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Resurrection is for the Unbelievers
By sHaYcH


Chapter Thirty-One

Flushing scarlet as she turned to face the arrivals, Kate said, "Kennedy – Willow it's nice to see you."

Dersk was behind the two women. His face bore the expression of one who expects to be chastised heavily. "Sorry, boss. They wouldn't take no for an answer." He shrugged sheepishly. "And it's not like I'm gonna stand back and play at being slayer or witch bait."

Elizabeth took in the appearance of the two strangers. One she knew by reputation – Willow Rosenberg was a legend even in the outer wilds of Romania – the other she knew by sense. Kennedy was a Slayer, and that was written so deeply into the young woman's being that to miss it would be like ignoring the fact that the sky was blue, or that summer was hot.

Disentangling Kate's fingers from her shirt, the vampath said, "Hi, I'm Elizabeth."

Her voice drew Kennedy's attention. The dark haired slayer's eyes narrowed suspiciously and then she growled, reached for something in the waistband of her jeans and threw something at the vampath before anyone could stop her.

"Kennedy, no!" Willow cried as Kate leapt to her feet in an attempt to block the object.

"Ow. Damn. What is it with me and pointy things piercing my flesh? I didn't even wear earrings before this." Elizabeth held up her arm to display the stake embedded in it. The missile was wedged between the bones of her forearm and a tiny trickle of blood had begun to seep from around the edges of the weapon.

Dersk looked at Elizabeth and said, "That. Was. So. Cool." Awestruck he shook his head and said, "Man, she just… stuck out her arm and wham! Didn't even flinch! Cool!"

Kennedy snorted. "Missed. I won't miss this time." Another stake appeared in her hand and she began to advance on the vampath, who leapt to her feet and bared her fangs.

"I think you might be surprised at what you find if you stake me, Slayer," Elizabeth said conversationally.

Kate could not believe what was happening. Murder was about to be committed and all she could do was stare at the combatants as they circled each other. Angry beyond speaking, the detective thrust herself between Kennedy and Elizabeth and barked, "Enough!"

The slayer growled, "Move, Kate. I have some house cleaning to do."

"Um, Kennedy? Is that your name? Yeah, hon, you might wanna get some facts before you go slay crazy…" Dersk started to say.

"Hold!" The shouted word rippled through the room with a solid force. Quite literally, no one in the room could move. Willow's eyes blazed black. One hand was thrust out, palm up while the other was turned down as if the witch were getting ready to pick up something from the ground.

"Let me go, Will. See. Vamp. Slay," Kennedy ground out as she struggled to break the magical bonds.

By contrast, Elizabeth seemed relaxed. "What's the matter, Slayer – haven't you ever run into something you can't kill first and research later?"

Enraged, Kennedy's struggle trebled. Sweat broke out on the dark haired slayer's forehead as she fought to move. Millimeter by millimeter, she swam through the spell's confines. "Willow…"

"Kennedy, that is not a vampire. I know what your slayer senses are telling you, but I swear by all that we hold holy, she is alive. Look at her, Kennedy – really look at her."

The plea in her girlfriend's voice cut deep into Kennedy's psyche. Taking a deep breath, she did as she was asked and focused her gaze on Elizabeth. The vampath schooled her expression to neutrality and withstood the glare with calm aplomb.

God, please let her figure this out soon – my arm is killing me! The nerves in her forearm were just waking up to discover that their living space had been drastically rearranged without their prior consent and they were complaining vociferously.

Tiny cues – fragments of visual information that formed a clear picture of just how she had almost walked the darkest path a slayer could take exploded into a realization that left Kennedy shaken to her very core. Without realizing the spell was gone, the stake she had drawn slipped from nerveless fingers.

"Oh, God, I am so – I have nothing to say that – God, I'm sorry," she babbled. The utterly broken expression on Kennedy's face set Willow into motion. In two steps she was at her girlfriend's side.

The witch drew her lover into a loose embrace. "Honey, you didn't know," Willow murmured soothingly while Kate and Dersk went to Elizabeth's side.

"So, Doc – how are we going to handle this? The witch said you were alive – you think that means we can take you to a hospital this time?" said Dersk as he looked from the witch and her girlfriend to Kate and back. "Or do I have to go back to the office while you two do 'first aid'?" The comic twist he put on the words was almost enough to make Elizabeth laugh. Almost, but not quite.

Instead she settled for a wry smile. "I think I can handle this – after all, I was a med student. I'm pretty sure I can handle the extraction of a splinter."

Kate blurted, "That's not a splinter that's a God damned branch!" The detective turned to glare at the slayer. "Don't you think, Kennedy, that I've learned a few things about vampires by now? Did it ever occur to you that if I were to do something as idiotic as invite one into my home, that it would be because I wanted to?"

The slayer flinched with every word. "Well, I – you knew Angel! I just figured, you know… you thought she was harmless and –"

"And you saw fangs and thought, slay it? God, Kennedy, what has Buffy been teaching you? I'd have thought that she of all people would know better." Kate ran her hand through her hair. "This is just great." She sighed and flopped onto the couch. Looking up at Elizabeth she said, "So – what do I need to do to help you?"

"No," said Kennedy. "Whatever needs doing, I'll do it." She walked to the vampath's side. "It's my fault, and I want to help." Offering a half smile, she said, "Maybe you can tell me why I thought I saw fangs."

Water was boiled. Clean towels were found. The dining table was cleared and the lights positioned so that the wound was as clearly illuminated as possible. Willow had even offered to provide magickal lighting, but Kate had nixed the idea.

"You've already sent up one gigantic neon sign saying, 'Good eats here' to every mage energy sucking creature in Chicago. Let's not do it again unless we have to."

Impressed Willow said, "I grounded – shouldn't have been too big of a flare. Maybe just a spark? And how did you know about that anyway? You're not trying to become a witch are you? Narrowing her eyes, the redhead pressed her lips together and shook a finger at Kate in mock dismay. "Because you know, it's a very dangerous job and with what you already do, don't you think that's enough trouble to go borrowing missy?"

Deadpan, Kate said, "I enjoy reading. It's something I can do while lying in bed recovering from having the shit kicked out of me by fat men and vampires."

"So Wic's Haven is good then? I haven't had a chance to check them out yet and I've been looking for this one grimoire – it's supposed to have a couple of good spells for emulating sunlight." At Kate's glazed look, she laughed. "Okay, so you're not going Wicca on us, got it. So anyway, hey, maybe I should go check my email. And oo, I think I might have scanned that book of healing spells…"

As Willow continued to babble, Kate's expression grew more and more amused. "There's a computer downstairs – just don't do any of your tricks with it, because I need it for work. I don't need the federal government breaking in my door and confiscating my number one bill paying device."

The witch smiled and said, "I promise not to hack the Department of Defense with your computer, Kate."

Dersk trailed after the redhead. "Maybe I can learn something?" he asked brightly. "Like, how not to kill the boxy thing when I turn it on?"

Laughing, Willow took the half-demon's arm and said, "Let me tell you about computers, young man." They were just about to leave when Elizabeth's voice stopped her.

"Hey, Willow – do you know anything about cauteries?"


Chapter Thirty-Two

"Okay, Kennedy, you hold my arm down. No, harder, I'm stronger than I look. Kate, you're going to twist and pull very slowly – I might scream, or maybe pass out, I don't know but don't stop until the stake is all the way out. Then, you need to pour a lot of that-" Elizabeth pointed to a bottle of alcohol. "On the wound. At that point, if I'm not already out, I'll be begging you to stop. Don't. Just cleanse the area thoroughly. Kennedy, if I get violent – hit me. Hard – strike here," she tapped her temple. "So you'll knock me out. I mean it. The Tos symbiote has given me strength that's equal to a vampire's."

"You're going to bleed like a stuck pig," Kennedy commented as she got into a good position.

"Yeah, that's what that's for," said Elizabeth. What she was indicating was a butter knife that glowed with a hazy orange light. Suspended in a pitcher of water that was rapidly beginning to boil, Kate eyed it with obvious distaste. The implement was at once ordinary and fascinating.

Before Willow had gone below, the vampath had asked for one small spell. After some thought, the witch had gone to the kitchenette and found the blade and some common herbs. The table had served as an altar and in about thirty minutes, they had a genuine magickal artifact.

"Of course, it's only good for about a day, but trust me – that blade's hot enough to melt concrete," Willow had said before she and Dersk had vanished into the office.

"Not loving the whole, 'char broil your flesh until it fuses shut' part of this deal," Kate muttered softly.

"Oh, yeah, and I'm just so thrilled – not a masochist, remember? Pain is not my friend, unless I'm hungry and even then, I'm beginning to grow rather tired of a steady diet of ow." Elizabeth sighed, took a deep breath and said, "Let's do this before I chicken out and attempt to discover if I can hide my fangs from real doctors who are poking and prodding me."

"You should worry less about the medical professionals and think about the poor cops who'll be trying to figure out who stabbed you," Kate said wryly.

The vampath chuckled. "You think they might buy both parts if I told them I was into role playing games?"

Kennedy shifted uncomfortably. Having been the cause of the situation was not making it any easier for her to steel herself for what she was about to do. "Look, ladies, as much as I enjoy a good banter – hell, after we're done, I'll sit here all night and trade B.S. stories with you – I am the absolute worst person you want to make wait for something. Instant gratification was invented just so I could have my cake and eat it, too. So please, can we play doctor first and chat later?"

Kate opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by Elizabeth.

"She's right. I'm ready. Go on Dick, grab it and give it a pull."

Pressing her lips together, Kate reached over and took hold of the end of the stake while Kennedy got a good grip on the vampath's arm.

"All right, one, two, three – pull!"

Kate pulled, Kennedy held and Elizabeth let out a howl that sounded like a dog who'd just lost his best buddy and had his tail stepped on at the same time.

Teeth chattering with the pain, the vampath said, "Al-al-alcohol."

Kate was already grabbing the bottle, twisting off the cap and pouring. When the cold liquid hit the sluggishly bleeding wound, crimson liquid suddenly fountained up, spraying all three women.

"Oh fuck," Elizabeth said and then Kennedy was treated to a graphic display of vampathic strength as the redhead suddenly jerked and tried to pull her wounded arm against her body. Kennedy held firm, and the vampath began to flail about wildly as pain overwhelmed her.

"Doc – Elizabeth stop! Come on, stop fighting us!" Kate called sharply. Blood was furiously pumping from the wound and the detective was afraid that a vein or artery had been nicked. "Knock her out," she said in a deadly calm voice as she retrieved the glowing knife.

With a stricken look on her face, Kennedy let go and hit the vampath square in the temple. Elizabeth dropped like a stone. Putting the knife back into the pitcher, Kate caught the vampath and tried to balance her while the slayer held her arm steady.

When Kennedy nodded that she was ready, Kate let go of the vampath, grabbed the cautery blade and applied it to the wound. The scent of burning flesh soon filled the room. Even while unconscious, Elizabeth whimpered in agony.

When Willow and Dersk returned, they found Kate and Elizabeth on the couch. The vampath was still unconscious, but her arm had been bound and the detective was protectively cradling her while Kennedy quietly cleaned up the table.

Taking in the situation, Willow and Dersk shared a look and then the half-demon said, "We've been talking and we've decided that you two –" He pointed at Kate and the sleeping vampath, "need a vacation."

Tired blue eyes gazed up at the reptilian half-demon. "You think? And just who will pay my bills?"

"We can help with the investigating stuff, right, Kennedy?" Willow gave the slayer the puppy-eyed look that usually got her everything she wanted.

"Yeah, sure – it would beat the heck out of staking hick town vamps and shutting down wannabe warlocks." The mess was gone. All that was left was the bloody stake and the glowing knife. Looking down at the wooden weapon, Kennedy softly said, "I think I'm gonna keep this – it's a lesson I can't forget."

"Sweetie, its okay," Willow put her hand on her lover's back and rubbed it in small, comforting circles. "She'll be okay. I promise. Look, why don't we go to Wic's Haven and pick up some stuff? I'll mix up a couple of yummy tonics and poultices and she'll be all better in no time. We can even include Kate in the potiony goodness. I happen to have a great recipe for a bone knitter."

Kennedy laid her head on Willow's shoulder. "I don't know, Will. I feel like such shit…"

"Hey, this is me here, not some bimbo you brought home after a long night of dusting and busting," said the witch as she pulled Kennedy into a loose embrace. Kissing her softly, Willow said, "I love you, silly. All of you – even the jagged little bits that sometimes make you trip and fall on your face."

Kennedy leaned into Willow and kissed her with such a passionate intensity that tiny sparks began to flicker into being around them.

"Oh my – I think I need a dentist with all the sugar in the room," said Dersk.

Kate looked up at the half-demon. "So don't watch." Absently, she threaded her fingers through Elizabeth's hair, marveling at how soft and fine the ruddy strands were. Without hesitating, she continued her caress from the vampath's hair to her face, stroking the silky skin lightly before returning to sifting Elizabeth's tangled locks.

In her sleep, the vampath nuzzled against Kate and murmured something unintelligible.

He had the grace to look shocked. "Are you kidding? I'm wishing I had a camera – I could make a fortune from this!"

Kate made a face. "You know, I never asked, but how old are you, snake boy?"

Dersk grinned. "Two-ten, plus change but hey, when you're only part Ssilligorth, they don't count it until you've hit your first five hundred."

"So you're basically the demonic equivalent of a teenager? Great, next thing you know, I'll be in trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

"Don't worry, Boss. I'm legal." As the embrace between the slayer and her witch ended, he sighed. "Now that was just lovely. Really – I would have paid money to see that in a theater, wouldn't you?"

Kate just rolled her eyes. In her lap, Elizabeth stirred and she soothed her with a gentle touch and soft words of comfort.

Part 33

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