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Confessions of a Superwhore
By trancer

"Tell me this isn't happening." Olivia Benson groaned. She sat in the chair, hands on her knees, fingers worrying through the dark locks on her head. She 'd stopped banging her head against the desk five minutes ago. Hard as she tried she couldn't convince her body to go along with her brain's idea of knocking herself unconscious. Now, she settled for a quick and painless death by embarrassment. It didn't matter that her career was probably on the line, or that she'd never be able to look anyone of her coworkers in the eye again. Right now, all Olivia wanted to do was crawl into the deepest darkest hole she could find, and die. "Please, God, tell me this isn't happening."

"Oh, it's happening all right," The sound of Cragen's voice should have been a welcome relief for the Detective. She tilted her head up, clinging to the one last shred of hope that this really could all go away. One look at her boss and any last hope dissipated. Cragen stomped into the Interrogation Room, slamming the door behind him. He took the space on the opposite side of the desk, palms pressed on to the surface.

"What the Hell's gotten in to you, Benson? No, wait, I don't wanna know the answer." He was using his authoritative tone, lettingOlivia know she was in deep shit. "Solicitation of a prostitute?"


"Don't Cap'n me, Detective. How could you let this happen? What were you thinking?"

Olivia stared back at him, wondering the exact same question.

5 Hours Earlier

Olivia slid behind the driver's seat. Her muscles groaned, screamed and whimpered in agony, begging her to stop. He was a potential witness whose name hovered around the bottom of a list of potential suspects. It immediately went upwards as, upon seeing the Detectives, the man traded his witness status to potential suspect by running.

He ran. Olivia gave chase and a simple interview quickly changed course into something more dangerous. Part of it was the adrenaline, the other was the drugs. He tossed several small packages from his coat pockets. Of course, missing the quanities he'd snorted himself. Drugs can do many amazing, wonderful and illegal things. Cure the sick, ease the pain, and give a 5'3", 120 pound stick of bones the strength of a linebacker.

Olivia grabbed the back of his jacket. He turned into her, his arms knotted coils of steel cable as they grappled with each other. Twisting, turning, the slip of a bootheel, the pull of gravity and Olivia found herself rolling head over heels down an embankment.

She'd ignored Elliot's suggestions that she see a doctor. She'd survived the fall with nothing broken, sprained, or cut. But, as she sat behind the wheel, her muscles screaming in agony, damning her stubbornness as the soreness overtook her body.

Thoughts of a warm hot bath filled her mind. Thoughts that, this time, hot water and Epson salt probably weren't going to do the trick. She reached into her jacket pocket for her keys. Felt something tickling her fingers. Pulling a card from her pocket, Olivia scanned the text in the subdued evening light.

'Athena's Massage & Spa - Because Every Woman Needs a Little Pampering'

Her brows furrowed slightly. She didn't remember anyone giving her the card. It wasn't like any of the guys to put something in her pocket, but, she wouldn't put it past them either. Her mind reeled in frustration as she tried to figure out when, and where, someone could have put this in her pocket. It made her feel vulnerable. The last time she'd worn the jacket, she'd gone to a bar. Where the woman with the dark hair and the light eyes. Olivia shook her head at the thought. The woman had gotten close but not THAT close.

Then, there was today in the Court House. Olivia's eyes lit up in recognition. That had to be it. There was no other explanation. The contact had been brief but, like a memory etched in stone, Olivia recalled with great detail her brief but personal encounter with the ADA.

No, Olivia shook her head. Alex would never use subterfuge. Her mind filled with questions. But what if it was true? What if Alex had put the card into her pocket? What if someone gave it to her by accident? What if it were one of the guys playing a joke on her, it wasn't like the Detective didn't need a vacation.

What if, what if, what if.

Olivia decided, she'd never know until she went there.

The building looked decent enough. It was non-descript. Not the seedy massage parlors she was accustomed to seeing. The lobby was clean, shiny, sparse in its expensive neo-modern décor. The receptionist, dressed in a navy suit, gave her a minor tour.

How Olivia wound up in one of the rooms wearing nothing more than a towel would be one of the great mysteries in Olivia's life. She was tired. She was sore. She was hit on by an attractive brunette in a navy suit. So, there she sat, staring at a faux Van Gogh, her muscles screaming in agony, thinking there were worse things that could happen in her life.

Eventually, the door opened. Olivia felt her heart suddenly thudding in her chest as her eyes widened into perfect circular saucers.

"Cap'n." Elliot poked his head into the Interrogation Room.

"Not now, Stabler."

"Cap'n," His voice was a little sterner, a little more urgent. He intentionally avoided making eye contact with his partner. "Cap'n, you gotta see this."

Cragen rose to his full height. "We're not through." He wagged a finger at her before exiting the door, making sure to slam it behind him.

"This better be good, Elliot."

"Oh, it is."

The two men walked back into a Squad Room that, while familiar, wasn't theirs. A gaggle of high priced attorney's, barking statements about false arrests and lawsuits, stood filling out paperwork, surrounded by a sea of women swooning at the sight of their knights in shining armor.

"They're cutting them loose?"

"That's not what I wanted you to see." Elliot jerked his head to the throng of women towards the back of the pack. "That's what I wanted you to see."

Cragen scanned the crowd of women until his eyes fell on a familiar blonde mane. He squinted, shook his head as if somehow his eyes were playing tricks on him. He glanced quickly at Elliot. The Detective shrugged amiably. Cragen returned his gaze towards the woman.

"It can't be. That's.."

"Alex?" Olivia rose onto her elbows. The woman stood in the doorway. Her blonde hair pulled back by a clip. She wore a silk pale blue robe, the hem barely passing the top of her thighs. In her arms, she held several towels and a basket filled with various lotions and oils. Her head tilted slightly, a confused expression on her face.

"Nicki." She corrected before stepping into the room, closing the door behind her.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to give you a massage." She stated almost questioningly. "Would you like another masseuse?"

"No!" Olivia blurted.

"Good," Alex, Nicki, smiled. "Because, if I'd known you were so cute, I would have been here ten minutes ago."

Olivia swallowed hard. Her heart, drumming heavily in her chest mere moments ago, seemed to have moved to the bottom of her throat, cutting off the oxygen to her lungs while, simultaneously, sapping every drop of moisture from her mouth. The ADA seemed different some how. Her composure, normally rigid, was relaxed. There was a slight lilt to her voice. Still smooth but controlled as if she were containing herself from saying the word 'like' after every two or three words. She rattled off her accreditations, priding herself on being so accomplished at the art of massage. Compared to her usual demeanor, the ADA seemed almost giddy.

"Now." Nicki sat on the edge of the padded table. She placed a hand palm down next to Olivia's head, leaning in close. "How can I serve you?"

"That's.." Cragen stammered, "She's..I mean.."

"Yeah." Elliot added.

"Is someone going to tell me what the Hell's going on?" The two men turned towards the familiar voice. A very pissed off Alex Cabot, dressed in wrinkled casual clothes from having been awoken at 'this had better be really fucking important' in the AM. She stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes fixed on the woman standing at the opposite end of the room. "Oh my.."

"God." Olivia groaned. Who knew Alex, or Nicki, or whatever, was so good with her hands? The slender fingers caressed the terrain of her back. The pain, along with every other worry in the world, dissipated under the woman' s touch. Those same hands moved lower, working upwards from Olivia's calves, to her thighs, sliding under the professional border of Olivia's towel coming dangerously close to places more intimate.

Olivia held her breath at the sensation of Nicki's fingers caressing her inner thigh. Nicki leaned in close, her lips a hair's breath from Olivia's ear. "Would you like me to continue?"

"Wait." Olivia gripped the edges of the table with her hands, rolling herself over. She peered into the blue eyes staring down at her.

"Yes?" Nicki asked.

A dry tongue moved across even drier lips. "I want to kiss you."

Nicki licked her lips, her eyes darting from Olivia's lips to her eyes. "That'll cost you extra."

"How much?"

"That's.." Alex stammered, "That's me."

She stared at her Doppleganger, amazed at the similarities. "I'd always heard that every one on this planet has someone who looks just like them but," She turned her gaze to Cragen and Elliot, their disbelief still visibly evident. "You two didn't think I was moonlighting as a prostitute, did you?"

She couldn't really tell who blushed first because Elliot immediately turned his back to her, finding something of interest on the desk behind him.

Cragen smiled sheepishly. "Those are some pretty expensive suits you wear, Counselor."

Alex rolled her eyes. Discussions of her finances and where they came from would be had later. "How is Olivia involved in all this?"

The two women purred into the other's mouth. Olivia thread her fingers into Nicki's hair, keeping the woman attached to her. Nicki tasted good, real good, better than the thousand nocturnal wet dreams Olivia projected ever since meeting the ADA. Nicki pulled open Olivia's towel, continued her massage on the Detective's breasts. Felt the tremors of Olivia's stomach muscles while her fingers trailed down the smooth plain.

Nicki pulled out of the kiss, her fingers painting lazy circles across the neatly trimmed triangle of fur, "Do you want to finish your massage?"

"Oh God yes." Olivia hissed through clenched teeth. Nicki leaned in, tasted Olivia's breath as she ran her tongue across the parted lips. Her fingers dipped lower, felt the hitch in the Detective's breath as her fingers parted warm, wet flesh.

Suddenly, the door to their room burst open. Two uniformed cops, their guns raised and pointed at the women, charged into the room.


"You'll be happy to know," Alex closed the door to the Interrogation Room behind her, "The charges have been dropped."

"Oh thank God." Olivia remained seated. "What about you?"

"You owe me, Olivia, big time." Alex leaned against the wall, arms folded across her chest. "What were you thinking?"

"Me? But you..I thought.." Olivia bowed her head. There really was no point. It was over and she just wanted to go home with whatever shred of dignity she still had left.

"C'mon." Alex opened the door.


"I'm taking you home. Maybe my presence can keep you out of trouble this time."

Olivia tentatively rose from her seat. Going home with Alex didn't quite have the same appeal it did about five hours ago. She stuffed her hands into her pockets, head down, following the ADA like a lost puppy.

The air outside was cold, crisp. Olivia closed her eyes, deeply inhaled the night air, held it until her lungs burned and stars formed on the back of her eyelids.

"Alex!" Her eyes snapped open at the sound of the familiar, yet chirpy voice. Alex stood next to her, an angry smirk across her lips. Familiar blonde hair padded towards them, the high heels clacking loudly on the cement. Olivia could only gape at the woman approaching them.

"Alex, I wondered where you went?" Nicki's eyes went from Alex to Olivia. "Oh, hi, are you okay? You looked like you were about to have a heart attack when the police busted us."

"You're.." Olivia turned to Alex, "That's.."

"Olivia," Alex mustered with all her strength the amiable smile on her face, "This is Nicki. She's a.."

"Superwhore," Nicki finished. "Okay, technically, a superwhore in training. We still have Finals next week. So, how'd you do?"

"Excuse me?" Olivia gaped.

"It was a test." Alex explained.

Nicki beamed. "Yeah, to see how we react during a bust." Nicki pulled up both her hands, performing a double thumbs up. "I got an A plus."

"A test?" Olivia stammered.

"I mean, I knew you were a cop but you were so cute and you were so into playing a john."

"Unfortunately," Alex added, "some signals were crossed and instead of a simulation of a bust, the 4-7 showed up and here you are."

"Oh." Olivia tried processing the new information, somehow it didn't make her feel any better. It, also, didn't make Alex any less pissed.

Nicki stepped closer to Olivia. "Where'd you learn to kiss like that? We could definitely use someone like you in our Training Sessions."

"Nicki?" Alex pointed towards something behind the woman, "I think your ride's waiting, no pun intended."

Nicki turned to see the black unmarked sedan idling at the curb. Two men in black trench coats wearing sunglasses, at night no less, stood next to the car, their eyes professionally scanning the street. "God, you're just goddamn trainees!!" She barked, returning her attentions to Olivia, Nicki moved into the brunette's personal space. "If you ever wanna finish that massage, give me a call."

Olivia swallowed hard as Nicki slipped her business card into one of the front pockets of her jeans. She tried not to blush or to think of what those hands were doing a couple hours ago, failing miserably on both counts.

She could feel Alex's death glare burning into the side of her face as she watched Nicki dash down the precinct steps, disappearing into the black sedan.

"Alex." Olivia stated sheepishly.

"Just shut up and get in the car."

The fifteen minute drive had been, arguably, the longest of Olivia's life. The good news was her career hadn't been destroyed. The bad news, her partner and the Captain probably assumed Olivia spent her off hours getting hand jobs at high priced massage parlors. Nothing could have been as bad as the seething woman driving the car.

The two sat in silence as Alex drove. Olivia sank deep into her seat, her finger nails gripping into the seat as Alex did her best to break the land speed record. She held on for dear life. The streets blurred as the familiar shape of her apartment loomed on the horizon.


At that moment, Alex jerked the steering wheel hard sending the car into a spin. The vehicle lifted onto two wheels, careening towards the curb. It jerked hard as the wheels met the curb, swaying dangerously to tipping over before landing back onto all fours.

Olivia swallowed her heart back into her chest. "Thanks for the ride home." She stated sheepishly. Alex, eyes glaring forward, didn't budge.

"Okay." Olivia sighed apologetically. She stepped out of the passenger's seat. Walking up the stairs, she heard the sound of a door closing. She turned to see Alex approaching her. She'd thought the worst was over, but seeing the expression on Alex's face, something twisted in Olivia's gut, realizing the worst had yet to come.

They made their way to her apartment, neither speaking to the other. Olivia softly closed the door behind her as the powder keg formerly known as Alex stood in the center of her living room.

"Alex, I'm.."

"HOW COULD YOU!!" Olivia winced as the attorney screamed at her. "How could you think she was me?"

Olivia leaned against the door, almost defeated. The same question she'd been repeating in her mind now verbalized. "She..she looked like you. She sounded like you.."

Alex stepped towards her. The heat from her anger pushed Olivia back. "And you couldn't tell?"

"How was I supposed to know?" How could she know? Her desire for Alex had always been unrequited. A fantasy she compartmentalized, buried within her. Alex whipped her hands forward, cupping Olivia's jaw line, she pulled herself into the brunette, until their lips crashed together. Pressing her body against Olivia's, legs sliding between the brunette's, until she was open, vulnerable, with no way of escape.

Olivia whimpered in confusion. Wasn't Alex supposed to be pissed right now?

Alex pulled out of the kiss. Her eyes blazed with anger, as something else bubbled to the surface. "That's what kissing me feels like Olivia Benson." Alex breathed huskily. She dove in for another kiss. Painted the line of Olivia's jaw with lips, tongue and teeth, suckling on an earlobe. Her fingers moved between them, hurriedly pulling apart Olivia's belt, violently jerking open her jeans. "And this is what me fucking you feels like."

Olivia gasped, the back of her head smacking against the door as Alex's fingers slid quickly across her skin. She angled her hips, pushing herself against the deft, slender fingers. Felt teeth grazing across her neck, Alex' s free hand weaving into her hair, the fingernails scraping across her scalp. She realized, Nicki wasn't Alex, would never, ever be.

A sound escaped Olivia's throat. She was never vocal during sex. Aside from the occasional hushed moans and whispers, Olivia was controlled, staid. Never willing to let down the last barrier even in the most intimate of moments.Yet, there she was yelping like a virgin on prom night as two fingers jutted inside her, Alex's hips thrusting against them.

"Alex." She cried out. Her arms wrapped around the attorney, hips thrusting uncontrollably as her body writhed in heat. She wanted to lay down. To get naked. To feel Alex's skin, her sweat against her own. More than anything, Olivia didn't want to let go. This was what Alex felt like, tasted like, smelled like. As the fingers inside her possessed her while teeth marked their territory and Olivia screamed Alex's name, after this, there would be no substitute.

"I guess, if I smoked," Olivia panted breathlessly, regaining something resembling her composure, "this would be the part where I asked for a cigarette."

"No." Alex, her fingers still woven in the dark locks, tilted Olivia's head until their eyes met. Blue eyes twinkled devilishly. "This is the part where you get naked."

Olivia awoke to the sound of a groan. Only, this time, the groan wasn't her own. Her eyes snapped open. She felt a warmth across one side of her body that extended across her stomach. She tilted her head up slightly praying to anyone listening that it wasn't all just a really good dream. The blonde mane snuggled against her shoulder moved, tilting upwards until blue eyes gazed sleepily at her.

"Hi." Olivia mumbled in almost disbelief.

"Good morning." Alex smiled. Her arm shifted nonchalantly so her fingers could play on Olivia's stomach. "What took us so long?"

"Don't know." Olivia dared a slight smirk. "Guess we needed a Superwhore to come to our rescue."

Alex jabbed Olivia in the ribs. Marveling at the newly found ticklish area, she straddled the brunette, pinning her wrists to the mattress. "You never did tell me, how *did* you get that business card?"

"Dammit!!" Kathy Stabler threw the armful of clothes back into the hamper. "Where the Hell is that damn card?"

The End

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