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Honey Fire
By thenewhope


Ruth had never felt like this before. She was a preacher's daughter after all, and boy had her papa been fond of reminding people of the evils of drink. Ruth had taken his words to heart and vowed not to ever give in to that particular trick of the Devil.

Of course, it'd only taken one charmingly crooked smile from Idgie and she'd forgotten all about that promise.

The first sip of alcohol had been sharp against her tongue and Ruth'd almost sworn the stuff off right there. Then a slow heat had curled its way down her throat and settled in her belly and she'd taken another swallow. Grady had grinned at her as Idgie tugged her deeper into the dusky club.

That had been hours and bottles ago, and now that heat had drifted its way through Ruth's blood and up into her head. It felt like she was simmering from the inside out. She threw her head back and smiled at the stars as she spun through the water. It felt like heaven against her skin.

"You're drunk." Idgie laughed as she watched Ruth from her seat on the rocks.

Ruth didn't even think about denying it, just splashed a handful of water at Idgie and smiled. "Yes I am."

With a soft growl Idgie pushed into the water. Ruth danced back out of her reach and turned to dive under the surface. Strong fingers wrapped around her arm and kept her still.

"I don't think so," Idgie said from behind her and Ruth could feel her words against her neck. She could feel the heat of her hand through the wet fabric of her shirt. It stole her breath.

A tug at her arm turned Ruth back to face Idgie. Idgie's grin softened when she saw the look on Ruth's face. Idgie's fingers tightened on her arm, tugging her closer. "Ruth?"

Ruth pulled in a breath and smiled at the question in Idgie's eyes. "Thank you." She leaned into Idgie's heat.

Idgie's lips were like fire and honey against her mouth. It felt like home and she wanted nothing more than to sink into it, and in that instant Ruth knew that she had to go back to Georgia. Back to her momma and Frank. And in a few days time she would, but right now she was going to enjoy this night and this woman.

The End

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