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It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, it's Whether You Get a Pig
By Babydykecate


Faith hesitates, then pins the tail on the donkey. Again. She knows it's not really fair to use her slayer abilities to beat the 12 year olds that the game is for, but Faith has always been competitive to a fault. She pulls off the blindfold, grinning broadly as the children clap and the teacher hands her a gigantic stuffed pig.

Buffy glares at Faith, but Faith reasons that she won it for Dawn, rather than just because she could.

Dawn's arms wrap around her tightly when she tries to give her the pig, and Faith gives her a funny look when she finally lets go.

"It's a toy, not money, kid," she jokes, uncomfortable with the affection Dawn showed.

"It's a totally awesome pig, and you made everyone else look bad when you pinned that ass on the ass," Dawn replies with a wide grin.

Buffy gives Faith another pointed look.

Faith slings her arm around Dawn, leading her into the hall, away from Buffy.

"That pig could totally kick Mr. Gordo's ass," Faith whispers to Dawn.

"I know," Dawn replies with a grin, squeezing the air out of Faith a second time.

Buffy catches up with them a moment later, and Faith could almost swear she sees Buffy smile at the sight of Dawn tackle-hugging the other slayer.

Dawn goes back to talking about the gym teacher she thinks is a vampire, and how they need to steal his stash of self-tanner. Out of Dawn's sight, Buffy's hand finds Faith's. Faith hesitates, and then holds her hand tighter.

Further down the hall, Dawn smiles. She knew before they did. It's even in her diary.

The End

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