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AUTHOR'S NOTE: So here's my attempt, hopefully it's not half bad. At writing a Brooke and Haley Fic. I must warn you though it's a sad one. Basically it's all from Haley's point of view.
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Broken and Alone
By Sarah


Forever that's what she promised.

But now it's all gone nothing but emptiness.

She left her, Broken and alone.

No one understood what it was like.

Knowing that the person you loved was never coming back.

What was there to live for?

If she couldn't hold her in her arms, drown in her eyes, smell her scent while she clung to her, in the height of there ecstasy.

The late night phone calls.

Walking the halls of Tree Hill High knowing that she was by your side.

Watching her as she bounced around happy in your love.

Knowing that you were her 'tutor girl' and she was your 'tigger'

But know all you have are the memories that she left with you.

That's not nearly enough as you cry yourself to sleep cling to her pillow knowing Brooke Davis, your girlfriend the love of your live was never coming back.

All because of a drunk driver.

The End

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