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By zennie


"Um, B, the bad guys are that way…"

Buffy looks up from her position where she has the taller, darker slayer pressed up against a crypt. "I know. I'm possessed."

"Again? B, that's the third time this week…" Faith tries not to sound as exasperated as she feels as Buffy nibbles on her neck. Not only has her sexual frustration reached peak levels, but her kill count is way down, and a pent-up slayer with no sexual or slaying release is a dangerous slayer.

"I know; it's just that something or someone put the whammy on me, and now…" Her voice trails off as she latches onto Faith's ear and blows in a move calculated to drive Faith mad.

Faith forcefully pulls the smaller slayer away from her, straining as Buffy struggles against her restraint. "Have you and Red figured out what's happening yet?"

"Well, the spell or possession or whatever is obviously triggered anytime I'm about to slay."


Buffy glares, and then looks down, an oddly bashful move. She continues, in a quieter tone. "And Willow has a theory…"

"Finally!" Faith exclaims and waits expectantly. "Well, what is it?"

"She thinks that, maybe, it's um, a sex spell."

"What's a sex spell?"

Buffy gives her 'the look' that roughly translates to 'I can't believe little miss want-take-have has to have this explained to her.' "It's a spell that, when triggered, makes me want to have sex. Duh!"

"So what's the cure?"

"Um, Willow hasn't finished all the research yet…"

"Does she have a theory?"


"So…?" When there's no answer, Faith glares at her. "Someyear?"

"Maybe, if I have sex…"

"Well then go find peroxide boy and get to it!"

"But it has to be with… um, the object of the spell."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that the spell involves a specific person…" When Faith gives her yet another puzzled look, Buffy punches her in the arm, hard. "You, Faith, you're the object of the spell. I have to have sex with you to break the spell."

"Huh? What kind of twisted joke is that? Why the hell would I be the object of the spell?"

"I dunno, I didn't cast the spell! But Willow thinks that it's because I patrol mostly with you. Which makes sense. If the bad guys wanted to distract me every time I was about to get into slay mode, then the object of the spell would have to be right there. Handy."

Faith gives her a look at the butt-squeeze the blonde gave to punctuate her last word. She sighs, and says, "So how does this work, then?"

"You need me to explain sex to you?!?"

"No, I mean, do we have to do it a certain way to break the spell?"

"I don't think the position matters." Buffy thinks for a minute. "Although I've always wanted to try…"


"Just kidding, F." Her fingers slid over leather-encased hips around to the button fly. "No, I think we just wing it." Buffy's mouth covers Faith's, keeping her from asking any more questions. And if her mouth wasn't enough to keep her occupied, then her hands were most adequate.

Several busted crypt walls and shrieks that scared even the undead later, Faith glances up at the blonde who is straddling her hips and preparing for another go. "You know, B, if you wanted to have sex with me, you could have just said so."

"I know," the slight slayer purrs as she leans in for another kiss, "but this way was a lot more fun."

The End

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