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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a movie reflection in the eyes of Noel, played by Uma Thurman. Anyone who ever saw this movie will know what's going on, otherwise you might get a bit lost. I love this movie, and I saw a lot of subtext. Hense, here you be, a shiney story that was written probably two years ago that I just found again. Yay.
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By Erin Griffin


People are so stupid. I mean, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I'm a genius compared to a lot of people. Brian most of all. Abbie is so beautiful, and she is in a way that a model like me could never be. I knew there was something special about her the moment she stood up to Roy using her clever 'dumb bitch' line. I just knew I couldn't let someone like that out of my life. And when she smiled at me when I got her the new bow for her violin, I felt so happy, as if I'd had the best birthday ever. Stupid Brian, seeing only me, hearing Abbie. My heart pounded when Abbie touched me. I know she was only just encouraging me to keep my cool in front of Brian, but I wished she'd never stop rubbing my back, and I hoped Brian wouldn't see that I would rather talk to Abbie than go with him to his stupid bar. The thing is, Abbie was getting a thing for him and that dog.

You know, I'm not completely stupid. I knew that she'd never fall for me in return, so I encouraged her to be herself in front of Brian and to leave me out of it. I even told her the truth that she's got a pretty face, but she refused to believe it. I couldn't tell her that I'd be first in line willing to spend the rest of my life convincing her that she's beautiful. Stupid insecurities. Abbie, the things I'd do for you, poking a tortius in the butt included. The reward for that was that I got to hold her hand in the mall, and sneaky me, I used the pretense of examining her face for make up to touch her face. I think I almost outed myself to her when she sat crying in the shoe department. She went on about all of the things about her that I already saw, and I accidentally blurted out that I'd fuck her, which luckily only seemed to make her feel a little better. She said, "Thank you honey, I know you would." Damn it, Abbie, I'm serious! I'd tear anyone who calls you anything but beautiful apart. I'd do anything to make you see that you are always beautiful. And I would fuck you. No, I wouldn't. I would make love to you, worship the body you so despise. Ha! Big words from a dumb blonde. You're rubbing off on me, and not in the way I'd like, but you're my menor. Abbie... I'd give anything... But it's useless. If you're happy with... him, so be it.

The End

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