30 Rock

The Science of Baseball (Thrown for a Curve) PG Liz/Gretchen It's been a few months, but Gretchen's number is still on her fridge. Complete


Lindsey Lohan's a Lesbian 18 Liz/Gretchen Liz calls Gretchen to tell her that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian. And that she can't stop thinking about Gretchen. Complete

Her Shoes Went Gay for Gretchen 18 Liz/Gretchen Liz wants to go gay for Gretchen, but she'll have to convince Gretchen it's not just because she doesn't want to choke alone. Complete

New York Elevators are only Empty on TV PG Liz/Gretchen For passion_perfect's Christmas Wish List. Written for mammothluv, prompt "an awkward elevator ride". Complete


Hypothetically 18 Liz/Gretchen It's Christmas, she's alone (again!) and Liz is worried about choking on her TV dinner turkey. So she calls the one person she knows will understand her. Complete


So I Don't Have to Dream Alone PG-13 Liz/Gretchen Liz's biological clock is ticking. Complete

Baby Love PG Liz/Gretchen After the baby stealing incident, Liz ends up on Gretchen's doorstep. Complete

The 4400

3459: Lorelai Gilmore 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 PG Diana Skouris/Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls crossover - Diana is assigned to returnee 3459 and finds herself becoming personally involved. On-Going

Erin Griffin

Heat PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Murder in Suburbia crossover - While in quarantine, Returnees Katherine Ashurst and Emma Scribbins help each other with their new powers. Complete

'Allo 'Allo
Ros Sawyer

Sheltering Michelle PG-13 Michelle/Various Kinda a five-times sorta thing. Complete

Absolutely Fabulous

Excuses 15 Saffy/Patsy I have no excuses for this pairing or this story. Complete

The Agency
The Raven

Hello and Goodbye 15 Terri/Fari Terri has to save the day and say goodbye at the same time. Complete


A Day's Grace 15 Sydney/Rachel Moments shared can be both bittersweet and precious. Complete


An Honest Conversation PG Rachel/Peyton No Synopsis given. Complete

The Raven

If Only 15 Sydney/Lauren How it could have been, should have been, might have been... Complete

Flammable 15 Sydney/Lauren Volatile and explosive, in anger, in passion, in hate, in love; exactly what happens if you throw gasoline on a fire anyway? Complete


Peccadillos 18 Sydney/Peyton 30,000 feet in the air, with no allies to back or rescue her, Sydney discovers the depth of Peyton and Anna's relationship. And how far she's willing to go to maintain her cover. Complete

All Saints

Hidden Geographies 1 2 3 18 Charlotte Beaumont/Terri Sullivan The aftermath of Charlotte's miscarriage leads Terri to uncover her true feelings for the Emergency Department doctor. Complete

Toughness 15 Charlotte Beaumont/Bron Craig-Markham Bron returns to Sydney. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Embracing the Sun PG-13 Beka/Trance No synopsis given. Complete

John O'Connor

Welcome Aboard, Beka Valentine 15 Beka/Andromeda Shortly after joining the Andromeda, Beka Valentine is given a warm welcome. Complete


Vessel series

Warship 15 Beka/Andromeda/Rommie Dylan is at a conference with a rogue colony, trying to convince them to join The Commonwealth. Tyr, Trance & Harper are on a recon mission on the same asteroid as Dylan. Leaving Beka in control of Andromeda (and Rommie). Let the games begin. Complete

Eureka Maru 18 Beka/Rommie With Dylan and the crew back on Andromeda, Beka finds herself wanting a little alone time with Rommie on the Eureka Maru. Payback is a bitch. Or is it? Let the games begin. Complete


Body Heat 15 Beka/Andromeda When the Andromeda is rendered powerless after an attack, Beka discovers how far Rommie will go to keep Beka alive. Complete

Andy Richter Controls the Universe

Make-up or Make-out PG Jessica/Wendy Wendy helps Jessica with her lipstick problem... again. Complete

Army Wives

Another Day Has Gone By PG Claudia Joy/Denise A brief look at a very special longtime friendship. Complete

Disillusioned Warrior

Tis' the Season PG Claudia Joy/Denise It's Christmas time and Cludia Joy is missing Amanda, but that's not the only thing on her mind. Complete


By Your Side PG Claudia Joy/Denise Post-1x03. Months after the devastating news about Denise's husband, Claudia Joy comforts her friend the way only she can. Complete


At the Edge of the World PG Claudia Joy/Denise Denise's voice is groggy, warm and unfettered. It pulls at Claudia Joy in a way she can't describe and doesn't want to. "Take me for a ride on your bike." Complete

The Raven

Going A-Viking PG-13 Det. Alice Levander/ADA Serena Southerlyn Law & Order crossover - Detective Levander is sent to New York City to participate in the investigation into the murder of a Swedish businessman... Complete

Better Off Ted

The One Office Affair PG-13 Linda/Veronica Linda decides that Veronica owes her an office affair. Complete

Beverly Hills, 90210

It's a Twin Thing 1-4 PG-13 Brenda/Kelly Brenda and Brandon make a bet about Kelly. On-Going


Camp Pyramid 18 Sam/Jeannie Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie crossover - The girls are making a little magic of their own… Complete

The Raven

A Kind of Magic PG-13 Sam/Jeannie Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie crossover - PWP - Vignette. Complete

Big Love

Cloudbusting PG Sarah/Heather "It's not done. Not by anyone she knows. What she means is, they all know it exists, pretty much, but it seems like something people do on another planet. Another universe." Complete

The Bill

Most Wanted PG Jo/Sam A short (slightly reworked) fill in scene from the Cop-the-Lot episode. Complete


You'll Never Know PG-13 Eva/Sam Where did 'the buzz' come from? Eva contemplates... Complete

Friendship G Honey/Amber After a stressful day involving a rapist the pair discover a new level to their relationship. Complete

A Fair Assumption G Jo/Suzie A late night at the office and several doses of heartache. Complete

Raised Stakes G Gina/June It never does taste the same the morning after. Sometimes it's better. Complete

Incognito 1 2 3 PG-13 Samantha/Jo   Nikki/Helen Bad Girls crossover - DS Nixon and DC Masters are sent into Larkhall undercover to expose Jim Fenner as corrupt. Complete

Traffic Lights PG Sam/Jo Jo's waiting for someone... Complete

Masking the Inappropriate PG Nikki Wright/Diane Noble After Doug's stabbing Diane's worried about Nikki. Complete

Black Sash

Starting Point PG Allie/Tory What were Tory and Allie thinking during their first conversation together in the pilot episode? Or more importantly, what were they feeling? Complete

It's the Way... PG-13 Allie/Tory Allie reflects on the ways that she loves Tory. Complete


I Came, I Sparred, Was Conquered PG-13 Allie/Tory Allie's POV - who would be whose bitch if they ever got sent to prison? Complete

Locker Room Confessions PG-13 Allie/Tory Sequel to 'I Came, I Sparred, Was Conquered' - Tory's POV - alone in the locker room. Complete


Sparring PG Allie/Tory Tory is really starting to warm up to Allie as her sparring partner. Complete

Blood Ties

Differences PG Vicki/Sofia CSI crossover. Complete

Body of Proof

Then She Noticed PG Megan/Kate Megan finally notices. Complete

The Bold and the Beautiful

New Beginnings G Danielle/Karen No synopsis given. Complete

Bomb Girls

No Remedy PG Kate/Betty   Betty/Teresa No synopsis given. Complete

Songs Kate Sang PG Kate/Betty No synopsis given. Complete

DJ Shiva

If The Sun Were Only Mine PG Kate/Betty Kate pursues her dream of being a singer, goes on tour, and figures out some things about herself and Betty. This is basically me attempting to fix that dreadful ambiguous mess that was left at the end of the Bomb Girls movie. Complete


Eden Ashley Chronicles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 15 Stella/OFC Eden Ashley joins the Team. we follow her story from start to finish. On-Going


A New York Minute PG No synopsis given. Complete


Teamwork PG Aiden/Sara CSI crossover - CSI Las Vegas and New York join forces. Complete


Late PG Stella/Lilly Cold Case crossover - Two detectives meet at a police convention. Complete


A Tale of Two... 15 Stella/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - This is what happens when I watched the Miami/NY crossover on Spike late the other night. Its more of exercise in imagery than a real story, but I just couldn't get out of my head how like their cities Stella and Cal are. (And my muse went, Stella + Calleigh = hot) Complete


Well then... PG CSI: Miami crossover - Something about Natalia intrigued her, but she wasn't sure what. Complete

Cagney and Lacey
Del Robertson

Who Killed Santa? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Santa is dead. Chaos ensues. Complete

Acathla & Diamond Crush

It Takes Two: Book One 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 18 Alex/Kate Beckett Castle crossover - When Detective Kate Beckett takes a vacation, the last thing she's expecting is to meet Vicky Harrison, the woman of her dreams. There's just one problem: Vicky is really prosecutor Alexandra Cabot. When Kate has to return back to New York, Alex has no choice but to play by the rules of the program and not contact Kate or else face the wrath of her handler. When the threat to her life is suddenly eliminated, Alex finally has the chance to return to her life in New York and the woman she loves, but after a year of virtual silence, will Kate be able to forgive her so that they can have the life they dreamed of? Complete


E is for Elegant PG-13 Chuck crossover - Working together has its benefits. Complete


Mirror PG Kate Beckett/JordanShaw Well, just what happens when the case is closed. Complete


Whiskey and Wanting 15 Kate Beckett/Emily Prentiss Criminal Minds crossover - Set between seasons 2 and 3, Kate Beckett is most definitely *not* sulking. Complete

Chicago Fire

Everything New PG-13 Leslie Shay/Gabriela Dawson It's a train wreck waiting to happen and everybody knows it, but it's up to you to try and somehow, miraculously, prevent it. A Shawson first-time fic written in the 2nd person POV. Complete

Ready New 18 Leslie Shay/Gabriela Dawson A Shawson smutshot. Don't want to give too much away here, so if you're interested, click through to read. Please mind the rating, for mature audiences only. Complete

Okay New PG-13 Leslie Shay/Gabriela Dawson Set post ep. 1x08 and could be roughly read to follow my fic 'Ready'. Complete

Score New 18 Leslie Shay/Gabriela Dawson It's a slow day at the firehouse. Just some basically plotless Shawson smuff (smutty fluff no angst here, peeps). Complete

Chain Reaction New PG-13 Leslie Shay/Gabriela Dawson Set post ep. 1x10. A Shawson first-time fic. Complete


E is for Elegant PG-13 Castle crossover - Working together has its benefits. Complete

Cleopatra 2525

Shades of Grey 1 PG-13 Takes place after the 'Hel and Highwater' arc in Season 1. Hel begins to question her life and the identity of the Voice... but will the whole team have to pay the price for her answers? On-Going

The Closer

Old Married Ladies PG-13 Brenda/Sharon The Closer / Major Crimes - no synopsis given. Complete


The Five Times Brenda Leigh Kissed Sharon Raydor (And the One Time Sharon Kissed Back) PG-13 Brenda/Sharon See title. Complete

Long Night's Journey Into Day PG-13 Brenda/Sharon In an unexpected move, Brenda offers a truce to Sharon, in an even more unexpected move, Sharon accepts. Complete

Inertia 15 Brenda/Sharon With Fritz gone, and with Will warning Brenda her job's not as secure as she thinks, Brenda's world is falling apart. Her growing attraction to Sharon Raydor, isn't helping any. Complete


Crush PG ADA Finn tells of her crush on Cabot Complete


Peluso Owes Me Fifty Bucks PG-13 Jessica/Christina Jessica and Christina get drunk... Complete

Covert Affairs

Behind Closed Doors PG-13 Joan/Lena No synopsis given. Complete


Stepping Stone 18 Andy/Miranda   Patty/Ellen The Devil Wears Prada crossover - Two of New York's most powerful women suddenly met their matches, but it's difficult making the appropriate adjustments. Luckily Andy and Ellen don't leave them any choice. Complete

Dark Angel

The Speed of Light PG Max/Cindy Cindy has a thing for motorcycles. Complete

Das Duo
The Raven

Replete 15 Det. Lizzy Krueger/Det. Marion Ahrens The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself... (Oscar Wilde) Complete

Irrefutable Evidence 15 Det. Lizzy Krueger/Det. Marion Ahrens A misunderstanding leads to an understanding. Complete

A Madness 15 Det. Lizzy Krueger/Det. Marion Ahrens Unwilling and unable to resist; willing to give anything, do anything, lose anything, for the sweet madness that is desire... Complete

Night PG-13 Det. Lizzy Krueger/Det. Marion Ahrens Marion reflects while Lizzy sleeps... Complete

Dead Like Me

Talking to the Sky G George/Betty George is working through her feelings after Betty disappears. Complete

She's Sad G George/Daisy Georgia starts thinking about what's been making Daisy so morose. Complete


Her Medicine PG-13 Alma/Trixie She had grown to need it every day, to crave it when she couldn't have it. Complete


In A Man's World 15 Joanie Stubbs/Alice Isringhausen No synopsis given. Complete

This Life 15 Joanie/Lila No synopsis given. Complete

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Breathe Me 15 Imogen/Fiona A moment in Imogen and Fiona's ever evolving relationship.. Complete


Say It Again PG-13 Alex/Paige Alex and Paige have decided to start dating. Complete

This Can't Be My Life PG-13 Alex/Paige Graduation day and beyond. Paige and Alex are miserable without the other, but can they get past everything that's happened between them? Complete


Inside Your Heaven PG-13 Paige/Alex Post 'Lexicon of Love'. Graduation time. Not without its angst of course. Complete

When Did Your Heart Go Missing PG Paige/Alex Pre 'Here Comes Your Man'. First in a series of missing Season Six Palex scenes. Think Season Six DVDs, deleted scenes Palex style. Complete

Candleburn PG Paige/Alex Takes place around the time of Working for The Weekend, but before the Palex meet up at the Dot. Complete


This Is Not A Love Song 15 Mina/Chase Blade crossover - Time doesn't heal all wounds. Complete


Devil You Know 18 Deb Morgan/Maria LaGuerta Deb is traumatized and sick of being a substitute, and LaGuerta isn't helping matters. Complete

Anyone You Think About Is Better Love Than Me 18 Deb Morgan/Maria LaGuerta They've been having sex for six months when things change. Complete

All the Damaged, Pretty Things 15 Lila/Rita Lila watches Rita sometimes. Complete


We Cry 1-2 3-5 18 Debra Morgan/OFC Joey Quinn isn't the cleanest cop in Miami, so in the middle of The Barrel Girls Case, Deb gets a new partner and some help even though she doesn't ask for it. Complete


Welcome to Wonderland 18 Garbo/Willa Is it the drugs or something else? Complete

Green-Eyed Monster 18 Garbo/Willa What happens when McPherson sees something that makes her jealous at a party? Complete

Private Dancer 18 Garbo/Willa What would happen if Garbo saw Willa in a strip club? Complete

Doc Martin

Scribbs Goes Surfing G Louisa Glasson/Emma Scribbins Murder in Suburbia crossover - Scribbs moves to Cornwall. Complete


A Little Christmas Magic PG Zara/Ruth Michelle's belief in Christmas magic gives Zara and Ruth a helping hand. Complete

Risks 15 Zara/Ruth Ruth's living situation creates problems when she and Zara opt for a little out of hours fun. Complete

Overload 15 Zara/Michelle Michelle is determined to get to the bottom of whatever's going on with Zara. Complete

Cheerful is Overrated PG Zara/Michelle Zara finds a way to cheer Michelle up. Complete

Downton Abbey
Ros Sawyer

The Break PG-13 Hughes/O'Brian   O'Brian/Cora No synopsis given. Complete

Dragnet (2003)
The Raven

Fire and Ice 15 Det. Elana Macias/Det. Gloria Duran During some downtime in the midst of an investigation, guards are let down, revelations happen, and an unforgettable night occurs... Complete

Uncharacteristic Behaviour 15 Det. Elana Macias/Shane McCutcheon Detective Macias picks Shane up for questioning due to her being a possible material witness in an ongoing case... Complete


Super-Hot Stop PG-13 Corinna/Dupree The sexy bounty hunter lady. Complete


Skewed Course 1 PG-13 Stacey/Ruby Stacey Slater reveals her caring side when with Ruby Allen but could it all be hiding something deeper? And is the feeling mutual? On-Going

Heartaches PG Chrissie Watts/ Mo Mitchell After discovering a devastating secret Mo turns to a surprising someone for comfort. Complete


Escape New 18 Joan/Diana White Collar crossover - They both needed to forget about their lives, if only for a little while. Complete


Hallelujah and Pass the Hand Grenades 18 Jo/Beverly Jo Lupo and small-town life do not mix. Complete


Dance With Me PG Jo/Zoe In which the town delinquent convinces the reluctant deputy to dance. Complete

My Delinquent PG Jo/Zoe Jo's thoughts on the sheriff's delinquent daughter. Complete

The Master Plan PG Jo/Zoe Jo, Zoe, and a self-defense lesson. Complete

Photoshop Fun PG Jo/Zoe This is why Sheriff Carter should never be told secrets, Zoe will always hear of them. Complete

What is Genius? G Jo/Zoe Zoe's freaking out. She needs perspective. Who better to provide it than our favorite deputy? Complete

The Secret Softie PG Jo/Zoe Little bit of holiday fluff and drama. Zoe knows Jo's secret and demands one thing of her to keep it. Complete


Ground Zero - Eureka, 2.19am PG Jo/Zoe Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge - Carter has two problems - a horde of zombies overrunning the town and a daughter with an unusual request involving his Deputy. Complete

Family Affairs
Shufflebum Munky

Untitled Story 1 2 3 4 5 15 Karen/Kelly The story starts out just as Kelly is explaining to Karen why they can no longer be freinds. On-Going


Sending a Message PG-13 Janis/OFC A Queen's Sacrifice has repercussions. Complete

Friday Night Lights

A Thousand Enemies 15 Tyra/Lyla What if Lyla hooked up with Tyra instead of Tim. Complete


I'll Let You Walk Me Up The Street 15 Tyra/Lyla Lyla and Tyra after Dillon, but before everything else. Complete


She Took My Heart... I Think She She Took My Soul PG-13 Astrid/Olivia What if Olivia is the one who had to go to the other side to get something she lost? What if this other side was worse than she ever could have imagined? Complete


This Is Not A Love Song 15 Astrid/Olivia Astrid doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Olivia complies but that doesn't stop her from showing Astrid how much she cares. Complete

Constant 15 Astrid/Olivia Astrid's tired of being left behind. Complete

A Random Scene of Domestic Bliss PG Astrid/Olivia Astrid and Olivia try to catch some sleep. Complete

Not So Quiet 18 Astrid/Olivia As Olivia and Astrid steal away for some privacy, Astrid has a hard time being quiet. Complete

General Hospital

Out of The Ashes 1-7 18 Bianca/? General Hospital crossover - New lives and new loves await Kendall and Bianca when they hit Port Charles. Can the sisters reinvent Deception Cosmetics? Will Bianca follow her heart and for once not get it broken? Featuring: Kendall, Bianca, Jason, Carly, Elizabeth, and Gia. On-Going

Whatever's Left 18 Lulu/Maxie Lulu finds a way to deal with Logan's death. Complete


Dislike PG Casey/Rebecca After Rebecca makes a show of herself in the wet t-shirt competition, Casey goes looking for her to give her a lecture about conduct unbecoming whilst wearing the ZBZ letters. Complete

Spark PG Casey/Frannie The Brothers and Sisters of Greek are on spring break in Myrtle Beach but a mistake in booking means the ZBZ actives have to share a room. Complete

Sisterly Bonding 18 Frannie/Ashleigh Frannie decides that its time for a little sisterly bonding. Complete

The Grid
The Raven

Need PG-13 Agent Maren Jackson/Agent Emily Tuthill They need eachother... Complete

The Handler
The Raven

Turned On 15 Lily/Marcy Lily is confused about her conflicting emotions and physical feelings while working a complex and demanding role, Marcy gives her advice and offers her support and so on... Complete

Harry's Law

The Question on Everybody's Lips PG Harry/Jenna Everyone wants to know 'why?'. Complete


Duality 15 Claire/Elle No synopsis given. Complete

Kirk Baldridge

Road Trip PG Claire/Gretchen No synopsis given. Complete

Ordinary PG Claire/Gretchen Maybe Claire CAN have something ordinary in her life...like love. Complete

Raven Morbisk

Heroes And Slayers 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-19 Epilogue PG-13 Niki/Faith   Peter/Buffy BtVS crossover - Post Chosen. Faith goes to Las Vegas; saving a boy from a pack of vampires she meets his mother. Complete


Strawberry Fields Forever 15 Claire/Elle Claire still colors. Complete

A La Mode PG Elle/Gwen Angel the Series crossover. Complete


Normal is overrated 15 Claire/Gretchen Set after the Halloween Becky incident... Gretchen doesn't leave. Complete

Highlander: The Raven
The Raven

History is Not Dead 15 Amanda/Sydney Fox Highlander: The Raven/Relic Hunter crossover - Amanda and Sydney cross paths... Past and present collide with interesting results... Complete

Home and Away

One More Chance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 Charlie Buckton/Joey Collins What happens when Joey returns from her 3 month job on the trawler. On-Going

How I Met Your Mother

Secrets PG-13 Lily/Robin Lily and Robin are left home alone one weekend while the boys are away and end up sharing a little more than girl talk. Complete

Keeping Secrets PG-13 Lily/Robin Companion piece to 'Secrets'. Complete


Stacie's Secret PG-13 Stacie Monroe/OFC Stacie has a secret that she has not shared with the entire crew yet. Story told mostly from Danny's point of view as he discovers what Stacie has been hiding. Complete

I Dream of Jeannie

Camp Pyramid 18 Jeannie/Sam I Dream of Jeannie/Bewitched crossover - The girls are making a little magic of their own… Complete

The Raven

A Kind of Magic PG-13 Jeannie/Sam I Dream of Jeannie/Bewitched crossover - PWP - Vignette. Complete

In Plain Sight

The One Time Elizabeth Got to be Alex Again PG Mary Shannon/Alex Cabot Law & Order: SVU crossover - Mary seeks comfort after the events of the season finale with her witness, Elizabeth (aka Alex). Complete

The Time Elizabeth Kissed Mary PG-13 Mary Shannon/Alex Cabot Law & Order: SVU crossover - Elizabeth (aka Alex) kisses Mary, and Mary freaks out because Alex is her witness. Complete


In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Liz Estrada

It Works on Paper PG-13 Mary Shannon/Karen Sisco Karen Sisco crossover - No plot, really. My frequent flyer friend told me today (7/19/08 - IDF!) that from MIA to ABQ, it's only four hours by plane. And this nonsense popped out. Complete


Right Now PG-13 Emily/Heather Emily is primary colors. Complete

Judge John Deed

Judge John Deed: series three episode five 18 John/Jo/George (m/f/f) A possible follow on from series three episode four. Days after the Diana Halsey case, George goes to visit John in chambers. Complete

Judging Amy

The Way We Were 15 Maxine Gray/Nora Lewin Law & Order crossover - While on vacation in New York City, Maxine unexpectedly gets drawn into a case, which brings her toe to toe with DA Nora Lewin and a memory she wishes she didn't have to hide. Complete

Knight Rider
The Raven

She Mends Me PG-13 Bonnie Barstow/Jamie Summers Bionic Woman crossover - Jamie is injured; Bonnie to the rescue... Complete

Becoming One 15 Jamie Summers/Bonnie Barstow Bionic Woman crossover - It's been 3 months since the tornado and our heroines are back in action, better, stronger and faster than before... Complete

L.A. Law

Curiosity or Something Much More? PG Abby/CJ If they were to pursue this-whatever this was-who was to say that it wouldn't end in disaster? Who wasn't to say that Eric wouldn't rebel? Or worse, knowing her ex-husband, who wasn't to say that Jim wouldn't use this against her? Saying that her 'new lifestyle' was harming Eric? No doubt, Jim would blame CJ for 'converting' her. And more to the point, would CJ dismiss her again by reiterating that she didn't want to risk jeopardizing their relationship just to satisfy her curiosity? Complete

Las Vegas
The Raven

Love in an Elevator 15 Nessa/Catherine CSI crossover - Title says it all... Complete

Last Resort

A New Day Dawns 15 Lt Grace Shepard/Sophie Girard In the ugliness and pain, a moment of beauty and pleasure. Complete


Adorable PG Parker/Tara Parker is adorable when she's confused. Complete

Lie To Me

Guilt PG-13 Foster/Torres Guilt can sometimes lead to a break through. Complete

Major Crimes

Old Married Ladies PG-13 Brenda/Sharon The Closer / Major Crimes - no synopsis given. Complete

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Love Is All Around You PG Mary/Rhoda No synopsis given. Complete


Awakenings 18 Mary/Rhoda No synopsis given. Complete

Medical Investigation
Della Street

Logistics PG Eva/Natalie Natalie isn't happy with Eva's replacement. Complete


Allow Me This Moment To Breathe G Eva/Natalie "You have a fever," Natalie states, gently brushing Eva's hair away from her face. Complete


Epiphany PG Eva/Natalie A random idea which, completely out of the blue, popped into my head. It's set during yet another medical emergency. Natalie's POV. Complete

Forces of Nature G Eva/Natalie The fic takes place during S01 ep.19 [Mission La Roca – Part 1] and explores what Natalie was thinking during the fairly dramatic events. All the lines are from the episode so it shouldn't be too hard to follow although it can also be read without knowing anything about the show. Complete

Wonders of Wyoming G Eva/Natalie Holiday reflections. Complete


Caught PG Eva/Natalie Caught in the act. Complete

Ziva, Caged PG Ziva/Eva   Eva/Natalie Medical Investigation crossover - Ziva is quarantined at Pearl Harbour during a medical emergency. Complete

Hiding Out PG Eva/Natalie   Ziva/Eva Medical Investigation crossover - Eva takes refuge with Natalie after her run in with Ziva. Complete

The Mentalist

If You Need A Reason PG-13 Teresa Lisbon/Grace Van Pelt Rigby won't get her, because she's already looking at someone else. Complete


Scotch, On The Rocks PG Veronica Veronica was the one who helped people, saved people. She didn't need saving. Did she? Complete


Chains 15 Morgana/Gwen Alternate Universe - The future Queen of England and her Mistress have some unfinished business. Complete

The Middleman

Lacey Wants Paris 15 Wendy/Lacey Aw, Lacey. Casablanca? After what happened last time?" Complete


The Gender-Bender Make-Out Session PG-13 Wendy/Lacey Never trust your roommate alone with a wannabe sorority girl/mad scientist. Complete


Temptation 18 Beth/Lola Beth gives into temptation, just like Lola knew she would. Complete

Mystery Woman

Mystery Woman: In the Shadows (Missing Scene) G Samantha/Cassie Missing scene, this story comes after Mystery Woman: to At First Sight. Complete

Mystery Woman: At First Sight (Missing Scene) G Samantha/Cassie Missing scene, this story is before Mystery Woman: In the Shadows. Complete

Nancy Drew
Del Robertson

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Pal PG-13 Nancy/George One of Nancy's friends is kidnapped by the bad guys and she's given an ultimatum. Complete

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Leather Bar 1 2 PG-13 Nancy/George A dear, old friend needs Nancy's help - or she'll lose her bar. Complete

Who Killed Santa? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Santa is dead. Chaos ensues. Complete

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Secret Admirer PG Nancy/George Who is Nancy's secret admirer? Knowing Nancy, it won't be a "secret" for long. Complete

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Secret Surprise G Nancy/George Just how do you surprise America's greatest sleuth? Complete

The Five Fandom Cross-Over Story PG Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - Ms. Fletcher is in trouble - and the Angels are on the case. Complete

New Tricks

Your Last Warning PG Sandra/OFC News of Sandra's latest flame reaches the rest of the team. Complete

Introductions PG Sandra/OFC Sandra introduces her new girlfriend to the team. Complete

He Knows PG Sandra/Emily Gerry knows. Complete


Not Alone G Nikita/Alex Alex isn't the only one in need of reassurance. Complete


Tell Me... 18 Nikita/Alex A Nikita/Alex first-time fic. Complete

The Raven

On The Other Side PG-13 Nikita/Alex The night is long, but the days are longer. Complete

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

There Is Something I Need to Tell You PG Mma Precious Ramotswe/Mma Grace Makutsi Over a cup of bush tea, Mma Makutsi indulges in her favourite pastime. Complete

Sharon Bowers

The Night Before PG-13 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - ADA Carmichael has a godawful day, goes to a bar to drown her sorrows, and runs into a vaguely familiar detective from the 15th precinct. Complete

Several Mornings After 15 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - Kirkendall and Carmichael cross professional paths. Emotional turmoil ensues. Complete

Day In Day Out 15 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - A high-profile murder brings Carmichael into the public eye, while her relationship with Kirkendall takes some unexpected turns. Complete

Days Like These PG-13 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - Carmichael is forced to deal with a date rape case as she and Kirkendall try to find some time together. Complete

Night and the City PG-13 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - The Angst! The Trauma! The Oh-My-God-What-Do-I-Wear! And... a little something more. Complete

Twenty Four Seven 15 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - Jill is forced into making a choice while Abbie deals with the political ramifications of her impulsive actions. Complete

Standoff 15 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order crossover - Don's in the wind; Jill's running scared; and Abbie is at her wits' end. Something has to give. Complete

Traveling Miles 15 Jill/Abbie Carmichael Law & Order - Jill and Abbie have to face the professional music, while revealing some personal truths to one another. Complete

The O.C.

The Letter She Never Meant to Send 18 Alex/Marissa Marissa regrets losing Alex, so she writes her a letter she never intends on sending. But one day when she's distraught and reminiscing on the first time they made love, she ends up posting the letter. Complete


Dreaming of an Orange Sky PG Alex/Marissa Alex tries to come to terms after hearing of Marissa's death. Complete


Eskimo Kisses PG-13 Alex/Marissa Marissa and Alex have been dating for a few weeks now but have been proceeding slowly into the relationship and keeping well in the closet. But when it comes to their first kiss, Marissa finds herself unsure and questioning herself. Can Alex show her that a kiss isn't just a kiss but it can be translated through different ways? Complete

Once and Again

In The Bedroom G Jessie/Katie What was going on in the girls' minds during their time together in the episode "Falling into Place"? Complete

Breaking Up The Girl PG Jessie/Katie Sequel to 'In The Bedroom' - What was going through the girl's minds during the episode "Gay/Straight Alliance"? Complete

About a Girl 1-14 15-30 PG Jessie/Katie Sequel to 'Breaking Up The Girl' - What happens to girls after their kiss in Jessie's room? Complete

No Place Like It PG Jessie/Katie Sequel to 'About a Girl' - Complete

One Tree Hill

Mouth Shut PG-13 Brooke/Peyton Peyton's time capsule entry has some surprising secrets too. Complete

Breakaway 1 2 3 PG-13 Brooke/Peyton Brooke finds Peyton's journal in a surprising place, the secrets locked inside are even more surprising. Set post Season 2. Complete


Broken and Alone PG Brooke/Haley It's really short and it is about being broken. Complete

Painkiller Jane

Frank Sinatra 1 2 3 15 Jane/Maureen Dawn of the Dead meets Painkiller Jane - the dead have come back to life and Jane's forced to reassess her relationship with, and feelings for, Maureen. On-Going

Helping Hand 18 Jane/Maureen Partners know when to give a helping hand. Complete

Political Animals

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream PG Elaine/Susan It always seems so cold in your bedroom. Complete

Change in Plans PG Elaine/Susan It wasn't supposed to end like this. Complete

First Class PG-13 Elaine/Susan You swore, never again. Complete

Her Lady in Waiting PG Elaine/Susan You've been obsessed with her for years. Complete

Inconvenient Truths PG Elaine/Susan No synopsis given. Complete

Poltergeist: the Legacy
A. Magiluna Stormwriter

New Beginnings PG-13 Alex/Willow Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover - New beginnings may be exactly what Willow needs... Complete


Beginnings PG-13 Alex/Rachel Rachel's reactions to Alex's ministrations in the pilot Complete

Power Rangers

Return of the Ninjetti Warrior 1-2 3 15 Kimberly/Katherine After living in self imposed isolation for the last 10 years, a Ranger of the past returns to take the reigns of a leader and summon ex Rangers to join the fight against a new evil. On-Going

A 'Cat' Story PG Kimberly/Katherine It was a war. Cat verses Kat. The ultimate struggle for dominance and... cuddles? Complete

The Practice

Your Place or Mine? 15 Eleanor/Helen I got a weird feeling in the episode where Eleanor has her baby, when Helen's reply to "Who are you?" is "I'm the father." So this story is what happens after that. Complete

The Raven

An Inexpressible State of Grace PG-13 C.J. Cregg/Ellenor Frutt The Practice/The West Wing crossover - While reveling in post-coital bliss, Ellenor reflects on picking up the 'wrong' C.J. at a hotel bar. Complete

Spectral Delivery

Moving Forward Through Necessary Interruptions 18 Helen Gamble/Ellenor Frutt A first time romance between two unlikely people, a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. Complete

The Pretender
The Raven

The Divine Miss Parker 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Cold Case/Pretender crossover - Detective Lily Rush finds herself investigating the apparent murder of Miss Parker's mother. Complete

Rush Hour 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to The Divine Miss Parker - Det. Rush wakes up alone, was it all a dream, a hallucination, or what? Complete

Get Parker! 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Rush Hour - Night and two women, impulses and revelations. Complete

Lilly of the Valley 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Get Parker! - So, now what? Complete

What Fresh Heaven Is This? 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Lilly of the Valley - New York City or bust! Complete

Tiger Lilly 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to What Fresh Heaven is This? - Detective Rush and Miss Parker, together in the Big Apple. Complete

Midnight 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Tiger Lilly - Decisions, actions, and shooting from the hip. Complete

Chasing dragons with plastic swords... 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Midnight - Decisions, beginnings and endings... Conclusion to the series. Complete

Private Practice

And in Shiloh, They Lurk Amidst the Vines 18 Dr. Amelia Shepherd/Various Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy/CSI/House/Criminal Minds crossover femslash. Amelia Shepherd has been cast afloat since losing her fellowship. She tries to find a niche in LA and at Oceanside Wellness as a member of the practice. Surrounded by the influence of so many medical pioneers, perhaps she'll finally be able to discover where she fits. Think Mash meets 1950s lesbian pulp film. Amelia and anyone else she happens to hook up with promises good ole' pwp fun. When not preoccupied by sexual conquest, practicing medicine or avoiding the tragic Oceanside Wellness curse, will Amelia finally latch on to a promising opportunity? Complete


Peace Of My Heart New 18 Addison/Meredith Addison Montgomery swears Callie Torres to secrecy, she reveals her long-lasted lesbian affair with Meredith Grey to encourage her friend to finally come out of the closet. Complete


Sensibility 18 Addison/Cuddy House M.D. crossover - inspired by (but not quite matching) Challenge SFC#129 on the Passion & Perfection website, wherein Lisa Cuddy travels to the Oceanside Wellness Center and meets Addison Montgomery. Set in the tiny space of time between the Grey's Anatomy Season 4 episode, "A Piece of My Heart," and the House Season 4 finale, "Wilson's Heart." Complete


A Meeting of Ex-es 15 Addison/Meredith It's a meeting of the Ex-es, the Cheating Ex-Wife and the Dirty Ex-Mistress. Complete


No, Not Like We Used To PG Addison/Naomi Addison went to LA for a variety of reasons that she couldn't quite put her finger on. Complete


If You're So Tired... 18 Karen Vick/Juliet O'Hara Karen is sleep deprived, and O'Hara went seriously wrong somewhere along the way. Complete

So Busted PG Karen Vick/Juliet O'Hara Crack!fic in which Vick talks to O'Hara about her favorite fandom. Complete

Don't Kill the Messenger (Especially if He's a Fake Psychic) PG Karen Vick/Juliet O'Hara Shawn notices something strange about Vick and O'Hara. Complete

Pushing Daisies

Truth G Olive/Chuck After learning Lily's dark secret Olive has to contend with a lot more than she realised. Complete

Touch G Olive/Chuck Chuck almost takes extreme measures to prove a point. Complete

Forms of Infatuation G Olive/Chuck Olive discovers something about herself that she didn't yet know. Complete


Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective 15 Olive/Chuck Olive's attempt to put thoughts of the pie-maker behind her have unexpected results. Complete


Inevitable PG Reba/Barbra Jean It was inevitable... A moment in time...a revelation no one expected. Complete

Relic Hunter
The Raven

History is Not Dead 15 Sydney Fox/Amanda Relic Hunter/Highlander: The Raven crossover - Amanda and Sydney cross paths... Past and present collide with interesting results... Complete


Mad About You 18 Octavia/Servilia No synopsis given. Complete

Amantes sunt amentes (Lovers and lunatics) 15 Octavia/Servilia No synopsis given. Complete

Holly Bee

More Then Frenemies PG-13 Darlene Conner/Molly Tilden Darlene realizes she's much less interested in her boyfriend than in her biggest enemy. Complete


Camelot 18 Isabel/Tess There's more to Isabel's relationship with the 'new girl' than meets the eye. Complete

Saved by the Bell

What Drives Her 1 2 PG-13 Jessie/Kelly Jessie faces the prospect of attending the 15 year reunion of the class of 1993, while balancing her current life and trying to keep her old feelings from resurfacing. On-Going

Saving Grace

I Once was Lost 18 Grace/Temperance Bones crossover - Grace takes Temperance home from a bar. Angst and sex, and angels. Complete


Another Round for my Friend 18 Grace/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - Due to a unforeseen circumstances, two cops meet in a bar. They share a taste for bourbon, swap some stories and find themselves in a situation new to them. Complete


After the Silver Spoon PG Devlin/Poe A "what if" slice of life... Also, a pregnancyfic. Complete


Starts with a Dance PG-13 Madeline Poe/Julie Stark It had been a hard week for Madeline Poe, which is why she was out dancing in the first place. Complete

She Spies

Right As... PG-13 Cassie/Shane One night the girls bantering leads to some unexpected, but not unwanted revelations. Complete

Shortland Street

Starting from Scratch PG Maia/Nicole A broken leg was nothing compared to a broken heart. Complete

A Trip Down Memory Lane 1 PG-13 Maia/Nicole A mystery illness descends on the hospital. On-Going


Intimate Truths PG Chloe/Lana Truth serum is a pesky substance, just look at all those confessions of love. Complete

Erin Griffin

All I Want PG-13 Chloe/Lana Chloe has been having dreams of Lana since the tornados. When her mother comes back to Smallville, the truth comes out, and Chloe gets the chance to make those dreams become reality. Will She take the chance? Complete

Hollywood Recycle Bin

A Big Bad Girl in the Big Bad World PG-13 Lucy Lane/Andrea Rojas The world is a dangerous place, even for vigilantes. Complete

French Only PG-13 Chloe/Lana Chloe and Clark gets dragged into a game of Spin the Bottle. Things didn't turn out quite the way Chloe expected them to. Complete

Last Night as a Free Woman 15 Chloe/Lana Set during season 6. Lana gets a real bachelorette party at a strip club, and as the alcohol flows, feelings become unveiled. Complete

John O'Connor

Back To School 18 Lois/Janet Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Janet decides to drop in on Cassie at college and instead meets her roommate. Complete


I Melt PG-13 Chloe/Lana Chloe gets humbled when Lana shows her sensitive side. Complete


The Prettiest Girl In School PG-13 Chloe/Lana When Chloe works late one night at the Torch she discovers something about herself she never thought possible. Complete


For Now 15 Chloe/f Terminator crossover - For Chloe, helping a time traveler stop nuclear Armageddon could be day-to-day routine. But being told that in the future, she's a lesbian? Complete

Space: Above and Beyond

Bedtime Story PG Kara Thrace/Shane Vansen Battlestar Galactica crossover - Kara has a conversation with her new bunk mate. Complete

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

A Woman's Power 1 2 18 Gaia, Lucretia, Diona Gaia is pondering her fate, and her fortune of once again being reunited with Lucretia. While in the house of Batiatus, she finds a surprising ally in a young slave girl. Still, Gaia is uncertain what the future will hold. All she knows is that she can play the game, and she can play it well. On-Going


Provincialism 15 Scribbs/Ros   Ros/Jo   Ash/Scribbs Murder in Suburbia crossover. Complete

Jayden Scott

Certain Daydreams 15 Tessa/Zoe Why would Tessa want anything to do with Zoe? Complete


Assignment in Love 18 Ros/Jo Ros and Jo have to go undercover for an awkward mission but can they keep their minds on the task ahead! Complete

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Patricia L. Givens

Choices 18 Kira/Jadzia Jadzia loses her symbiont and finds out many new things about herself and her friend Kira. Complete

Minister Of Lies 1 2 3 4 5 18 Jadzia/Talas   Kira/Odo Jadzia meets and falls for Kira's sister, while Kira finally figures out how Odo feels about her...and how she feels about him. Complete


It's a Good Day to … Get Married! PG Nerys/B'Elanna Missing scene from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, season 6, episode: "You are cordially invited", explaining what really happened to make Lady Sirella change her mind about Jadzia joining the House of Martok. Complete

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Longest Night PG-13 Beverly/Deanna Beverly must sit through the longest night of her life. Complete


Where It All Begins 15 Deanna/B'Elanna Star Trek: Voyager crossover - What if someone didn't die who was supposed to or did die who wasn't supposed to? What if a series of these events were to occur how would that alter the future? Complete


Naked in Bed 18 Beverly/Selar While the crew of Enterprise NCC-1701-D tried to work out what happened to the science ship S.S. Tsiolkovsky, the same infection which killed the crew of the vessel overlapped to the Enterprise - a disease which led to wild and irresponsible acting... Complete

Strange Empire

The Obligation PG-13 Kat/Rebecca Rebecca offers to pay for Kat's release, however Isabelle refuses until Kat fulfills the deal she made with Slotter and both women discover that happiness may not be out of their reach after all. Complete

Studio 60

What Seems Like A Good Idea PG Jeanie/Wendy Jeanie drowns her sorrows at the Halloween party. Complete


Making an Alphabet Book for Valentine's Day is Not Really a Gift PG Harriet/Jordan Jordan has a special Valentine's give for Harriet. Complete

Suburban Shootout

I Don't 15 Joyce/Lillian Set during episode 4 of the first series - at the botox party. Complete

Girls with Guns 15 Pam/Hilary Set during episode 7 of the first series - in the club. Complete

A kiss is still a kiss 15 Joyce/Lillian   Pam/Hilary An unexpected kiss. Complete

Thorough Interrogation 15 Pam/Hilary Pam is taken hostage. Complete


Under Her Thumb PG-13 Pam/Hilary A behind the scenes look at the series end, highlighting an unlikely pairing. Complete


Tights and Trysts PG-13 Pam/Hilary Pam and Hilary discuss the Joyce situation. Complete


Me Kathleen, You Jane PG-13 Kathleen/Jane Kathleen discovers Jane crying in the atrium. Complete


After the Christmas Party 1 15 Jenny/Susan What if Susan had gone home with someone else following the Christmas party? On-Going

Tracie L

Last Tenko 18 Blanche/Rose No synopsis given. Complete

Terapia d'urgenza
The Raven

Lead 15 Marina/Esther What if things had gone differently? Complete

Third Watch

When Angels Cry 1 2 3 4 15 Faith/Kim Faith is having an affair and someone finds out about her secret relationship. Co-written with FaithRocks. On-Going

Comforting 1-2 15 Faith/Kim Two members of the 55 find comfort with each other. On-Going

Nothing is Impossible 1 15 Faith/Kim Faith wakes up and she's not alone. Complete


Partners 15 Kim Zambrano/Alex Taylor Drabble - Because it makes sense. Complete

Castle of Sand 18 Faith Yokas/Claire Henley Drabble - When they were in college, they believed everything happens for a reason. Complete

The Raven

Guys and Gals PG-13 Faith Yokas/Serena Southerlyn Third Watch/Law & Order - This is a man's world; thank God for woman... Complete

Just Us Gals PG-13 Faith Yokas/Serena Southerlyn Sequel to 'Guys and Gals' - Fred fucked up; Faith has had enough. (set three weeks after the first story) Complete

Gently PG-13 Faith Yokas/Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls crossover - Lorelai Gilmore is almost mugged and Faith Yokas finds herself intrigued by the woman who fought off her mugger with such guts... What next? Complete

Ugly Betty

She's My Man PG-13 Alexis/Jordan Alexis let Jordan go once but she won't make the same mistake again. Complete

Vivian Darkbloom

Ground Zero, Manhattan, 9:19 a.m PG Christina/Amanda Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge - What the well-dressed zombie killer should wear. Or not. Complete


Letting Go PG-13 Frances Pembroke/Angela March The last of my innocence died the day I saw a man explode in front of me. Complete


Up All Night Long 1-3 4-7 PG-13 Erica/Anna Anna is up to something and Erica intends to find out just what. Complete

Della Street

Gone 15 Tasha/Val After an embarrassing mistake, Tasha decides she has to leave VIP. Complete

Erin Griffin

Happy Birthday Nikki PG Nikki/Kay No synopsis given. Complete


Seven Days 15 Tasha/Val Val drags Tasha along on vacation. Complete

Waking the Dead

Take you through your darkest hour PG-13 Mel/Frankie Set during 'Fugue States' (4.03) and pretty much requires you to have seen that episode for this to make any sense. Complete


The Unclean PG Mel/Frankie Story set after the events of 'Walking on Water'. Complete


Needing Something 18 Nancy/Celia What might have happened at the very end of "Lude Awakening." Complete

Getting Even 18 Nancy/Celia Celia and Nancy have a talk about their problems. Set in Season 3 (spoilers). Complete


Moments in Transition PG-13 Nancy/Celia Celia copes unconventionally with her diagnosis. Complete

White Collar

Escape New 18 Diana/Joan Elementary crossover - They both needed to forget about their lives, if only for a little while. Complete

Caught New 18 Diana/Abigail Written for the Fourth Annual Femslash Kink Meme on Dreamwidth & the prompt:: White Collar: Diana Barrigan/Abigail: handjob during the robbery (4x05) Complete

Wire in the Blood

Objectification, or the Male Gaze 18 Carol/Alex No synopsis given. Complete

The Raven

Devil's Night 15 Carol Jordan/Olivia Benson Law & Order: SVU crossover - Cross continental cooperation during an intercontinental serial-killer investigation leads to something else... Complete


Crime and Punishment 18 Nikki/Helen   Alex/Paula Bad Girls crossover - Helen goes to a funeral. Complete

The Raven

90 Minutes 15 Sara Pezzini/Lara Croft Tomb Raider crossover - Fast motorcycles, guns, magic, two beautiful women and 90 Minutes... Complete

Supernatural 15 Sara Pezzini/Monica Reyes X-Files crossover - Monica and Sara cross paths in New York City; sparks fly as they are drawn together for a brief moment in eternity... Complete

Without a Trace
Del Robertson

Whatever Happened to Ralst? G Ralst hasn't been heard from, and it's up to our intrepid detectives of the fan fiction universe to solve the case. Complete

The Raven

My lover; not my doctor... PG-13 Agent Samantha Spade/Doctor Lisa Harris Samantha's reflections on a particularly emotionally grueling case are interrupted by Dr. Harris. The attraction between the two women, long buried under layers and masks of professionalism, is finally set free... Complete

My lover; not my patient... 18 Agent Samantha Spade/Doctor Lisa Harris Sequel to My lover; not my doctor - An evening and a night, lead to morning and a revelation... Complete

Hands PG-13 Agent Samantha Spade/Doctor Lisa Harris Samantha finds herself examining Dr. Harris's hands... Complete

Autumn Leaves 15 Agent Samantha Spade/Doctor Lisa Harris A quiet moment that becomes something else; a desire that will not be denied, that cannot be resisted... Complete

It Takes Two 15 Agent Samantha Spade/Agent Elena Delgado Just add a lighted match! Yeah baybe! Complete


Dangerous Secrets PG-13 Agent Samantha Spade/Doctor Lisa Harris Samantha is secretly having a relationship with her psychiatrist, but someone knows and is threatening to destroy them. Complete