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When Angels Cry
By Daya

Part 3

"Kim, are you okay?" Alex asked as she turned the bus into the direction of their new call.

"Yeah I'm fine. Why?" she said shaking herself out of thoughts at the sound of Alex's voice.

"We just got a call and you didn't even flinch." She said and looked over at her partner.

"We did?" Kim questioned, she didn't think she was that deep in thought that she didn't hear the radio.

"Yeah we did. You sure you're okay? I mean, you're a little out of it today." 'And everyday for the last couple months.' She add in her head.

"Yeah I'm fine, I was thinking about something." She said wishing she could come out to Alex about her relationship with Faith but she knew she couldn't risk chances of Jimmy finding out. She didn't want to go through the crap that she knew she would have to go through if and when Jimmy found out.

"You want to talk about it?" Alex asked trying to coax her to spill her guts about what was bothering her.

"No, it's nothing." She said trying to wave it off.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Well you know you can always talk to me." Alex said trying to get Kim to talk to her.

"Yeah I know, but there is nothing to talk about." She sighed.

"I know I'm just saying."


"We're here." Alex said and began to get out of the bus but stopped when she noticed Kim didn't move. "What's the matter?"

"Um nothing I just noticed I know somebody that lives in this apartment building." She said getting a weird pain in her chest.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure it won't be anybody you know." She assured her when she saw what looked like a painful expression on Kim's face. Kim nodded her head and opened her door.

"Who are you?" Kim asked an unfamiliar officer as she got out the bus. She knew pretty much all the officers on her shift but she'd never seen this guy.

"Malcolm Smith 53rd precinct" Kim was about to say something but he held up his hand knowing what she was about to ask. "We were coming off our break when the call came over the radio, since we were only a block over we decided to take it. That's why we're in your territory." He joked.

"Oh, well what do we have?" she asked as she took her bag from Alex.

"White female early thirty's, beaten unconscious." The officer responded as they walked towards the apartment building.

"Which apartment?"


"Are you sure?" The officer nodded. Kim gave a panicked look to Alex and ran into the building. Alex and Officer Smith quickly ran behind her.

"Oh my God...Faith!" Kim yelled running into her girlfriend's apartment. "Faith can you hear me?" She asked kneeling down next to her girlfriend and starting to take her pulse.

"Faith? You know her?" The other officer asked.

"She's a cop at the 55 and a good friend." Alex said following Kim. She knelt down beside her and quickly started to work on Faith.

"Do you know her husband's name and where he might be?" the same officer asked.

"You think Fred did this to her?" Kim asked turning her attention away from Faith for a second.

"Her husband's name is Fred?" The officer asked ignoring her question.

"Yeah. Fred Yokas." Alex answered when she saw an unreadable expression on Kim's face. "He did this?" she asked repeating Kim's earlier question.

"Do you know where he might be?" The officer asked ignoring the question again.

"No." Kim growled getting angry. She wanted answers but instead all she got was questions. "Did he do this to her?" She asked again trying to clam herself down.

"We think so." Officer Smith spoke up, taking pity on Kim.

"BP 120 over 50 and dropping fast; we have to get her out of here quick." Alex said over to her panicking partner.

"One of you go and get the stretcher." She called over to the officers. Officer Smith ran out the room returning two minutes later.

"Okay we need your help." Alex said motioning for the officer to come over and help them lift Faith. Both officers rushed over and picked up officer Yokas and gently placed her on the stretcher. After getting her settle they rushed her out of the apartment.

"Hey Kim you ride in the back." Alex said as they pushed the stretcher into the bus. Kim had no arguments with Alex's request, she climb in the back of the bus. In a matter of second Alex had the bus started and they were rushing off toward Angel of Mercy hospital, close to ten minutes later Alex steered the bus into the E.R. drop off zone. Alex and Kim jumped out of the bus and rushed the unconscious officer into the E.R.

"What do we have?" Nurse Procter asked approaching the two woman. "Oh god." She said when she saw the patient's face. The two paramedics were still silent, as they let the nurse get over her shock. "We're going to do everything we can." Mary assured them when she looked up and saw tears streaming down one of the medic's faces.

"Kim, calm down she's going to be all right." Alex said trying to ease Kim's fears. She knew Kim was comparing this to what happen to Bobby.

"This is all my fault." Kim cried

"No it's not, you weren't even there." Alex said not understanding how she could blame herself for something she wasn't involved with.

"Yes it is, I begged her to stay the night with me last night; she should have gone home. If she did this wouldn't have happened." Kim explained.

"Kim you don't know that."

"Yes I do. If she went home like she wanted to she could have talked to Fred and made up like they always do." She said getting angry with herself.

"Kim you don't know for sure that would have happened." Alex reasoned.

"And you don't know for sure it wouldn't have. I love her so much and now…" She trailed off.

"Kim we all do. Nothing is going to happen to her." Alex said trying to comfort her by letting her know she wasn't alone with her feelings of loving their friend.

"No Alex, I really love her." Kim said trying to make her understand what she meant.

"Kim, what do you mean by you really love her?" Alex asked confused.

"Alex we've been seeing each other for six month." She whispered

"What? How, you two are straight." She asked completely confused now.

"I am- I was up until a couple of months ago when all of this started." She said and ran her fingers through her hair. "Faith's bi-sexual, she said she knew every since she was in college."

"Kim, she's married."

"I know, but she's happy with me. Fred, Fred treats her like shit. Look what he did to her for Christ's sake." Kim cried.

"Kim she's going to be okay." She said rubbing her back.

"I hope so, I don't think I can handle losing her." She admitted.

"She's strong Kim you won't lose her." Alex said praying to God Faith made it through this alive.

"Excuse me; are you waiting for the update on Faith Yokas?" A doctor asked approaching the small group of people that formed as they waited for an update on Faith. The group consisted of Bosco, Sully, Davis, Doc, Carlos and of course Kim and Alex, they all nodded. "Well Mrs. Yokas is still unconscious, but it's very likely she will wake up within the hour though, so there is no reason to worry on that end. She has a concussion, one broken and two bruised ribs; her right arm is broken in three places. She is also on a fetal monitor; her heart rate is also being monitored as a precautionary measure. She will have to stay here for a couple of days but she is expected to make a full recovery."

"Excuse me, did you say she's on a fetal monitor?" Kim questioned.

"Um yes she's three months pregnant." The doctor said looking at his chart to double check. Kim's heart dropped.

"Will she have a miscarriage?" Alex asked.

"No, she shouldn't, but like I said we have her on a fetal monitor just to be sure. It's very important not to give her any unnecessary stress right now. Every little bit helps to ensure the baby's safety " Everyone in the group nodded their comprehension.

"Can we see her?" Bosco asked finally speaking he was obviously taking this very hard.

"Yeah, you can go in two at a time, it's very important to keep in mind she's still very weak and she might not be up for a conversation when she wakes." Again they all nodded their understanding.

Kim and Alex were the last people to visit Faith. It took Kim all the strength she had not to cry when she saw the women who she was madly in love with lying on the hospital bed with a badly bruised face. The whole left side of her face was swollen, both of her eyes were blacken and she had black and blue marks on both cheeks.

"Faith, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Kim whispered gently grabbing Faith's hand as she sat down in the chair next to the bed. "I should have let you go home like you wanted to." Her emotions started to get the best of her and she started to cry.

"Shhh! Baby it wasn't your fault." Faith whispered barely audible.

"Faith?" Kim lifted her head to see Faith eyes open.

"Kim it's not your fault." She tried hard to get the words out louder.

"Yes it is, it's because of me you almost had a miscarriage." Kim cried.

"Miscarriage?" Faith asked completely confused as to what Kim was talking about. Faith's confused tone made Alex and Kim exchanged confused looks.

"Yeah, you're three months pregnant" Kim informed her.

"What!" Seeing the distress on her girlfriend's face broke Kim's heart.

"You didn't know did you?"

"No. Oh God, what am I going to do now?" Faith whispered.

"Faith you have nothing to worry about, you've got me. I'm not going anywhere." Kim promised.

"Me either." Alex chimed in. She wanted to let Faith know she would help her no matter what.

"Alex?" She questioned, she didn't know anybody was in the room other than Kim.

"Yeah" Alex responded softly.

"She knows about…"

"I told her, she okay with us being together…" Kim smiled.

"Really?" She was surprised Alex accepted them, she didn't think people would accepted their relationship so easily.

"Yeah, Faith, you don't have to go through any of this by yourself. Anything you need just ask."

"Thanks Alex."

"No problem." She assured her. The three women sat in a comfortable silence until a thought popped into Faith's head.

"My kids are still at my parents, right?" she asked in almost a panicky tone.

"Yeah when Bosco left he said he was going to call to make sure they stay there until you get out of the hospital." Kim replied soothingly, rubbing her thumb over the back of Faith's hand.

"How long am I supposed to be in here anyway?"

"The doctor said if everything keeps going the way they are you should be out of here in a couple of days."

"There's something to look forward to." She said expressionless.

"It should be because you're staying with me." Faith opened her mouth to protest but Kim held up her hand and continued. "I'm not letting you go back to that apartment."

"Kim, what about my kids? There's not enough room for four people in your apartment."

"If you don't stay with me where are you going to go?"

"My parents' house."

"Come on Faith the doctor said you don't need any unnecessary stress right now, and you know if you stay with your parents that's all you'll be asking for. Won't you stay with me and let your kids stay with your parents. Charlie and Emily can come over after school and on the weekends until you get better or until you find a new place." Kim's eyes pleaded with her.

"Okay." Faith whispered and smiled a little.

-Meanwhile- On the other side of town

" Damn Davis calm down, if I knew you were going act like Boscorelli I would've sent you with him." Sully said as they sat in the RMP in front of Fred's parents' house. He was trying to get his partner back in focus so they could make the arrest.

"This doesn't bother you? He beat her unconscious and you can just act like this is just a regular call!?"

"What am I suppose to do, go up there and deliver some street justice? What is that really going to solve anyway?" he pause to see if his partner was going to answer his question. "Trust me he will suffer a lost more if he was put in jail. Let the real scum of the earth set him straight."

Ty didn't say anything he just got out of the car. "Let me do all the talking." Sully said as he got out the car.

Ty and Sully walked up the stairs to Fred's parents' house and rung the door bell. "Can I help you?" Fred's mom answered the door.

"Yes" Sully answered glaring over at Ty making sure his anger was under control "We're looking for Fred Yokas?"

"What do you need Fred for?" Fred's mom asked protectively.

"His wife's is in the hospital."

"Faith? Is she okay?"

"Yes she should be okay in a couple days. Is Mr. Yokas here?"

"Oh, yes please come in" she moved aside to let the two officers enter the house.

"Freddy. Come down here, there are two people here to see you." Fred comes down the stairs.

"Fred Yokas." Ty asks, he took a few steps toward him, then pushed him roughly against the near wall and turned him around.

"Fred Yokas you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." Then they pulled him out of the apartment. "You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be giving to you…

Part 4

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