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Embracing the Sun
By Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson


The 'Maru was dead in space, caught in between the two rapidly deteriorating suns with no means of escape. It was certain death and destruction, and this time Beka Valentine didn't count on some arguably lucky chance to save her life once more.

Mainly she figured there would be no rescue this time because the person, or possibly even entity, responsible for saving her sorry hide before was now right there with her, without memories of her powers and possibly no longer in possession of enough of said powers to do whatever she had managed before. But that was alright, a person could only expect to be given that many second chances.

There was no power left besides some emergency light that would be fading fast, no way to contact the Andromeda for some last words to the ragtag team that, deny it though she might at times, had become Beka's family. The only reason she was not already well on her way to crawl herself into a bottle in order to face the end as deliriously as possible was that she was not alone.

Before Trance's trusting and surprisingly innocent eyes Beka found herself wanting to be a better woman, a better friend, and for the moment that meant no drinking herself into oblivion while leaving the other woman to face the end on her own.

At least they needn't worry about radiation or oxygen, the 'Maru was a sturdy ship and would protect them, it would even keep the residual heat from evaporating for far longer than it would take the two dying suns to destroy them. The lights would fade much faster and soon enough they would be in the dark, but for the present...

Beka Valentine twirled her friend and colleague across the deck in their last dance.

Though arguably Trance Gemini could be older than all of them combined, the woman in Beka's arms seemed so young and so innocent, and the sweetly delighted smile bestowed upon her as she guided the smaller woman around the room stirred things within that Beka had buried deep for so very long.

Those eyes were so trusting and the experience of holding Trance in her arms so sweet, that Beka, distracted by the emotions welling up unbidden, unconsciously stopped dancing and merely held the younger woman. A stray thought came to her before Beka lost herself gazing into warm and surprisingly caring eyes that Dylan would surely kill her if he knew what kind of thoughts she harboured for Trance. That had been one of several reasons why Beka had decided never to act on her growing feelings before.

Now was another matter though. Although she felt hopeful that Trance might actually make it through the destruction of the twin suns, Beka herself was facing death at virtually any moment now, what was there for her to lose at this point?

Gingerly long and calloused fingers reached up to brush against a golden cheek, eliciting an immediate response as Trance leaned into the touch, her eyes fluttering sweetly at the almost breathless Beka. For a long and trembling moment Beka was caught in indecision... would she truly dare?

Then her heart made the decision for her and Beka leaned in to gently brush against the full, pouty lips of the woman in her arms, once... twice... three times before drawing back.

Such softness. Had anything else ever been quite that soft before?

Trance smiled and reached up to initiate a series of kisses that rapidly turned from languid and sweet to heated and needful. Beka was far too occupied with responding to the delicious sounds of the woman in her arms while exploring gold-dusted skin to be entirely aware when small hands began to move over buttons and buckles. The chill of the 'Maru could not reach her where she was now, only when Beka found herself standing in the dying light dressed only in her underwear and with a naked avatar in her arms did she come to her senses enough to realise where this was headed.

Soft fingers against her lips and the brightest smile Beka had ever seen stopped her from questioning whether Trance was sure this was what she wanted. The gold-hued woman allowed no such words, and her reply was to happily lead Beka by the hand to the small room where her bed was located onboard the 'Maru.

The dark sheets felt rough when compared to the silky smoothness of Trance's skin, but the slightly glowing avatar offered up no complaints as Beka, possessed by a hunger of such strength and intensity she was helpless against it, covered as much as she could of that soft golden skin while tracing the sunburst pattern on Trance's chest with lips and tongue.

It flitted across her conscious once, while Trance arched beneath her in a display of such sensuous and beautiful abandon, that knowing what she did of the solar avatar and her extreme internal temperature, recklessly burying her fingers within the woman had not been the most well thought-out course of action she had ever taken. Fortunately although the heat was incredible it was neither painful nor dangerous, rather it was addictive and Beka wanted to remain there for as long as possible.

All trace of thought were shattered then as the already glowing woman burst out in a soft cry and a flash of light that coursed right through Beka with such ecstasy that she could not help but throw her head back and cry out her lover's name in pleasure, until finally darkness descended and claimed them both.

Beka awoke to the sound of Andromeda calling for them and the increasing noise of her ship coming back online. In her arms the warm and addictively soft body of Trance stirred as well, while reluctantly Beka untangled herself and got up. She wanted nothing more than to return to bed, to that embrace waiting for her there and another round or two of loving the sweet woman that was now blinking sleepily at her, but there was no time. Knowing Dylan the Andromeda was already on an intercept course, and if Beka did not get herself in order to reply to the hails she and Trance would very soon find themselves having company, one way or another. All she could really do was to make sure Trance had some more time to get herself dressed, and with that in mind Beka rushed to the pilot seat.

It was with a heavy heart that Beka steered the 'Maru through the procedure of docking with Andromeda. The disaster was averted and she and Trance were both alive, so she should be happy. Instead she grew more and more anxious and morose, wondering what Trance was thinking and feeling, and how in all of creation she was supposed to act around the other woman now. Surely what had happened between them had not meant the same to the lovely avatar that it had to her, surely it had been that great compassion that Trance always held that had responded to Beka's need and not any real desire or romantic interest on Trance's part.

No words of love had been spoken, in fact precious few words had been spoken at all since their dance had begun.

Beka's train of thought was interrupted when she exited the 'Maru and, out of habit rather than conscious choice, extended her hand to help Trance do the same. The smaller woman giggled happily and threw herself into Beka's arms, placing a long, sweet and world-changing kiss on her lips before bounding off to greet those of their friends that were approaching the hangar to meet them.

Stunned Beka Valentine remained in place for a moment, her fingers hesitantly coming up to touch lips still tingling from Trance's kiss. Then, slowly, she grinned.

As she rushed to catch up to the others her eyes met Trance's, and the warmly adoring look that passed between them made her grin nearly split her face. She trotted along, pretending she was not at all walking far closer to Trance than she used to while trying her best to stay focused on the rather serious things that had apparently happened in their absence.

But all she could really think was that maybe her chances were better than she had thought. Maybe, just maybe, things would be alright... maybe, just this once, she could afford herself to have some hope.

A small hand brushed against her own, fingers entwining easily as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Maybe it had been the best thing she had ever done... the day that she, Rebecca Valentine, had dared to embrace the sun.

The End

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