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By Acathla


"You and I both know this can never happen again." Reba Hart stated, hoping she could get her point across this time. This wasn't the first time she'd said these words. In fact it was probably the twentieth time but it seemed like no matter how many times she said it, inevitably she gave in and let it happen again.

"You keep saying that and yet, it keeps happening. Reba I am married to someone else! Why do I keep cheating on my loving spouse to have a few sweaty hours with you?"

Reba was at a loss for words. This was the first time that her statement had ever been challenged like this. She honestly didn't know why this kept happening. What she did know was that those 'few sweaty hours', were really the only time she ever felt like she was alive.

She knew she wasn't in love and she knew that she really should end this...liaison and find someone else. Someone single, someone who wasn't married to someone she cared about and respected...kind of.

But somehow she couldn't. "I honestly don't know but I mean it this time. As much as those 'few sweaty hours' as you

put it, make me feel alive and whole, we have to stop doing this. We can't keep sneaking off to anonymous no tell motels, trying to steal a few hours of amazing sex. I can't keep doing this to myself."

"To yourself?" Came the incredulous, slightly hurt response, "Reba, what about what this is doing to me and to my marriage?"

That stopped Reba cold, "your marriage? Did you confess to your 'loving spouse'? We agreed after the first time not to tell anyone."

"Reba relax, I haven't said anything to anyone. What I meant was, my marriage is suffering because of this. Because of my guilt and, yes, because of what our times together mean to me."

"What do you mean by 'what they mean to you'?" Reba had to know if she was the only one getting deeper feelings.

A sigh, then, "Reba, after all the years we've known each other and you can't tell? Haven't you figured out why I keep coming back?"

Then Reba said something she'd soon regret for months to come. "I just, well I just assumed it was the sex. I thought you just wanted something outside of your marriage...a conquest of sorts."

The look in Barbra Jean's eyes as Reba's answer sunk in and she realized she was the only one feeling anything like love in this relationship broke Reba's heart. Without another word, Barbra Jean turned around and walked out the door of the latest motel room, her clothes having been put on haphazardly after their lovemaking. She knew this was the last time she'd ever put herself in this situation.

Barbra Jean closed the motel door behind her and whispered into the wind, "goodbye Reba."

Reba Hart stood in the middle of that motel room and let the tears come. She was frozen, knowing at last that she wasn't the only one feeling more than she should. Knowing, also, that her careless words had cost her what probably had the potential to be the best thing to happen to her since Brock asked her for a divorce. Reba sank onto the bed, recently mussed by their lovemaking, and cried for everything she'd just lost.

The End

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