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AUTHOR'S NOTE: For anyone who hasn't seen Home Room, I highly recommend it for anyone who likes dark/light relationship/friendships. It really makes you think afterwards.
CHALLENGE: Submitted for the first International Day of Femslash.
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Shift in the Atmosphere
By Erin Griffin


She's beautiful, she's kind, but she isn't very smart. She turned down Cornell and enrolled in a community college. Said she didn't want to leave. She got shot in the head, for heaven sake, and she doesn't want to pack up and run away screaming?! She said she wanted to stay near me. I am not arguing, really. Of all people I didn't want to leave, it was her. Not that there were loads of people who left me grovelling for them to stay. Just her, actually, and I found that there was no need for it to begin with. I wanted her to do great things, and I know she will, but I didn't want her to leave me behind. On the flip-side of that, I don't want to pull her down to my level. Maybe... I don't know, I can enroll in the CC, too. Maybe then I can look like I am doing something, and that I am not 'a bad influence on her', like I know her parents think of me. Truth is, I think I might want to someday be an English teacher. Only D knows that. I think I am the only person allowed to call her D. I like that. I have privilages. She's the only one I will talk openly about Amanda with, and that is rare because she doesn't bring it up. She waits for me to bring it up. I appretiate that. Everyone else pushes, but not her. I am not used to someone like her. I regret not getting to know her in school. I see her at my house, studying. I ask sometimes why she doesn't study at home, and she says she doesn't like the atmosphere. We could be doing nothing but me cleaning the house, or she's studying, but I have to agree. The atmosphere, or rather who's there to switch the atmosphere, is a lot better. Maybe I'd be able to study better with her there. It is safe. I know I am safe with her. Don't tell her I said that.

The End

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