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All I Need
By Nyka

I had too much momentum. My jump brought me over the vampires head and I skidded on my landing just barely keeping my feet. Shit, I'd hear about this later.

A few insults, and a sweep later, that vamps dust. It was almost a workout.


"Faith are you alright" Buffy runs up to me, brushing vamp dust off her own shoulder.

"Yeah, did you like my mud skating? Ya know, like ice skating only muddy" I pinch her and give her a cheeky smile.

"You almost fell" she starts brushing off my shoulders.

"Brushing my haters off B? I didn't know you had it in you" I wink at her and she looks lost for a moment. Then she catches on.

"Ugh don't tell me you listen to that crap Dawn blasts all night" she rolls her eyes and manages to look disgusted. It's kinda cute actually. Not that I'd tell her.

"Haha B! I listen to everything" I shrug my already tight clothing tighter and strut away. Gotta rep you know.

"Even country music?" her question almost knocks me over.

She's gotta be kidding.

"Babe, there is no such thing as Country Music. Just a farmer who can carry a tune" I toss over my shoulder as we make our way through the third cemetery this evening.

She just makes an agreeing sound and throws her stake to her left, dusting the vampire who thought he was sneaking up on us.

"Did he really think we didn't see him?" I ask her. It's rhetorical. She just smirks.

"Well I dunno about you 'F' but I'm beat" she shakes her head, allowing her loose hair to shake out some vamp dust "and gross. It's home and into the shower for me" she stretches, bringing her little shirt up over her belly, showing off her firm mid-driff and tanned skin.

And I get wet.

"Want some company" I put on my huskiest voice. Not that hard really, she's already made me hot. I throw in a waggled brow, so she thinks I'm not serious.

"Love some" she sends me this sultry look.

Hey! That's 'my' look. I spent hours in the mirror perfecting it when I was 14. But it looks good on her. Really good.

"You wash my back I stroke yours?" I flirt shamelessly. If she's giving in I want as much as I can get. Even if it's just one night.

"Mmm" her eyes flash darkly at me "Sounds nice. But I have one question for you Faithy" she smoothes her hands down her wrinkled shirt, coming closer to me with a dangerous sway to her hips "Can you handle it?" she whispers into my ear, her warm lips brushing against the shell.

I grab her harshly, grinding her hips into mine, pressing our lips so tightly together I can feel them bruising, holding on to the kiss until oxygen becomes an issue.

"Well" I nibble at her gasping mouth before sucking my way down her jaw "Can you?"

I don't know how we made it back to her dorm, but I do remember falling through the door after her. I distracted her when she tried to get her key into the lock. I made her drop it three times, and everytime she bent over to get it I'd run my fingers over her ass, startling her into dropping them again.

Nifty game really.

I had her trapped under me on the floor, writhing against the cheap carpet, moaning my name hotly into my ear, as she promised to do things I'm sure God never intended two girls to do. He is sorely missing out.

I don't remember undressing her, or her undressing me. It was like all of a sudden we were just naked, on her bed.

Her fingers found places that made me moan and whimper, sliding across my body, doing things to me I didn't know were possible. Then she slid her fingers home, her lips wrapped around one of my nipples, her other hand playing with the other so it didn't feel left out.

Yes, I had happy breasts.

Her thrusts started out short, her fingers ramrod straight, with only her thumb brushing against my clit occasionally. She was teasing me.

Buffy likes to tease. Somehow I knew that.

I ran my fingers over her body, not wanting to be a pillow queen. I am many things but a pillow queen ain't one of them. I like to feel you enjoy me.

I didn't know girls could run like a river, and I've had quite a few in my time. Buffy's so wet she's dripping down her own legs, staining the pink blankets a rich red. I find her center and she cries out into my breast, biting down on my nipple making the needy part of me quiver. And I feel her quiver in return.

"Come with me" I pant pulling her up, dragging her mouth away from my oversensitive breast. I bury my lips in her neck, nipping at her pulse like the very demons we fight would, startling her a bit.

I feel her jerk, which sends my fingers deeper into her, and I feel her start again when I hit it.

"Oooh, looks like I found your spot"

Her eyes meet mine and they're desperate. She's trying to sink further onto my hand, so that I'm not brushing against it with every thrust, but rather pressing it down no matter what the movement.

I sense more than hear her breath hitch as her heart speeds up. She's digging deeper into me, catching my own hiss of pleasure in her mouth as she finds me as well. She presses her thumb hotly against my clit and starts a counterclockwise motion, sending tremors all through me, and through herself as she feels my hands shake.

"No" she whispers huskily into my ear, nibbling at my lobe "You come with 'me'. Now" she bites the last word out as a growl, pressing my spot deeply and moving her fingers at an alarming pace. I feel my body go rigid as my climax pours through me. My sudden jerk and tremors of release setting her off as well.

She buries her face into my neck and screams, biting down on my shoulder to release some of the tension.

I feel the last flutter of myself against her fingers and relax, releasing all my muscles at the same time. I sink down onto her and we both start in surprise as our centers share a kiss...

It just seemed like everything went black. One moment I'm relaxing after the most amazing night of sex I've ever had, then I feel her bird against mine and it was all over, a mind blowing orgasm. Then nothing.

When I open my eyes it's light out. B is curled up half on top of me, a sweet smile on her face.

Her eyes flutter open and reach for mine. So deep green in that place of half wakefulness the soft brown that makes them hazel is all but invisible.

"You know" she starts in a gravely voice "We never did make it to that shower"

I open my mouth to reply but someone beats me to it.

"That's A-Ok by me. Made to be an interesting night"

We both turn in complete horror to find Willow in the bed across from us.

"W-Will I thought you spent the night at Tara's again" Buffy's voice is squeaky in her panic.

"Uh" she has the good grace to blush to the color of her hair "Change of plans?"

Buffy groans and buries her blonde head into my shoulder, as if hiding her face will make this all go away.

"I'm j-just gonna" Red points to the door, I give her a silent nod and she hurries away.

"I'm sorry Faith" B mutters into my shoulder.

"For what?" I honestly don't know.

"I'm sure having an audience was the last thing you needed" she meets my eyes. Her own are worried and apologetic.

"Nah" in a moment of complete and utter weakness ( I mean honesty) I speak my mind "All I need is you"

Her eyes brighten and her skins glows. She presses her lips to mine in a sweet kiss that's tempered with a smile.

"All I need is you"

"I'm just flesh, and blood, and weakness. I've made mistakes,
and I've paid for them. But I know this is right. This thing together.
Because it hurts, and I want that. I don't quite know how to love,
but B said she'd teach me. Why won't you just let her?"

Faith- 'The Wild Side'

The End

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