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New Beginnings
By Geekgrrllurking


It was a long flight from New York to Los Angeles, the recycled air of the airplane not helping to keep the passengers awake. In first class things were a little better, the seats more spacious, the drinks flowing a little faster, the attendants just a little more attentive.

Just the way Danielle liked it to be.

Her sharp green eyes met the attractive young attendant's gaze, nodding her head for another drink. The blonde had been very attentive all flight, much to Danielle's amusement. Her eyes traveled down the shapely curves of the young woman, admiring the well fitting uniform she was wearing, and the way her blonde hair swirled around her shoulders. She wasn't sure if it was the flowing hair that sparked the memory, or perhaps the twitch of a lopsided grin that reminded her of Karen in that instant.

Whatever it was, it threw Danielle back in time, back to the beginning when their love was still shiny and new. When the Texas sun glinted bright off her lover's blonde hair and Karen's wide smile shone even brighter. Before their on again, off again, on again, whatever-was-going-on-now again relationship cycle had started.

Her mind moved on, to a time when their little Caroline had come running into her arms, clinging to her waist with all her might, and together they giggled and carried the overflowing picnic basket to Karen proudly waiting for them on a blanket in the back yard. Caroline would spin around and around in the sunshine, her little skirt twirling around her as she laughed. And Karen had simply reached out and squeezed her hand on the blanket, her eyes crinkling in the corners making her heart beat faster, tempting her to kiss those sweet full lips.

It was a time when Danielle's life had been so very, very good.

The attendant winked at her as she handed over the drink, bringing her back to the here and now, whether she wanted to or not.

"Better buckle up," the blonde leaned close and smirked. "It's about to get a little bumpy around here." The attendant slipped her a business card with her number on it before making her way back down the aisle. Danielle cocked an eyebrow and smiled to herself, slipping the card into her pocket.

Those were truer words than the woman even knew. Things were about to get a lot more interesting in Los Angeles that was for sure. It was a new beginning for her in a way, for all of them. Things were changing; her family was shifting and moving, like sand in an hourglass. Her little girl Caroline was growing up into a fine young woman and despite Karen's assurances she knew someone needed to make sure the Forresters didn't eat the poor child alive.

If there was one thing Danielle was good at, it was looking after what was hers.

As much as Danielle wanted to go in all momma bear fierce, she wasn't stupid. She needed to play this right, keep her wits about her and keep her family together one way or another. Despite how galling it was, she would do as she had been asked and would play by Karen's rules.

For now.

"Here's to new beginnings," Danielle murmured under her breath, her eyes narrowing as she took a sip of her drink, and the plane began its long decent into LAX. "Let the games begin."

The End

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