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I Came, I Sparred, Was Conquered
By Janine


*Allie's POV*

So the cliché is true. Your life can change in a moment. Well maybe not really change, but your perception of it sure as hell can. One moment you think things are one way, you think you're one way, and you've at least got a handle on all of the things you don't think you have a handle on. And blahbam! A hand reaches out of nowhere and smacks you up side the head, knocking all those things you thought you kinda knew and replacing them with new and wacky things that make you want to curl up in a ball, cause you're not sure you'll ever get it.

In case you haven't figured it out yet I was recently blahbammed. Blahbammed so hard that when I think about it, it still takes my breath away.

Blahbammed how, you say. Well, I'll tell you, it's a little consciousness redefining moment that happened like this …

It's four in the afternoon. Nothing unusual there. I've lived quite nicely through thousands of 'four in the afternoons'. I do it daily in fact. So I wasn't really expecting this particular hour yesterday to be anything particularly noteworthy. It was just four in the afternoon on a kinda rainy day and I was inside of the dojo on the mats with the rest of the class as Tom moved us through our exercises. My breathing was all calm, my body was bending and twisting and straining with effort but also with grace, and I was feeling pretty good. Relaxed and together like movies tell you martial arts makes you feel.

Tom moved into teaching the lesson for the day after that and we were split up into pairs. I ended up being assigned to Brian, and we all started up trying to one up each other without looking like that was what we were doing, which would've inevitably led to Tom yelling at us.

I was happy. Or maybe content. I'm not sure which but it felt pretty good either way.

When the session ended and everybody was trailing into the locker rooms, I'd held back to stretch out a little more not wanting to get all cramped up and sore on the way home like usually happened, despite the extensive forty second long cool down Brian so expertly ran us through.

I noticed Tory and Trip talking softly for a moment as I lowered myself back down to the mat and extended my leg in front of me, trying to watch discreetly as they fought about something while trying to pretend that they weren't fighting. Finally, as I switched legs, Trip shot Tory a rather peeved look and then walked off towards the change rooms tugging at his hair irritably, while Tory watched him walk off for a moment before settling into position once more starting up the exercise we had learned earlier again.

Tory was by far the most graceful of all of the students at the dojo. Brian may have been there the longest, though not by much, but when it came to skill he had nothing on Tory. Tom would occasionally call her into the center of the circle with him when we tried new exercises just to show the students that were having problems that it was possible for them to learn it. Although, that didn't work nearly as well as he thought it did, because most people had long since put Tory on that advanced learning, natural aptitude pedestal and didn't necessarily think that because she could master it they would too.

Standing up, finally having finished my cool down, I noticed Tory straining to get into a certain pose. It was a difficult one I remembered, and we'd had our partners pushing on our backs helping to bend our bodies into it, our bodies still too untrained to do it unaided.

I grinned at that thought watching Tory, finding it way amusing that she could think that a natural law didn't apply to her. It was so perfectly a Tory thing to do.

I shook my head and walked over to her.

"Spot ya," I drawled coming to a stop beside her, tilting my head to the side playfully, but also so that I could see her face.

She tilted her head to the side and up to meet my eyes, her expression unchanging for a moment before she broke out into a smile and shook her head. "He wasn't joking about this taking a few weeks at least," she breathed out a moment later, sounding disappointed and a bit petulant.

"If it's any help, you're the only one that would've been able to beat the clock anyway," I told her moving behind her and resting my right hand on her back, while my left went to her hip to steady and guide her.

"You think so?" she asked coyly her head tipping back to look at me briefly before she started concentrating on her movements again.

"You know you're the best here. If Tom was blinded, had the flu, was shot in the leg and had an arm tied behind his back, you're the only one that could possibly kick his ass," I responded smiling widely as I felt her body start to ripple with laughter beneath my hands.

"That's …quite the visual," she commented once the chuckles had started to subside. "What about if he didn't have the flu?"

"Don't get cocky," I told her in a teasing tone.

She laughed at that, and then she descended into silence for a few minutes as we continued to work through the exercise. My mind began to drift as I rotated my body with Tory's, feeling her muscles shift, and bunch and tense under my hands as she moved. Lulled into a kind of daze by the movements of her body. It was strange being so close to someone when they were moving like that. It was like I could feel every movement her body was making, so that it became hard to separate her back and stomach from my hands, which were pressed against them. It was a strange sensation, but at the same time really neat. It was like my senses were so filled with the feel of her body and the sound of our breathing that they couldn't take in anything else, so the rest of the room just faded away.

"What?" I said shaking my head, blinking as I tried to focus, the room rushing back at me.

"I said you must've loved running through this exercise with Brian," Tory said repeating her earlier words, her smirk evident in her voice.

"Why …" I started to ask still a bit out of it. Then I suddenly became aware of just how close our bodies were, and how most of me was pretty much plastered along most of her and I realized what she was getting at. "It was alright," I blithely continued a moment later. Though, I have to admit my response wasn't so much made out of a desire to play coy as it was, that while I had enjoyed the exercise earlier with Brian we hadn't gotten nearly as close to each other as Tory and I were currently. The group setting and the boy/girl thing making us conscious of just how close we got causing us to manipulate our bodies so that we could do the exercise without being all over each other. As I was all over Tory, I realized with a bit of a start.

"Alright?" she asked drawing the word out disbelievingly.

"Yeah, alright," I responded. "Though it probably would've been more than alright, if we'd been able to get this close," I continued turning with Tory as she stretched out again.

"Mmm, yeah," she responded a second later laughing a bit. "This must be what it's like to have a Siamese twin."

I chuckled at that, my hold loosening slightly almost causing Tory to topple over, but I recovered quickly, literally scooping her back into my arms.

"Sorry," I muttered, helping her back into her crouched over but steady position. "You know, I think this is literally as close as you can get to another person without it being sex," I went on feeling her tense slightly and wondering why the hell I said that. Cause that's the best way to make someone feel comfortable, tell them that you're practically having sex with them then bend them over and caress their back. Smooth Allie, real smooth, I thought to myself.

"In some parts of the world we probably already crossed the line. The only question remains who's giving the dowry of chicken and a herd of dogs, and who's receiving it," Tory replied a second later, her voice a bit rougher than I was used to but otherwise normal.

"Well, that depends I guess," I replied thoughtfully, beyond thankful that my earlier stupid comment hadn't freaked her out. "If we were in prison which one of us would be the bitch?"

"You," Tory responded without a moment's hesitation.

"You're the one that's bent over," I responded just as quickly. "I mean if it's bent like a duck, and …"

"Kicks your ass like a duck," Tory supplied breaking into my speech. "You know, there's only one way to settle this debate," she continued pausing for a second before grinning at me. "A bitch fight."

"Clevah girl," I replied grinning back at her, my voice a smoky, overdone throwback to the affected tones of silver screen era.

We started sparing lightly, playfully at first. Bouncing towards each other and then away. Throwing test kicks and punches at each other. We had never sparred together, and weren't yet sure whether we were actually going to fight over which one of us would be the bitch if we were in prison. It was a slightly ridiculous situation and we were both caught up in that for the first few seconds. Soon, however, we began to go at it in earnest, with me mostly on the defensive though occasionally striking out – not that it made much of a difference. It was soon clear that I was out classed, though I was for the moment holding my own.

"Un …" I started to say, about to throw in the towel, when I felt something at my ankles and the floor started to rush towards my head. "Cle," I breathed out as my back hit the mat, though not nearly as hard as I was anticipating. I soon realized why. Tory had reached out and managed to get me partially in her arms before I hit the ground.

Taking her arms from around my back and resting them on the floor beside my head, she took her one leg that was uncomfortably resting on my right side along with her other and moved it across my waist so that she was kneeling over me like a lioness or something.

"I find this to be fairly conclusive evidence," she declared smiling down at me.

"Get offa me," I declared rather militantly though I felt my lips twitching and knew that she could see that I was trying not to smile. "Everyone gets lucky," I added moving my hands to her hips pushing on them, trying to get her to move. Despite the teasing vibe I was feeling a little trapped. The air felt thicker and I was feeling kind of warm. It was like everywhere around me I could feel her, and it made me feel anxious.

"Lucky?" she asked incredulously. "This was not luck. This was skill. This was poetry in motion. This was …"

"Hubris personified," I interjected smiling up at her before I started struggling again.

"Hey Funny Girl, Striesand called she wants her title back … and her hair," Tory replied riding out my thrusts against her. All of that motorcycle riding had clearly taught her to handle a lot of power between her thighs.

"Don't mess with the hair," I replied glaring up at her, my expression as menacing as my expression could ever be.

"Ah, you're cute," Tory responded lifting up one of her hands and tapping me on the nose. I stared at her for a second not quite believing she'd done that, my issues from childhood of people tapping my nose and pinching my cheeks rising up. I attempted to start pushing her off of me again, but she'd apparently decided to finally let me up at the same time so that when I moved my hands they slide right on past her hips and came to land firmly on her ass.

Her face was right over mine and I got see her eyes widen slightly as my hands landed on the firm globes of her behind. I stared up at her, uncertain what to do as she stared down on me. Neither of us said a word. We simply starred at each other, the silence dragging on along with the time.

I knew I should take my hands off of her ass. Whatever had to be said or apologized for, or never mentioned again, started with me removing my hands from her ass. This I was sure of. All I had to do was just move my hands. Just slide them down a little bit more till they dropped off of her body completely. I just had to move my hands.

So as I mentally told myself to move my hands off of Tory's ass, I continued to stare up into her face and her down into mine, my brain soon finding another thought to play with, which was that Tory had very, very stunning eyes. Pretty eyes, hands off ass, pretty eyes, hands off ass, pretty eyes, hands off ass, were the only things I seemed to be able to think for quite some time, but even that was soon to change.

Why was that about to change? Because my hands decided to move, but it wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind. They started moving up and down on her ass, caressing the cheeks slightly, before to my total humiliation I kind of squeezed them. I was mesmerized and horrified by what I was doing, trying to stop, knowing that this was breaking so many social boundaries I would never be able to name them all, and utterly powerless to stop what was going on.

I know my eyes must have fluttered closed momentarily as I was feeling her up, because I distinctly remember them opening and seeing her emerald eyes staring at me intensely, before my gaze dropped to her pink lips, which were wet and parted slightly.

I think I gasped, or sighed, or made some sort of unintelligible noise then, but I'm not sure. All I remember is my body suffusing with warmth. The air around me was suddenly, very, extremely thick, my heart was pumping a couple miles a minute, my breathing started to come out in shaky, ragged gasps, and my body was tingling all over. I wasn't stupid, or particularly in denial, though I was surprised. I was very, powerfully; more fully aroused than I had ever been in my life, and my hands were still on Tory's ass.

"I …" I managed to get out, looking up at her with panic, embarrassment and shock. However, before I could continue whatever lame ass excuse was about to come out of my mouth I felt the air shift and felt a pair of soft, wet, full lips press against my own, the slight tickle of Tory's hair against my bare shoulders heightening the sensation of her lips pressing against mine, licking and sucking them gently before entering my mouth with her tongue when my lips parted allowing her in.

The next few minutes passed by in a haze of sensation, pleasures cascading over me like a shower, my body shivering, and arching as pleasure rippled through me and my skin burned everywhere Tory's body was in contact with mine. Her scent filled my nostrils driving me wild, and I soon had one hand tangled in her hair, holding her making sure her lips wouldn't leave mine, while the other remained on her posterior end doing what had gotten us into that position in the first place.

I must have moved my lips from hers at some point, because I remember the deliciously salty taste of the skin of her neck, but despite how good it was I know we spent most of our time exploring each other's mouths, and tasting each other's lips.

And then it happened…

"Tory you're mother's on the phone," came Tom's booming voice from somewhere in the background. Reality crashed down around us, and Tory's lips were removed from mine with a small pop, before we both started trying to scramble away from each other, getting more tangled up and slowing down our progress in the process. "She wants you home," Tom continued, finally rounding the corner from his office as we jumped back from each other managing to put a little space between us.

"Yeah, okay … right," Tory said scrambling to her feet, clearing her throat slightly and running her hand over her thighs as I looked down at the mat, knowing that I couldn't look at Tom yet. "Yeah, so um … see ya later Allie," Tory continued a second later, her voice rough and shaky as she stood beside me uncomfortably for a moment longer before starting toward the locker room.

"I'm … ah, gonna get going too," I chocked out a moment later, once I was sure Tory was in the other room, getting to my feet and shuffling towards Tom with my eyes on the ground. "See ya later," I continued waving at him though my eyes were on his feet, and then I made a hasty retreat, scooping my backpack up from where I'd dumped it earlier, suddenly very glad I'd already been changed from dance practice and hadn't needed to use the locker room when I showed up at the dojo.

So there I was, loitering outside the dojo wondering what the hell it all meant - though I was beginning to have some idea what I wanted it to mean. I knew that I'd never felt the way I did when I was kissing Tory and Tory was kissing me ever before. I knew that before I was attracted to her – and I am strongly attracted to her – I respected her and respect her still. I knew that I couldn't think about her or see her without having my breath hitch in my throat. And I knew that I thought her smile was one of the greatest things ever created by nature and that I wanted to see her do more of it, preferably with me putting it there. I knew I wanted to be as close to her again as I was the day before, and I knew that I suddenly really wanted to find out what riding behind her on that motorcycle would be like. I knew those things at least, which were maybe the only things I could know.

No, that wasn't exactly true. I knew there was only one way to find out if I was going to get any of those things that I wanted as well.

So I took a step forward and reached for the handle to door of the dojo. I'd know more in a few minutes …

The End

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