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By white_wolf


Just before dawn, in a dirigible floating over the English Channel, Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, wondered just how exactly she had gotten herself into this mess. To be sure, the wretched beast that she called her husband was to blame for at least a part of her current predicament. As Alexia was thinking this, her current predicament shifted in her arms. Alexia looked down to see the blonde curls of Genevieve Lefoux resting lightly upon her chest. With a quick smile, Alexia thought back to the events of the previous evening. After Genevieve's not entirely unpleasant kiss, the two had retired to their suite of rooms, where Genevieve had indeed supplied the previously requested cognac. Unfortunately most of the night after that was little more than a blur, though a few moments stuck out clearly in her fogged brain. She remembered the softness of Genevieve's lips and hands compared to Conall's, she remembered as Genevieve stripped off the last of her underclothes leaving Alexia in the nude with another woman, lastly she remembered the feel of Genevieve's tongue upon-. Alexia broke off that line of thought before she began to remember it too fondly. In her arms, Genevieve slowly came awake and looked up at the tall, graceful, pleasantly rounded Italian in her bed. Good Lord! Pregnant, cast out by my husband, and now seduced by a French woman. Could my situation get any more scandalous, thought Alexia to herself. "Good morning Alexia," Madame Lefoux murmured, her voice muffled by Alexia's breasts. Alexia thought back to last night, and realized for the first time that the crushing lonesomeness she had felt since Conall cast her out had waned to only a dull roar. "It is indeed Genevieve, it is indeed," she replied, as she placed one last gentle kiss upon her lady lover's lips, extricated herself from the blonde's tender arms, and began to prepare herself for the challenging task of traveling in France.

The End

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