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Return of the Ninjetti Warrior
By dthstlkr


Chapter 3

Kimberly examined the weapon, she dropped it quickly when she felt a stinging sensation in her hand, the sword sizzled and Kimberly moved away, waving her hand in front of her face when she caught a whiff of something like rotten eggs and spoiled meat.

"Ew." She visibly blanched and the sword melted into the ground, "Gross..." The smell faded away and she shook her head, pulling the egg out of her pocket, she looked at it again, frowning when it began to glow white again, what the hell is up with this egg? Her eyes widened when the light engulfed her body and she felt the familiar squeeze around her of teleporting.

-Angel Grove Park-

"It's as if they have never seen a monk." Xu sighed when teens and pre-teens stared at the two walking down the path.

Xu was still dressed in his traditional robes that marked him a Buddhist and a Kung Fu student, where as Alexis was in one of her Kung Fu uniforms that was practical to wear because of training everyday. The two Kamas' she carried at all times were safely tied to the sash on her waist and the three section staff were securely in the holder on her left leg. Xu put his hands behind his back and continued walking with his sister who hadn't noticed that he had stopped.

"Stop worrying Xu." Alexis stated absentmindedly as they walked towards the basketball court, "Why in the world are they throwing a ball around?" It bounced off of the court and Xu stooped down, picking it up.

"Hey. Can you throw it back?" Xu threw it and it hit the man in the chest so hard that he fell backwards.

"That wasn't cool man." Another man stated, stepping forward, "Didn't anyone teach you to respect your elders? You're wearing Buddhist Robes so--"

"You said to throw it back. He threw it back. Let's go Xu." Alexis started to walk off again.

"No, I want to know what they're doing with the ball." Xu whispered.

An Asian woman stepped over, "Where are you guys from?"

"Shanghai." Xu smiled, "I am Xu. This is my sister Alexis."

"Cassie Chan." She extended her hand and Xu bowed to her as did Alexis with their hands clasped in front of them, "This is Carlos, Andros, Ashley and the guy on the ground is T.J." She looked around, "Where's you mom?"

Alexis shrugged, "She said she had to do something and we decided to explore."

"You guys want to play?" Andros asked and Xu shook his head.

"We don't know what you're playing..."

Andros raised his eyebrow, "You don't?"

"No." Xu mumbled, "We don't have this on Shoa Shih..."

Kimberly plummeted through the air and crashed through the trees, hitting something hard when she landed on her back, "Ow..." She wheezed, the air knocked out of her.

She managed to turn her head to the side and she narrowed her eyes at the egg, "Stupid egg." She forced out and heard something move behind her as she got back to breathing normal.

Kim looked up and her pupils dilated at the sight of a dinosaur skeleton with it's head near her own, "You've got to be joking..." She forced herself up and shoved the egg in her pocket again. Kimberly sighed with relief when she realized that it was just a skeleton, not moving, something moved behind her again and she turned around, "Who's there?" She didn't expect an answer, and she definitely didn't expect to be on the receiving end of a staff rammed into her ribs, or the blunt end to be smashed into the side of her head.

Kimberly groaned and pressed her hand to the side of her head, trying to massage the pain away, she slowly lifted her right hand to her temple and winced in pain. Something cool dripped onto her forehead and she felt a piece of cloth being placed gently on her head.

"I'm sorry I hit you Kimberly. There have been numerous ninja's attacking this place and I did not see your face." She recognized that voice from somewhere, she just couldn't place where, "Can you open your eyes?"

Kimberly opened her eyes slowly and shut them immediately, "It's bright..."

A hand covered her eyes, "Open them now."

Kimberly did so and the hand slowly pulled away, letting her eyes get used to the light, she looked at the woman, her vision was blurry but she could tell from the green bikini who it was, "Dulcea?"

"How did you get to Phaedos?"

Kimberly shrugged weakly, "I was at what was left of the Command Center... and this stupid egg..." She stuck her hand in her pocket and pulled it out, "Went white and teleported me here..." Dulcea took the egg and looked at it, "Then you knocked me out." Kimberly added.

Dulcea looked at her guiltily, "Like I said, Ninja's have been attacking here. Ninjor has been forced to kill nearly 43 already..."

"What are they exactly? I've been attacked by 3 and a silver guy." Kimberly grunted, her hand on her ribs as she sat up.

Dulcea nodded, "The silver one is a general. They were in the Great War on Eltar, when Ninjetti Warriors were on every planet and galaxy. You defeated a general without powers?"

Kimberly shrugged, "I've been in Shanghai for the last 10 years... you tend to learn some self-defense." Kimberly mumbled, those Grand Master Xang Xu trained one on one were trained in secret kept it a secret and very few knew that he even trained others who weren't members of the temple.

Duclea nodded again, "If the generals have returned then war will be inevitable."

"What happened the last time?"

Dulcea looked at her sadly, "Nearly all of the Ninjetti perished... the only ones who remained are Ninjor... myself, Zordon... his daughter who has been missing since the end of the war... and Dimetria..."

-Angel Grove-Hotel-

Xu and Alexis searched Kimberly's room frantically, "Mom? Mother! MOTHER?" They shouted in English, Putonghua, and Cantonese, "

"What if she's hurt?" Alexis asked sitting down in their room.

Xu sat down next to her, "She's not hurt." He reassured the younger girl.

"She could be."

Xu shook his head, "The only one who can fight better than her is Taisigung Xang Xu. She is safe." He comforted.

"If she's not back tomorrow morning can we look for her Xu?"

"Yes." He promised and they got into his bed.

To Be Continued

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