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By trancer


"Do you have any cigarettes?" Claire asks, staring at the smaller woman from behind her sunglasses.

"I don't smoke," Alice responds.

Claire chuffs a half-grin. "That's not what I asked."

Olivera calls this 'reconnaissance', searching about the hotels for a secure place to sleep. Claire calls it 'perfect timing' because there's a bed with a dusty cover and clean sheets underneath in a room that doesn't quite smell like death and decay. Because, for two years, she'd been running, fighting, hunting, surviving by the skin of her teeth watching the people she loved, the people she tried to protect get picked off one by one while she stayed alive. Because the world was ending and she'd like to get laid before it did - thank you very much.

Alice tilts her head coyly as her eyes dart from Claire's lips to the bed and back again. "I don't think it's a cigarette you want."

"I don't." Claire swallows hard and dry. She needs a drink. Almost as badly as she needs a cigarette. Almost as badly as she needs Alice's lips on her own. "What do I want?"

"This." Alice shoves Claire hard, flopping her backwards onto the mattress, pouncing on her before Claire has time to react, or think, or do anything but taste Alice's mouth.

Claire groans, wet and throaty. Alice kisses hard and hurried. But it doesn't last long because she starts clambering down Claire's body, scraping lips, teeth and tongue across her breast bone, biting her nipple through the thick mesh of Claire's shirt. And Claire's arching her back, hands gripping at the mattress, biting her lip to keep from screaming.

She can feel her pants roughly jerked down to her ankles and her thighs pushed up and pressed against her chest. Then she feels Alice - Alice's lips, Alice's tongue, Alice's teeth, licking, sucking, biting. Then, there are Alice's fingers - long, strong and nimble. She plunges two of them inside Claire. And despite knowing Alice for less than a week, it's like she knows her. Because Alice is fucking Claire like she's been fucking her for years. Touching the spots that make Claire tingle and tremble, growl and mewl. And as much as Claire wants to live in this moment forever, with Alice's fingers inside her and her lips wrapped around her clit, she can already feel the sticky, wet fingers of her orgasm tingling up her spine.

Claire bites her lip when she comes. She comes again when Alice removes her fingers, replaces them with her tongue and presses her fingers against the tight opening of Claire's ass.

Alice kisses her way back up to Claire's lips, taking her time on all the spots she'd missed the first time around. Claire's smiling when Alice finally makes her way up to kiss panting and open lips.

"Damn," Claire exhales raggedly as they part. "I need a cigarette."

Alice smiles, reaching into her pocket and waving the partially crumpled pack before Claire's eyes. "Do you?"

Claire musters the strength to roll the two of them over, pinning Alice beneath her. "You've been holding out on me."

"I was told everyone had to earn their keep." Alice wraps her legs around Claire's waist. "You want'em," she gasps as Claire begins to roll her hips. "You're gonna have to earn'em."

"Yes ma'am."

There were only eight cigarettes left in the pack.

Claire earned each and every one of them.

The End

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