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Return of the Ninjetti Warrior
By dthstlkr



Meditation… to relax the mind and body by a regular program of mental exercise… god I sound like Yoda.

That's my thing though… meditation… I have the perfect spot, barely anybody bothers. Then again, barely anybody even knows that I'm here. I've been here for the last four years. It's beautiful. I don't need much to survive… a monk from Shanghai brings me enough rice for six months at the request of Grand Master Xang Xu.

I believe a bunch of things. I don't have a basic, hardcore religion. I believe in a balanced higher power. I believe in reincarnation. I believe in the after life; Summerland is the Wiccan term… Nirvana… Heaven… call it what you will. I follow the teachings of the Buddha. I can 'Draw Down the Moon' and 'Draw a Cone of Power' down. I practice a lot of things. I'm eccentric, get over it.

In high school, if you had told me I would be living on a mountain, with a gate that consists of hundreds of thousands of trees for thousands of miles, a mall nowhere in sight. I would have laughed and said that you needed to get your head checked. If you had told me I would have been Earth's first pink Power Ranger when I was fifteen, I would have asked what the hell that was. If you had told me that I would have been captured on a scuba diving trip with my older brother and had my purity sacrificed to a volcano god, I would have said that that makes a good science fiction story.

Today, if you told me that I would be living on a mountain, with a gate that consists of hundreds of thousands of trees for thousands of miles, a mall nowhere in sight, my answer would be that I know that and it's very comfortable, not very many distractions. If you told me that I would have been Earth's First Power Ranger when I was 15… I was… Hahaha that was a great time, kicking evil's ass every day and worrying about what homework I had to turn in, what time the mall opens and when to meet your teammates, best friends, and boyfriend at Ernie's Juice Bar. If you told me that I would have been captured on a scuba diving trip with my older brother and had my purity sacrificed to a volcano god, I'd probably scowl, tell you that I'm still living with the side effects of it, and then I'd tell you to let the door hit you on the way out.

Like I said before, I don't have many visitors, just the occasional monk every six months, Xu, a village boy, who hikes up every week to play with his best friends, my white crane Mai, the white tiger and black leopard that I have officially dubbed Yin and Yang, the garden snake that never left my house and so I've named him Chen Pai, Han Su the monkey, and Luke, the eagle that keeps coming to my door for scraps.

So I'm sitting here, meditating on my rock, in my rock garden, that I built with Xu, Mai, Chen Pai, Han Su, Yin, Yang, and Luke, when I'm interrupted by banging and shouting and an all out commotion. The sound is so unfamiliar after four years that I nearly jump out of my skin.

I open my eyes and look around, a small girl, eleven, maybe twelve, is running towards me when Xu and Yin and Yang jet out from their positions and run past the girl. She's American; I wouldn't have been able to tell if she hadn't had her head up because her hair is as dark as any Asian man or woman that I've met, and she's covered in mud. She's in traditional clothing for a farmer's daughter in China. I can see blood on her small body; she looks like she's going to pass out.

I feel myself leap from the center rock out. I'm on automatic until I get to the girl. I can hear Yin and Yang; they're angry and I can hear them letting out cat cries as they fight with something. I kneel down in front of the girl who's shaking with fear and looking around scared.

"What happened sweetie?" I asked in English. It sounded almost foreign to my own ears. I'm used to talking in Putonghua. Thankfully she looked up at me with that confused look people get. "What happened sweetie?" I try again in Putonghua.

"Men came from the west and attacked our village, Kimberly." Xu breathed, "They're slavers... Alexis was gathering water for her father when they attacked. The Monks saved us, and we ran. I brought her here and they followed." I nod and tell him to take her inside and stay there.

We've been having trouble with slavers for some reason. They just don't get the fact that we have monks... not your run of the mill, harm none Christian monks or priests or whatever they call them in the States. These are warrior monks--they're not afraid to do battle, and they're excellent at it, especially Grandmaster Xang Xu. He's trained me a lot, mostly in getting my problem under control. Maligore's effect hasn't exactly worn off, and he said it never will. I grab the staff that I've trained with in my lessons and walk forward.

Yin and Yang have blood on their breath as they back up to my right and left. We're ready for battle. Three slavers are left, and Yin and Yang rush off to meet two of them, leaving the biggest, bulkiest guy with half of his teeth missing for me. I can tell he's got more than fighting on his mind when he looks me up and down, and that kinda pisses me off just a bit because I want to have a fun fight, not where the bad guy only has half of his head in the game.

I swing up at his head and he jumps away, crashing into the ground. "I thought you were a big-boy," I smirk. I always did like the puns as a Ranger.

"Give me the girl before I kill you."

I can't help but laugh. "Oh really? Well, why am I standing here, and why are you lying on the ground? Shouldn't our positions be reversed?" I'm teasing now; he has not chance against me.

He pushes himself up. I have to give him credit. He's not unconscious from that tumble. He swings at my face with his meaty fist and I move my head to the side, rolling my eyes when he keeps trying to hit me. I mean come on. I'm standing here, my staff is in one hand and I'm not even attacking. It's getting boring. Yin and Yang are just laying there, watching me with amused glints in their eyes.

I sigh. I might as well get this over with. I smash an end of my staff into his gut and send him rolling down the mountain side. "Well if that wasn't boring..." I mutter to Yin and Yang, who yawn and slink away. I follow them up.


Chapter 1

Kimberly lay comfortably on her straw and mud packed bed, her hand lying under her head. A smile graced her lips when she heard Xu and Alexis arguing about who was going to bring up the subject of going to the United States. They did this every year since they had found out that she had not only been a Power Ranger, but Earth's first Pink Ranger. Kimberly closed her eyes when Xu snuck in. He sat down next to her bed and poked her side.


"Yes?" Kimberly asked, sitting up.

"Can we all go to the United States?"

"Why?" This was always her favorite part, the reason.

"Well… mother… it is a country of freedom."

"We're free here Xu."

"Yes. We are… but the United States has many opportunities. Alexis and I can improve our English." He grinned and she rolled her eyes. Their English was perfect when they wanted it to be.

"I'll think about it." Kimberly sighed and lay back down.

His eyes lit up and he hurried out. "She'll think about it," he whispered.

"She's never answered like that before. That's a good sign." Alexis grinned and they went outside to prepare a breakfast of fruit.

The truth was, every night for the past month Kimberly had felt something in the pit of her stomach; it wasn't a good something either. It was something evil. She pinched the bridge of her nose and concentrated. She needed to contact a Ranger and find out what was up, but that was going to be near impossible. She hadn't even contacted Jason since Muranthias and the karate tournament.

There was a knock and Kimberly shot out of bed silently. It hadn't been six months, and Xu and Alexis were here. Nobody should be outside of her door. She grabbed a few stars from the floor near her bed and held them behind her back with one hand and also grabbed a single sai, sticking it between the sash around her waist and her pants. She walked out into the main room and popped her neck before opening the door.

A 7-foot tall creature was standing there with metallic, reptilian skin, and black snake eyes, holding a dead monk with one hand. Her eyes narrowed in rage and she let all of her training and meditation fly out of the window. The flame inside of her took over as she moved forward, pulling her sai out. Xu ran over with Yang beside him and Alexis with Han Su on her shoulders, his hands gripping her braided hair and his tail flicking up and down.

Kimberly's red eyes dropped with the monk's dead body. She slowly lifted her eyes to the creature's face. It let out a low laugh and attempted to hit the enraged brunette. Kimberly ducked her head to the side and slashed its hand; orange fluid oozed from the wound. Kimberly smirked when it uttered a shocked cry. Her smirk disappeared when it punched her in her jaw with a force that sent her reeling backwards, crashing onto the ground. "Now would be a good time to interfere." She groaned and Xu and Alexis moved forward together.

Kimberly got up, massaging her jaw and watched Alexis sway from side to side, confusing the creature with her unpredictable movements. Xu lunged at the creature, dropped to his knees and punched up at its side, knocking it sideways. Kimberly moved forward and threw her handful of stars at the creature, narrowing her eyes when it dodged each one of them. She lunged forward and slashed its face, watching it reel backwards and disappear in a flash of silver. She turned to Xu and Alexis, who were hanging back to let her take on the creature, knowing that she could handle it.

"We're going to America." She breathed and both teens smiled at each other. "Pack your things. I'll be back tomorrow. I need to see Grand Master Xang Xu." She grabbed her staff next to the door and walked out, Mai flying ahead of her. Xu and Alexis ran around the house packing their things.

-Buddhist Temple-

Kimberly stood easily on the highest plum blossom pole. Xang Xu's rule was that if one wanted to speak with him, they had to train while doing it. She took one foot off of the pole and stood on the pad of her foot, turning her head to Xang Xu. "I need to go to America."

He nodded and watched her flip backwards and land on the pole behind her, "Why must you travel to America?" He asked and she hopped from the top to the third pole and back.

"Something's happening and I can feel it…" She paused, "And a creature attacked me."

Xang Xu hid his concern. "Is Xu okay?"

"Oh no. Xu is fine." She grunted.

Xang Xu nodded watching as she perched herself on the top pole. "Why have you come to me, Kimberly?"

"Because I need you to have somebody take care of Mai, Chen Pai, Yin, Yang, Luke and Han Su."

He nodded, his hands behind his back. "It will be arranged."

-Next Day-

Kimberly escorted Xu and Alexis through the airport, having to continuously tell them to stop getting side-tracked. "Xu! Get back here!" Kimberly scolded when Xu started to go after a man. The young Buddhist followed his mother and sister.

"Why couldn't we bring Han Su?" Alexis asked sadly.

"And Yang," Xu muttered.

Kimberly sighed. "Because we can't take them on the plane." They had gone through this again and again when Kimberly had first told them that their friends couldn't come with.

-6 Thousand Feet In the Air-

Kimberly gently grabbed Alexis' shoulder. The teen had her face pressed to the window, watching in awe as they passed through the clouds. Xu was sitting one seat in front of them in his Buddhist robes, meditating so that he could take his mind off of the fact that he was six-thousand feet above the water.

"Hey... get your face off of the window..." Kimberly whispered in English. There were more Americans on the plane returning from vacation than there were Chinese.

"But it's so beautiful..." Alexis mumbled, turning to her mentor and mother.

Kimberly smiled when the flight attendant gave them their lunch meal. Xu turned around in his seat, "Mother." He looked pointedly at the turkey sandwich.

"Eat the fruit and nuts and take the meat off of the sandwich." He nodded and turned back around, adjusting his Mala before taking the meat off.


Chapter 2


Kimberly stood grumpily at the Currency Exchange window. The worker was having problems with the exchange of her Yuan for American dollars. "Listen. It turns out to be 500 dollars… so…"

"I don't know that for sure, miss."

"Lady. I have been here for the last 40 minutes… waiting for you to figure out how many Yuan equal a dollar. I have places to be, two teenagers to feed dinner to, people to see, a hotel that doesn't let you check in after 8 and…" She looked at the clock, "I have 5 hours before that 'no check in' thing applies… so would you just give me my money?"

The woman entered the last number into the computer. "Here you go miss." She handed her 4 twenties, 2 tens and 4 Benjamins.

"Thanks." She pulled her wallet out and put four hundred in her wallet before sticking it in the pocket of the black cargo pants she had bought at the airport in China.

Xu and Alexis came over and she handed them each 50 dollars, the money they had earned while they helped a local farmer without children. "Alright. Let's go catch a taxi…"

"Taxi?" Xu whispered to Alexis, who shrugged.

"I don't know." They moved their messenger bags behind them and followed their mother out of the airport.

-Angel Grove, Taxi, 2 Hours Later-

Xu and Alexis watched in awe as buildings passed by. "Amazing!" Xu exclaimed.

Kimberly nodded, watching the drops of rain drip down the window. She watched the park pass by and smiled at the memory of fighting putties along side the Rangers.

"It is amazing," Kimberly mumbled as the taxi drove into town. "Amazing…" She was wracked with memories of fighting creatures.

The taxi pulled up to one of the 5-star hotels in Angel Grove. "That'll be one-fifty ma'am." Kimberly pulled the money from her wallet and handed it over.

"Thanks." She opened the door and the two 16-year-olds slid out.


"It's soft," Xu pointed out as he lay out on the twin bed.

Alexis nodded. "Yeah."

Kimberly smiled at them. "You two get some sleep. I won't be here in the morning. I need to go see something."

"But what are we going to do?" Alexis asked, looking over at her brother, who looked at Kimberly questioningly.

"You two can explore the town. There's a park just outside of here in the residential area. I think there's a kwoon too." Their eyes lit up.

"We'll explore."

"Goodnight you two." Kimberly walked out through the bathroom into her room and got undressed. She got under the covers and pulled the blankets up to her chin.

-Next Morning-

Kim walked silently into Xu and Alexis' room and smiled, Xu was lying half on the bed and half on the floor, dressed only in his boxers. Alexis was sprawled out on the floor with the comforter pulled over her. Her clothes were folded and sitting neatly on a chair. She stealthily moved over to Xu and pulled a sheet over him before walking back into her room. She grabbed her own messenger bag and walked out, locking the door behind her.


Kimberly smiled. "My account number is HA38402." The woman nodded.

Kimberly was thankful that her father had put a set sum of money in her account from before she was born until she turned 21. With the interest that the bank paid, and because she hadn't touched the money in the account, she had a little over a million dollars.

"How much would you like Ms. Hart?"

"I just need a checkbook."

-10 minutes later-

Kimberly walked out of the bank and across the street to a Jeep dealer. She needed something for off-road driving to get her from Angel Grove to the old command center. One of the good things about having been the home of the Power Rangers was the fact that car dealers sold vehicles in white, blue, red, black, gold, green, yellow, pink, and mixed colors.

-In Town-

Xu looked around, his hands behind his back. "Do you think I should grow my hair now that I can't go to the Temple anymore?" Alexis looked at him and nodded.

"You should… hey! There's the Kwoon!" She pointed to the building with Rex and Frog Dojo splattered on the windows. They hurried over and looked inside. Two men were walking around as twelve students with White belts sparred.

They walked in and the man with a black shirt on nodded to the man with a red shirt on. The taller of the two with a red shirt walked over as Alexis examined the wall with weapons and Xu watched the white belts spar.

"Hi." He took in their attire. "Did you two just move here?"

Xu walked over and stood by his sister. They both bowed to him, their right fist wrapped by their left hand, "We are from Shanghai," Xu stated. "We are here with our mother."

"Well. I'm Jason Lee Scott. That man over there is Adam Park. Are you two here to sign up for classes?"

Xu looked at his sister. "What belt are you?" the young Buddhist asked.

Jason smiled. "8th degree black belt."

Alexis turned to Xu. "Taisigung Xang Xu said that 8th degree is Sigung." They turned back to Jason, "We're here to sign up."

"Well… I'll go into the back and get you two uniforms and white belts."

Xu frowned. "We are 4th Tuan. Eh…" He looked at Alexis.

"5th degree black belts."

"You pay attention too much," Xu whispered to Alexis while Jason's jaw dropped.

"And you pray too much," Alexis hissed back in Putonghua. "Didn't mother say she knew a Jason?"

"But he is the Red Ranger…" Xu trailed off as the man cleared his throat, clearly not understanding a word they had said.

-Command Center-

Kimberly stared at the rubble from inside of her white and pink Jeep Wrangler. She shut it down and grabbed the keys before getting out and walking towards the remains of the old Command Center. Tears sprung to her eyes as she walked towards the remains. Metal bits were lying on the ground, rusty and scorched.

"Oh no…" She touched a piece of material that looked like it had been part of Zordon's tube.

Her eyes spotted an object three times the size of a chicken egg. She walked over and stooped down to pick it up. It flashed white once and Kimberly tossed it from hand to hand. From what she could tell it was made out of some type of crystal. She raised it up and blinked slightly when sunlight shown through it. She lowered it. Something hit her square in the back, and Kimberly went crashing to the ground, the egg still clasped tightly in her hands.

Kim looked up and saw ninja warriors surrounding her in traditional black uniforms, a sword each on their back and a silver snake on their hoods. They drew their swords and her eyes widened when one of them swung down at them, forcing her to move to the left and onto her back. She leapt up, only to dive out of the way when another ninja lunged at her and she crashed to the ground. Sticking the egg in one of her pockets, she jumped up again. This time she was ready for her oncoming attacker. Kimberly grabbed the third ninja's arm when he tried to cut her and smashed her fist into his armpit, hitting the nerve there. He fell backwards, and she grabbed his sword before he hit the ground, unconscious.

Kimberly twirled the katana and met the second and third assassin's blades. "This would be so much easier if you were putties," She breathed and pushed the blade away from her before stabbing one ninja. The other disappeared in a flash of silver. "Damn it."

Part 3

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