No synopsis given. Complete


Bring Me to Life 18 Willow/Sonja BtVS crossover - The PtB are at it again only Willow gets a 'turn' at being the focus. Willow and the Scoobies get an introduction to the world of Lycans, Hybrids, and a hot, leather-wearing, Vampire named Sonja. Complete


Hidden History PG-13 Selene/Erika What really drives Erika to help Selene? Complete

Vampire Effect
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Night Thoughts PG Gypsy/Helen As Gypsy awaits her prey she thinks back on the year's events. Complete

The Raven

Virus PG-13 Kelly "Kit" Foster/Nadia Vinogradiya The moments that will last a lifetime... Complete

The Wheel of Time

A New Tar Valon Spring 18 Siuan Sanche/Moiraine Damodred As Moiraine's power blooms, and pressure on Siuan grows, two women discover who they are on the path to becoming Aes Sedai. Complete

Without Men
Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

The Picnic PG-13 Rosalba/Cleotilde No synopsis given. Complete

Patching Her Up 9: Scrapes PG-13 Rosalba/Cleotilde No synopsis given. Complete

A Day At The Mayor's Office PG-13 Rosalba/Cleotilde No synopsis given. Complete