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The Inevitability of Falling
By Pop_the_Tart


Bastila remembers them together. As younglings they were inseparable, and more than once the Masters had to admonish them for their attachment to one another. It didn't deter them. They would often spend their time hiding away together in the darker corners of the Academy.

Usually, Bastila would break them apart when she saw them. But now and then she'd leave them be because some small part of her still believed in the romantic stories her parents would tell her before bedtime. And the way Juhani looked at Belaya was so consuming, so all-encompassing, that Bastila knew she couldn't keep them apart. It would be like trying to rip the Force from the fabric of the universe.

When the Sith bombarded the Academy, Juhani had wept. Her soul had bled. For several days Bastila had kept watch over her, prepared to kill the Cathar if the need arose. But Juhani's attachment to Belaya hadn't resulted in her demise. She'd stayed true to the Light. It gave Bastila a hope that she shouldn't harbor.

Revan was perplexing. Infuriating. Stubborn and hot-headed, the former Sith displayed all the traits that made for failure. Bastila knew that she would find herself facing the Darth again. It was inevitable, given Revan's temperament. Yet, if Juhani could keep the Dark at bay...

Bastila thinks these things as she watches Revan and Jolee eat together. The old Master has an easy laugh that draws Revan's smile out. It changes her face, erasing the shadows that exist around her eyes. Bastila wonders if this is who Revan was meant to be. And if that's true, if Revan was really meant to be "Shara Nar," what does that mean for them all?

She sighs and Revan looks at her. The smile on her face widens almost imperceptibly and Bastila can feel her heart beating in her chest. Against her better judgment she smiles back. Then Jolee says something and the moment is broken. Bastila is left to drift in her solitude once more.

Turning, she finds Juhani watching her from down the corridor with a look of camaraderie on her face. Bastila wants to be confused; wants to pretend she has no idea what's happening in her heart. But she knows. Sometime soon, she's going to look at Revan the way Juhani looked at Belaya.

The End

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