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Chosen 4 U
By The Datajunkie


The vampire screamed in agony as his face and upper body were engulfed in holy water. The steady stream continued to assault its victim until the flesh, muscles and finally bone were dissolved. After a certain point, the undead form had lost enough of its head that it simply exploded into dust.

Buffy released the trigger on her pump-action water gun and smiled at the results. "Not bad." She turned back to her handmaidens. "A bit high on the ick scale but it was definitely different." She handed the now empty weapon to Willow and took the bottle of drinking water that Tara offered her.

Willow refilled the 'Dreaded Drencher 9000' from a gallon jug, knowing that Buffy was enjoying herself. Which was good because the Slayer hadn't been lately.

Since Faith had moved to Cleveland and Kennedy had gone off to Europe, the oldest Slayer this century had been more than a little depressed. Willow handed the weapon back to Buffy. "Tara's leading another one this way."

Buffy smiled and primed the weapon. "Then by all means, let's go 'save' the damsel in distress."

Buffy sat in the courtyard, staring at the remains of her sparing pells. Xander's decision to go with Fred to Cleveland, had left no one to repair and replace her equipment. More so, Buffy found herself missing the young man. She tossed the stake in her hands aside and got to her feet. Maybe a few rounds with the punching bag would help.

Willow watched the Chosen from the balcony outside her room and sighed. "I really hope your surprise gets here soon, Tara. I hate seeing Buffy like this."

Tara came up behind the witch and slid her arms around her. "Sometime today I think."

"Still not going to tell me what it is?" Willow shivered as soft lips found the spot behind ear. "Mmm."

"Nope." Tara nipped the redhead's earlobe. "Then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore."

"I thought it was for Buffy?"

"If I know the Slayer then this will be something we all will be able to share eventually." Her hands slid under Willow's shirt but then stopped as the faint sound of the doorbell reached them. Willow groaned in frustration. "More later, sweet. I think our mistress's surprise has arrived."

Buffy ignored the sand pouring into the floor from the ruptured punching bag and jogged for the door. She waved a hobgoblin away, happy to answer it herself and perhaps give herself something more interesting to do. She swung the door open and found herself eyelevel with a magnificent pair of breasts, lovingly wrapped in a thin red t-shirt. Tearing her eyes away reluctantly, Buffy lifted her gaze to meet a pair of smiling grey eyes. "H-hi."

Morgan Fitzhugh saw the dazed look in the small blonde's eyes and felt a little grin escape her. "Hello. I'm looking for Buffy Summers. Is she at home?"

Buffy nodded, forcing her eyes to stay above the taller woman's throat. Whoa what a body. Bad Slayer! Eyes up, right now! "I'm Buffy Summers. Can I have you? I, I mean can I help you?" Get a grip Slayer! Her libido immediately chimed in, yeah and look, there's a couple of nifty things to grab onto.

Morgan was surprised but she hid it well. This was the Slayer? I thought she'd be taller. "I'm Morgan Fitzhugh." She held out her hand. "I'm here to apply for the position of Fixer."

From their vantage point at the top of the stairs, Willow and Tara watched the scene below. Willow snickered at the Slayer's stunned expression. "Tara, you are sooo bad!" she whispered.

"Well I guarantee she's not depressed anymore."

Buffy cleared her throat. "Fixer? How did you find out…"

Morgan glanced up the stairway and spotted the woman that had approached her. "Ms. McClay asked me if I would be interested in the job."

Buffy spun around and stared at her Second. "Reeaally." She saw Tara blush and vowed that she was going to reward her tonight until the blonde witch was unconscious. She turned back to the newcomer and realized that she was still standing outside. "I'm sorry. Please come in."

The taller woman stepped inside and Buffy closed the door, leaning back against it. Mine now! She wasn't aware of her hand turning the lock behind her. Buffy pulled herself together and motioned towards her office. "We can talk in my office. Last door on the right." She watched the long dark braid swing gently across Morgan's back, ending just above an imminently edible ass and shot Tara a look as she bit her knuckle. Have mercy! She mouthed.

Willow and Tara were trying hard to stifle their laughter.

Buffy braced herself and followed her new Fixer into her office.

Once behind her desk, Buffy felt a little more in control. "Can I offer you something? Coffee? Iced tea?" Multiple orgasms?

"Iced tea if it's not too much trouble."

"Not at all." Buffy spoke to someone standing behind Morgan, making her turn. Morgan froze as she came face to face with her first hobgoblin. The small creature bowed slightly in Buffy's direction and then slipped out the door so quickly that Morgan wasn't sure what she had seen. She looked back to the Slayer. "Um. Interesting."

Buffy leaned forward and tapped the surface of her desk with a small silver dagger. "I'm not sure how much Tara told you about all this so I'll just start at the beginning. I'm a Slayer. I fight vampires, demons, general evil, etc. Sucky job but it has a few perks." She paused as one of the creatures returned with a tray and sat it on the edge of her desk. "Thanks." He vanished again and Buffy continued as she filled two glasses. "The hobgoblins fall into a grey area. Not really evil enough to warrant killing. Centuries ago the goblins and the Slayers formed a kind of partnership. Weird, but it works."

She handed Morgan her glass. "Anyway, as my Fixer you'd be required to fix stuff. Funny that, huh? Things get broke a lot around here and sometimes I need some special pieces constructed." Buffy opened a drawer on her desk and pulled out a stake. "Like these. I go through a couple of dozen of these every month. Not to mention crossbow bolts. There's also maintaining the training grounds." She took her glass and stepped toward the door. "Follow me." She slipped outside and wandered over to the nearest training dummy. Or rather, the remains. "I tend to go all out when I train."

Morgan eyed the various piles of splintered wood that littered the courtyard. "I can see that." Wonder if you go all out at other things? "So you really do need a 'Fixer.' One question though: do Fixers fight?" She had no problem with the idea of fighting the kinds of evil they were talking about but she wanted to know exactly what was expected of her if she took the job. Besides, six years in the Army had to have some kind of use didn't it?

Buffy shook her head. "Not at all. Your job, if you want it that is, is simply to repair stuff that gets broke. That's it." She strode across the yard and through a door.

Morgan followed and was rewarded with her favorite smells of sawdust and machine oil. She ran her hand along one of the large work tables and smiled widely at the neat rows of tools lining the walls. "This is fantastic!" Morgan spotted the full lumber rack at the back of the woodshop and nodded happily. "It's a wonderful setup."

"My previous Fixer designed it."

Buffy was unaware of the wistful note in her voice, but Morgan heard it. "What happened to him?"

"Oh he fell for the Watcher of another Slayer and followed her to Cleveland."

"How many Slayers are there?"

"Right now, there are three, but that's not supposed to happen. Usually there's just one at a time."

"One lone person to fight all the evil in the world? That sucks."

Buffy agreed. "Yep but that's the way it's been since, well, since there's been slayers I guess. So, what do you think? Can you handle the job?"

Morgan heard the challenging tone in the blonde's voice and couldn't help but respond. "Oh I think I handle anything you care to throw at me."

She was disconcerted to see a gleam of what could only be lust rise in the Slayer's eyes. Despite her advantage in size, Morgan felt a shiver sweep through her.

"I'm very glad to hear that, Morgan."

Morgan blinked and opened her mouth but no words came out. Willow snickered and jumped up onto the bed. "See? Xander put some metal plates in but the whole thing broke away. Can you do something with it?"

Closing her mouth with a snap, Morgan took out her tape measurer and approached the huge bed. "I'll figure something out." She knelt and measured the clearance from the floor to the bottom of the bed, then the length and width. Jotting them down in her notebook, she absently asked. "Do you still want the tall bed posts?" She glanced up and froze.

Willow was crawling across the wide expanse and Morgan felt her heart thud into her throat as the redhead reached out and picked up a thick chain that was lying in the tangle of covers. Willow swung the shackle in a short circle and pretended to think about that. "Oh I think we need the tall bed posts." She found the other end of the chain and held out the broken fastener to the new Fixer. "But is there anyway to make them stronger? The chains keep tearing loose." Willow's expression was earnest and innocent, but her eyes were anything but.

Morgan swallowed and nodded. "I'll see what I can do."

Willow dropped the chain and bounced off the bed. "Great. There's also a problem with the shackles in the hot tub."

Morgan ignored the low heat that was burning in her gut and followed the eager girl. Obviously the Slayer went 'all out' at everything she did.

Morgan sorted through the stacks of wood, unhappy with her choices. She remembered the broken headboard and shook her head. "There's no wood strong enough to take that kind of abuse."

Sitting back down at the drafting desk, Morgan began to doodle. What a strange place this was. A strong sweep of her pencil turned into the curve of a wing. The hardest thing that she had had to adjust to in the last week was the strange schedule that the Slayer kept. She had found herself doing most of her repairs in the evening, after the trio had gone out for their nightly patrol. Buffy tended to get grumpy if she began hammering earlier than 1 in the afternoon. Morgan smiled as the memory of an irate and naked Slayer stomping into the courtyard filled her mind. "She really didn't see the humor in it." A few strokes finished the lion's head and she looked at what she had drawn. Buffy's fierce defense of her Handmaidens reminded Morgan strongly of a lioness.

She had been about to turn in after a full night of work when she heard Buffy's truck return. She wandered out to say hello and to see if there was anything urgent she needed to do.

Buffy hopped out of the truck and went to meet Morgan, leaving the others to follow at their leisure. "Hey Morgan. What's up?"

"I got the door repaired in the training room and I thought I'd see if you nee-." Morgan broke off as she saw something crawl from under the truck and rise behind the two witches. "Buffy!"

Buffy spun around in time to see the vampire grab Tara and an inhuman sound escaped her. Morgan swore that she never saw her move. One second she was beside her and the next she was beside Tara. The vampire's head snapped back with the force of Buffy's kick and then she was on the demon, her fists pounding into the creature's skull. "You sonofabitch! How dare you touch my Handmaiden!"

The rhythmic smack of wet meat filled the dawn air until Buffy grew bored. Then she dragged the vampire up and threw him against the front door of the mansion. Stakes appeared in her hands and the vampire screamed as she pinned his legs and arms to the door. Buffy smacked his bloody face and pointed to the lightening horizon. "Worst mistake of your pathetic undead life."

They had stood there and watched the vampire struggle to escape as the sun began its timeless journey once again. As the first rays of morning touched the evil creature, he howled in agony. Within seconds the vampire was engulfed in the purifying flames of the day. He burst into dust and Morgan stared at the deep scorching now marring the door a moment before flipping open her notebook. "Okay. Repair, sand and repaint front door."

Morgan was still shaken by the display but Willow had been quick to remind her that what had burned away that morning was not human. Morgan looked down and smiled as she realized how she could fix the problems with the bed. She wrote out her materials list and then headed for the long bed pickup that was provided for the resident Fixer. This was going to blow the Slayer's mind.

Buffy climbed out of the truck and immediately dropped to her belly, her flashlight sweeping the underside of her truck. She then got up and checked the roof and the back. Willow and Tara said nothing as she did this, knowing the slayer was still berating herself for the incident with the vampire a few weeks ago.

Satisfied that they had brought nothing back with them, Buffy turned and followed her wives into the house. She pulled her armor off and tossed it into a pile, not waiting for Willow and Tara to help her. They watched the slayer's automatic motions and were concerned.

Buffy rubbed the back of her neck and muttered, "I'm going to skip the post-slayage treats tonight. You guys get something to eat and I'll meet you upstairs."

Now they were seriously worried. Willow started to reach for the slayer as she went past but Tara stopped her and shook her head. 'Not now', she mouthed and then followed Buffy upstairs. As they reached the bedroom they heard her gasp of surprise.

They looked past Buffy and then gasped themselves.

The large wooden bed frame had been replaced. The stern gaze of a lion stared at them from the foot of the bed where the creature sat. Black metal wings swept upward, their tips almost touching the ceiling and their width curving back to enclose part of the bed. Buffy stepped closer, her hand reaching out to touch the cool metal of the new frame. Moving around the side, she stopped again as she took in the headboard. Another winged lion sat perched atop a metal ledge, its wings stretching forward to almost touch the front pair.

Willow spotted the chains hanging inside the curves of the wings and took one, tugging the shackle from its hiding place beside the creature's back. "Wow."

Buffy nodded, still not speaking, she climbed onto the bed and looked closer at the lion head. Hidden within the curls of mane were several rings and from her new vantage point she could see the round drawer pulls in the ledge. She tugged one open and grinned. The inside was lined with a deep green velvet and several of their 'toys' had been carefully arranged. Buffy slid the drawer closed and turned to Tara. "Have I thanked you for my new Fixer Tara?" The handmaidens were thrilled to see the spark that had been missing from the Slayer's eyes.

Tara blushed. "Several times."

Buffy shook her head. "I think I'm going to be thanking you for a long time to come." She ran her hand along the lion's muzzle and grinned. "Yeah. A really long time."

Morgan dropped into the chair in front of Willow's desk shook her head. "Am I missing something?"

Willow marked the place in the journal she had been updating and closed it. "How do you mean?"



"Right." Morgan leaned closer. "Did I completely misread the signals I got from her that first day?"

"No. She was practically drooling."

"I thought so. But…. What happened?"

"She's afraid." They turned to see Tara standing in the doorway.

Willow was indignant on the Slayer's behalf. "Buffy's not afraid of anything."

Tara sent her a chiding look. "You know better." She stepped fully inside and closed the door. "She's afraid of losing anyone else."

Morgan cleared her throat. "I'm not planning on going anywhere."

"Neither was Kennedy. Or Faith. Or Xander. But they did."

Comprehension dawned and Willow groaned. "Of course. If she let's anyone else in then..."

"-she opens herself to the risk of more pain." Tara finished for her. The blonde perched on the edge of the desk and smiled down at Morgan. "Believe me Morgan. She's very interested in you and not just physically."

Snapping her fingers, Willow nodded. "If she didn't feel anything more then she would have already taken you. But it's more than that."

Disconcerted at the image of the small slayer 'taking' her, Morgan shook her head. "Well she's a very special lady but nobody 'takes' me."

Incredulous, Willow smirked. "Have you seen Buffy in action? It's kinda of on the impossible side to say no to her."

Morgan remembered the flash of nerves she had felt before with the Chosen one. Uncomfortable, she shifted restlessly. "Then maybe it's best that she's decided to back off, because I'm not about to be taken by anybody."

Tara smiled slowly. "Carefully there. The Slayer will never hesitate to accept a challenge like that." She reached up and tapped the tip of Morgan's nose. "And once she's picked up the gauntlet then there would be no where you could escape her. She would not stop. Ever. Until she had you. Completely."

Morgan felt a tremor sweep through her at the witch's words and in that moment she wanted the Slayer to take up that challenge. To pursue her, to catch her, to… take…her. Morgan shook her head sharply. "You're dangerous."

A quirky half-smile was Tara's only answer.

Willow snickered. "You don't know the half of it." Her own pulse was racing from the blonde witch's words and Willow realized that Jenny's way with words had been passed on to Tara.

Morgan rubbed her forehead and tried to get back on track. "I don't know what I should do though."

Tara sighed. "There's not much you can do. She'll move when she's ready and not before."

"I'm kind of used to being the one that makes the moves. Now I remember why. Waiting sucks large."

Willow shot her a look of sympathy. "Tell me about it."

"Sweetie in your case it was less waiting and more stalking." Tara's dry comment made the redhead blush.

Morgan laughed. "You remind me of a CO I had Tara. All nice and pleasant. On the surface. But the smiles were just pretty wrapping for a lethal skill he had for dissecting you into little bitty pieces and finding all your flaws."

"CO? You were in the military?" This was news to Willow and she looked at Tara in surprise. The blonde witch just shrugged.

"I was in the Army for six years. Had started my second tour when a rocket ended my career and made rethink where I wanted to go with my life."

Tara blinked. That was news to her.

Morgan suddenly found herself at the center of a very intense interrogation for the rest of the afternoon.

The smells of hot metal and sweat filled the room, making Buffy pause in the doorway and just breathe appreciatively. She watched the spray of sparks arc across the floor as her fixer used the flame of a blow torch to bend a piece of metal to her will. Steel-toed workboots, protected Morgan's feet and thick denim jeans lovingly clung to her long legs, shielding her from the sparks. But Morgan had forgone protecting her upper body in favor of something cooler.

The tank top was pale grey, and a stenciled ARMY logo was stretched over the glorious breasts that had been haunting Buffy's dreams lately. She watched a small trickle of sweat trail down one bicep and swallowed hard as it faithfully traced the line of muscle. Music echoed through the room, and Buffy grinned as she recognized the familiar voice of Melissa Ferrick.

She leaned against the doorframe and continued to watch Morgan work, wondering if she knew she was there. The black goggles reflected the fire she was wielding and effectively hid her eyes.

It was a toss up, thought Morgan as to whether her heart was going to pound out of her chest first or if she was going to drop her torch due to the trembling of her fingers. She tried to focus on her task but that had become almost impossible.

Morgan had seen the Slayer arrive, had debated whether or not to stop and address her, but then that damn song had come on and Morgan had let impulse take over.

Buffy watched as Morgan shut the torch down, tugged her goggles off, and picked up a bottle of water. Oh no. Don't do that.

Morgan held the bottle high and drank slowly, knowing the Slayer was watching her.

The muscles of Morgan's neck rippled as she drank and Buffy felt her body respond hungrily. Nipples hardening. Her core flooding.

Morgan let the water spill over her face and down her shirt, washing the sweat away. The front of the tank top darkened and her nipples tightened into peaks as the cold water touched them. She dropped the empty bottle and turned to meet the Chosen's eyes.

Buffy straightened and moved across the room, her movements sure, her intentions clear. She stopped in front of her fixer and ground out. "Last chance to say no."

Morgan smiled down at the blonde. "What took you so long?"

Enflamed, Buffy reached out and did what she'd been dying to: she gripped the soft material covering Morgan's breasts and ripped it right down the middle. The scraps of cloth were tossed aside and Buffy cupped the heavy globes, taking one stiff tip into her mouth and groaning at the taste.

Morgan clutched at the Slayer's shoulders, trying to keep her balance but her knees weren't cooperating.

As if sensing this, Buffy's arms curled around her waist and eased them to the floor. The sense of the Chosen's great strength shot through Morgan like a lance and she shuddered. My god. She's stronger than I am! Buffy straddled her prey and paused only long enough to yank her own shirt off before leaning forward to press her bare breasts against Morgan's.

The sensation had them both gasping and Buffy caught the taller woman's lower lip with her teeth, toying with it, sucking greedily.

But soon it wasn't enough and Buffy moved away to strip out of the rest of her clothes while Morgan did the same. The blonde tornado swept over Morgan again, pushing her down and this time she lowered her aching core over the tip of one breast. Buffy began to twist and move against her, and Morgan thought she'd lose her mind as her nipple stroked repeatedly against Buffy's clit. "God! That feels…God!"

Buffy slid down and cleaned the juices from the pale flesh, sucking and nipping, her teeth scraping hard enough to make Morgan cry out.

She let her fingers fall to the auburn tangle that lay at the top of the ridiculously long legs and moaned at the wetness. Morgan came up off the floor with a howl as the slayer's fingers took hold of her clit in a firm pinch. "Oh God, Buffy please!"

Buffy growled around the nipple in her mouth and shoved Morgan back down.

right here between your hips

Morgan screamed as the Slayer's smaller hand pushed against her, relentlessly parting her until it was buried inside her completely.

As the clenched fist pumped in and out of her, Morgan began to pant, feeling her release building like a slow wave. It rose, higher and higher and then hung there as Buffy withdrew.

"No! Buffy please!" But Buffy had other plans.

Pushing the long legs wide, Buffy knelt between them and raised Morgan's hips to her mouth. In this way, Morgan could see the slayer's tongue as it burrowed between her nether lips, could see the copious amounts of moisture that her body was producing. Buffy lapped at her like a kitten who'd never tasted cream, relentlessly chasing every drop of arousal, mapping Morgan's cunt with her lips. When the hard point of her tongue pressed against her anus, Morgan screamed again as the world twisted around her into a kaleidoscope of color and sensations. Blood roaring in her ears, Morgan barely felt Buffy's mouth cover her clit, but the strong and sudden suction shoved her back up the wave and then brought it crashing down around her. Overwhelmed, Morgan sank into it and lay there, shuddering helplessly.

Buffy smiled down at the over stimulated woman and reached out to lightly pinch a nipple. Another shudder swept over Morgan and Buffy chuckled darkly. How much more I wonder? She dropped to her hands and knees, and began licking her way up the inside of Morgan's thighs. She veered off for a moment to trace the ridge of scar tissure that curved up one lean thigh. Morgan jerked in response as Buffy's tongue traced the line. Sensitive. Hmm have to remember that. Buffy returned to her original goal and made a mental note to ask her Fixer what had happned.

Morgan made a small whimpering sound that had Buffy's libido roaring. She stiffened the tip of her tongue and pushed against the small nubbin, pleased when Morgan made the sound again. Buffy sank two fingers inside, collecting the sweet juice and then withdrawing to press them against the tightly puckered opening below. She pushed past the initial resistance, determined to possess the dark place.

Morgan felt herself opening, felt her body adjusting to the invasion and then the fingers were twisting and thrusting, probing deeply. "Unh. Please Buffy… I… I can't… no more.."

Buffy smirked. "One more Morgan. One more for me." She ducked her head and began to stab at the oversensitive clit with her tongue again. She felt the muscles in the thighs around her begin to shake and she increased her thrusting, faster and faster.

Morgan felt the muscles in her body begin to shake and she cried out as her entered body seemed to explode, losing what little control she had as she lost consciousness.

Buffy carefully withdrew and stood, lifting the unconscious woman from the wet floor. She turned to find her handmaidens watching from the doorway.

Willow gave in to the strong urge she had to kneel. "Mistress."

Tara was right beside her, head bowed as she too felt the incredible desire to be taken by this woman. "Your pleasure?"

Buffy glanced down and Morgan and then back at her handmaidens. Her eyes were lit with a fire they hadn't seen in a long time. "Let's go upstairs and I'll show you."

Morgan came awake slowly, but she quickly realized several things. One, her arms were above her head. The heavy weight around her wrists wasn't a surprise, nor was the weights around her ankles. But the twin mouths suckling at her breasts had her gasping. She opened her eyes and looked down to see Willow's scarlet hair draped across half her chest, while Tara's golden locks covered the other. The smooth gleam of metal wings above her told her that she was in the Slayer's bed, as if there had been any doubt.

As if conjured by the thought, Buffy appeared beside her. "Good evening Morgan. I've been waiting for you to wake up."

Instantly Morgan tensed, feeling herself flooding. "B-Buffy."

Buffy cocked her head thoughtfully. "In my household… in my bed…. I am usually referred to as mistress."

There was something in Buffy's voice that sent a shiver through her. "I-I'm sorry. Mistress." The word felt odd to say and Buffy smiled as if she could tell.

Buffy moved between Morgan's widespread legs and for the first time, Morgan saw what she was wearing. The fixer paled. "B…Mistress?"

Buffy smiled down at her reassuringly. "Don't worry Morgan. I'm sure you can handle it." She stroked the length of the dildo strapped between her legs and then touched the smaller, thinner one below it. "There just something about you that makes me want to possess you totally…. Still haven't figured out what it is." She shrugged and lowered herself to her captive.

Morgan was tugging against the restraints, not noticing the metal cutting into her wrists. Willow produced a bottle of clear liquid and squirted some into her hand, warming it slightly before she slid her slick fingers between Morgan's legs. Agile fingers probed and teased her, readying her for Buffy's advance. Tara bit the nipple between her teeth, making Morgan cry out and look at her. Tara released her and reached up to trace Morgan's lips. "Are you okay with this?" Morgan smiled ruefully. "Yeah, though you were right. I didn't really know what I was getting into." Tara kissed her deeply and thus distracted, she didn't realize that Buffy was entering her until it was too late. The double penetration made her eyes roll back into her head as her body adjusted.

Buffy let her eyes wander up the long torso and grinned wickedly before dropping her head and taking the tip of Morgan's breast into her mouth and suckling strongly. Morgan arched up at that, driving Buffy deeper inside of her.

As the mattress began to shake with their enthusiastic movements, Willow smiled across the pair and winked at Tara. "She's baaackk!"

Morgan opened her eyes and saw the underside of a black muzzle. She blinked and sat up looking around her as memories of the afternoon activities came back. Aches and pains in all the right places made her smile and she pulled the sheet covering her up to her face and inhaled, drinking in the slayer's scent. Instantly aroused, she shivered and shook her head. What is she? A walking aphrodisiac? A hob goblin came in and Morgan realized that it wanted to change the bedclothes. She wrapped the sheet around herself and left the bedroom, returning to her own room to shower and dress. She felt energized and ready to take on the world.

Once in her own rooms, Morgan found herself standing in the shower debating on whether or not she should bathe. Her reluctance to remove the slayer's scent from her skin was bewildering. For god's sake! She forced herself under the spray and scrubbed her skin angrily. Snap out of it Morgan! It was just sex!

Fifteen minutes later she ran lightly down the steps and headed for the shop. Once there she checked her To Do list and realized that she had yet to sharpen the swords and knives from last night's patrol. She flipped on the sharpener and lifted the first blade.

Hours later, Morgan flipped the light off in the shop and headed up stairs to shower again. She'd turned another two dozen stakes and the wood dust was beginning to itch as it sank into the pores of her skin. Tossing her dusty clothes down the laundry shute, Morgan stepped under the pulsing stream and ignored the burning from the wound on her hand. "Sloppy Morgan, very sloppy." Her daydreaming of the women of this house had exacted a swift and painful price as inattention tended to do in the hazardous realm of power tools.

Morgan washed her hair and thought about where she had been this time last year.

The dust she'd been washing away then had been from the desert and the water had been a warm trickle instead of a pounding torrent. Her fingers traced the twisted scar that ran the length of her right thigh and she sighed.

She'd been driving the supply truck. Pvt. Terry Connor had been riding shotgun. They'd never seen what had hit them, though Morgan had later found out that it had been a RPG. The rocket had struck the passenger side and flipped the truck off the road. It had been hours before they were found and by then Connor had died from his injuries. Morgan had gripped his hand the whole time, talking to him, urging him to hang on. The front of the truck had been crushed in the flip and a twisted piece of the frame lanced through her thigh, pinning her in place like a bug on a pin. She'd seen the remains of the radio, crushed in the folds of metal and utterly useless. The sounds from the back of the truck told her that it was being looted, whether by the people who'd attacked them or by someone else who was just taking advantage of the situation.

When help had finally arrived it had taken another hour to cut her out. The medics had quickly realized that the metal stuck in her leg was actually what had kept her alive. It had put pressure on the femoral artery that had been damaged and kept her from bleeding out. They'd cut the metal from the frame and left it place while they transported her to the field hospital.

Three surgeries, several metal pins and months of therapy had left her with a leg that would never be as strong as it had been and a limp that appeared only when she was really tired.

Morgan wondered where Buffy was and then realized and the Slayer and her handmaidens were probably on patrol. The thought caused a sharp pain in her chest and Morgan paused. What was wrong with her?

You're acting like a teenager with her first crush. She rinsed the shampoo from her hair and stood under the water, letting it pound into her skull. Images of Buffy's face filled her mind and she felt her body respond. Without realizing it, her hands began to touch herself, stroking her breasts and rolling the tips between her fingers. Morgan's head went back and she leaned against the tiled wall as her mental wanderings took her back that afternoon. She moaned, "Buffy!" And the sound of her own voice shocked her into awareness. Morgan thumped her head against the wall and turned the water to cold.

Buffy was laughing when she came in that night, face flushed from the night's battles and Willow and Tara were thrilled to see it. They helped her shed her armor and headed into the library for slay-treats. Buffy glanced around as she entered, surprised to see that Morgan wasn't there. Usually the fixer was waiting for them there to hear of the night's events and receive any special instructions. "Morgan?"

The hobgoblin that carried in the cocoa tray muttered softly and Buffy blinked. "Oh." She looked at Willow and Tara. "But why wouldn't she be here?" Buffy paled, "You don't think she regrets what happened today do you?"

Willow shook her head quickly. "No way! Buffy it was so mutual. Maybe she just isn't feeling good?"

Buffy spun on her heal and left the room, leaving the handmaidens to scramble after her.

She strode through the house, her destination clear. She knocked once on the fixer's door and threw it open. "Morgan?"

In the corner chair, beside the bed sat Morgan. Her feet were tucked up under her and a blanket was wrapped around her, but Buffy could see that she was naked underneath. The hand holding the blanket closed was shaking.

She flinched when Buffy came in and wiped at her face quickly, Buffy froze at both the sight of the tears and the white gauze wrapped around her other hand. "Morgan? What's wrong?" She crossed the room and carefully took the bandaged hand between hers. "What happened? Are you all right?"

Morgan laughed humorlessly, "I'm sorry. I'm fine. Had a mishap with the sharpener. It's okay."

Buffy could hear the distress in her voice, could feel the tremors in her body. She caught her face in her hands and raised it until their eyes met. "Don't lie to me Morgan. What's wrong?"

Morgan didn't even begin to know how to explain. The overwhelming sense of longing that she'd been feeling all night was receding in the slayer's presence and the incredibly intense need was rising again. Morgan could feel herself responding to the simple touch of her mistress' hands and laughed at the insanity of her desperate craving.

Buffy grew even more concerned at the sound and stood, lifting the woman into her arms and carrying her to the bed. She ran her hands over Morgan's body, searching for other injuries. Morgan gasped and clutched her shoulders. "Please… Buffy… Mistress." Buffy stopped moving when she felt Morgan's lips against her throat. The hot swipe of her tongue made Buffy's eyes close and she bit back a moan as Morgan slid her hand up to cup her breasts through the thin black t-shirt she wore. "Morgan?"

As the taste of the slayer exploded in her mouth, rational thought fled. She tugged the material of her shirt away impatiently and began to kiss and lick her way down Buffy's body. Buffy felt the rasp of her tongue along the waistband of her jeans and swayed unsteadily. Morgan pulled her onto the bed and undressed her with a determined zeal that alarmed Buffy. "Morgan. Morgan calm down. Slow down."

It was all Morgan could do not to scream as their naked bodies came into contact. She threw her head back and groaned in both arousal and relief.

Buffy was really worried now. She spotted Willow and Tara in the doorway. "Willow something's wrong with her."

She was practically sobbing now. "Please mistress, please?" Buffy felt the wet heat against her thigh as Morgan straddled her and gasped as her own body responded. "Do something guys!"

Willow met Tara's eyes. "Magic detection spell?"

Tara nodded and they joined hands. Buffy couldn't take the fixer's desperate cries anymore and slipped her hand between Morgan's legs, cupping her fiery core and making the woman shudder wildly. "Oh God! Please Mistress. Take me!"

The spell turned the air crimson for an instant and then faded, leaving the room normal except for five things. Willow and Tara had faint red auras as did Buffy and the bedroom window. Since the two witches and the slayer were to be expected, and they had cast protection spells on all the entrances to the house, the only real surprise was Morgan.

The fixer was glowing red and as Buffy brought the woman to climax, the aura flared and then faded… but not completely.

Morgan collapsed over Buffy, her chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath. She moved off the slayer and groaned as she realized what she'd done. "God, I'm so sorry Buffy. I… I don't know what's wrong with me." Covering her face with her hands, she curled into herself and wished she could disappear.

Buffy hugged her, stroking her back. "It's okay Morgan. We'll figure out what's wrong, its okay."

Morgan shivered as her mistress's hands touched her and groaned in frustration as the need began to build again. "It's getting worse!" She rolled off the bed and staggered a bit before reaching the wall. She fell against it and slid to her knees, sobbing as her body warred with itself again. "N-no! Not again!"

Buffy was off the bed and going to her when Tara intervened. "Don't. Don't touch her."

Glaring at her Second, Buffy practically snarled, "She's hurting!"

Tara nodded. "Yes. It's like she's addicted… to you."

Buffy blanched; horrified that she might have caused such a thing. "B-But I didn't… how could that…"

Willow was quick to reassure her, "I don't think it's anything you did, Buffy. Otherwise Tara and I would be affected as well. But something mystical has definitely affected her. She's got a strong magical aura and there's a… link… between you."

Morgan could hear them talking, was even sort of aware of what they were saying. The fire was burning through her, consuming her and she knew that there was only one way to quench them…. Her mistress. She lunged across the floor, until she was in front of Buffy. She wrapped her arms around the shorter woman's thighs and buried her face between her legs.

Buffy rocked unsteadily as Morgan's mouth found her and gripped the fixer's shoulders to steady herself.

Tara shot Willow an alarmed look. "I think we need to sedate her."

Buffy was shocked to feel herself coming so quickly. She cried out, dimly hearing Morgan's ragged moan of release and Willow and Tara's twin exclamations of surprise.

With the effects of the spell still in place, the witches could see the red auras around the two women flare brilliant red as they came and then fade… slightly. The connection between them was even stronger now. Tara shook her head and began to chant quickly. Morgan collapsed to the floor as the sleep spell hit her. Buffy swayed and had to drop to one knee until she got the strength back in her legs. "W-what's happening?!"

Buffy ran the brush down the tangled mass of Morgan's hair, patiently working the knots free. She brushed the rich mahogany length until it was smooth and snarl-free. Then she began working it into the single braid that she knew Morgan preferred.

Willow watched the slayer with concerned eyes. Buffy had been reluctant to leave the Fixer and while that could be put down to genuine concern, Willow was afraid that it might be a sign of something more. "Buffy? Can you come down to the library please? We need your help."

Buffy nodded, tying an elastic band around the tip of the finished braid. "Sure Willow. No problem." She bent and kissed Morgan's forehead, tucking the bed covers around her shoulders and then rose. "Any luck?"

Willow was relieved when they left the bedroom and started downstairs. "Not yet. We had thought at first that it might be some kind of demonic sex magic but nothing we've found matches up with what's happening."

Buffy was frowning. "Morgan's not a demon."

"No, of course not, but something has effected her and demons play a very large part of our lives, Buffy."

They entered the library and found Tara glaring at a sword that lay on the table. Buffy absently noticed that it was her favorite sword. "What's wrong?"

Tara picked up a vial that they recognized as holy water and poured it onto the blade. The metal hissed and smoked, as if tainted. "I think I found the problem."

Buffy was staring at the blade in confusion. "But the goblins cleanse all my weapons after each hunt. How did this get missed?"

"I checked with the goblins to see if they'd had any trouble with any of your clothes or weapons in the last few days. They said no and mentioned that they could contact Quisync, the sword maker to craft you a new blade since you seem to have lost yours. Now I know I saw you lay the sword on the tray by the door like you do every night." Tara shrugged. "I started questioning hobgoblins and then I realized that I was looking in the wrong place. Morgan said she'd had an accident with the sharpener. I went to the shop and sure enough, the sword was there. She'd cleaned it and sharpened the blade, like she always does."

Willow sat down at the table and rubbed her temple. "She picked it up from the tray and took it to her shop." She looked at Tara. "I don't suppose we got around to telling her about the dangers of demon blood, did we?"

Buffy held up her hands. "But why is she… why me?"

Willow snapped her fingers. "Your blood! Your blood was on the blade too! Remember? The Tralsorth demon clipped your upper arm and by the time you'd killed it your whole sword arm was covered."

Tara looked morose. "The demon blood, mixed with Slayer blood… I've never heard of anything like it before." The possibilities were… frightening.

"So how do we reverse it?"

Willow and Tara looked at each other, silently wondering where to begin.

"Guys? Come on guys! There has to be a way to stop this!"

Tara nodded slowly. "I think so, maybe. We have to create a cleansing spell that won't harm you or Morgan."

"Harm me? I'm not infected."

"No but most cleansing spells leave a faint aura of protection that will help repel the same kind of infection or taint."


"So you may not be able to touch each other again." Willow's statement was followed by silence.

Buffy thought about Morgan, the incredible way she'd surrendered to her in the shop, the way her face had looked as she'd exploded in Buffy's arms. So beautiful. The image of Morgan's face, twisted in a need so desperate that it seemed to be consuming her filled her mind. She flinched. "Do it."


"Do it. And before she wakes again." She looked at her handmaidens and her resolve and anguish were clear. "I don't want her to suffer anymore." Buffy cast a final glare at the sword and then strode out of the library, towards the training yard.

Morgan sighed heavily and looked at the scar that ran across the palm of her left hand. The thin line was a reminder of what had happened and she cursed herself yet again for her impetuousness. If only she'd left that damned blade alone. The hobgoblins always brought the weapons she needed to sharpen, why the hell hadn't she waited?

She forced herself to focus on the task before her. The lathe held the last of four dozen stakes she'd been working on and as she set the carving blade to the spinning wood, she pushed out all thoughts of her current situation.

It had been a month since she'd been 'cleansed' and she had yet to see Buffy. She'd been so embarrassed by her behavior that she'd ducked the Slayer at first, needing time to come to grips with what had happened. But then she'd begun to realize that Buffy was avoiding 'her'. The thought hurt Morgan in a way she couldn't really define. Making love with the slayer had been beyond Morgan's wildest dreams and she had wanted to repeat that experience, often. More than that, she'd grown to care for the larger-than-life blonde more than she'd expected to. But now it seemed as if she was not wanted here anymore and Morgan was afraid that she was going to have to leave.

The blade slipped and the stake splintered. Morgan cursed, throwing the chisel across the room and kicking the stand that held the lathe. She shut the machine off and rubbed her face, trying to calm down.

Tara saw the display and realized that they'd made a mistake leaving this so long. "Morgan? Are you all right?"

Morgan exhaled heavily and turned to Tara. "I'm fine. Just… just too distracted to be playing with power tools."

Tara smiled and nodded, stooping to pick up the chisel from where it had fallen beside the door. "I'd say that would be a good time to take a break."

Morgan nodded. "Yeah. Was there something you needed?"

"Actually I wanted to talk to you." To her surprise, Morgan paled. "Morgan? What's wrong?"

The fixer sat down at the drafting desk and braced herself. "It's okay. I know what you're going to say. I figured as much. It'll take me about half an hour to get my stuff together and call a cab."

Tara blinked. "Your stuff? But… Morgan I'm not here to fire you." The fixer was radiating unhappiness and Tara couldn't help but go to her, hugging her tightly. "Morgan, no one wants you to go."

Irritated at the tears that were trying to escape, Morgan rubbed her eyes and looked at Tara. "Are you sure? I mean, I'm not stupid. I know she's done her level best to avoid seeing me and I can't blame her. Look at how I acted!"

Tara was shaking her head, her expression shocked. "No, no, no! Morgan you were not yourself! Buffy knows that. She feels so guilty that it was her sword and her blood that caused this to happen. She's been too embarrassed to face you."

Morgan was confused. "But I was the one that took the sword. She had no idea that something like that was even possible."

Tara rolled her eyes. "I swear the two of you need to quit dancing around each other and talk about this." She hesitated. "Buffy loves you Morgan. And it's tearing her apart that there's this distance between you."

The witch's words made Morgan gasp. "But… Ah hell. I love her too."

Tara smiled knowingly. "Yes. So why are telling me and not her?"

Morgan pulled out of her arms and strode out of the shop, calling over her shoulder, "Thanks Tara!"

Buffy leapt into the air and spun, her kick snapping the wood holding the dummy's head in place and sending it spinning across the courtyard.

"So that's how you break it off like that. I had wondered."

The sound of her Fixer's voice shot through Buffy like a bolt of lightning, charging every nerve in her body. No more running. She turned and faced Morgan. "Hey."

"Hey." Morgan picked up the head and carried back to the dummy, dropping it beside it, before she leaned against the pell. "So. Come here often?"

Despite herself, Buffy giggled. "Okay that was lame."

Morgan shrugged. "Hey, give me a break here. I'm shaking in my cliché-ridden butch boots."

Buffy laughed again and looked up at the taller woman. "Makes two of us. Well. Not the butch boots I mean." She looked down and Morgan realized for the first time that Buffy was barefooted.

"Ouch. Doesn't that leave splinters?"

"Nah, it's all in how you hit the target."

Morgan nodded and they fell silent.

Buffy sighed. "I'm so sorry about what happened, Morgan. I should have told you that my weapons had to be treated by the hobgoblins."

Morgan shook her head. "Hey, you didn't know I was going to get all industrious. It wasn't your fault." She hesitated. "Buffy, I'm sorry for what I did to you."

"What you did? Morgan, you didn't do anything to me."

"For God's sake, Buffy! I threw myself at you like a street walker!"

Buffy shrugged. "And I didn't stop you." She reached out and snapped the arm off the dummy with an easy motion that demonstrated her strength. "I could have stopped you."

Morgan sighed. "I'm still sorry. I… I don't like knowing that I acted like that."

Buffy understood. "It wasn't your fault."

Willow glared at them from the balcony above the courtyard. "Make with the kissage already!"

They both jumped and looked up at the irate redhead.

"Tara and I are filling the tub. If you two haven't settled this and joined us in ten minutes then we're locking the door and there will be no naughty goodness for either of you!" She left the balcony in a swirl of colorful bathrobe and scarlet hair.

Morgan stared at the now empty platform. "Naughty goodness? Is that even possible?"

Buffy's laugh was an exercise in erotic communication, making Morgan shiver. "Oh yesss. It's sooo possible. And they are masters of the art."

Morgan looked down at the slayer and smiled. "So I guess we need to address this 'kissage'?"

Buffy hesitated only a second. Willow and Tara had been ninety-five percent sure that Morgan's touch wouldn't harm Buffy, especially since so much time had passed. But that still left five percent. She looked into Morgan's eyes and grinned. What's a little pain between friends? Stepping closer, she reached up and traced the shape of Morgan's mouth with her fingertip. There was no pain. Buffy gripped Morgan's shirt and pulled her down. She brushed her lips against the Fixer's and started to pull away, but Morgan had other ideas. She slipped her arms around Buffy's waist and lifted her against her as she plundered the Slayer's mouth, claiming the sweet depths.

A long time later Morgan felt the ground fall away from under feet and spared a second's thought that she should probably worry about that. But Buffy had sucked her tongue into her mouth and was doing really amazing things to it and the thought faded.

Willow directed the hovering couple into the bathroom and over the hot tub. She shot Tara a wicked look. "Should I?"

Tara leaned back against the side of the tub and considered. "You know that Buffy will likely punish you?"

Willow smirked. "And the down side of that would be….what?"

Tara giggled and held up a hand to shield her face as the water splashed.

Morgan rose from the water, wiped her eyes and trying to figure out how she'd gotten there. The witches had a brief moment to appreciate the way the water made the Fixer's t-shirt cling to her breasts and then the slayer was surfacing a second later, sputtering "W-Willlow! You are in soo much trouble!"

 "Take your hair down." Buffy stared at the Fixer with a sensual intent that made Morgan quiver.

She pulled the end of her braid around and untied the thin strip of leather that she'd secured it with. Pulling the strands loose, she worked her way up the length, until it was free and then shook it out. It settled around her head like a dark cloud and Buffy sighed.

"You look like an ancient goddess. Like Diana or Artemis." Buffy's smile was soft and dreamy. "I'm so glad you came to me Morgan."

Morgan met the Slayer's indolent gaze with one of her own. "I'm pretty happy about it myself."

Buffy settled herself more comfortably in her chair and watched Morgan, who was curled up on the couch with a glass of wine.  A cheery fire lit the room and cast dancing shadows along the walls. Willow and Tara had gone Christmas shopping, leaving them to spend the evening together. "Tell me. Where did Tara find you?"

"In a lesbian bar."

Buffy grinned. "Damn. Tara in a lesbian bar. Wish I'd seen that."

Shaking her head, Morgan smiled. "I don't think you would Mistress. More likely you'd have sent a good half of the patrons to the hospital for trying to pick her up."

A scowl touched her face and was dispelled with a rueful chuckle. "You're right. So, what happened? Did she stand up and announce 'I need a woman that knows how to handle power tools and doesn't mind orgies?"

Morgan laughed at the image. "No, but that would have worked. Actually that would have caused a stampede. I saw her when she came in; cause its my habit to keep an eye on the door. Everybody took notice of her. I mean, how could they not? She wasn't doing the shy Tara thing though. I know the difference now. She was the Handmaiden of the Chosen One. She swept into the place like it was hers to do with as she wished. White silk blouse, black leather pants and a wicked pair of boots. She was wearing her patrol gauntlets and the collar. I think I came just watching her walk in that outfit. And that lethal dagger tucked into her belt. My God. She marched right up to the bar and ordered a drink. Then she took a stool at the bar and began."

"Began what?"

"The Test." Morgan's face showed her admiration of what followed. "The first and the boldest of the players got up and made her move. Tara waited until she got close and then held up a hand. She asked a question. The player answered and Tara shook her head and waved her away."

"What was the question?"

"I was across the room so I couldn't hear."


"So the next woman approached and Tara didn't even bother asking the question she just shook her head and waved her away." Morgan smiled at the memory. "It went on for almost an hour. It had become a challenge to the bar crowd then, to see who she would choose. There were actually three questions. Only five women answered the first one right. And only 2 got the second one. No one got the third."

Buffy shook her head, "Wait a minute. If no one got the third one right then how did she choose you?"

Morgan laughed again. "I never approached her. I sat there all evening, watching. Laughing. And when the last woman had tried, Tara turned around and stared right at me." Morgan's eyes closed. "I felt like she'd pinned me to the spot. She'd known I was there. She knew I had been watching. She crooked her finger at me and I was moving. I don't even remember getting up."

"I was right in front of her when she spoke. 'So, you don't want to play my game?"

"I blushed. I felt like a virgin on my first date for god's sake! Tara took my hand and turned it over, rubbed her fingers across the calluses. 'You're a carpenter?' I answered yes and she smiled at me. And all the blood in my body headed south. Then she ran a finger down the center of my palm. 'Do you believe that you could be part of a poly-amorous relationship?'

Morgan opened her eyes and met Buffy's. "I said yes. She stood up, paid her tab and led me out of the bar. Once we got outside she asked me the third question."

Buffy was leaning forward, expression rapt. "What was it?"

"Did I believe that there were monsters under the bed?"

Buffy exhaled slowly. "I love that woman."

"Yeah. Kinda heading there myself."

The large house was draped in Christmas lights, their multicolored bulbs faithfully tracing the lines of the roof, windows and doors. A large fir tree in the front yard had also been strung with lights and a huge white star sat perched atop its towering height.

The black SUV glided to a halt in front of the main door and a leather clad woman stepped out. Faith grinned at the sight of the house as she went around and opened the door for her companion. "Looks like B's getting into the holiday mood with a vengeance."

Jenny Calendar took Faith's hand and stepped down from the high truck, smoothing the line of her skirt back into place. "Yes. I understand she hasn't really bothered before." She hooked her arm through Faith's as they climbed the steps of the entrance. "I wonder what changed?"

The door swung open before they could knock and the diminutive blonde Slayer grinned at them. "Hey! Merry Christmas!" She threw her arms around them and hugged them tightly. She let them go, kissing Jenny's cheek before turning to Faith and seizing her lips in a long, deep kiss. Faith was gasping when it ended and she winked at Buffy. "I take it ya missed me?"

"I have missed you! Come in, we're in the big living room." She hooked her arm through Faith's free one and led them into to the large room where the others were gathered.

Kennedy grinned when she saw the dark slayer and set her drink down before crossing the room to greet her. "Faith!" She reached up and slid her hand into the slayer's hair, tugging her down to meet her lips. Faith felt her blood heat even more as the newest slayer teased her mouth with an agile tongue. With great reluctance Kennedy ended the kiss. "God I've missed you!"

Faith shook her head and tried to get her pulse to settle down. "Damn girl! You've been practicing!"

To her surprise Kennedy blushed and turned to a young woman standing behind her. "You could say that. This is Amy Madison, my Watcher." She took the taller girl's hand and brought it to her lips. "And my First."

Faith laughed and thumped Kennedy on the shoulder. "Congrats Kid!" She winked at Amy. "You've got your hands full with this one!"

Amy smiled shyly and nodded. "Yes, but I like it."

Willow came forward and stood in front of Faith, scowling. "Slayer!"

Faith blinked and then ducked her head sheepishly. "Ah Red!"

Willow's face went into resolve mode and Faith winced. "Ah hell."

"You were supposed to keep in touch. There's this neat little invention called a telephone, maybe you've heard of it?"

Faith blushed and sighed. "I'm sorry Red." Her mouth twisted into a smirk. "You can punish me later."

Willow grinned. "Don't think I won't!" She embraced her one time enemy and kissed her soundly. When she pulled back she whispered. "We've missed you terribly."

Faith nodded solemnly. "I've missed you guys too."

As Willow turned to greet Jenny, Tara approached. "Hey there, Wild Girl."

The huskly spoken words sent a shiver down Faith's spine. "Witchy Woman." Tara's lips found hers and plundered, making the slayer's head swim alarmingly. Coming up for air a few moments later, Faith gasped, "Damn! You women are going to kill me!"

Buffy handed her a cup of eggnog and grinned. "You have NO idea!"

The subtle kick of rum made Faith nod in approval and she sipped again as she surveyed the room. A large Christmas tree dominated one corner, while long strands of evergreen branches circled the ceiling and helping to fill the room with the scent of pine. Crimson candles burned on several tables around the room, adding the smell of cinnamon and apples to the room. The fireplace held a cheerful blaze that took the chill from the unusually cold weather. She dropped onto the couch and propped her booted feet up on the coffee table. "So B. What's with the all the Ho-Ho-Ho? Thought you'd stopped bothering with all this?"

Buffy smiled and shrugged. "Yeah, but Morgan is big with the Christmas cheer and I couldn't say no to her."

Faith's brow rose. "Morgan?"

To her surprise, Buffy blushed. "My new Fixer."

She was intrigued by the senior Slayer's response. "Oh really! So where is she?"

Buffy chuckled. "She's installing the hobgoblin's Christmas present."

Faith laughed at the thought. "What on earth do you get hobgoblins?"

"A big screen TV with cable access."

Faith turned at the new voice and blinked. She looked down at her cup and then back at the woman standing in the doorway. Nope. Still there. Faith sniffed her cup and then set it down with suspicion. She stood up and approached the dark haired vision, certain she was under some kind of weird chemical or magical influence. Faith stood in front of the apparition and stared.

Smokey grey eyes filled with laughter stared back at her. Dark mahogany hair was bound into a long braid, the end of which was hanging over her shoulder and down across a magnificent ridge of breasts. A forest green sweatshirt covered said breasts, but did nothing to hide their shape. The sleeves were pushed up to reveal strong forearms that made Faith's heart thud painfully in her chest. Faded jeans that had apparently been painted on showcased every tantalizing curve of the woman's hips and legs, which seemed to go on forever.

Faith reached out and gingerly poked the woman's arm with a cautious finger. The solid muscle under her touch made her blink again. She looked at Buffy and gasped, "Goddaaamn Buffy! Where the hell can I get one of these?!"

Buffy rolled her eyes and met Morgan's amused gaze. "You'll have to excuse her. She's not housebroken." Buffy slipped an arm around Morgan's waist and felt the fixer's arm settle around her shoulders. "Morgan this is the Slayer Faith and her Scribe, Jenny Calendar." Morgan nodded politely at Faith and the older woman standing behind her. "Nice to meet you."

Buffy tugged her past a still dumbfounded Faith to Kennedy. "And this is the Slayer Kennedy and her Watcher and First, Amy Madison."

Kennedy had done a much better job of recovering and she managed a much more coherent greeting than Faith. "A pleasure." The tone of her voice gave all sorts of deeper meaning to her words and Morgan grinned.

Laughing, Buffy looked at the room filled with her friends and family. "So. Dinner?"

"No really! Andrew's gotten a lot better." Kennedy smile in affection as she thought of her timid Scribe. "Settling down with Jonathan has been really good for him." She shrugged. "Of course their rooms look like an action figure museum but hey, it makes them happy. And Jonathan is pretty good with the geek stuff and we've started to use that in the slaying."

Buffy shook her head. "How?"

Kennedy grinned and tapped the side of her forehead. "We started with a mincamera on a headband, but with Amy's help we we're able to use a small pin on my vest now. It magically records everything and sends it to Jonathan's computer where it's recorded. They've even tweaked it so that it picks up stuff that I can't see. He relay's anything like that through a small receiver that fits in my ear. It's really cool. Plus I can study the video and see where I made any mistakes."

Buffy looked thoughtfully at Willow. "What do you think?"

"I think Tara and I can come up with something." Willow smiled across the table at Amy. "If I can pick your brain after dinner?"

"Not after dinner." Buffy looked around the table and smiled slyly. "I think there's other entertainment available." She stood up and moved to stand behind Faith's chair. Bending down, she breathed into the dark slayer's ear. "Wanna come up to my room and play with my toys?" While her words were spoken towards Faith, Buffy's eyes were locked with Kennedy's.

Kennedy shuddered and nodded, pushing back from the table and standing. Amy grinned and stood as well. "Can I come?"

Faith realized that everyone was standing with the apparent intention of going upstairs with them. She closed her eyes briefly and shivered as a riot of images, of possibilities poured through her mind. Opening her eyes again she leapt up and wrapped her arm around Buffy's waist. "Merry freakin' Christmas, B!"

The End

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