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Patching Her Up
9: Scrapes

By Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson


"I'm sorry, did that hurt?" Cecilia asked blithely as her patient flinched and grit her teeth.

"Mmno!" Cleotilde gasped in reply, furiously blinking so that the others would not see the tears that had once again sprung to her eyes. "Can't feel a thing."

"What about this?" The village's only and self-appointed nurse/doctor/herbalist asked cheerfully and jabbed a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant into the large abrasion that covered Cleotilde's left cheek. "Doesn't that hurt?"

Although she had clenched her jaw to prevent from screaming, Cleotilde's roar of pain was more than audible enough.

"Cecilia, stop! What are you doing?" Rosalba protested and intervened, gently cradling her teary-eyed lover's face. "My poor baby, look at your pretty face!"

While Cleotilde had tried hard to keep her strong and stoic image intact for the ordeal, by now her unconsciously pouty lips were quivering. Rosalba cooed and sat down in Cleo's lap to place careful little kisses around the scrapes on her girlfriend's face.

"Well, disinfecting her was pointless." Cecilia declared airily while eyeing Rosalba. She tucked the rest of it away and smiled at Magnolia. "I'll just put some of that ointment on her face, and then we can put some of those band-aids on and she'll be done."

With a smitten smile and admiring eyes Magnolia exchanged the bottle of disinfectant for the strange purple jar with the overpowering smell. Rosalba patted Cleotilde's hair a few times before finally getting off her lap to let Cecilia continue her ministrations.

Cleotilde eyed the jar with growing alarm. "What is that? Why do I need it?" The smell was truly rank and tear-inducing, Rosalba would not let her sleep in the bed if she smelled like that... perhaps she would not even have sex with her before sending Cleotilde to sleep in the other room. "No, I don't want it."

Again Rosalba soothed her fidgety lover, stroking her arm encouragingly. "What is that for, Cecilia?"

The widely smiling Cecilia was very aware of Magnolia's besotted gaze following her every move, she was most definitely getting lucky tonight. "It is a concoction which helps with healing, soothes the pain, and keeps infections away. If she wears it she will not get a scar."

Rosalba's gasp was almost a scream. "A scar! On her beautiful face? Oh no!" She turned on her wide-eyed lover. "You are going to wear it!"

At Cleotilde's meek nod Rosalba kissed her uninjured cheek a few times more and squeezed her hand in sympathy. "Oh, oh. Be brave my love."

With a flourish Cecilia smeared the greenish goo on Cleotilde and had Magnolia hand her the band-aids. Within moments Cleotilde was properly bandaged up, with a strong scent of something foul clinging to her. Cecilia and Magnolia giggled as they disappeared into Cecilia's home, no-one in town stupid enough to interrupt them there.

"Oh darling..." Rosalba cooed again as she began to lead Cleotilde away. "I promise I will make a new rule, no more piñatas allowed, not even for birthdays..."

As they too were out of sight, Virgelina turned to Ubaldina. "Wasn't that..."

"Yes." Ubaldina nodded and looked in the direction of Cecilia's home. "That was the liniment for cows that she made for Perestroika."

The End

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