DISCLAIMER: BtVS and Angel are the property of Mutant Enemy and Joss Wheden, I am simply borrowing these characters for my own devilish pleasures. This story also depicts a loving/sexual relationship between two women...okay disclaimer done
RATING: 15(UK), R(US), Cordelia/Faith
NOTES: This was meant to be a short PWP with a healthy dose of sex thrown in for good measure, but somehow it didn't work out that way, there still isn't much in the way of plot and for steamy love scenes you'll just have to wait, as its also turned into just the first, in what I hope will be a series of short stories....all part of the Times of Change series.

Three Minute Silence

By ralst

Cordelia was bored. She'd decided to come back to Sunnydale on a whim, thinking that seeing her old haunts once more would somehow make her life in LA seem all the more enjoyable. The two places had one thing in common, well for her at least, they both contained more demons, vampires and other unsavoury elements than your usual American town. Other than that they were polar opposites, LA was an exciting place, deals were made, reputations gained or lost and all the while the undercurrent of something about to happen. Sunnydale was simply dead, or at the most the living dead, and that was driving Cordelia mad with boredom. "How the hell did I stick this place for so long?" She grumbled, heading towards the bus station and the first available ride out.

"It is a bit of a shit heap, isn't it." Came a voice from Cordelia's right, forcing the ex-cheerleader to swing around into a defensive pose, an ever present crucifix held infront of her. "Hold on there C, you could take someone's eye out with that little guy on a stick." The voice was feminine and definitely amused.

"Faith!" Cordelia, cursed in annoyance before turning away from the voice and carrying on towards the bus station.

Faith soon fell into step besides the other woman, her eyes raking over Cordelia's body with studied interest. "So what you doing here C?"

Cordelia simply carried on walking, trying her best to ignore the dark slayer, even though she was just as curious to find out what Faith was doing in Sunnydale when she should by rights still be in a prison cell in LA.

"The Hellmouth that interesting you couldn't stay away?" Faith needled. "Or maybe you came to see your ex, Xander." There was still no reaction from Cordelia and in her current mood it was starting to piss Faith off. "How about revisiting all the places you got fucked during high school?"

"Shut your mouth!" Cordelia yelled, her hand flashing out, but before she contacted with Faith's face her hand was caught in a vice like grip.

"Hit a nerve did I?" Faith continued, using her grip on Cordelia's arm to bring the other woman closer to her, their faces now only inches apart. "Perhaps regretting letting some of those guy's feel you up?"

"We're not all like you." Cordelia spat, while making a futile attempt to struggle free of the restraining hand. "Not everyone lets themselves be used all over town."

Faith let go of Cordelia's arm and stepped back a pace. "Nobody uses me Cordelia." She whispered in a voice deep with fury. "I use them, understand?"

The sarcastic reply died on Cordelia's lips when she looked into Faith's cold and distant eyes. "Okay Faith, whatever you say."

"Good." After a few tense moments the two continued walking. "So come on C, what are you really doing back here?"

Cordelia's sigh carried down the length of the alley as she realised Faith wasn't about to let this go. "I just needed a little perspective on life, I thought coming back here would provide it."

"And has it?"

"I dunno, maybe." Cordelia admitted, feeling foolish. "So why are you here?"

"Escaped from prison and needed a place to crash." Faith replied with a smirk.

Cordelia just stopped and stared, the reports she'd received from Willow the last time Faith hit Sunnydale hadn't been pleasant and she wondered what mayhem the psycho slayer could have caused this time. "What have you done?" It wasn't subtle, but then neither was Cordelia and the weeks it had taken for the Faith inflicted bruise to fade after their last encounter made her all the more cautious, no matter how Angel argued she'd changed.

"Oh, you know, the usual." Faith offered before striding off towards the bus station.

Uncertain about whether to follow or not Cordelia simple stood and stared at the retreating figure for a few moments, her mind supplying the fact that Faith was looking really good tonight in her tight black jeans and blood red T, before she pushed that thought away and began following Faith. "Wait up."

"For you Queen C, anything." Faith replied with a wink as she waited for the other girl to catch up.

"Well how about telling me what you've really been doing here?" Cordelia questioned, while at the same time wondering why she didn't just get to the nearest phone and call Buffy to come deal with the other slayer.

Faith thought for a moment, she was enjoying playing with Cordelia and didn't see any harm in prolonging it a little. "What's in it for me?"

"What do you mean?" Cordelia smelt a trap, but she couldn't be sure.

"I mean what do I get if I tell you?"

Cordelia's brow furrowed, didn't the stupid woman know how a conversation worked, this wasn't a game show, she didn't get prises for each answer. "You don't get anything."

"Then why should I tell you?" Faith's grin grew as she saw the annoyance on Cordelia's face.

"Why not? It's only a simple question." The more Faith messed with her, the more Cordelia wanted to hear the answer and it annoyed the hell out of her that Faith probably realised that.

"Nope, sorry." Faith said lightly. "I get nothing, I tell nothing."

"Fine!" Cordelia carried on walking for a few seconds, Faith happily walking beside her. Then just as they came within sight of the bus station she stopped and with a look of thunder turned to face Faith. "All right, what do you want?"

"Hmm, let me think." Faith once again began walking towards the bus station, appearing for all the world as if she was heavily in thought, when truthfully she already knew exactly what she wanted, she just had to figure out a way to get it. "I want you to be still and quiet for three minutes." Faith answered at last.

"Three minutes? That's no problem it's not as if I don't know when to shut up." Cordelia stopped speaking for a second to properly analyse the request. "Are you trying to say I talk too much?" She demanded.


"Oh, good." Slightly mollified Cordelia couldn't see any harm from agreeing to Faith's demand. "Okay I accept, I'll be still and quiet for three minutes, you can time me."

"Not yet C, the time begins when I say so, not before." Walking into the bus station proper Faith made her way to one of the unoccupied benches and patting the space beside her waited for Cordelia to sit down. "So do you wanna hear about why I'm here or not?"

"Get on with it." Cordelia groused.

"Well, I was inside when B gets word to me about some prophesy or another about needing the two slayers to fight the big bad. So she arranges it with Red to mess with the prisons computers and get them to transfer me, at which point I escaped but due to further tampering by Red, they don't know I'm gone." At this Faith flashed a cocky grin, extremely pleased with herself for the great escape.

"So Willow and Buffy busted you out of prison." Cordelia summarised in an attempt to deflate some of Faith's ego. "Then what?"

"Then I get here, we have the big fight, banish the demon and suddenly I'm surplus to requirements again, so I'm heading back to LA and my comfy cell." Faith finished, then seeing Cordelia's frown added. "All the scoobies are alive and well, I even managed to have a civil conversation with Red for a minute or two."

"And you're really going back to prison?" That part seemed totally farfetched to Cordelia.

Faith shrugged. "Why not? There's nothing out here for me, besides I've only another five months to serve them I'm free without having to look over my shoulder every five minutes."

The last bit kind of made sense so Cordelia chose to believe the story.

"Come on C, our bus leaves in five minutes we'd best get the tickets." Faith began pulling Cordelia towards the ticket booth until she ended up standing behind her in the line, hands casually dropping to rest on the swell of Cordelia's hips.

Cordelia could feel Faith's hands settle on the curve of her hips, the warmth of the contact felt good, even while her mind was screaming that it was Faith and she should brush the hands away. She didn't. With Faith any form of contact could be seen as sexual, that was just the type of girl she was but there was a sense of caring to the touch as well, whether it was imagined or real Cordelia wasn't sure. Walking around Sunnydale for the last several hours had brought home to her the loneliness of her existence, Angel and Wesley were great but even with their friendship she sometimes felt as if something important was missing from her life. She wasn't fooling herself that Faith was that something but right at that moment the contact was a welcome relief from being alone.

As Cordelia began talking with the ticket clerk Faith stepped in closer, her body brushing against the other woman's, lips close to the thick brunette hair, breath swaying the dark locks. The stiffening Faith had expected didn't happened, if anything Cordelia seemed to move back into her, head turning slightly towards the hot breath. With little effort Faith could kiss a delicate neck and taste the flawless skin that had enticed many a high school boy, only to be rebuffed. She could be the one to live out many an adolescent's night time fantasies with just one brush of her lips. She didn't.

Cordelia's head turned a fraction, prompting Faith's heart to speed up with the anticipation of a kiss. "It's your turn." Cordelia informed, "do you have enough money?"

Faith blinked, her mouth suddenly dry, "I, yeah sure, C." Dropping her eyes to the floor Faith started to root around in her pockets for the money Giles had given her for the trip. Out of her periphery vision she could see Cordelia walk off in the direction of their bus terminal, the stride purposeful, composed and sensual enough to entice all she passed, just as she remembered. Faith cursed herself for acting like some lovesick idiot, all she wanted was a piece of skirt not the romance of the century but one sign that Cordelia might actually welcome her advances, without some elaborate set up, had her hopes soaring for something more than a quick fuck. "Screw her!" Faith cursed, turning to follow Cordelia.

Cordelia looked up as Faith approached, the dark slayer had a scowl on her face, fists clenched at her sides. "What's wrong?" Looking back Cordelia tried to work out what could have upset Faith in the three minutes they'd been apart, but there was no sign of vampires, demons or cops.


Working for a brooding vampire had taught Cordelia many things, one of which was when asking questions would be pointless. "We can board in five minutes according to the scruffy little man chain smoking in the corner."

Faith looked towards where Cordelia indicated, the former cheerleader's sneer of distaste bringing a tiny smile to her lips. "Oh, you mean the driver."

"He's the driver?" The sneer turned to a look of pure horror. "Have you seen how he's holding that cigarette? His hands are shaking so badly he's dropped the thing twice already."

"You're not afraid, are you Cordy?" Faith's tiny smile was turning into a full blown grin as she witnessed Cordelia's discomfort.

Standing up Cordelia glared at Faith, her confused feelings about the dark slayer disappearing in a flash of anger. "I'd have to be a brainless moron not to be apprehensive about that decrepit old fart driving us across the state in a ten ton death machine."

Faith chuckled, earning herself another hard glare from Cordelia. "Well, then I guess you'll be waiting four hours for the next bus to come along?"

"Four hours?" Shaking her head Cordelia stormed past Faith and headed for the main ticket booth.

Believing herself destined for a solitary ride, Faith boarded the bus after the shaking man coughed out a barely recognisable order to board. On passing the scruffy little man the dark slayer did have to admit that Cordelia had a point, the guy looked as if he was suffering through the beginning stages of alcohol withdrawal. It would be a miracle if they made it back to LA in one piece.

Grumbling under her breath, Cordelia, made her way down the aisle of the bus, checking each row of seats for the annoying slayer. Her temper only getting worse as she was forced to the back of the monstrosity to find Faith slouching on the back seat. "Typical, I bet you sat in the back of the class at school too." Cordelia threw herself into the seat next to Faith. "If you ever went to school that is."

"So nice of you to join us, Ms Chase." Faith drawled. "Did they get the driver onto a twelve step program already?"

"Shut up." Crossing her arms Cordelia tried to ignore Faith's smirk, with little success. "Some of us have lives to get back to, I don't have the time to waste sitting around here."

"Whatever you say." The smirk remained, prompting Cordelia to turn her back and face the seats across the aisle.

Those seats happened to be occupied by two men, the youngest around nineteen, his companion somewhere in his early forties. Feeling Cordelia, turn in their direction, the older of the two nudged his companion and motioned with his head towards the young women. "Hi there sweet thing, are you going all the way?" The younger one snickered at the lousy pun.

In that second Cordelia had to decided whether to talk with the leering men, or turn and speak with Faith. The men seemed the lesser of two evils, at least she knew how to deal with horny guys. "I'm headed to LA, if that's what you mean."

"Are you an actress?" The younger one piped up. "You're pretty enough to be one of those soap stars." He gushed.

"Erm, thank you." Cordelia was a woman comfortable with compliments but for some reason she couldn't fathom, she didn't want Faith to overhear this buffoon fawning all over her. "Are you both headed to LA?" She asked to change the subject.

"Sure are." The elder one said. "I'm Jake, the youngster here is Jamie." He held out a muscular arm, his beefy paw swallowing Cordelia's slight digits as she reluctantly shook his hand.

"Cordelia." She admitted, the name forced from her lips.

"And I'm Faith." A cheery voice butted in, just as the dark slayer leaned forward extending her hand towards a leering Jake, her other arm snaking around Cordelia's shoulders.

"Hello, Faith." Jake's leer was becoming a permanent fixture, his eyes dancing with erotic scenarios as he turned to share a 'thank you god' look with his young friend. "So, are you headed to LA too?"

"Sure am." As Jake released her hand, Faith let it drop to rest on Cordelia's thigh, her little finger sneaking under the hem of the black skirt. "Wherever my baby goes, I go."

"What!" Cordelia demanded, her tone deceptively quiet, not wanting to get into a fight in front of the two men.

"Really?" Asked Jamie, his eyes wide with sudden interest, while Jake merely licked his lips in an unconscious gesture of desire.

"Of course, I mean would you let someone like her out of your sight?" Faith asked, deciding to play with these men for a little, especially if it meant rattling Cordelia.

Jamie shook his head, speech for the moment impossible. Jake had no such problems. "So tell me Faith, how would you girls feel about a little fun when we get to LA?"

"Fun?" Faith's voice was light, laughter barely kept at bay as she felt Cordelia tense with fury.

"Yeah, you know?" Seeing Faith's look of studied bewilderment and Cordelia's stony regard he tried to think of a polite, yet succinct, way to elaborate. "I thought the four of us could get a room somewhere, have a few drinks, maybe some dancing and then, well, just see what happens?"

"What happens?" Faith looked to Cordelia, realising she was going to blow at any second and that her teasing had reached its limits. "I don't think so."

"Aww, come on babe, it'll be fun." Jake coaxed, sure Faith was only playing hard to get.

"She said no!" Cordelia hissed, then standing up she shook Faith's arm from her shoulder and barged past the two men and towards an empty seat half way down the aisle.

"Cordy?" Faith called to the retreating back, with absolutely no response.

Jake laughed. "Looks like someone's in for a lonely night." He sneered. "So, how about me and the boy show you what you've been missing?"

Faith spared him a withering glance. "From what I can see, I haven't missed much." Standing she made to pass the two men, but a hand shot out and wrapped itself around her upper arm, squeezing painfully.

"I don't much care for your tone, Faith." The name was spat in contempt, the older man deciding to teach the girl some manners.

With a quick twist of her arm Faith released his grip, then bringing her hand up jabbed a finger into his neck, pressing heavily on his jugular. "Yeah? Well I don't care too much for your face, but I'm willing to let it slide, for now. Just keep your thoughts and hands to yourself, okay?"

"Okay." He croaked.

Faith took her hand from his throat. "Damn, I really wanted to try out that Xena move." With a wink to Jamie she wandered down the aisle in search of Cordelia. The ex-cheerleader sat with her back turned to the aisle, her unfocused gaze resting on the darkened images that pervaded the large window. Faith hesitated before sitting next to her, not sure if she'd receive a slap or studied indifference from the sometimes volatile brunette. "Look C, I didn't mean anything back there, I was just playing with those guys." There was no response. "I know I shouldn't have made out like we was erm, well you know, screwing, but..." Faith's words trailed off, her reasons unclear even to herself.

"But what?" Cordelia demanded, turning to stare at Faith. "You just thought that would be one more way to humiliate me?"

"No!" The fire in Cordelia's eyes ignited Faith's own. "Hell, you should think yourself lucky, there are plenty of people who would kill to get a piece of me. Literally."

Cordelia's eyes raked over Faith's body, hiding the interest she was dismayed to find she still possessed. "They might fight over the pleasure of killing you, but I doubt anyone would waste the energy chasing after your scrawny hide."

"Scrawny!" Faith's voice rose, attracting the attention of those around them. "What are you looking at?" She shouted at the older woman across the aisle, prompting the woman to relocate to the front of the bus. "I am not scrawny." She hissed.

Cordelia simply let her eyes wander disappointedly over Faith's body, before with a bored tone adding. "If it'll make you feel better, I'm sure I can come up with another word to describe you, even though scrawny does fit so well."

"You bitch." Incensed, Faith reached for the hem of her T-shirt and began to pull the material up her body, revealing a toned and smooth abdomen along the way. "Does this look scrawny to you? Huh! Does it?"

"Faith! For god's sake stop that!" Cheeks aflame with embarrassment, not to mention a healthy dose of desire, Cordelia reached to try and stop the dark slayer from fully removing her top. The sight of full breasts straining in the silky confines of a black bra had a disastrous effect on Cordelia's co-ordination, her hands fumbling in their attempt to grasp the top and inadvertently brushing across delicate skin. "Please Faith, don't." She finally begged, sure all eyes on the bus were directed towards them.

The T-shirt still raised to display her chest, a smug smile crossed Faith's lips. "Okay, just say it. Say I'm not scrawny."

"Fine, you're not scrawny." Cordelia huffed.

The top lowered a few inches. "And that plenty of people would want my, non-scrawny hide." Faith added, starting to enjoy herself.

Cordelia just glared at her until the T-shirt once again began to rise. "Okay, plenty of people want you."

The top fell back into its usual place as Faith moved slightly closer to Cordelia, her lips accidentally brushing the side of the startled girls face as she whispered "Including you?"

Cordelia's eyes closed of their own accord, her heart rate increasing as she waiting for Faith to follow through the question with a kiss. She didn't. Turning towards the other girl, she opened her eyes to see Faith patiently waiting for an answer, no sign of her usual bravado. The look confused Cordelia, it was as if the answer was actually important to Faith, not just another in a long line of games she played to amuse herself. Should she tell the truth and risk being mocked by the more experienced girl? The lust that Faith inspired was new and totally unwelcome, she didn't want to notice how good she looked in those tight black jeans, or how nice she smelt sitting so close. It was a temporary infatuation brought on by loneliness, nothing more, but the truth was she did want Faith, but there was no way she'd tell the dark slayer that. "In your dreams Faith."

"Oh, you are." Faith promised, a sadness descending until she noticed the look that belied Cordelia's words.

As the bus continued its journey, the two girls fell silent, each lost in their own thoughts, a surprising number of which focused on each other. Faith's thoughts eventually turned to her prison cell and the five months of near solitude she would face when they reached LA. The decision to cut herself off from the norm of prison life had seemed a necessary one, she needed time to come to terms with what she'd done and associating all day with killers and thieves didn't seem like an ideal way to structure her repentance. Faith was a survivor, if pushed she'd fight back with more force and conviction than any of the other prisoners could muster, but she was fed up of fighting, of killing, so she'd cut herself off. With her solitude came loneliness, but it wasn't a new feeling, she'd always been alone in one way or another and she'd cope with that as she always had. Turning to observe Cordelia's closed eyes and peaceful face, Faith realised that it hadn't just been the sight of a pretty woman and the far distant chance of a much needed role in the hay, that had prompted her to approach Cordelia in the alley, she'd wanted company, someone she could just be herself with. A smile graced Faith's full lips, from the way their time had gone so far it appeared her true self was a horny little devil who loved to tease.

Opening her eyes Cordelia was met with a vision of Faith smiling fondly at her, it had an unnerving effect. "What are you grinning at?"

"Hmm?" Faith's smile faded a little, but didn't altogether leave. "Nothing, I was just thinking."

"Well.." Cordelia shifted uncomfortably in her seat, the sight of warm brown eyes softly caressing her face, was having a disquieting effect, prompting a sarcastic reply that would hopefully free her from those exquisite eyes. "That'll make a refreshing change."

Faith just smiled, her eyes never leaving the beautiful face she was only now beginning to truly appreciate. Her fingers itched to reach out and touch the precious skin, tracing a path from jaw line to luscious lips before snaking behind Cordelia's elegant neck to pull them closer together, close enough for their lips to touch...

"Faith?" Cordelia poked the other girl in the arm, suddenly worried by the far off look that had overtaken her face. "Are you okay?"

Her eyes refocused, Faith couldn't be sure if she'd really kissed those delicate lips or not, the fact Cordelia was sitting there with a concerned and not homicidal look on her face, pointed to the fact she hadn't. "Five by five." Came the reply, almost an automatic response and no where near the truth, whatever that was.


"C, Cordelia," Faith began hesitantly, "I suppose you're, like, ultra busy in LA, what with the acting and Angel stuff and all?" Inside Faith cursed herself for even bringing the subject up, she knew a rejection was all she'd get but she couldn't stop the tiny fragment of hope that prompted the question.

Cordelia's brow furrowed as she tried to work out what Faith could be leading up to, not wanting to walk into another trap. "It takes up a lot of time, yeah."

"Oh, well..." Faith bit her lip, her studied bravado gone, "never mind."

Cordelia turned in her seat to fully face the embarrassed slayer, 'since when did Faith get embarrassed over anything?' Cordelia wondered, fuelling her already voracious need to know just what the other girl had been about to say. "Never mind what? Come on Faith, you can't leave a sentence hanging like that."

"It doesn't matter" Faith grumbled.

Cordelia's hand shot out into the air in a sign of barely suppressed annoyance. "Hello! Woman here needing answers." A finger found its way to poke Faith in the chest. "Tell me!"

Brushing the finger aside, Faith made as if to rub at an imaginary bruise. "Hey! You'd better watch it there butch, throwing your weight around like that, you'll get a reputation."

"Ha ha." The offending digit began to wave just in front of Faith's nose. "You're not getting out of it that easily...give."

Faith shrugged, trying to mask the importance of her question and take some of the sting from the rejection she knew would follow. "I just wondered if you'd come and visit me...in prison."

"Me?" Cordelia was shocked at Faith's simple nod, why would the dark slayer want her to visit? "Why?"

"I..." Faith stared at Cordelia, fed up with her own cowardice. "I like you Cordelia...I'm not sure why, I mean when I started to like you, but I do. You're sharp, beautiful, brave and don't let people take advantage of you, I like that. I like you."

Butterflies invaded Cordelia's stomach, not sure whether to believe the other woman. "You do?"

"Yeah." Faith could see the disbelief, she didn't blame Cordelia for not believing her, she wasn't even sure of why she was saying all this herself. "I'm not gonna lie and say I wouldn't like to jump you, cos given the chance I'd have you on your back and screaming in a heartbeat." Here Faith gave a patented leer, prompting a scowl from her blushing companion. "But, what I really need is a friend, someone who'll be honest with me and not afraid to tell me I'm acting like a bitch. I know we were never really friends, but...I just thought, maybe..."

"What's in it for me?" Cordelia interrupted, the slight smile on her face belying the mercenary nature of the words.

Faith's brow furrowed until she remembered asking the exact same question a few hour before, a smile touching her lips as she began to hope that at least Cordelia wasn't laughing at her request. "What do you want?"

"Three minutes.." Cordelia smiled, "of silence.." The smile got bigger, "and no moving."

Faith flashed back to what she'd planned on doing during her three minutes of uninterrupted Cordelia, but she doubted the ex-cheerleader would have the same instinct to run her hands freely across Faith's delicate skin. Not that she'd planned on molesting the other girl, just teasing her a little in the hopes of getting a response. "Okay, three minutes...and then you'll come visit me?"

"Then I'll visit you." Cordelia confirmed, wondering if bus travel had severely effected her sanity. Looking out the window she was glad to see the lights of LA coming into view, which meant they'd soon be arriving at the bus depot, but it also meant she didn't have long to extract her three minutes. "So, are you ready?"

Faith's eyes had followed Cordelia's gaze out the window and to the lights of LA, confusing her as to whether the question had been about their return or the three minutes of silence. "Ready?"

"For my three minutes." Cordelia explained, her eyes glued to Faith, showing the other woman that they were what was important at the moment, not what was outside.

"Erm, sure thing." The answer was one of indifference, masking the true unease Faith was feeling. "Do you want me to start counting or.."

"Shhhh, no talking." Cordelia reminded, a finger placed delicately against Faith's lips. "This is my time."

Eyes widening in apprehension, Faith began to realise just how much the idea of leaving herself helpless truly terrified her. It wasn't that she thought Cordelia would hurt her and if she tried the stronger slayer could easily rebuff her attempts. No, it was just the thought that someone had control over her, however insubstantial, making her feel young and vulnerable. With a deep breath Faith tried to remind herself this was just a game, a harmless bit of fun but the feelings she'd shared moments before had left her open in ways she seldom experienced, an easy target for a harsh word or cruel intention. It was, she supposed, a matter of trust, whether Cordelia realised it or not. She had asked the other girl to visit her, in essence to be her friend, and now she had to prove that she was worthy.

Having made her request of the three minutes, Cordelia was at a loss of how she wanted to proceed. At first it had just been a case of turn about, making Faith agreed to the same conditions she herself had been force into. Now it seemed something else, the look of apprehension and almost fear in Faith's soul brown eyes had reverberated throughout Cordelia's body, causing her hands to tremble slightly in wonder of the trust the troubled girl was showing her. It wasn't something she would have recognised a few years ago, but time spent with those who guard their hearts and privacy had taught her the measure of real trust, and that was what Faith was offering her tonight.

The moments were ticking by, but Cordelia didn't move or speak, for these precious minutes she let her eyes do all her work. Three minutes of uninterrupted Faith watching, not just a chance to admire the other girls beautifully toned physique, although her look did take in the rounded swell of breasts and shapely thighs, nor even a chance to memorise a face for the first time open and exquisite, lips full and inviting. No, the thing Cordelia truly watched were eyes of deepest brown, that seemed to suck her in with their intensity, while cradling her in their warm embrace. These were not the eyes of a killer, a psycho bent of causing havoc, these were the eyes of a lonely and troubled young woman who desperately wanted to belong. They were eyes that Cordelia could fall in love with, if only she could get Faith to permanently let down her guard and be her true self.

Faith had sat perfectly still, watching Cordelia's gaze roam across her body in a way that fuelled her confidence, not to mention her libido. Then after a few seconds the look had changed, eyes had found hers and the shock of being so exposed almost made her look away. This one look was some how more personal, more intense than even the most intimate caresses, its effect on her body more powerful than a thousand kisses. It wasn't that the look was sexual, their was no hint of desire or lust in the gaze, but there was a need, one so strong it almost forced Faith to shy away from the look. The need to be let in, a demand to show who she really was for perhaps the first time in her adult life, and it scared the hell out of Faith, while at the same time compelling her to meet its demands.

Something in Faith's eyes signal a change, an acceptance that had been missing before, and with it a smile tugged at the corners of Cordelia's lips. She could feel her heart rate increase and cheeks flush with embarrassment or arousal, she couldn't tell which. At any moment she thought one of the other passengers would scream at them for such a naked display of emotions, a public demonstration of such unbridled feeling. Without conscious thought Cordelia began to move forward, her eyes still fixed on those of the other girl as their lips drew nearer. Inch by slow agonising inch, Cordelia came closer, looking for rejection or smug satisfaction to pass across those expressing orbs. All she saw was acceptance, hope and a large measure of fear.

Finally lips brushed in a touch too brief to even be called a kiss, but with that one fleeting touch something changed, something new was sparked to life in the hearts of two very different but very similar young women. It wasn't something either would have known how to explain, or even be willing to acknowledge but it was there. As if a signal had been given two sets of eyes closed, the searching over, touch all that was left to explore. Moving together the contact was soft and welcoming as they slowly began to explore the delicate feel of each others lips. The touch still light and achingly tender, producing a purr of pure delight to mingle with the kiss, its owner impossible to judge. Needing more, Cordelia brought her hand to rest against a porcelain cheek, her thump lovingly caressing the smooth skin as she deepened the kiss.

Faith could feel the hand gentle cup her face, the gesture one of the most caring she could remember. Then a tongue hesitantly brushed her lower lip, forcing a groan from deep in her chest and an open invitation for Cordelia to explore. Warm velvety softness invaded her, its touch welcomed with a caress of her own, tongues in a mutual dance of exploration and passion. Faith's hand reached up to gently caress Cordelia's face, mirroring the touch on her own skin.

Breaking the kiss for air, Cordelia smiled at the flushed slayer, her eyes closing as Faith brushed her fingers across the sensitive skin of her cheek. "I thought the deal was no moving?" Cordelia asked on a sigh, the dancing light of her eyes making her appreciation of the touch obvious.

Faith's smile matched Cordelia's before she leaned forward once more to capture kiss bruised lips in one more embrace. "Your three minutes were up." The dark slayer explained breathlessly, a small smile capturing her lips as a memory came to her. "I, however, still have my three minutes." Cordelia's puzzled look was met with a small chuckle. "For telling you why I was in Sunnydale, you didn't think I'd forget, did you?"

Cordelia shook her head, the smile on her face one of anticipation and also a little unease. She wanted Faith so badly right then, but she was afraid that if the other girl turned this into nothing more than a seduction, the closeness they'd managed to gain would be lost. Unfortunately that didn't stop her body from screaming out for Faith's touch, or her hands from taking hold of Faith's head and pulling them together for another heated kiss.

The bus jerked forcefully, renting the two women's mouths apart as they were both forced to grab for something to hold to stop them sliding out of their seats. From the muttered curses they weren't the only ones taken off guard by the vehicles rapid stop. A cough sounded from the front of the bus, followed by several barely discernible words spoken in haste as the driver abandoned his charges for the outside. "I think that means we've arrived." Faith shared with a confused looking Cordelia, lifting her hand to wipe away the smudges of lipstick from the other girls mouth. Cordelia just nodded, unsure of exactly where that left them or what she wanted to happen.

As the two women prepared to leave Jake and his young and embarrassed friend passed them in the aisle. The gruff look on the older man's face pointing to the fact he had missed seeing the kiss and the opportunity it provided for more leering or suggestions. The younger man eventually looked up, his smile one of apology for his friend and flustered appreciation of Cordelia's beauty.

"Looks like you've captured another heart." Faith whispered, whether she meant Jamie or herself she didn't say, but Cordelia hoped it was the latter.

Moving down the aisle and towards the door, Faith once again let her hands rest on Cordelia's hips, although this time she wasn't expecting them to be rebuffed. Her fingers made slow circular motions on the dark material, causing the already heated flesh underneath to burn with arousal. It was then the reality of the situation really hit Faith. Once outside she could, with little or no effort take Cordelia to bed, where they could proceed to fuck all night long, until she had to leave for prison in the morning, but could she do that? The idea of sex seemed so hollow and un-fulfilling, what she really wanted was to make love to this woman, to hold her through the night in a way she'd never experienced before. But if that happen the thought of leaving it all behind to go back to prison would be unbearable. Faith sighed, wondering what had suddenly happened to her motto to 'get some and get gone'?

As the sigh reached her ears Cordelia turned and smiled reassuringly at Faith, her attention only diverted from the slayer as she had to traverse the steps out of the bus. It was then she was met by the surprised faces of Angel and Wesley, who exchanged questioning looks before stepping forward to meet her.

"Cordelia." Angel greeted. "We were looking for.. Faith." His final word turning into another greeting as he spied the other girl alighting from the bus.

"Angel." Faith acknowledged, before looking towards Cordelia for an explanation, the former cheerleader simply shrugged, the small frown that marred her face evidence that the men's sudden appearance was as unexpected to her as Faith. "What you doing here?" The slayer probed, her tone harsh as she foresaw all her fantasies of the night going up in smoke.

"Giles called. He and Buffy thought you might need some help getting back to prison safely." Seeing an angry look settle across Faith's eyes he hastily continued. "They had Willow hack back into the prison computers and give you an open ended extension." He was then met with two sets of confused eyes as both brunettes scrutinised him. "Realistically that means you can have up to a week before we have to get you back...they both just wanted to let you know you had some more time and friends to spend it with."

Faith nodded. Looking at Cordelia she let a half smile travel across her lips before it vanished in a tidal wave of decision. "I think I'll go back now, if it's all the same to you."

Angel looked mildly surprised, Wesley opened his mouth as if to say something but then thought better of it and remained silent. Cordelia felt a flash of annoyance engulf her before she looked at Faith, the caring she witnessed there enough to dampen all the fears that had prompted her anger. She wasn't sure why Faith was leaving so soon, but on reflection knew it was probably the best thing for them both. "Be safe." Was all she said, turning to walk towards the exit.

"You'll visit?" Faith asked in a small voice.

The smile on Cordelia's face was for Faith alone and it stole the young slayers breath away. "I promised didn't I?" With that she was gone.

Angel and Wesley focused equally puzzled looks on Faith, before the Englishman found his curiosity getting the better of him and his still palpable unease in the dark slayers company. "How is it that you and Cordelia were travelling together?"

Faith smirked, she had been about to say 'fate' but realised such an answer coming from her would have been out of character, not to mention sappy. So she just shrugged. "Just got on the same bus, no biggie." And with an impatient look she led the others towards Angel's car and the Los Angeles Women's Correctional Facility.

The End

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