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A Choice
By ralst


Fletch loved her. Actually, loved her. If she hadn't seen it in crumpled black and white, she would never have believed it. After years of hoping and praying that Fletch would get a clue, she finally did, and it was at the worst moment possible.

Jenna loved her. Actually told her that she loved her. No misunderstanding or equivocation, just an honest statement of fact. After years of hoping and praying that love would find her, it finally did, and it was at the worst moment possible.

She loved Fletch. She was sweet and clueless and made her life unpredictable. They had so much history that she'd forgotten a time when they didn't know one another. She knew every one of Fletch's faults and loved her in spite of them all.

She loved Jenna. She was sexy and smart and made her feel safe. They were slowly discovering the person each of them had grown up to become. She wanted to know every single one of Jenna's faults and see if their love could survive them all.

She had an impossible choice to make. She was loved by two different women and it was hell.

The End

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