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A Million Reasons
By Ororo


Part 1

Detective Elisa Maza leaned against the street light listening to the women around her talking. "I told him if he wanted to touch my goodies it would cost him twenty a piece." The hooker nicknamed Big Mamma shouted. She was a large pretty black woman in her mid thirties with breasts the size of melons.

Men seemed drawn to her big tits like bees to honey. They paid her to do all types of things to satisfy their fetishes. Some even paid to be smothered between them while she jacked them off. She'd just been dropped of, by a John, and was telling everyone what had happened.

"Then the little dick bastard had the nerve to ask me for a tit fuck." She rolled her eyes looking around at the other women. "I said sure but thata cost yah fiddy. Can yall imagine his little dick," she held her fingers about three inches apart, "and my big tits?"

She was laughing so hard her breasts jiggled up and down. "It was like a great white shark trying to swallow a nut." Elisa chuckled at the image of the woman's breasts smothering the John's tiny manhood. They high fived each other shouts of "girl you so crazy" could be heard all around her.

For a moment she could almost forget that these women were so down on their luck that they had resorted to selling their bodies. She took a moment to look at each of them. They ranged from teens to women in their 40's. Black/white/hispanic, all ethnic groups were present. She thought back to how she had been given this assignment.

There hadn't been a Gargoyle attack in months. The members of the task force were getting restless with all the extra time on their hands. Captain Chavez had decided it would be best to loan the officers out to other divisions. She and Matt had been sent to Vice.

It made her sad to think that soon she'd have to arrest these woman. For now the sting was concentrating on John's only. Some of the things the women talked about had allowed them to reopen a number of cold cases.

They gossiped more than office workers around a water cooler. Elisa had argued that point to keep the women out of jail. She was still trying to figure out a way to get them off the street before she had to bust them.

Now here she was two weeks into the assignment standing on a street corner dressed in four inch black patent leather shoes, thigh high sheer black stockings and a halter style black dress that barely covered her backside.

Her long black hair was loose cascading down to the middle of her back. The only protection she had from the cool night air was her bombar jacket.

"Roz girl you awful quiet what you over there thinkin." Elisa turned at the sound of her alias being called. "I'm thinkin' I need to sit my ass down these shoes are killing me."

The women looked at her shoes with approval. "Aint nothing wrong with those shoes. Those sexy pumps been keepin' yah ass busy all night." Elisa turned to respond to Big Mamma but someone else answered. "Naw girl it aint the pumps it's cause she's latina. Those girls are in all the rap videos now." Elisa rolled her eyes not bothering to correct the woman. People often mistook her as Latino when actually her mother was black and father Native American.

Cherrie a petite blonde in her early twenties walked up to her. "You wanna hang out later Roz? I got some good stuff waitin' for me at home." She watched the girl's eyes wander up and down her body.

They widened appreciatively on her exposed cleavage the tantalising brown skin holding her gaze. "Lets talk about that later honey, okay?" She asked the girl. Cherrie nodded walking back to her spot hips swaying suggestively in the pink leather pants she wore. After that things started to pick up again.

A stretch black limousine drove by them on the opposite side of the street stopping at a red light. Elisa didn't pay any attention to it, at first, there were hundreds of them in the city.

When the light changed, to the aggravation of those driving behind it, the limo didn't move. She saw the driver side rear window slide down a few inches. But from where she was standing she couldn't see the passenger. The light changed from red to green and the limo slowly drove through it.

Just as it was driving away a mini van pulled up. The male driver pointed to Elisa. She smiled strutting up to the passenger side door and slid inside. She looked in her side mirror and could see the brake lights on the limo glowing red.

Thirty minutes later Elisa was back on the corner. No one noticed her partner, Matt Bluestone, now driving the van. She made a show of pulling down the hem of her dress and straightening her stockings.

She was still bent over adjusting her garters when a black limo pulled up to the curb in front of her. The driver got out and approached her. "Your services have been requested miss." Elisa looked the older man up and down.

"Exactly who is requesting my services?" She raised an eyebrow at him. "My clients are willing to pay whatever you ask." He said reasonably. She didn't like this.

She couldn't see into the limo because of the tinted windows and her instincts told her it was the same limo she'd seen earlier. That meant she was being watched.

She felt someone come up behind her. "Yah need some back up girl. I'll go with yah." She turned slightly to see Big Mamma looking at the limo suspiciously. "It could be a bunch of broke ass horny teenagers. Make em' show you the Benjamins up front."

Elisa nodded accepting her advice. She looked at the driver. "Tell your client it'll cost a hundred an hour." He walked around to the driver side of the limo. They could hear him speaking in hushed tones to whoever was inside through the open window.

He came back around holding a fist full of money. He counted out five crisp one hundred dollar bills handing them to Elisa. He reached around Elisa to hand Big Mamma a single hundred dollar bill. "My employers appreciate your negotiating skills."

She took the money folded it up and put it between her breasts. "Ummmhmm just tell em' to make sure nothing happens to my girl. Or they'll be appreciating my foot up their asses. Cause Mamma don't play." Elisa would've laughed if the situation wasn't so dangerous.

Instead she turned sideways gave a slight up nod to Big Mamma and stepped towards the limo. She was surprised when the driver didn't move to open the passenger side door. He was lingering in front of Big Mamma his hat in his hands.

She heard him whisper to her. "I'm off this weekend, if you're not busy we could drive up to Atlantic City?"

Big Mamma looked at the driver, obviously surprised by the offer. "Okay, why the hell not. I'll see yah this weekend."

She reached in her purse pulled out a white business card and handed it to him. His happy grin split his face as he walked to the passenger side door and opened it for Elisa.


Part 2

The fake smile she had plastered on her face disappeared when she saw who was sitting across from her. She looked back and forth between the couple her temper quickly rising. She waited until the limo pulled away from the curb before she spoke.

"If I thought for one moment, you'd spend at least a few hours in jail I'd arrest you both!" David and Fox Xantos smiled at her. Fox was leaning into the crook of her husband's arm looking as cool as ever. When she spoke her voice was calm, smooth.

"Come on detective we all know we'd be out of jail, without charges being filed, before the ink had a chance to dry on our finger prints." Elisa new she was right. They had more money than they could spend, in several lifetimes, and more connections than Ma Bell.

The couple was a mystery. Attractive, wealthy, secretive. Their business associates ranged from the respectable to down right shady. If it weren't for their involvement with the gargoyle clan, she was certain their paths would never have crossed. She had to admit even though she had her suspicions there was something magnetic about them. On more than one occasion, she had the impression, they were flirting with her.

"Yeah well, maybe I just want the satisfaction of seeing you both in a pair of shiny steel cuffs."

Fox laughed the sound husky, deep. She held out her arms exposing her wrists. "I love a woman who likes to get a little rough." She leaned forward in her seat. "Let's play baby." Her tone was playful but her blue eyes flashed with heat. Elisa licked her suddenly dry lips pulling her brown eyes away from Fox's hypnotic gaze.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked David Xantos. He had been eerily quiet since she had got into the limo. Sometimes she thought the man talked just to hear the sound of his own voice.

He smirked at her obvious discomfort. She mentally cursed herself for not playing it cooler. Here she was dressed like a hooker in a dress that barely covered her ass while Fox and David looked as if they'd just stepped off the cover of Vogue. She felt naked and exposed under their scrutiny.

"You look a little tired we thought you could use a break from putting innocent men in jail."

She looked incredulously at him. "Innocent? You call men enabling women, down on their luck, to sell their bodies for a few dollars innocent."

She was outraged. He rolled his eyes at her tirade. "No detective. What I meant is how do you expect men to just pass you by when you're standing out there looking like that." He was looking her up and down as if that would explain everything.

"Oh And what exactly do I look like?" She asked with attitude.

His eyes lingered on her exposed garter belts. "Like a wet dream detective. Like a wet dream." Her gaze flickered over to Fox to gauge her reaction to his statement. The red head just looked at her, blue eyes gleeming cat like in the dim interior of the limo.

Before she could respond to him her police radio went off. "Elisa! Elisa! Come in." She opened her handbag. "Elisa here. Sorry guys I forgot to check in." There was a static filled pause. "Damn Elisa you had us worried."

Her partner Matt replied. "We're right behind you. What's the situation?" He asked.

She glared at the couple. "Well it seems I'm being rescued by the Xantos's who thought I could use a break from selling ass." The sound of laughter filtered through the radio. She heard one of the other officers ask Matt.

"Xantos? isn't that the rich guy married to the sexy red head?" She looked across at the couple. David Xantos was smiling. Fox's expression was unreadable as she stared at Elisa. The sound of Matt's voice drifted over the radio.

"Soooo Elisa how much you gonna charge em?" He asked followed by more laughter.

She debated whether or not to answer. "It would be more than they'd be willing to pay." She leaned back in her seat crossing her legs. If Fox and David Xantos wanted to play, so could she.

Fox leaned forward suddenly interested. "Why don't you let us decide what we'd be willing to pay Detective Maza. Name a price. We all have one."

Elisa chewed on her bottom lip. "If I'm gonna sell it, I'd make sure to sell it high enough that I could retire. I'd say a million dollars. Would you be willing to pay that?" She looked at Fox waiting for her to answer.

"I think a million dollars would be a bargain, Detective. I'd pay it over and over again if I thought for one moment I could have you in my bed. But I have to be honest with you." She paused looking Elisa up and down. "I don't think I could ever get enough." Elisa could hear heavy breathing on the other end of the radio. "You'd retire a very rich woman." Fox added. Elisa didn't know what to say.

The red head reached out taking Elisa's radio. "Does that answer your question Detective Bluestone?" She clicked off the radio handing it back to Elisa. Fox sat back in her seat refusing to meet Elisa gaze as she stared out the window.

"Thanks Fox that was....a nice thing to say."

She finally turned her head to look at Elisa. "It was the truth Elisa and you're welcome." Tension suddenly filled the car as they continued to look at each other. Elisa cleared her throat.

"Why don't you just drop me off at the next corner. I'll get a ride with the guys." The couple exchanged disappointed looks. Before she exited the limo she gave them back their five hundred dollars.

It was after midnight when she left the police station. They'd collard ten men total in the sting. She was in her hooker clothes when she left the building. Still keyed up from her earlier encounter with the Xantos's. The looks they had given her hot enough to singe her skin. The sound of a familiar voice got her attention.

"How's tricks, Elisa?" She looked up to see Fox Xantos leaning against the passenger, rear door, of the limo. Her husband was hanging casually out the window. Fox opened the back door gesturing inside with her hand. "Want a ride Cinderella? We've got plenty of room." Elisa's first thought was. 'Speak of the devil.'

She couldn't suppress her smile. Secretly pleased that the red head had sought her out. She walked up to the limo not sure where this game was leading but willing to play.

She was surprised when the limo pulled in front of the Four Seasons hotel. "This doesn't look like my apartment building care to explain?" She looked from one to the other.

"Come on Elisa all you do is work, work, work when was the last time you spent the night just relaxing?" Fox asked. "I know things between you and Goliath are a little shaky right now but that doesn't mean you have to cut off all your friends. Come in have a drink with us."

Elisa looked back and forth between the two of them. "Exactly when did the three of us become such good friends?"

Fox once again answered for them. "We can be whatever you want us to be. Whatever happens tonight stays here no one else has to know. If you and Goliath get back together, we won't interfere." Fox promised.

Goliath had told her a month before that he wanted to slow things down between them. He explained that some of the other clan leaders had found out about them and were against him taking a human mate.

She was angry, hurt that he'd made the decision for both of them. He never asked her opinion he just made the announcement and expected her to go along with it.

She threw herself into her work cutting off ties with the clan until she could heal her broken heart. She looked up when a warm hand covered her's. Fox was looking at her with sympathy in her eyes.

"He is a bigger fool than I ever thought he was if he can't see how special you are and that makes him, in my eyes, undeserving of you." Elisa had never seen the red head so serious. Even in life or death situations she chose humour over morbity. Elisa looked down at their entwined hands, Fox's pale, hers a tawny brown, and couldn't help but think how beautiful they looked together.

"I...I guess one drink won't hurt." She was rewarded with a large smile from Fox. She looked down at herself. "You want me to walk through the lobby of the most expensive hotel in the city dressed like this?"

Fox shared a look with her husband. "I don't think I've ever seen you look so sexy. You shouldn't want to hide your beautiful body." Fox shrugged. "But if you insist." She said handing Elisa a long white mink.

"Put this on to cover yourself until we get to our room." Fox suggested. Elisa shrugged out of her jacket leaving her toned arms and full breasts momentarily exposed. The thin halter had been no barrier against the chill night air that had caused her nipples to swell. Her hard buds pressed against the front of the dress their outline now on display.

Elisa could feel the couple's eyes on her and she had to admit she found their appraisal exciting. Fox moved behind her holding the coat open. Elisa slipped her arms through the coat turning her head to whisper "thank you." Fox draped an arm around her waist pulling her closer.

She leaned down rubbing their cheeks together. "you're welcome," she breathed into Elisa's ear.

"Are we ready ladies?" David Xantos asked breaking the spell.

Heads turned as the three of them walked arm in arm through the lobby. Elisa in the middle Fox's fur coat caressing her ankles as she walked.


Part 3

The Presidential Suite was twice as large as her own apartment and much more luxurious. A black laquer bar ran the length of one wall a glass chandelier hung low from the ceiling. Elisa watched as Fox worked the controls of the chandelier dimming the lights.

"Would you like that drink now or later?" Fox asked as she helped Elisa take off the coat. Fox slowly dragged her eyes up and down Elisa's body doing little to hide her appreciation.

Elisa quickly decided. "I'll take it now, thanks." She realised that without her bomber jacket her back was now uncovered.

Elisa self consciously tugged the hem of the short dress down. Every step she took it would ride up threatening to expose her ass checks.

Elisa walked silently across the plush carpet her four inch heels sinking into its thickness. She slid into the corner of a buttery soft leather sofa. The leather felt cool against the back of her thighs.

She watched Fox approach a drink in each hand. Elisa couldn't help but admire the creamy white thigh that peeked out between the high slit on Fox's dress. She handed Elisa her drink sliding next to her on the sofa. David remained at the bar silently watching them.

Fox tipped her glass towards her in a silent toast before taking a sip. The sight of her throat muscles working as the drink slid down sent tingles down Elisa's spine. Fox seemed unaffected by her stare. In fact the open appreciation seemed to embolden her. Fox reached over with her free hand to snap one of her exposed garters.

"Very nice Elisa. I had no idea you liked lingerie. Or are you just playing dress up?"

Elisa smirked at the red head. She took a sip from her drink before answering. "No, I do like lingerie. I don't always wanna be just one of the guys. I feel sexy when I wear it." She shrugged hoping she had got her point across.

"Well in case you had any doubts, you look sexy in it." She ran her hand over the uncovered skin on Elisa's thigh. The caress was light but carried the weight of her intentions. "Have I mentioned how beautiful you look." She laughed. "Of course I have I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you. You look so scrumptuous." The heat in Fox's voice caused Elisa's sex to quiver.

Fox looked over Elisa's shoulder at her husband. "For one night Elisa just let go. Forget about the bad guys, forget about your badge, forget about Goliath. For one night let me show you how beautiful you are, how sexy you are." She placed a soft kiss on the side of Elisa's neck inhaling her scent before pulling away.

Her warm breath tickled as she whispered into her ear. "Just let go." She kissed her way down Elisa's jaw across her cheek their lips hovered in front of each other as they stared into one anothers eyes.

Fox cupped Elisa's face in her hands. "Don't be afraid of me. I won't hurt you." She exclaimed. Elisa leaned forward, hesitating for only a moment, before pressing a kiss to Fox's full lips. Fox dropped her hands slipping them underneath the straps of the garter stroking the soft skin she found there.

Elisa's thighs trembled from the erotic touch. She deepened the kiss her tongue caressing Fox's bottom lip. She tilted her head as she pressed her tongue into Fox's warm mouth. It slipped between full lips to trace over teeth, the inside of her cheeks finally entwining with Fox's tongue.

Elisa pulled back slightly breathless. Fox moaned her body following. "I want you so much." She pressed her body into Elisa's a hand slipping between her legs.

They both groaned when Fox's hand made contact with Elisa's mound. She cupped it squeezing it in her palm. Fox could feel the beautiful brunette grinding into her hand. She rained kisses up and down Elisa's neck gently biting into her pulse point.

The sound of ice cubs clinking drew their attention to the bar. David Xantos was standing there, minus his jacket and tie an empty glass sitting on the bar. His eyes looked feverish as he stared at them. Elisa's eyes flickered down to the tent in his pants.

Fox looked from her husband's obvious arousal to Elisa. She shifted slightly on top of her slipping a knee between Elisa's parted legs. Elisa groaned her hands moving to cup Fox's ass. Fox's blue eyes were blazing as she looked down at her. "He wants to stay and watch. Can he?" Fox's voice was thick with desire.

Elisa was undecided. It must have shown on her face because Fox suddenly stood up. She watched transfixed as Fox seductively slipped the single shoulder strap, of the evening dress, off her shoulder. She pushed the dress down over full breasts that were tipped with plump rose coloured nipples.

The dress slid down curvaceous hips, long creamy legs. It ended up on the floor pooled around her feet. She was left wearing blue lace panties, that hugged her mound, and a pair of high heel sandals. Elisa had never seen anything more beautiful in her life. Her eyes traced up and down Fox's flawless body. "Oh my God." Slipped past her lips before she could stop it.

Fox stepped out of the dress moving closer to Elisa. "Can he stay?" She asked again. Elisa's eyes were glued to Fox's mound inches from her face. The lace didn't conceal the strip of red fur at the top of Fox's bald mound. Elisa licked her lips as the ability to speak continued to elude her. Fox reached down stroking the back of her hand over Elisa's cheek.

"If you prefer I can make him leave, so it's just us. Whatever you decide is okay." Fox bent at the waist pressing Elisa back into the sofa. She claimed her lips in another passionate kiss. She slid her hands down the column of Elisa's neck to undo the ties holding the halter in place.

She peeled the halter down revealing tawny brown breasts capped with dark brown nipples. She curled one hand around a breast taking the nipple into her mouth. She growled softly around the nipple sucking it and the surrounding flesh harder. Fox was on her knees on the couch Elisa underneath.

She slipped her free hand between Elisa's legs caressing the soft skin there. Fox's hands glided over trembling thighs coming to rest on her warm mound. She fingered Elisa's nub, through her panties, her blood boiling as she listened to the loud moans coming from Elisa.

"Do you like that baby? Hmmm, do you?" Her voice sounded husky, breathless. She slipped her fingers inside the crotch of Elisa's panties. "I've wanted you so long." She ran her fingers through Elisa's slickness. "So long." She groaned out. She pulled away dropping to her knees in front of Elisa.

She spread Elisa's legs to make room for herself between them. With shaking fingers she unsnapped Elisa's garters pushing the short dress up, over her hips, until it was out of the way. She peeled down Elisa's panties not bothering to look as she threw them behind her.

The neatly trimmed black bush was wet and swollen. Her mouth watered as she looked at it. She leaned in rubbing her nose through the wetness inhaling the musky scent. Elisa ran her hands through Fox's thick red hair pulling her closer hips rising in anticipation. She looked down an erotic thrill shooting through her when she found Fox staring at her. She watched Fox use the flat of her tongue to lick her crease top to bottom in one long stroke. She cooed and Fox moaned at the exquisite contact.

The sight of Fox's pink tongue moving up and down her swollen lips was too much for Elisa. She closed her eyes slumping back on the couch. She wrapped her legs around Fox's neck her hands holding Fox's head in place as she humped her mouth.

"That feels so good. Oh yes...I'm gonna mmmmm" Her stomach quivered as her orgasm hit. "I'm gonna come." She screamed. She could hear Fox swallowing her juices moaning into her vulva. The sound of a deep groan startled her. She opened her eyes to see David Xantos standing in front of them a large wet stain covering his crotch.

Elisa didn't know if she should be angry or embarrassed that he had watched. "That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." His voice sounded shaky and he looked unsteady as he stood watching. "I just have one question." He looked down at his wife, whose head was resting on Elisa's flat stomach. "How did she taste?" He asked.

Fox looked up at Elisa licking the remaining juices from her lips. The room was silent as they waited for her answer. Her blue eyes were locked on Elisa when she finally whispered. "She was delicious." David Xantos turned walking on unsteady legs into one of two bedrooms. Fox pulled Elisa up leading her to the other room, locking the door behind them, making it clear she wasn't going to share.

The next morning Elisa was awakened by the feeling of being watched. She opened her eyes to a sun lit room the sheer white drapes gave little protection from the early morning rays. She turned her head to find Fox Xantos watching her a small smile on her face.

"Good morning Elisa." The husky purr of her voice reminded Elisa of their long night of love making. Exhaustion had finally won out forcing Elisa to push Fox away from her tender sex. The woman had growled in protest kissing her way up Elisa's body kissing her hungrily letting Elisa taste herself on her lips and tongue.

Elisa could remember looking sleepily up at companion tracing the blue foxhead tattoo over her right eye with an index finger. The red head had allowed the gentle exploration kissing the tip of Elisa's finger before she pulled it away. She'd felt contented, safe for the first time in months in the arms of a woman she'd once considered her enemy.

Looking at her now she couldn't help but return the smile being directed at her. Fox placed a warm hand on Elisa's waist pulling her closer. Elisa's eyes darted around the room. "He had an early business meeting." Was the soft reply to her unspoken question. She licked her lips as she slid closer her pulse quickening as Fox's pupils dialated.

She didn't stop moving until their naked bodies were pressed skin to skin. Breasts, belly and thighs sliding over each other. The hand on her waist slid down to squeeze, caress her backside. Fox's other hand gripped the back of her head bringing their mouths together for a long wet kiss.

Their tongues slid in and out of each others mouths as they tasted each other. Fox rolled them over until she was on top her hips moving rhythmically hands braced on each side of Elisa's head. Fox broke the kiss her body arching head thrown back. "Oh Elisa, you feel so good. So soft." Elisa could feel Fox tremble each time their wet centres met.

Her hands tangled in Fox's red hair pulling her down for another hungry kiss. Her hands glided through Fox's hair and down her back. She used her blunt nails to dig into Fox's back leaving a long white trail. A soft "yesss" was hissed into Elisa's mouth as Fox smeared their lips together.

She reached between them to finger Elisa's swollen nub. Elisa moaned in appreciation her hands settling on Fox's bottom. "That feels so good please don't stop." She squeezed Fox's round cheeks urging her closer. Elisa bent her head slightly latching on to a hard pink nipple with her teeth. She bit down on it before taking the swollen bud in her mouth sucking it.

Fox reached down pulling Elisa's leg over her backside undulating her hips faster. Elisa moaned around Fox's nipple as she felt her orgasm building. The feeling of Fox's hard rubbery nub, trembling against her own, pushed Elisa over the edge.

She arched into Fox her body suspended as she screamed in pleasure. The sight of Elisa orgasming underneath her was to much for Fox. Bright lights exploded behind her closed eye lids as her own orgasm raced through her.


Part 4

"Let me come up. Just for a minute." Fox was looking up at her a naughty smile on her lips. Elisa was in the red head's lap stradling her waist. The limousine was double parked in front of Elisa's apartment building. Fox's hands were on her hips holding her in place.

Elisa returned the smile her dark brown eyes twinkling with mischief. "No," she answered. She yelped when Fox raised her hands tickling her under her ribcage. Elisa grabbed her wrists holding them in place. "I may work third shift but I still need to get some things done."

She replied. "And you're to much of a distraction." She added. She leaned down to whisper in Fox's ear. "Besides you'd need longer than a minute for what you want." Fox visibly shivered as she leaned forward taking Elisa's mouth in a hungry kiss.

Fox pulled her hands free using them to circle Elisa's waist pulling her impossibly closer. The wet sound of their mouths separating echoed in the car. They stared at each other breathing hard. Fox was the first to break the silence. "I'm coming up." She said leaving no room for arguement. Seeing the seriousness in Fox's eyes Elisa was ready to give in. She leaned down claiming Fox's lips in another kiss. The sound of a car horn blaring behind them forced her to pull away from Fox's lush lips. Fox threw her head against the car seat groaning in frustration.

"I have to go Fox." Fox leaned up trying to steal another kiss. Elisa pulled away. "Don't you have a meeting this morning?"

As if on que Fox's cell phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and cursed before answering. "Hello Dominique." She winced pulling the phone away from her ear. The voice of a screeching Dominique Destine could be heard on the other end.

"I'm sorry. Yes, I ummm had to stop and eat breakfast." She winked up at Elisa. "It's the most important meal of the day didn't you know that Dominique?" Elisa laughed burying her face in Fox's neck to stifle the sound. "What? Would I say it was worth a million dollars?" She turned her head placing a soft kiss on Elisa's cheek.

"Absolutely, it was worth much more than that. And it was without a doubt the best breakfast I've ever had." Elisa could picture the sneer on Dominique's face as she pondered Fox's words. "As a matter of fact I think I want some more." Fox disconnected the call throwing her cell phone onto the opposite seat. "Come here," Fox said lifting Elisa's head for another kiss.

Elisa placed a finger between their lips. She looked at Fox with an unbelievable expression on her face. "You just blew off a million dollars? Is your ego that large?" She asked. "Do you have any idea what people would do to get a hold of that kind of money." She stated from years of experience investigating crimes involving money.

Fox frowned as she removed her hands from Elisa's body. "I know Dominique well enough to be sure she'll reschedule. She also knows only David and I have the technology to produce what she needs." Fox crossed her arms over her chest looking up at Elisa.

"I blew off that meeting in hopes of spending more time with you. But it looks like I made the wrong decision." Elisa slid off Fox's lap pulling her dress down over her hips. She blushed as Fox watched her every move her eyes caressing between her thighs.

"I'm sorry it's just that I don't wanna be the cause of you loosing that kinda money."

Fox looked at her running fingers through her tossled red hair. "If you had asked me for a million dollars last night, I would've had it wired to your bank account within an hour."

She leaned across her seat to take Elisa's face in her hands. "I still think you're priceless so a million would've been a steal." Something was happening between them and it scared Elisa. "I don't want this to be a one time thing Elisa. You and I can make this work. David will understand." Fox hesitated stroking Elisa's cheek with her thumb. "I can take care of you, satisfy you in ways no man ever could." Elisa closed her eyes shaking off Fox's mesmerizing gaze.

She'd been so consumed with Fox she hadn't thought of David Xantos since she woke up that morning. "How can three people have a normal relationship Fox. Should I call Owen to schedule time with you?" Elisa saw the hurt look in Fox's eyes. She softend her voice as she spoke.

"The last thing I want is to become a thorn in your marriage." She blew out a deep breath. "Last night, this morning, it was," she paused searching for the right word, "it was amazing you were incredible. But my happily ever after ends with two people not three." She didn't know what else she could say.

She was startled when Fox grabbed her wrist in a painful grip. "When was the last time your life was normal Elisa. You've seen things other humans have only dreamed about. Been places other humans wouldn't live to tell about."

Fox raged on unable to stop. "The last man you loved was a Gargoyle who wasn't even man enough to love you back. Tell me, Detective Maza, when was the last time your life was normal?"

Elisa wrenched her arm free hurt and anger written on her face. Fox sat in front of her breathing hard staring at her intently. "I won't hurt you. Don't be afraid of me?" Elisa's voice was laced with contempt as she used Fox's own words against her. Fox closed her eyes turning away in shame. Elisa took that moment to exit the limo not turning around as it drove away.

Elisa was shaking hands with the young ADA, Adam Braxton, outside the courtroom. He had been assigned to work her recent vice case. One of the men arrested in the sting was claiming entrapment. Elisa's testamony had sealed the case. The guy decided to plead out before the case went to the jury. She gently pulled her hand out of the ADA's grasp.

"I was wondering Detective Maza if you were seeing anyone?"

She could hear the nervousness in his voice. She smiled attempting to let him down easy. "I'm in between relationships right now." Images of Goliath and Fox flashed through her mind. It had been three weeks since she had last seen Fox in the limo.

The red head was never far from her mind. She had offered her something that Goliath hadn't, a relationship. Even if the relationship did include her husband. She was stopped from commenting further when they were interrupted. "Detective Elisa Maza?" Elisa turned to find a bike messenger behind her.

His bright yellow helmet was tucked under his arm. "Yes, I'm Elisa Maza." She watched as he pulled a clip board and letter size envelope from his back pack. "I have a delivery for you detective. Could you sign here please." He handed her the clip board. He looked a little uncertain as he asked her. "Can I see some ID detective?"

She rolled her eyes but flipped out her ID making sure her gold shield was visible. He smiled sheepishly at her as he handed her the envelope. "Thanks ma'am, have a good day." He disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. She unsealed the envelope and pulled out its contents.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the cashiers check. She counted then recounted the zeros just to be sure. Her brain finally registered the check was for one million dollars. In the signature field of the check was the name Fox Xantos written in bold flowing script.

The 'for' line had been filled in. The words RETIREMENT CONTRIBUTION jumped out at her. It was also written in Fox's handwriting. Elisa could hear her name being called but it sounded far away. "Detective Maza!" She jerked herself back to reality to see the ADA looking concerned at her. "You went a little pale. Are you ok Detective?" He asked.

Her finger tips were going numb from gripping the check. The ADA tried to see what she was looking at but she stuffed the check back into the envelope. "I'm sorry Adam but I have to go." She was moving before he had a chance to respond.

She couldn't believe the nerve of that arrogant, rich bitch! The rapid click of her high heels on the marble floor echoed across the courthouse. She pulled out her cell phone dialling the number to the Eyrie building. When Owen answered she quickly cut him off.

"Put Fox on the phone. NOW!"

He paused at the sound of her harsh tone. "Ummm Detective Maza?"

She ground out through clinched teeth. "Yes."

There was another pause on his end. "Mrs Xantos is in a business meeting detective."

It was her turn to pause as she waited for him to continue. When he didn't she asked. "Where is she Owen? I need to speak with her."

He cleared his throat. "She's at Nightstone Unl.." Elisa disconnected the call before he could finish.

She was tempted to turn on the sirens of her unmarked police car, to clear traffic, but decided against it. She gripped the steering wheel tight in her hands as she sped towards NightStone.


Part 5

Elisa walked past Dominique Destine's personal assistant, into her office. The well furnished office was empty but voices coming from the adjacent room drew her attention. Connected to Dominique's office was a conference room. With Dominique's Assistant on her heels Elisa stalked towards the room. "You can't go in there. Stop!" The assistant yelled. Elisa ignored the woman intent only on finding Fox.

Just as her hand reached the knob she was grabbed around her arm. She turned to see Dominique's personal assistant holding onto her bicep as if her life depended on it. "I said you can't go in there." The older woman was breathing hard trying to look intimidating.

Elisa snatched her arm away flipping her badge open. "This is police business. Does Ms. Destine pay you enough to go to jail?" The woman looked closely at her badge. Satisfied it was the real thing she backed off. Elisa opened the door.

There were at least twelve men and women dressed in expensive looking suits sitting around the oval conference room table. Some were looking towards the door having heard her confrontation with the assistant. Dominique was on her feet before Elisa crossed the threshhold. "Detective Maza it's good to see you." She gushed. "How can I help you?"

The petite red head sounded pleasant but her eyes were flashing murder as she closed the distance between them. Elisa's attention was on the other red head in the room. Fox had whirled around in her chair at the mention of Elisa's name. There was a dark blue pinstripe jacket draped over the back of her chair. She was wearing a royal blue silk shirt with a high collar. Elisa could see her long legs under the table, a short dark blue, pinstripe skirt, covered her thighs. The dark blue heels on her feet tapped the floor slowly.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dominique asked once she was close enough. Elisa was forced to pull her eyes away from Fox back to Dominique. "You'd better have a good reason for interupting." She snapped keeping her voice low.

Elisa's eyes hardened as she looked at the Gargoyle in human form. "This has nothing to do with you, this time." She added. She walked around Dominique her eyes locked on Fox. "Who do you think you are? You arrogant, spoiled, rich bitch!" She flung the check in Fox's face. "You can't buy me because I'm not for sale."

To her aggravation Fox looked up at her and smirked leaning back in her chair. "Why would I attempt to buy something that you willingly gave me? Don't look at it as a payment, consider it a thank you." Elisa's hand was moving before she registered it. The only thing on her mind was to wipe the smirk off the red head's face. Her palm connected with a loud, 'SMACK', to Fox's cheek. Her eyes widened when she realised what she'd done.

Fox was out of her seat so fast Elisa couldn't remember actually seeing her move. Her blue eyes burned with anger. She grabbed Elisa's arm pinning it behind her back. She was applying enough pressure to make it uncomfortable without causing pain. She bent her head down to whisper in Elisa's ear. "That one is free Elisa. The next one won't be." She marched Elisa away from the table. "Go on without me I have some unfinished business with Detective Maza." She told Dominique as they passed her. Elisa could see intense curiosity in Dominique's eyes as she watched them walk out.

With her arm pinned behind her back Fox walked them through Dominique's office, past her Personal Assistant. When she came to the open door, of an empty conference room, she pushed Elisa inside, releasing her hold. She slammed the door behind them with enough force that the room vibrated. Elisa rubbed her wrist where Fox had held her. She turned around to continue her rant but she found herself face to face with a very angry Fox Xantos. "Don't you ever strike me again. If you were a man, you'd be dead right now." Fox snapped before Elisa could speak. "Do you understand me?" She asked. She took a deep breath exhaling it noisily as she walked away from Elisa.

She knew she was wrong for hitting the woman but her pride wouldn't let her back down. "You've got a lot of nerve standing there dictating to me, after the stunt you pulled," Elisa yelled. Fox whirled around on her heels.

Her blue eyes seemed to glow as she walked slowly back towards Elisa. She looked like a snake charming its prey. "I said, do you understand me?" Elisa backed up as the taller woman continued to advance. Fox held up her ring finger. The large square stone on the wedding ring sparkled when the light from the window hit it.

"Don't let the bling fool you Elisa, underneath it all I'm still a killer." Elisa stopped moving when her thighs connected with the table in the conference room. The woman's past only added to her allure. And the mention of it stirred something in Elisa. She was a police officer sworn to protect and serve and here was this beautiful woman whose past could only be described as questionable.

It was as if they were two sides of the same coin, light and dark, drawn to each other by some unseen force. Elisa pulled her eyes away from Fox's taking a deep breath to calm herself. "Okay Fox look I'm sorry I hit you. It won't happen again." Elisa conceded. She was sitting on the edge of the table her legs parted, Fox standing in between them. "I should be so angry with you right now Elisa." Fox said. "Do you think this is about money?" She held up the cashier's check Elisa had thrown at her. "This doesn't mean anything to me." She threw the check on the table next to Elisa. "I know I said it would be just one night no strings attached. But can you honestly say you didn't feel anything?"

She looked at Fox her brown eyes searching blue. "If this isn't about money, why did you send it, to humiliate me?"

Fox balled her fists up in frustration. "You weren't returning my calls Elisa. I waited days for you to contact me but you ignored me like what happened between us was something to be ashamed of." Elisa looked away suddenly feeling guilty. "Is that how I made you feel that night? I wanted you to feel special, beautiful." Fox paused. "Because that's what you are." The way Fox was looking at her made Elisa's heart beat faster. It seemed as if it had been forever since anyone had looked at her like that.

"I should've called you back. I just don't know what to do." Elisa admitted. She debated before making her next statement. "I'm meeting Goliath tonight, at the castle, he wants to talk." She was watching Fox closely. She didn't miss the clench of her jaw or the flash of fire in her eyes when she mentioned Goliath's name.

"So, you're gonna take him back just like that." Fox snapped her fingers.

Elisa didn't know what she was going to do. "I've already told you Fox things are difficult for me right now. I don't know what I'm going to do."

The tension in Fox's body seemed to lessen with those words. "I'm sorry Elisa. I don't want to pressure you." Fox reached out stroking the back of her hand down Elisa's cheek. "I guess I'm just a little cranky. You've been keeping me up late." At Elisa's confused look she continued. Fox's pupils started to dilate, the blackness spreading like ink across her pupils. "I can't stop thinking about you, when I close my eyes at night." She closed her eyes tilting her head back momentarily lost in the memory. She opened them looking down at Elisa blue eyes now black from arousal.

"When I close them all I see is you spread out for me on that hotel bed tasting you." Her voice had become husky. "You tasted so good." Fox leaned down capturing Elisa's lips in a hungry kiss. She ran her fingers through long silky black hair. Her hands glided over the sides of Elisa's full breasts down to her waist. With a loud groan she pulled Elisa closer, deepening the kiss. Elisa opened her mouth wider accepting more of the red head's flexible tongue.

She was using her tongue to caress the roof of Elisa's mouth, the back of her throat. Needing to breath she pulled away from the passionate red head. Fox's mouth landed on the side of her throat. The soft kisses she placed there hot enough to melt butter. Weeks of pent-up desire unravelled on the conference room table. Elisa's hands roamed over the back of Fox's silk shirt.

She leaned back on the table pulling Fox over her. Her thighs spread willingly when Fox pressed closer, rubbing her body sensuously into Elisa. The sound of their harsh breathing filled the conference room. The wrap dress Elisa had worn to court parted easily when Fox reached underneath it. Long, slim fingers caressed over silky thighs. "Oh Fox, I can't forget either." Elisa's voice was thick with desire. "I've tried too but I can't." She sighed at the feel of Fox's fingers pressing against the front of her panties. She slipped two fingers under the waist band trailing through her wetness. The passion in her blue eyes burned bright.

"You're so beautiful" Fox exhaled breathlessly. She bent down licking a wet trail down Elisa's neck "so beautiful," she repeated. Before Elisa could respond Fox thrust two long fingers inside her. Elisa's neck muscles strained as she tried to stifle her groan of pleasure. Fox's hand trembled at the feel of Elisa's warmth contracting around her fingers. "Ohhhh yesss you're still so tight. Has there been anyone since me?" The gleem of possession was unmistakable in Fox's eyes.

Fox leaned down pressing their mouths together. The kiss was wild, urgent. Elisa returned the feverish kiss with abandon. Fox pulled her mouth away from Elisa's. "I need to taste you again." She kissed Elisa's mouth once more before dropping to her knees.

Elisa gripped the sides of the table when Fox pushed her face between her legs rubbing her nose up and down the crotch of the wet panties, her tongue tracing the same path. "Oh God" Elisa exclaimed. Fox reached up to pull Elisa's panties off.

A loud banging on the conference room door caused them both to freeze. "Elisa? Fox? What the hell is going on?" Dominique's brusk voice filtered through the door. The door knob rattled as Dominique tried to gain entrance. "A locked door can't keep the CEO of Nightstone Unlimited from coming in." Dominique warned.

The sound of keys rattling unfroze them. Fox stood up straightening her clothes running fingers through her hair. Elisa slid off the table pulling down her dress. Fox opened the door blocking Dominique's entrance into the room. She knew that with Dominique's heightened Gargoyle senses she'd be able to smell their arousal. "I said go on without me." She told the smaller red head.

Fox could see the subtle flare of Dominique's nostrils. There was a smirk on her face as she stared at Fox knowingly. "Does Goliath know you're screwing his whore?" Dominique asked. Fox bristled at the word, "whore." She stepped into the hall closing the door behind her. Her blue eyes were flashing with anger as she took a threatening step towards the gargoyle. Dominique held her ground. "Careful Fox, you may have been trained to be a killer but I was born one." Fox's eyes widened in shock, Dominique smiled pleased at her reaction. "You should know me well enough to know there are cameras all over this building. Nothing happens at Nightstone without my knowledge."

Fox growled threateningly. "I want the tape before I leave this building. You will not hold this over Elisa's head." Fox glared down at the smaller woman. "I'm telling you one time only Dominique, stay out of this, it's none of your business."

Dominique balled her fists up at her side. "You should have told Elisa that before she showed up at my company causing a scene. She should have taken your lover's quarrel someplace else." Dominique spat out the last part contemptuously.

Fox narrowed her eyes at her. "Interfere in any way and I'll have mother send the sisters to pay you a late night visit. When they're done with you this time, you'll pray for death."

Dominique flinched real fear showing in her eyes. "Elisa was right about one thing." She said. "You are a spoiled, arrogant, bitch!"

Fox raised a rusett eyebrow at her outburst. "That's rich bitch, Dominique. Spoiled, arrogant, rich bitch." Fox corrected smiling sweetly. "Now get me that tape." She commanded.

Dominique waved a dismissive hand. "There is no tape, I was watching from the security monitors in my office." She cursed when she felt her human form blushing under Fox's intense stare. Finally Fox nodded accepting her word. Dominique couldn't resist one last dig. "Who do you think Elisa will choose Fox? You or Goliath?" Dominique asked. "She may be willing to rutt with you on my conference table but will she give up her knight in shining armour for you?" She placed a finger on her chin. "I don't think so." She shrugged nonchalantly. "You always have your husband to go back to." She turned leaving Fox standing in the hall.

Elisa was shakily trying to pull herself together while the two business women talked. She could hear the women whispering in the hall but couldn't understand what was being said. The soft click of the conference room door closing startled her. Fox was leaning against the door watching her. Elisa's panties were hanging from Fox's open palm. She walked up to Elisa then bent down on one knee. She unravelled the panties holding them out for Elisa to step into. Elisa lifted one leg then the other. Fox pulled the panties over smooth brown calves, thighs then settled them over her mound. She gripped Elisa's ass as she stood up pulling her closer. "We need to talk Elisa." She whispered. Elisa nodded. Fox asked, "when can I see you again?"

She blinked trying to clear her fuzzy brain. "I'll be at the castle around 7PM. Once I'm done talking with Goliath, maybe we can talk?" Elisa asked.

Fox nodded, leaned down and placed a soft lingering kiss on Elisa's lips. Fox growled softly against her lips, the sound inflaming Elisa nerves. She wondered if Fox's growling was part of her fay heritage or something left over from the Eye of Odin, when the red head had been turned into a werefox. It was in her opinion, very sexy. Fox pulled back to whisper in her ear. "I'll be waiting." Elisa watched her leave the room stuffing the forgotten check back into her purse.


Part 6

Elisa arrived at the castle a little before 7pm to talk with Goliath. She wasn't sure what she hoped to hear or what would happen. It had been several weeks since his decision to slow things down and when they ran into each other on patrol things between them were awkward and tense. It was the opposite with her and the fiery redhead. This afternoon she'd felt almost overwhelmed by the promise of passion in Fox's blue eyes.

She'd been on the receiving end of adoring looks and leering stares before, but never had anyone caused her skin to burn with just one look. When Elisa walked out on the balcony, she was surprised to find Angela instead of Goliath. She looked around just to be sure but there was no sign of the large gargoyle. "Hi Angela," she greeted his daughter.

Angela smiled sliding down from the ledge to meet her halfway. "Hey Elisa," Angela responded as she closed the distance between them.

"I'm looking for Goliath. Do you know where he is?" Elisa asked.

Angela hesitated a moment folding her wings behind her. "Father told me to tell you he would speak with you another time," she finally said. "I just want you to know I don't agree with father and the other clan leaders." She told Elisa quietly, gazing at her with large dark eyes. "No one should be forced to choose a mate based on what's on the outside. It's what's on the inside that's important." Elisa knew Angela was speaking from experience, her decision to pick Broadway over Brooklyn as a mate had surprised even Goliath.

The red gargoyle, Brooklyn, was the clans second in command and a fierce warrior. Broadway was the complete opposite. He looked more comfortable with an oreo cookie in his hand than a sword, but he was sweet, loyal and his love for Angela was undeniable. Elisa was certain he would give his life to protect her. She laid a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Thank you," she said quietly. She didn't want to give Angela false hope so she chose her words carefully.

"I'll always be your friend, Angela, no matter what happens between Goliath and I." Angela nodded her head in understanding. "Do you know where Goliath went?" She asked changing the subject.

Angela looked perplexed. "No. He got a call just after sundown." She shrugged her shoulders. "Then he left after telling me to give you the message," she answered. Elisa started to worry. Goliath wasn't the one for dramatics so the phone call had to be important.

"Who told him he had a call?" Elisa asked.

"It was Mr. Burnett," Angela informed her.

Elisa nodded her head, biting her bottom lip. She'd passed Owen as he was getting on the elevator to go down. She was sure he was no longer in the building. "Okay, Angela. Thanks. Tell the guys I said hi," she stated. They shared a quick hug. Then she watched the gargoyle climb back onto the ledge and spread her wings, catching the air current. Elisa stood watching her glide away until she disappeared into the horizon.

She turned to go in search of Fox but was startled when she bumped into David Xanatos. He snaked an arm around her waist to steady her. "Owen forgot to tell you that Goliath was called away," he informed her. She stiffened when he pressed their bodies together. "Or are you here to see my wife?" He questioned in a deep voice. Elisa's palms were pressed against his chest. She tried pulling away but found herself held in place.

"I allowed Fox to have her fun with you but I have no intentions of standing on the sidelines while the two of you fuck like rabbits behind my back," he said calmly, his dark eyes glittering with jealousy. "Did you not think Dominique would tell me about your little visit today?" He asked. "The two of you on her conference room table going at it like animals. What would your Captain think of that?" He paused, letting the threat hang in the air.

"Better yet what would Goliath think of his precious Elisa making love to my wife while I watched." She could feel his penis twitch against her thigh when he mentioned that night. "I could hear you screaming from my room. Did she screw you all night?" He asked lewdly.

She grabbed the arm around her waist and pressed her thumb painfully into his pulse point. He quickly released his hold. She backed away from him, putting some distance between them. "I didn't hear you complaining when you were coming all over yourself," she taunted. "I don't care what Dominique told you she can't prove a thing," she said confidently.

Her stomach turned over when he smirked at her. "Oh detective, you of all people should know how paranoid she is. Nothing transpires at Nightstone without her knowledge," he stated as he stood directly in front of her, blocking her exit. She stood her ground when he took a step towards her. "She's itching to send the tape to your Captain but apparently Fox threatened her to protect you." He looked her up and down.

"Titania knows better than to ever lay a hand on me if she expects to continue seeing Alexander. Fox's threats against Dominique don't concern me," he told her matter-of-factly. "Here's my proposition detective: you keep the money, do whatever with it, but any future contact you have with my wife will include me." She gritted her teeth at his arrogant tone. "I want to find out if you feel as good as Fox said you tasted." She watched as he reached down grabbing his manhood.

"Don't worry I'm man enough to satisfy both of you," he said.

She looked from his hand into his eyes, fighting to control her temper. She opened her purse and pulled out the cashier's check. She slowly unfolded it, holding it inches from his face, and ripped it down the centre letting the pieces fall to the ground. In a tight, controlled voice she said, "Like I told your wife, I'm not for sale." She ground out through clenched teeth, "And I don't respond well to threats either. So do whatever you want with Dominique's surveillance tape."

She took a deep breath staring him in the eyes. "Cause I'd rather walk up and down Broadway from sun up to sundown selling ass for twenty dollars than to EVER let you touch me." She walked around him to leave suddenly stopping. She turned facing him. "And if you wanna know how tight I am," she paused for effect, "ask your wife." She left him standing there staring daggers at her back.

The next morning she was wakened by the sound of her telephone ringing. She glanced at her bedside clock; '10:11AM', it read. She groaned in frustration, realizing she'd only been in bed three hours since getting home from work. "Wello," she mumbled into her phone. The sound of laughter floated across the connection.

"Good morning sleepy head," Fox's familiar voice greeted her.

Elisa felt a moment of guilt remembering she'd stormed out of the castle last night without speaking to Fox. "Hey." She finally responded.

There was an awkward pause as neither of them said anything. "I'm sorry about last night," Elisa uttered before she could chicken out.

She heard Fox sigh. "I am too," the red head said softly. "I was looking forward to seeing you."

Elisa flopped back onto her bed and covered her face briefly with a pillow. She knew she had to end things between her and Fox before somebody got hurt. "Something happened last night Fox." Elisa stated not sure what or if Fox knew anything about the previous evening.

"I know," Fox confessed. "David showed me the check."

Elisa waited for her to continue. "He said the two of you had a misunderstanding about what happened at Nightstone." Elisa rolled her eyes.

"It was a little more than that," Elisa responded. "He's jealous Fox. He wants a threesome and I only want you," Elisa stated honestly.

A soft moan escaped Fox's lips. "I don't want to share you either," Fox answered quietly.

"Not with anyone," she added. The silence that hung between them was thick with meaning. Elisa wanted to point out Fox was in no position to expect fidelity from her when she was still sleeping with David.

"Did you know Dominique taped us in the conference room?" She asked, suddenly remembering their other problem.

"I had my suspicions," Fox said.

Elisa sat up in bed, pulling her hair in frustration. "Why would you leave the building without the surveillance tape? You know how she feels about me," Elisa stated.

"I'll take care of Dominique; don't worry about her," Fox assured her.

Elisa bit her bottom lip not sure if she should say anything about David. "You need to make sure she doesn't give the tape to anyone else to do her dirty work," Elisa said.

"I had Lex break into her computer systems and erase the security tape from yesterday." Fox advised her.

Elisa breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you," She said sincerely.

"You can show your appreciation by having dinner with me tonight," Fox said.

"What about your husband?" Elisa asked, not wanting to cause problems.

"He's not invited," Fox said causing Elisa to chuckle.

"Besides, my mother is going to be there. It's our monthly dinner date. David never comes with us." She paused briefly. "They don't get along so they avoid each other like the plague."

Elisa hesitated. "If you'd like, just stop by my apartment after you've eaten. I don't want to intrude on your time with Titania," she answered, knowing the two women were still trying to get to know each other.

"I've already told mother you might be joining us," Fox replied. "But I accept the invitation to your apartment for after dinner," she said.

Elisa laid flat on her bed staring at the ceiling. "You need to let me get back to my beauty sleep so I can look my best for tonight."

Fox's husky laugh caused her stomach to flutter. "If you get any more beautiful, I won't be able to keep my hands off you," Fox whispered into the phone. Elisa knew she was in trouble when her heart started to beat a little faster.

"Do you want children Elisa?" Titania in her human guise, Anastasia Renard, asked.

Elisa fidgeted in her seat slightly unnerved by the fay queen's consuming stare. Even in her human form Titania was still intimidating. As Anastasia she had shoulder length red hair, creamy white skin, and piercing green eyes. Elisa looked at Fox who was watching the interaction with an amused look on her face. "Yes, I'd like to have two, maybe three, someday," she answered. She didn't miss the pleased look that crossed Titania's face. Fox looked surprised by the answer.

Elisa raised an eyebrow at her. "I didn't realize you wanted children," Fox said. "You seem so focused on your career," She continued. She looked at Elisa with an expression that could only be described as loving. "But I'm glad you do want them. I think you'll make a wonderful mother," She said. Elisa blushed, glancing quickly at Titania.

She was looking back and forth between Fox and her a strange smile on her face. "You come from a...diverse background. Don't you Elisa?" Titania asked.

Elisa was a little surprised by the question. "Yes, I do. My mother is African American and my father is Native American," Elisa answered. Titania nodded as if she already knew the answer but wanted to hear her say it. "Do you think it will be important that your children understand their heritage?" She asked. Elisa leaned back wondered if the question was meant for her or if Titania was trying to prove something to Fox.

She knew the older woman wanted to see more of Alexander but David Xanatos was opposed to it. "Mother?" Fox inquired, staring disapprovingly at Titania.

"It's okay Fox," Elisa said. She turned her attention back to Titania. "I think it benefits children to understand their ancestors' history. So yes I do think it's important they learn about their heritage." Elisa said.

"Thank you," Titania said. Elisa wasn't sure what she was being thanked for but she said, "you're welcome." Titania continued to regard her. "I agree with Fox you will make a good mother," Titania said.

Elisa rose to her feet suddenly feeling uneasy. "Excuse me but I need to go to the ladies room." She said.

She placed her hands against a sink leaning on it. She raised her head when the restroom door opened. Fox walked into the room the knee length blue knit dress she wore brought out her eyes. She leaned back against the sink next to Elisa. "I'm sorry," Fox said. "She had no right to include you in her fight with David and I."

She smirked at Elisa. "I think she's enjoying your company as much as I am," she said.

Elisa slapped her on the arm. "Stop that," she chastised.

"What?" Fox asked innocently. "I am her daughter; it's possible she likes exotic, beautiful women too," Fox growled at her playfully. "But she can't have mine. I don't share." Suddenly she didn't sound so playful anymore.

Elisa again felt uneasy she turned away from Fox to gather her thoughts glancing in a mirror. Fox continued to watch her in silence. "You shouldn't have left her alone," Elisa told her.

She distracted herself by fixing her hair and checking her makeup. Suddenly the image of Fox was reflected in the glass as the redhead wrapped her arms around Elisa's slender waist. "I've wanted to touch you all night." Fox whispered in her ear, pressing her front into Elisa's backside.

Elisa leaned back into the erotic touch, hooking an arm around Fox's neck, holding on as Fox's hands slid over her hips and sides coming to rest on her full breasts. She watched through slanted eyes as Fox kneaded her breasts, like doe, her hard nipples poking between Fox's spread fingers. The sound of approaching footsteps broke them apart.


Part 7

Elisa's hands shook as she removed Fox's dress. The evening had seemed so long. Titania continued to ask her personal questions while Fox had simply stared at her, making it obvious that what she wanted for dinner wasn't on the menu. She noticed the waiter seemed to always have something covering the front of his pants whenever he came to their table. He'd blushed crimson when he asked Fox what she wanted for desert. Fortunately, Titania had recognized the mischievous twinkle in her daughter's eyes and asked for the check.

Elisa pulled the dress up off the redhead's beautiful body. When she'd seen Fox step out of her shoes and start to pull the dress off, she stopped her, touching her hand. "Let me," she'd whispered. They stood facing each other as Elisa stripped her. She groaned softly as she gazed at the red matching bra and panties that hid what she so badly wanted to see. She let the dress slide from her hands, stepping up to Fox, tangling fingers in her silky red hair.

They both moaned when their lips met kissing slowly, knowing there would be no interruptions this time. Elisa had taken the time to open the drapes of her bedroom window; the only illumination was the light from the moon. She could feel herself being backed up towards the bed as they continued to kiss. Elisa fumbled with the front clasp of Fox's bra releasing full creamy breasts that spilled out of the cups. She pulled her mouth away from Fox's looking down at her exposed breasts. "Oh God," she whispered glancing into Fox's face.

"How can you be so beautiful?" She asked. She ran her thumbs over swollen pink nipples leaning down taking one into her mouth. Fox grabbed the back of her head holding it in place while she arched into Elisa's mouth, offering more. Elisa opened her mouth taking in the surrounding flesh and sucking harder. She released the breast, peppering kisses around the other nipple before taking it into her mouth, sucking hungrily. Her hands slid down Fox's backside pulling her panties down, exposing creamy cheeks.

She moved behind Fox removing her panties. Fox leaned forward placing her hands on the bed offering herself to Elisa. She buried her face between round cheeks licking lightly. "Oh baby, that's it," Fox breathed out. She licked from bottom, to top, then down, continuing lower to kiss between Fox's spread legs. Fox shuddered when Elisa's tongue flicked teasingly over the outer lips of her vulva. Elisa stood up turning Fox around pushing her back onto the bed.

She dropped to her knees kissing up and down long legs, using her hands to spread them apart. Elisa leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on swollen lips, her nose bumping against Fox's nub. Fox gripped her hair pulling her face closer. Elisa licked the surface of her mound, tasting the juices clinging to her lips before dipping inside, gathering up the juices she found there. "Oh baby yess," Fox yelled, spreading her legs wider holding them in the air. "It feels so good," she said, hips moving faster.

Elisa was certain she had never tasted anything sweeter than Fox. It was like eating an exotic fruit. She slid her tongue inside Fox, drinking from the source of her well. "I'm gonna....I'm gonna come," she warned. Elisa resisted when Fox tried lifting her head out of the way. "Elisa," Fox croaked out, trying to speak but unable to. Her back arched when her orgasm hit her. Elisa's eyes widened in surprise when she felt Fox squirting warm fluid into her mouth. Fox slumped bonelessly down on the bed once her orgasm ended. Elisa stared up at her amazed by what had just happened. She slid up the redhead's body and snuggled into her chest, waiting for her to recover.

Elisa swam into consciousness slowly, not sure what had awaken her. She'd fallen asleep after hours of lovemaking with Fox. She didn't think the redhead would ever get enough. Elisa gasped when she felt a bolt of pleasure race through her. She looked down her body to see a large lump under the sheet covering her. She threw it back to reveal Fox, naked and kneeling between her spread legs, face buried between them. "Fox?" she asked breathlessly. "What are you doing? Awwwhhh yess," she moaned when she felt Fox's wet tongue slip inside her thrusting in and out.

She withdrew her tongue crawling up Elisa's naked body. They kissed open-mouthed, tasting each other. "I needed a snack and you looked so good I couldn't pass you up," Fox croaked out, kissing her way back down Elisa's body Elisa wrapped her legs around Fox's head holding her prisoner. Warm hands caressed her thighs before moving down cupping her behind pulling her closer. Fox took her swollen nub into her mouth, sucking it. Elisa felt her back arch as her orgasm hit her.

Fox lowered her gently down to the bed, softly kissing her hairy mound, still hungry for more but knowing Elisa needed rest. She groaned, in protest, when Elisa unwrapped her legs. Fox raised her head looking into Elisa's dark eyes. Elisa could see unquenched desire burning in Fox's blue eyes. The redhead was still on her knees but she'd raised herself up on her arms so that she was crouching. She looked like a large cat ready to pounce. Fox licked her swollen lips clean, looking at Elisa silently asking for more.

Her voice was raspy when she spoke. "You taste so good," she said. "I'm sorry I woke you." A warm hand caressed over Elisa's indented pelvic bone and flat stomach. "I tried to be good." Elisa squirmed when the hand tickled her ribs. "But you make it so hard." The hand cupped the underside of her breast thumb stroking a dark nipple. "I get wet just looking at you," Fox confessed quietly. Elisa pressed the back of her head into her pillow, arching into Fox's touch. "Do I excite you, Elisa," she asked, pulling on a nipple. "Make you wet?"

Elisa groaned helplessly, opening her legs in invitation. "See for yourself," she whispered, reaching down trailing her own fingers through her wetness, spreading her plump lips exposing herself to Fox. Fox leaned down devouring her with her eyes.

Using just the tip of her tongue she licked up the wetness that clung to Elisa's pink flesh. She circled her nub then licked it like an ice cream cone teasing the sensitive tip with her tongue. The soft moans and coos coming from Fox, as she ate her, only added to Elisa's arousal. She gasped in pain, pleasure when Fox bit her swollen nub pulling on it with her teeth. Elisa felt her orgasm building as Fox laved it, with rapid strokes, taking the sting out of the bite. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head when she exploded in orgasm. She was too weak to protest when she felt Fox crawling up her body. She mounted Elisa holding her legs apart, pressing their mounds together. The short coarse hairs covering Elisa's mound tickled Fox's bald lips. "You feel so good," Fox exclaimed. Elisa held on as Fox rhode her grinding their wet centres together. Their cries and moans of pleasure filled the bedroom as each of them came. The red head collapsed on top of her covered in sweat, her warm breath tickling Elisa's neck.

When Elisa woke the next morning she was surprised to find Fox still in her apartment. She was sitting on the side of the bed silently watching her an enigmatic expression on her face. Fox was dressed in a cream-coloured skirt-suit with matching heels. Feeling suddenly shy Elisa pulled the sheet, that was partially covering her body, up to her neck. Fox smirked, arching an elegant eyebrow. She didn't say anything; she just reached into the pocket on the side of her jacket. "Since you don't want this I need you to sign it over," she said handing Elisa the torn cashier's check along with a pen.

Elisa stared at it in surprise. She was about to endorse the check when the redhead stopped her. "Sign it over to Maggie Reed," Fox instructed her. Elisa slowly looked up trying to read Fox. For a moment the redhead refused to meet her gaze. "I just assume she and the other inhabitants of the labryinth could use the money," Fox finally stated, looking at her. "We both know your brother, Talon, would never accept it. But with your help I'm sure I could get Maggie to take it," she said.

Elisa didn't know what to think for a moment the pen hovered over the signature line. "Why are you doing this?" she asked. Elisa could see Fox debating with herself before deciding what to say.

"I'll never be a saint, Elisa, but there are some things in my past that I do regret," Fox confessed. "I want to help them. I've approached Talon several times but he refuses." Elisa was stunned, unaware of Fox's feelings and her offers of assistance.

"Your husband tricked Derek into quitting the police force, then strung him along promising a cure after he was infected," Elisa defended her brother, even though she had warned him about her suspicions of Xanatos. "He turned Derek against Goliath and the clan hoping the mutants would be able to capture them. He has every right to mistrust you both."

Fox's jaw clenched. "I know what David did, but even the Gargoyles have forgiven him," Fox argued.

"What did David take from the clan?" Elisa asked. "Nothing. He took away Derek and the other mutants humanity; took away their lives," Elisa said choking up, mourning the loss of the little boy she'd grown up with.

Fox reached out cupping her chin. "I can't change the past Elisa. Even if I had full use of my powers I couldn't undo what was done to them," she said sadly.

Elisa sniffled trying to gather herself. "I'll talk to Maggie see if she'll take the money," Elisa said. Fox drew away nodding in acceptance.


Part 8

Elisa made her way through the labyrinth in search of Maggie Reed, her brother's mate. The lioness had been one of three other people used in genetic experiments by Gen-U-Tech, a company Elisa later discovered was a subsidiary of Xanatos Enterprises. Their human DNA had been mixed with a serum containing feline, bat, and eel DNA. The result had left them all covered in fur with small bat-like wings and the ability to produce electrical charges. They lived underground in an abandoned laboratory that they shared with homeless people and Delilah, a hybrid clone, created by Anton Sevarius using Elisa's DNA and DNA from Demona, Goliath's former mate.

Elisa found Maggie and her brother, who now called himself Talon, together in the common room. She'd hoped to speak with Maggie alone but if she had to go through him she would. She and Derek hugged. Elisa buried her nose in his fur, enjoying the spicy scent coming from him. Maggie was covered in a light gold fur. Derek was the complete opposite, covered in jet black fur from head to toe. He resembled a panther with his golden eyes.

She felt him stiffen while they were embracing. She pulled back and looked at him, concerned. "Derek?" she asked.

He smiled, baring his fangs. "It's nothing," he assured her. "What brings you down to see us?" He asked.

She took his large paw in her hand leading him back to the table where Maggie was sitting. Elisa hugged the woman she considered her sister-in-law and took a deep breath. "I need to talk to you both about something," she started. They both gazed at her and waited for her to continue.

"You know I wish that I could do more to help you," she said sincerely. "But as you know a police officer's pay can only go so far." She smiled sadly at him. "But I've found someone with money who wants to help you." The feline pair looked at each other. Elisa wasn't sure if she saw hope or suspicion in their gold eyes. She shifted nervously when they returned their focus to her.

"Who is it that wants to help us?" Derek asked. Elisa swallowed; the name momentarily lodged in her throat.

"It's.....It's Fox X--." She was cut off when Derek leapt out of his seat, overturning the table.

"Nooooo!" He growled out. "We don't want or need her help," he shouted.

He pointed to Maggie and himself. "Look at what they've done to us! The only thing we want from them is a cure."

Elisa looked pleadingly at the silent lioness. "She wants to give you money to buy food, clothes, medicine. You could help the homeless people living down here to get back on their feet," she stated.

Derek roared, the sound drowning out all other noise in the lab. "Who will help us get our humanity back?" He argued. "Who is there to give us our lives back?" He looked at her accusingly. "Go back to your lover and tell her we don't want her charity," he shouted at her. Elisa looked at him in surprise. "I can smell her all over you. Did you forget I'm not quite human anymore? I have the senses of a cat thanks to Fox and her husband," he stated.

"How can you call yourself my sister and let her touch you?" His eyes widened in horror. She reared back in her seat when he walked up to her, sniffing the air around her. "Did Xanatos touch you?" He asked, paws balled up in large fists.

For the first time since his mutation, knowing who he was, Elisa was afraid of him. "I would never let David Xantos touch me," Elisa defended. She reached out to put a hand on Derek's shoulder, trying to calm him.

He moved away avoiding her touch. Seeing the hurt in her eyes, Maggie intervened. "The Xanatos' owe us for what they did. We should take the money Fox wants to give. It would benefit everyone living down here," she said, softly stroking his furry chest. "Just because we can't leave doesn't mean the humans have to be trapped too," she argued compassionately.

He growled softly at his mate and walked away from her to stand alone. "We will call a meeting and put it to a vote to see who wants to accept her help," he said with his back to them.

He looked over his shoulder to stare at Elisa. "If you choose to be with Fox Xanatos, then you're no longer welcome here," he told her. "She is my enemy and so is anyone who lays with her. So decide who is more important: Your brother or your lover." He concluded as he walked out, not once turning around.

"I'm sorry," Maggie whispered sympathetically. "Derek hates David Xanatos, so his wife is guilty by association.......and now so are you. I'll call you with our decision." Elisa nodded unable to speak. She found her way out of the labyrinth in a daze not believing what had just happened.

It was late evening by the time she got up the nerve to speak with Fox. She found the redhead still working and talking into an intercom. Her head was back, eyes closed as she listened to the caller. "We're very impressed with the X-10 laser rifle Mrs. Xanatos, but we were wondering--" the caller cleared his throat, "--if you're still active. We have new recruits in need of your expertise," he said cryptically. Elisa hovered in the doorway, not sure if this was something she should be hearing. Blue eyes suddenly snapped open pinning her in place. Fox cocked her head at her, an unreadable expression on her face.

"I'm sorry General Stone I need to go. We can continue tomorrow." Elisa couldn't tell if it was a statement or a question, but before he could respond Fox disconnected the call. Her tired smile was warm as she walked around her desk to greet Elisa. "Hi," Fox said once she reached her. She leaned forward to place a soft kiss on Elisa's lips.

"I'm sorry I didn't call but I need to talk to you," Elisa announced in a shaky voice. Fox frowned, pulling her inside. She walked Elisa to a chair in front of her desk. Fox leaned against the desk, her hands resting on the smooth surface, waiting patiently.

Elisa had worked in law enforcement long enough to know that underneath Fox's cool exterior the redhead was anxious. A muscle twitched in her jaw and there was unmistakable tightness around her eyes. Fox had most likely picked up on her own tension the moment she saw her. "The mutates are going to let me know if they are going to accept your help," she said, holding back unshed tears. Elisa took a moment to look around the office, admiring the Greek artwork and sculptures that made up the decor.

She blinked in surprise when her eyes landed on a piece of art that seemed out of place. On one of the walls was a Hopi Indian dreamcatcher. The colorful beading and feathers hanging from it made it stand out. "Where did you get that?" She asked quietly.

Fox gazed fondly at it for a moment. "I found it in New Mexico. I was told it would keep away bad dreams." Elisa found herself unnerved by Fox's intense stare. "So far it has." She looked at Fox, begging her with her eyes to understand.

"We're different people Fox. In the end, all we would do is hurt each other," she stated. "I have unresolved feelings for Goliath and you have David and Alexander." She shook her head, running out of words.

Fox just glared at her. "Do you think you can just play with me then walk away?" Fox asked in disbelief. "When exactly did my husband and child become an issue? Was it when you let David watch us make love, or was it when I had my hand up your dress on Dominique's conference room table?" She snapped eyes, blazing. "Because if I remember correctly, both times you were begging for more." Elisa bristled at Fox's superior tone.

"You did what you do best Fox. I was lonely, confused and you took advantage of that." She saw Fox stiffen at the accusation.

"You knew exactly who I was and what I am when you crawled into bed with me. So don't blame me for something you obviously wanted."

Elisa opened her mouth to retaliate but stopped. She took a deep breath exhaling it slowly trying to calm down. She knew pointing fingers wouldn't solve anything. "This was a mistake Fox. We should both just admit it and move on. I appreciate the offer to help the mutates but perhaps that was a mistake too." She rose from her seat hoping to end this now before either of them said or did something they would later regret.

"Maybe before we jumped into bed we should've tried being friends first. Because what's between us now is too unstable; it's like a time bomb waiting to explode. When it does, we won't be the only casualties." She said, lowering her tone to sound less confrontational.

Fox took an uncertain step towards her. "So you want to go slower. Is that what you need?" She asked.

Elisa shook her head sadly. "I told you once before, my happily ever after ends with just two people. You've already got a husband and son." Elisa said gently. "I won't spend my life as your lover and for you to expect that of me means you're the spoiled rich girl I accused you of being." Elisa concluded.

Fox attempted a weak smile. "After all you've seen you're still thinking like a human. This can end anyway we want but it doesn't have to end like this," Fox responded.

"You should talk to David about what he really wants," Elisa said certain that if given the choice Xanatos would not share his wife.

Fox nodded not taking her eyes off of Elisa. "And you shouldn't let your little brother run your life," Fox said quietly.

Elisa laughed humourlessly. "Do you have surveillance cameras in the labyrinth?" She asked. "Just because you want to help them doesn't give you a right to spy," she said, unhappy that even underground she wasn't free of prying eyes.

"This isn't about money; it was never about money," Fox stated calmly. "I make and lose a million dollars on the stock market alone, every night while I'm sleeping. So the only people Talon would be hurting if he chooses not to take the money are the mutates and homeless people he's charged himself with caring for." She sighed waving a hand carelessly in the air. "Forget about the money. Forget David, Goliath, and Talon because this is about me and you." Her keen eyes were fixed on Elisa, boring into her heart. "There are a million reasons we should end this now." She looked away releasing Elisa from her stare. "But I won't." She stated, gathering up her things and closing down her computer.

"I would never have asked you to spend your mortal life as my lover. I'm not that selfish. In time we would have been together sharing a life, a home, a bed." Fox said. "But until that day comes you have to decide who it is you want to be with. I won't leave my husband while you're still in love with Goliath." Fox exclaimed walking up to her. "But if you think this is over, you're wrong. It's only the beginning." Before she could respond Fox turned and walked out of the room. Elisa was left wondering if any of them would survive this without getting hurt.



Titania stood in front of her magical mirror watching as Fox and Elisa turned away from each other. Her hopes for the two women dimming but not completely fading. The night the three of them had gone to dinner had been an illuminating experience. Her half human child had been unable to take her eyes off of Elisa. The human was attractive her expressive, almond shaped, eyes alluring her copper skin enticing. Unknown by either woman there was someone else watching Elisa ready to claim her as his. She had been impressed with Elisa on their first meeting during her travels with Goliath and Angela on the Avalon Mist. Elisa had helped Goliath defeat her husband, Lord Oberon, ensuring the humans and gargoyles now living on Avalon could remain even though the fay had returned, after a thousand year absence, to reclaim it. The fay had been bannished from the island by Oberon himself in 995AD to learn a lesson in humility. Many of them had left the island seeking a new life amongst humans. It was during her travels around the world that Titania chose the alter ego Anastasia and would eventually marry Halcyon. It was also at that time that Coyote, a fay trickster, with the ability to shape shift and create powerfull spells had chosen to spend his exile among several Native American Indian tribes as a spiritual guide. Coyote became linked with the Maza family when a young Peter Maza, Elisa's father, wore his ceremonial mask at a dance of gratitude to the Kachina coyote. Coyote later became obsessed with Peter Maza and his family taking a special interest in Elisa. If Fox didn't claim Elisa, Titania was certain Coyote would.

Long after the scene faded Titania stood in front of the mirror her calculating mind absorbing what she'd seen. She was never pleased with Fox's choice for a husband. David Xantos reminded her to much of her own mortal husband, Halcyon Renard. Xantos, like Halcyon, was obsessed with immortality. And like herself she was certain Fox would eventually leave him. Halcyon was trying to find a way to preserve his brilliant mind long after his frail body had expired.

It was his mind that had attracted Titania to him in the beginning. He'd built Cyberbiotics, his company, from the ground up producing advanced technological weapons, aircraft, and robots. But his quest to preserve his essence had nearly bankrupted him. Titania left him when he no longer appealed to her. Her only regret was leaving Fox with him. If she'd taken her daughter they would be much closer now.

Titania also felt David played a large role in her not being able to see Alexander, her grandchild. He feared she would take the child and try to raise him on Avalon. She had no desire to seperate the boy from his parents she new first hand what damage that could do. She only wanted to spend some time with him, if she had to do that in their world she was willing. But this new information changed everything. If Fox and Elisa were to have a child, she was positive Elisa wouldn't forbid her from seeing it.

'Yes,' she thought to herself Elisa would make a much better mate than David Xantos. Titania waved her hand in front of the mirror changing scenes. She watched as Taurus, the guardian of New Olympus, stood vigilant over an ancient tree. Golden fruit dangled from its limbs as tempting now as they had been at the beginning of creation. In man's bible it was called the tree of knowledge. It was written that a serpent tricked Eve into tasting the ambrosia which she'd then given to Adam. Their disobedience had caused man to be banished from The Garden of Eden. Seperating humanity forever from the other creatures that continued to live in paradise. But the ambrosia had also given Adam and Eve long life. The two of them, and their direct descendants, had lived to be close to a thousand years old. She watched as a supernatural flame danced around the tree. Only a full blooded fay or direct descendent of the ancient God's, from Mount Olympus, could pick from it without being burned. The only effect the fruit had on them is that it was highly intoxicating. But if a human were fed the fruit they would be granted longevity, like their ancestors Adam and Eve.

As a gift for baring her grandchildren Titania would give Elisa the ambrosia. When David Xantos was just a memory Fox would be free to be with her. Fox's own fay heritage guaranteed her a long life. She waved her hand once more her eyes narrowing in displeasure at what she saw.

Demona was absored in watching the complete surveillance tape of Fox and Elisa. It was the only piece of evidence she had left of their infidelity. The actual video had been erased she was certain Fox had something to do with that. She licked her lips as she watched Fox's hand disappear between Elisa's legs. She smiled wickedly seeing how close Elisa had been to release when she'd interupted. Fox had objected to her calling Elisa a whore. But what else was she? Accepting money for sex then allowing Fox to take her in a public place. She was still considering sending the tape to Elisa's police Captain. What would she think of her pet detective trading sex for money. The hairs on the back of her neck suddenly stood up as she became aware of.......magic. She looked around her home office trying to pin point where it was coming from.

A portal the size of a pin started to swirl and expand in front of her desk. Her eyes widened in fear as it continued to grow. When it was large enough someone stepped through. Every since Fox's threat she'd been expecting the three enchanted sisters, she stared in shock as Titania looked coldly at her. The queen was dressed in a flowing v-neck emerald gown that clung to her slim frame. Her fine red hair was pulled off of her face and piled up on her head like a substitute crown. Her green eyes gave her an almost feline appearance. A hedonistic moan coming from her computer monitor forced Demona's eyes away from the fay queen. She blushed under her blue skin.

"Destroy it." Titania commanded.

Demona growled at her tone. "This is my home fay don't tell me what to do!" She shouted in defiance. She smiled evily glancing down at the tape. "Fuck!" She yelled when her monitor, cable and all, levitated off her desk and floated to Titania.

The fay queen nodded her head. "I new of your deception when Fox told me of her suspicions," Titania said. "Fox is still young but I will teach her to recognize her enemies lies." She said haughtily watching as Fox kneeled between Elisa's legs. Titania pulled her eyes away from the intimate scene glaring at the gargoyle.

Demona's wings fluttered nervously as Titania continued to stare at her. "What do you want!" Demona snapped already weary of her. "I had no intentions of showing the tape to anyone," she lied easily.

Demona screeched in outrage when her wings wrapped around her imprisoning her like a mummy. "Don't lie to me!" Titania yelled her voice booming like thunder. "Do it again and next time I will rip your wings from your body making you as flightless as the human you pretend to be during the day." She paused. "Understand me?" She asked her voice dripping with ice. Demona nodded deciding not to speak. "There is only one question I have for you." She said holding out her palm as the disc Demona had been watching settled into it and immediately started to melt. "Would you prefer your punishment to be quick and painful? Or painless but humiliating?" Titania moved closer impressed when the gargoyle showed little fear. "I believe it's time, Demona, for your lesson in humility." Demona's response was cut short by unseen hands covering her mouth. "Come now. Let us begin." Titania said disappearing in a flash of white light taking Demona with her.

The End

To be continued in 'To Catch A Killer'

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