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Heroes And Slayers
By Raven Morbisk


Chapter 7

"Nah, man. This is Sandra Gonelit." Faith said laughing but stopped when the girl in question was staring at Peter.

"Peter?" She spoke up in a weak voice. Peter nodded with a nervous, unbelieving chuckle. That seemed to snap the girl out of her stupor. She rushed forward and wrapped her arms around the young man, crying into his chest.

"I missed you so much, Claire." Tears were running down his cheeks as well.

"I thought you were dead. You exploded. Nathan flew you up in the sky and you exploded, I saw it. How can you be alive?" Claire finally looked up with red eyes and tears still flowing.

"You saved me, Claire." He said smiling through his tears.

"And Nathan?" She asked, not daring to hope.

"He's dead." He said quietly.

"Sorry to break this tear-jerkin' moment, but Sandra?" Faith spoke up with questioning eyes.

"Claire Bennet, this is my," She looked up at Peter who smiled response "this is my uncle."

"Damn, I just had to bring some drama from Vegas." She muttered under her breath. "Why'd ya say your name's Sandra Gonelit?" She asked the young brunette.

"Sandra was my mom's name and Gonelit is for Gordon, my biological mother's name, Bennet and Petrelli." She explained.

"What do you mean with 'was my mom's name'? Where are your parents and what are you doing here?" Peter addressed the teenager who looked away.

"They're dead." She simply said and pulled away from Peter's arms.

"She got called two months ago. So me and Cyclops went to pick her up. Seemed that her brother invited some vampires in their house. When we got there her dad and her mom were lying dead on the floor, drained, and her l'il brother was gone." Faith answered instead of the teenager who was already shaking with the memories flooding in her mind.

"I had to stake Lyle a week after." Claire said barely audible.

"Y'know, I shoulda known there was somethin' off with you. You never ever got hurt, even though you're always the first to jump into battle." Faith said, wagging her finger at the girl.

"Yeah well, I heal fast." The girl shrugged, crossing her arms.

"Rapid cell regeneration, right?" Faith stated more than questioned. "Jessica sorta told me 'bout it."

"Jessica?" Claire inquired and looked at Peter who shrugged casually.

"Faith and Niki are in love apparently." He replied.


"But I thought Niki was with D.L.?" Claire inquired, not listening to Faith.

"I'm not in love."

"D.L. died in the hospital, the gunshot wound was too severe." Peter said, repeating the same thing Niki had told him.

"I don't fall in love. I screw them then I leave." She started to realize she was talking to herself when the two didn't acknowledge her words.

"Poor Micah." The young brunette sighed.

"Hey, didn't you guys just hear me?" Faith's voice was louder this time. Peter and Claire stared at her.

"Yes, you are. I can read minds if I want, too."

"So? I'm not in love with Niki." Faith crossed her arms like a little child and glared at the male brunette.

"You can't stop thinking about her; she's always in your mind. When I said I was a friend of Niki's, your mind was filled with jealous thoughts. Like the one that actually wanted to make me laugh 'I'm way hotter than this pathetic excuse of a man.', face it, you're in love." Peter dared her to counter but she kept her mouth shut.

"I'm not in love." She muttered finally quietly and left the kitchen in a huff.

"Faith is not a person to tell how she feels. I think you just got on her bad side." Claire giggled. "Come on, you can sleep in my room. I used to share it with two other girls but, they died. Next week I'll be getting new roommates but for now, you can be my roommate." She said smiling.

"Uhm, Claire? Faith said something before that left me a little wondering." Peter started, putting his arm around his niece, leaving the kitchen.

"And what might that be, *uncle* Peter?" She said sniggering. She was so happy that Peter was alive and here with her. Just when she thought she was the only left, her savior came back.

"Are you gay?" He asked with a smirk. Claire looked at him with her infamous half smirk and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Who knows, uncie." She replied.

"I'd like to know." He grinned. Claire crawled out from under his arm and spurted up the stairs. "Claire? I'd really want to know if my little niece likes girls." He called after her. The brunette turned around and winked at him. He shook his head with a soft chuckle and ran after her, taking two steps at a time. "Claire." He drawled out her name grinning, getting closer to the girl waiting for him.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Who knows?" When Peter reached the top of the first flight of stairs she giggled and ran up the second flight. By the time she reached the top, Peter was already standing there with his arms crossed and smirking.

"Flying is cheating." She pouted.

"Good morning, Mr. Petrelli." Andrew chirped happily when Peter entered the kitchen the next morning.

"Call me Peter," He looked at the young man, expecting him to say his name.

"Oh, I'm Andrew, cook slash ex-villain slash Mr. Giles'-protégé slash Willow's-right-hand--when-she's-away." He replied with a bright smile.

"Andrew, right. You have any idea where Faith is?" He asked, leaning against the counter.

"She's with Buffy, doing some very secret training that the other girls can't do. Would you like some breakfast? It's the most important meal of the day." He held up a plate with pancakes on, the smile never leaving his face.

"No thanks, I think the girls need it more than me." He flashed him a grin, remembering Claire saying something about high metabolism.

"Oh, the girls already ate, well, most of them anyway. They get up real early when both Faith and Buffy are in the house. They all want to know what the big secret training is about." He shrugged slightly "I want to know, too, but I'm the last person they will tell."

"Why is that?" He asked, sitting on one of the stools that surrounded the counter.

"Because I used to be evil. I was a real villain, you know. Demon summoning and trying to kill Buffy and everything." He replied in a hushed tone. "I was-"

"He doesn't care, Andrew." Willow said as she entered the kitchen "G'morning, Peter. Did you sleep okay?"

"Yeah, I slept fine. I just need to talk to Faith for a moment." He said, turning in seat to face the redhead.

"Oh, she's with Buffy and their secret training session." She said, shooting him a smile. "She'll be back in about half an hour." She stood on her toes as she was trying to get a plate from one of the cupboards.

"What is the secret training session actually?" Peter figured the redhead would know seeing as she heard that Willow, Xander and Buffy had been friends for the better part of a decade.

"I don't have a clue. Maybe I do, but if I did, I wouldn't tell you." She replied, grabbing some pancakes from the plate and putting it on hers. He tried to read her mind but something was blocking it.

"Don't bother, Peter." She said, not looking up from her plate but a small smile was visible. She leaned over the counter and took hold of the syrup that Andrew had set there just a few seconds before. "You can't read my mind and I wouldn't do that too much in this house. Girls like their privacy." She now looked him and gave a sly wink.

"How did you-"

"Willow is one of the most powerful witches alive. She can do anything she wants." Andrew quipped, sliding a glass of juice to the redhead. "I advice you not to get on her bad side, she'll skin you alive without so much as blinking."

"Andrew." Willow hissed.

"Let me guess. Back when you," he said pointing at the blonde male "were evil, a villain. You," he now pointed at the redhead "were after him because he was trying to kill Buffy."

"No, I was after him and his friends because his best buddy killed my lover." Willow replied coldly, taking a final bite and leaving the kitchen.

"Tara's death is a sensitive subject. Naturally, that girl was the nicest girl in the world. Warren didn't mean to shoot her, he wanted to shoot Buffy. That didn't go well with Darth Willow either." Andrew said with a sad smile. "Anyway, are you sure you don't want breakfast? I can make you some eggs if you'd like that instead of pancakes?"

"No, I'm good, thanks." He replied, confused with the sudden change of subject and also confused about the young man that had a smile on his face the entire time he had been in the kitchen.

"Hi, cutie." Claire said, referring to Andrew who blushed a little, when she entered the kitchen. "Oooh, pancakes." She grinned and took the plate with pancakes. "Good morning, Peter."

"Morning, Claire."

"No, that's not Claire. That's Sandra. It's okay though, you'll get the hang of the names soon enough." Andrew spoke up, not noticing the amused glance between the two other people in the kitchen. "Okay, I'm going to see if Mr. Giles needs any help with research. I trust that you two can help yourselves?"

"Sure thing, cutie." Claire said, taking a bite of her pancakes. Once again a blush appeared on Andrew's cheeks. He stammered his goodbye and quickly left the kitchen.

"He's head over heels for you, and you just have to tease him, don't you?" Peter grinned and reached over to Claire's plate, stealing a pancake. The girl inadvertently growled almost inaudible. When the male brunette looked at her amused she shrugged it off.

"Sometimes the Slayer takes over." She explained.

"Right." He drawled out the word with a grin.

"Shut up." Claire stuck out her tongue.

"That's mature." He retorted.

"I guess I get that from the Petrelli side." She flashed him a half smile and took another bite.

"So, Willow seems cool. She also makes me wanna stay on her good side." Peter grinned a little nervous.

"Yeah, she's cool. She also very gay and taken." Claire responded.

"I figured that when Andrew mentioned Tara being her lover." Peter said, rolling his eyes with the smallest grin of grins.

"Don't blame me for mentioning it, just in case you decide to go and fall for a gay witch with a Slayer girlfriend." Claire shrugged in response.

"Nah, I got my eye on someone else." He replied, leaning back a little, just not too far to tip over the stool.

"Really? Who?" The young brunette asked with a big smile. Peter shrugged indifferently in response. "Fine, be that way." She huffed and took the last piece of pancake in her mouth. "Faith back from secret training?" She asked with a full mouth which made her uncle laugh.

"You're like eight years old when you do that." He grinned when Claire rolled her eyes and swallowed her food "And no, Faith's not back yet." Just then the kitchen door leading to the yard opened, revealing the brunette and the blonde Slayer.

'I still don't think it was a good idea to leave your favorite dagger with a woman you barely know, Faith.' The blonde walked over to the refrigerator and took out two bottles of water, throwing one at the brunette.

'That's just it, B. I feel like I've known her forever.' The brunette smiled gratefully and took a swig from the water.

"You're mentally talking to each other!" Peter exclaimed. The two older Slayers stared at him dumbfounded.

'Guess I forgot to say he can read minds.' The brunette smiled apologetically. Buffy rolled her eyes at the brunette and they both left the kitchen, heading towards the library.

"Hey, stop eavesdropping or I'll sic Willow on you." Claire said wagging her finger at him then shrugged and cleared her plate "It's something Willow did to the four of them. They can read each other's mind but no one else's. Well, maybe Willow can."


Chapter 8

"Faith!" Peter called running after the two older Slayers. They both stopped walking and turned to the young man.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Not right now, buddy. I gotta give the Watcher man details on my new training schedule." Faith sighed and turned around again.

"It's just that, I forgot to tell you something yesterday." The young man landed in front of Faith. Buffy shrieked and punched him in the nose. He stumbled backwards groaning, putting his hand over his nose but when he shook his head to clear the daze and removed his hand there was nothing that showed he just got punched.

"Oh, that's so cool. I think I found myself a dummy." Buffy grinned, clapping her hands together.

"Don't do that again. In the house there'll be no flying, no mind reading and no other neat tricks." Peter turned around to face a smiling redhead with an amused raised eyebrow.

"Sorry." He said hastily holding his hands up and turned to Faith again but she had passed him. "Faith, I really need to tell you this."

"Tell me later, Superboy." Faith said without turning around.

"Jessica wants to help." He stated, throwing his hands up in defeat when Faith turned to face him.

"No, no, no." She said shaking her head and walking up to Peter. "You're gon' call that, that, arrogant and selfish woman and tell her to stay put. I don't care if she threatens to rip your balls off, you tell her she ain't gon' help."

"Why not, Faith? If she's as strong as she say, her help could be useful." Buffy said, flashing a smile to Peter.

"If Jessica is in the middle of the battle Niki could get hurt and what 'bout Micah? I'm not riskin' him near some freak ass demons." She countered, facing the blonde.

"He can stay with Andrew and Dawn. They won't be in the battle itself either." Buffy replied.

"B, are ya hearin' yourself? When I called you and was wonderin' if I should ask her to come with me, you said I just met the woman and that I should just chill." The young man was completely forgotten when the two Slayers faced each other, heated in their conversation and oblivious to the people that were surrounding them, very interested in their conversation.

"That was before I knew you're in love with the woman, Faith."

"I'm not in love, B." The brunette crossed her arms defiantly and glared at the blonde.

"Of course, you're not, F." Buffy replied sarcastically with a small sneer. "Is that why you only slept with her once but still kept seeing her?"

"That was because of Micah!" Faith all but shouted.

"Since when do you care about strangers' feelings?" Buffy's voice was becoming colder by the sentence.

"Ya woulda known that if ya weren't off gallivantin' around Europe." Faith threw her hands up in frustration.

"I deserved a little break, Faith. I was *the* Slayer for seven years, for crying out loud." By now the group of people around the two Slayers had grown out to almost the entire household.

"Yeah, ya were *the* Slayer. The leader, the one that every girl looks up to 'cause they all wanna live, B. You're their role model for stayin' alive and you don't even bother gettin' to know them." The younger Slayer growled.

"No, Faith. They look up to you; they treat you like their queen." The blonde countered.

"Because I know each and every one of them. I'm their friend; they treat me with the same respect as I treat them. Somethin' you never got the hang of, huh, B?" Faith snorted.

"Uh, guys?" A weak voice squeaked but it went unheard. The group of girls opened to reveal Andrew nervously wringing his hands.

"And how many girls talk back to you when you give them an order? You're their leader now, Faith, you gotta show them that you're in control or they'll all end up dead."

"Guys?" He said again, a little louder.

"They know I'm the boss. Jus' 'cause some girls take an example from high and mighty Ken, don't mean I ain't got no control over them." The brunette clenched her fists, willing herself stay calm.

"Hey!" Kennedy yelled in the background, causing some girl to giggle.

"GUYS!" He yelled.

"What?" they both shouted back at the blonde male.

"Something big and ugly is smashing up my kitchen." He said aggravated.

"Rona, Vi and Kennedy." Both older Slayers yelled in unison, and then looked at each other for a second with a small grin.

"Put together three teams," Buffy started

"And check the perimeters." The brunette finished. The three younger Slayers looked a bit confused but did as asked.

"Anything big and ugly, kill it." The two older Slayers once again said in chorus.

"If ya see somethin' else, bring it and lock it in the basement." Faith took the final word and nodded to Buffy, heading with the blonde to the kitchen where Peter was already trying to fight it. The demon was roughly eight feet tall with a light yellow slimy exterior. His arms were at least half his size with moldy fingers at the end. He grabbed Peter by his throat, holding him up. The demon opened his mouth and growled, saliva dripping from his teeth.

"In the middle of broad daylight, with protection spells all over the place." Faith muttered and grabbed a cooking knife out of one of the drawers. She jumped up and stabbed the demon between just below the place where ears normally are situated. The demon growled and released Peter, turning to Faith. Behind the demon Buffy had snuck up on the counter, noiselessly taking a crossbow from a hidden tile in the ceiling.

Faith grinned evilly and ducked just as the demon swung at her. She kicked against its legs, causing him to drop to the floor. She did a summersault over the fallen demon and waited for Buffy to take a shot. She didn't have to wait long; the demon received an arrow in his head. Faith stalked over to the demon and just to be sure, she ripped his head off.

"Think we oughta burn it?" Buffy asked casually, sitting on the counter. The brunette shrugged but picked up the body, taking it through the kitchen door.

"What is she gonna do?" Peter asked, finally getting up from the spot where the demon had thrown him.

"Burn him, what else?" Buffy smiled and jumped off the counter. Peter watched her go, eyebrows raised. He shook his head sighing and followed the blonde out the back. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw at least twenty girls standing near three other, presumably, dead demons.

"Good job, girls." Faith beamed and threw her demon next to the others. "Were these it?" She asked motioning to the three other demons.

"Kennedy took Sandra and Lily for confirmation, but these were the only ones on the grounds we encountered." One of the girls answered.

"Okay, then we'll wait for Kennedy before barbecuing these things." Buffy said, standing next to Faith. Two minutes later Kennedy arrived with two other girls.

"One got away." Kennedy spoke, throwing a glare at Peter. He looked a little taken aback; not knowing what he did wrong. Sandra, known to Peter as Claire, rolled her eyes at the cocky brunette and walked over to Peter.

"She's just a little jealous because her family didn't bother looking for her." She said softly. "And also because she reckons you're after Willow." Peter nodded understanding before it dawned on him what his niece just said.

"I'm not after Willow." He said a little too loudly.

"Nice to know I'm not that eligible." Peter jumped at the voice of Willow.

"How do you do that? Stop that, you're freaking me out with appearing out of thin air all the time."

"I've been standing here the entire time. Well not the entire time, because that would mean I was fighting with the girls and I wasn't. I arrived here right after you and Buffy so I was standing here almost as long as you were standing here. I didn't appear out of thin air. That's just spooky." She babbled with a grin. Faith had in the meanwhile taken a can of gasoline from the tool shed, that wasn't so much filled with garden tools as weapons and gasoline, and was pouring it over the four demons.

"Hey, I thought I was gonna flame them?" Willow spoke with a pout.

"You were too busy with Superboy." Faith shrugged "But you can light 'em?" Willow kept pouting but waved her hand and the demons went up in flames. Several girls jumped a little back from the flames.

The night had fallen upon them once again. Three groups of five Slayers were patrolling, the other girls were either training, keeping themselves entertained in one of the playrooms, watching a movie in one of the cinematic rooms, doing the homework they were assigned to that they had to complete by the next day or helping Giles, Dawn and Andrew research about Abbadon.

Willow and Kennedy had retreated not long before to their room, finally resolving that they needed to have a serious talk. Buffy and Xander were out patrolling with the other Slayers and Peter. He had only come along because Claire practically begged him. So that left Faith, sitting alone in her room, staring at the phone. Sometimes she would pick up the phone, dial the number and hang up before it even started ringing. The piece of paper that had Niki's home and cell phone number on it was useless now that she had dialed both numbers so many times; they were etched in her mind.

'Why does this crap have to be so hard?' She asked herself. She wanted to see Niki again, and Micah, too, but she didn't want to risk their lives. Her stereo was blaring, blocking out the entire world as she kept staring at the phone. If the outside world needed her help they knew they just had to barge in and tell her but the only people that dared disturbing her were Buffy, Xander and Willow. The other girls didn't risk barging into their chief Slayer's room.

"Screw it." She grabbed her phone and walked over to her window so that the music wasn't too loud. She opened her window and sat on the windowsill. She groaned in frustration and placed the phone on the ledge before jumping off and opening the drawer of her nightstand. She took out her cigarettes and went back to sit on the windowsill. She lit a cigarette and took a long drag. She blew the smoke out very slowly. This was her first cigarette in six months, three days and five hours.

'But who's counting?' She thought to herself grinning. She took the phone and dialed Niki's home number. This time she didn't hang up, she kept her ear on the phone as it was ringing, and ringing, and ringing. The phone kept ringing and no one was answering. She hung up and frowned. Taking another drag of her cigarette she dialed Niki's cell phone. Her anxiety replaced by worry. After two rings she heard the blonde's voice on the other end.

"Niki?" She asked.

*Hey, sweetie.* Faith involuntarily smiled at the nickname.

"How come you don't answer your home phone?" She questioned.

*Because we're not home, we're visiting someone.* She could hear Micah laughing in the background, apparently talking to someone about a funny game. She noticed that the laughter was fading in the background.

"Who?" She tried to keep some jealousy out of her voice but after hearing the blonde chuckle she knew she didn't succeed.

*It doesn't matter.* Unknowingly to the brunette, Niki was trying to keep her laughter when Faith snorted.

"Usually when people say that, it does matter and they're usually screwin' that person that s'possedly doesn't matter." Faith was glaring out of the window, occasionally taking a drag from her cigarette.

*I promise you, I'm not sleeping with her. It only happened once and that was a very long time ago.*

"So, it's a 'her'? Tell me, Niki, when were ya plannin' on tellin' me ya had a past experience with some slut? Shoulda figured, no girl-on-girl virgin's that good." Faith threw her cigarette stump out of the window and instantly lit a new one.

*Somebody's in a bad mood.* Came from the other end.

"Yeah, well, that kinda happens when people don't tell me everythin'." She mumbled around the cigarette in her mouth, fuming on the inside. She shifted on the ridge so her feet were hanging outside the window.

*While we're on the subject of not telling.* in her resentment and aggravation towards the blonde she didn't notice her stereo being shut off *When did you start smoking?* Faith's mouth dropped open, letting the cigarette fall into her lap. She quickly reached for the cigarette but a female hand with manicured nails beat her to it. She followed the hand slowly, watching the cigarette end disappear between the lips she had wanted to kiss again since she stepped on the airplane to Cleveland.

"Hey, baby." Niki said, and blew out the cigarette smoke, closing her cellphone.


Chapter 9

Willow stormed out of her room an hour after Faith's music started blaring again, only louder this time. She was tired and still had to talk to Kennedy. The only ones with a room on the second floor were the Scoobies and Giles but just because half of them were out or could sleep through that excuse people call music didn't mean that Faith had the right to turn the volume up to the maximum.

'What kind of music is NU Metal anyway?' Passing the staircase she saw a small boy walking up the stairs, excitedly talking to Andrew about Star Wars. She stopped walking and looked from the boy to Faith's room. Her mouth made a perfect 'O' form and she turned around, blocking the way slightly so the boy and Andrew wouldn't go to the brunette's room.

"Willow." Andrew chirped.

"This is Willow? The witch Faith calls Red?" His brown eyes looked up and down the redhead "I can see why she calls you Red." He grinned.

"She does have very red hair, doesn't she?" Andrew smiled, looking at Willow.

"Hi, you must be Micah." Willow smiled warmly at the boy and held out her hand. He grinned and shook it.

"We were just on our way to my room, I was going to show young Micah here what a real comic collection looks like." Andrew grinned, putting his hand on Micah's shoulder.

"Yeah, I figured my mom and Faith needed some," Micah glanced over to Andrew who was straightening one of the pictures that hung on the wall and leaned a little closer to the redhead "alone time." He said in a hushed tone. Willow raised her eyebrow in an amused fashion.

"I'll be leaving you two to it then." Willow smiled at the two and watched them climb another flight of stairs before letting out a breath of relief.

'Hope you're having fun, Faith. I still need to figure out what to do with Kennedy.' She thought somberly.

'Dump her or screw her.' The thought came back. Willow rolled her eyes at Faith's voice in her head and went back to her room.

"What are you smiling about?" Niki asked, lying on top of the brunette with her hands under her head, her thumbs subtly grazing Faith's nipples.

"I was thinkin' 'bout some gorgeous blonde, nothin' serious." Faith replied smirking. She grabbed a remote control from her nightstand and hit a button, turning the volume from her stereo down.

"Are we talking about a strong gorgeous blonde or a more weak gorgeous blonde?" Even though Niki was smirking, Faith saw the insecurity in the blonde eyes and smiled softly.

"Babe, I can honestly say that I don't know any weak gorgeous blondes. In fact, the blonde that I'm thinkin' 'bout is so strong she got a hot, super strong, heartless bitch to her knees. Did I say this bitch is real hot?" Niki chuckled and placed a wet kiss between Faith's breasts.

"Don't worry, I don't want Jessica to be my girlfriend, I want you, Niki Sanders."

"Girlfriend?" The blonde questioned.

"Well, yeah, I mean, if you want to, y'know. I never had a real girlfriend before and" Faith's eyes grew wide and she started stammering "I'm sorry, that's too soon, right? Of course it is. Stupid, stupid, stupid." She hit her head against the headboard "Ya just lost your man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I was just-"

"No, it's sounds nice." Niki smiled amused at the brunette's nervous babble and pulled herself up, sitting on the brunette's abdomen with her knees next to Faith's sides. She pulled the covers up to hide her naked self "I just thought you wanted Jessica, you know, because you're so much alike." Faith snorted.

"If I wanted someone like me, I woulda gone for B, or hell, even Red." She gently sat up, letting the blonde wrap her legs around the brunette. She put her muscular arms around Niki and stared in her eyes "Nah, I'm thinkin' I'm good right here." She kissed Niki's neck and rested her forehead against the blonde's shoulder.

"So it's okay then? That we're staying?" Niki stroked the Slayer's brown, soft, wavy hair.

"Ya can stay, but ya can't fight." She pulled her head back and gave the blonde a stern look "Neither of you are gon' fight."

"And you're going to stop Jessica from trying?" Niki snorted, rolling her eyes.

"I could knock y'out cold." The blonde raised her eyebrow. "Y'know, to keep ya safe." Faith added. "And then tie you up, let Andrew or Dawn feed Jessie, 'cause I'm sure she'll be in control after I knock you out."

"You would actually hit me unconscious so Jessica won't help out?" Niki tried to suppress a smile.

"Yeah, but now ya know so it would be when ya least expect it. Like, when you're sleepin' or takin' a shower or somethin'." The brunette shrugged, suddenly very interested in her still open window, suppressing a grin after a quick glance at Niki's openmouthed expression.

"You wouldn't." The blonde said crossing her arms, raising her brow in a smug way.

"Yeah, I would. I don't need, scratch that, I don't want no cocky blonde stealin' my spotlight." Faith smirked full of herself. Niki rubbed her chin fighting not to say anything and bit her lip to hide her minor discontent to the overprotection, and to keep Jessica from emerging. She swiftly crawled off the brunette, the covers still wrapped around her figure.

"I think I'm going to find Micah." She just said and looked around for her clothes.

"Can I at least get my covers back?" Faith lied down and propped herself up on her elbows, motioning to her nakedness. The blonde turned around and let out an amused chuckle before shaking her head.

"Nah, I think your ego is big enough to cover that." The blonde turned again, lifting several pieces of clothing but finding none of hers.

"Faith, do you- Could you please cover yourself up? There are kids running around the house." Buffy rolled her eyes after she stormed in the room, not bothering to knock.

"I would, but my girlfriend's got my covers." Faith smirked, sitting up and placing a pillow over her thighs.

"Girlfriend?" It was then that Buffy noticed the older woman standing in the room with an awkward smile "Oh, you must be Niki? Or is it Jessica? I'm Buffy." The younger blonde smiled.

"Niki, nice to meet you, sort of, maybe not right at this minute but I heard you're a great person, even… Do you always barge in Faith's room without knocking?" Niki inquired with a small grin. Buffy shrugged indifferently.

"Faith's normally dressed." She looked at Niki's state of nakedness and held up her hands in understanding. "I think these are yours then." She took a step back and leaned out the door, retrieving the blonde's clothes. "The reason I just walked in Faith's room."

"You threw them out the window?" Niki posed the brunette incredulous. She gratefully took the clothes from the blonde Slayer.

"I like havin' you naked, so sue me." Faith shrugged with a smirk.

"I'm going to go, now. Niki, it was… interesting meeting you." She turned to Faith "How many tattoos do you have anyway? And when did you get that nipple pierced?" Buffy rolled her eyes and left the room mumbling something that sounded like 'Too much free time, too much money, not high enough pain limit' and shut the door behind her. A split second later a dagger, the same Faith had slipped into Niki's suitcase in Vegas and that Niki had so nicely returned before Faith pounced her and apparently threw the blonde's clothes out the window, was imbedded in the door. Niki's brows raised surprised but decided to let it go.

"Okaaaaay." She breathed then turned to her lover "So that was Buffy?" The blonde dropped the covers and began to dress herself. "She's nice, but she seems kind of…"

"Short? Arrogant? Blonde? Strong? Spoiled?" The brunette said the last two words with an angry edge and cast a critical look at the mirror on the wall across her bed.

'What's wrong with a few tattoos anyway?' She thought, looking at the old tribal on her arm and the barbed wire around her right nipple in her mirror reflection. 'I should get a new jewel thingy for my pierced nipple, this one's gettin' old.' It was a simple straight barbell, too boring to Faith's liking.

"I was going for jealous but short, arrogant and blonde could work." The blonde was now fully dressed and went through a door, she figured would be the bathroom, to check her hair. Instead she wandered in a closet with wall-to-wall weapons. She slowly backed out of the room, bumping into Faith with a wide grin on her face.

"Nice, huh? The G-man bought me half the weapons in here." She turned a little and pointed to another door next to her bed "That's the bathroom." With a confident smirk she strode back to her bed, lying down on her side with one hand propped up to support her head as she watched the blonde. Niki smiled a half smile, cocking her head a little to the side.

"What?" Faith asked letting out a soft, amused laugh. The blonde shook her head slowly.

"Nothing, baby." Niki walked over to the bed and leisurely made her way to Faith's naked body. She leaned over to the brunette who was now lying on her back and kissed the top of her nose.

"I like this nothing, can I get more of 'em?" Faith grinned. Niki bit her lip at the cuteness that Faith was radiating grinning like a fool. She leaned down and placed a soft lingering kiss on her girlfriend's lips.

"Hey," Faith spoke, slowly opening her eyes "since now we're like, y'know, girlfriends and all, that means that there's no screwin' Jessie, right?" At Niki's thoughtful nod the brunette's mouth formed a stupid grin as she continued "Ya think I could at least watch her getting' herself off?" Niki rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh and tried to get off the bed but Faith was holding her, the tiny grin growing by the second "Or, if you were helpin' her, we could have like a threesome, only," her mind was doing overtime trying to find the right words "with two bodies? Is that right?"

"Faith, I'm not helping my sister get off, as you so eloquently put it." She pinned the brunette on the bed, her leg slipping in between the Slayer's "And I'm not having a threesome with you and my alter ego."

"Too kinky?" Faith smirked.

"No, just… weird." The blonde leaned down and licked the brunette's lips then moved to her jaw line. "Besides," she whispered huskily in Faith's ear "I think I'd rather get you off than my sister."

"Faith?" A voice called from outside the Slayer's room.

"Buzz off, Ken." She shouted back.

"Giles sent me, it's about Abbadon." Kennedy yelled through the door, a little impatient. Faith groaned in frustration, kissed her girlfriend and headed over to the door when Niki gently removed herself from the brunette.

"What is it?" Faith asked when she opened the door. Kennedy stared at the brunette in all her glory.

"Uhm." She croaked then regained her posture when she saw a pair of arms possessively surround the brunette, covering certain parts. She smiled a fake smile at the blonde with her head on Faith's shoulder that was full on glaring at the young Slayer for staring at her lover.

"Giles was wondering if you were coming down soon, he thinks he knows when it's going to happen and he wants his best Slayers down to listen to his view of the whole thing." Kennedy's hands made a dismissive motion and then ended on her hips.

"And it was you instead of anyone to tell me… why?" The older Slayer was not pleased with the young brunette.

"Because I'm avoiding Willow and I wanted to see your girlfriend, or is it girlfriends?" Kennedy nodded with a little sneer to the blonde who was finding it harder and harder to keep Jessica from coming out. She closed her eyes and placed her head against the back of Faith's neck, breathing slowly.

"Don't be a bitch, Ken. And from what I heard Willow should've dumped your ass in Brazil. Now get the hell out of my face or I won't be able to hold onto the other side of my very hot girlfriend, singular." She slammed the door shut and faced her girlfriend. She lifted the blonde's face and sighed softly.

"You okay?"

"Can I kill her now?"

"No, Jessie, ya can't. I'm sorry but if ya do, I'm gonna have to clean up the mess and B hates it when I make a mess so she'll start askin' questions and we sorta read each others' mind so ya see the predicament I'm in?" Jessica chuckled "But hey, I can always arrange a private training session with Kennedy for ya and then ya can beat her up at least. Sound good?"

"Sure, now get that cute ass dressed and downstairs." Jessica playfully slapped the brunette's behind and winked at her.

Part 10

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