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When Angels Cry
By Daya

Part 4

"Mrs. Yokas are you ready to see your baby for the first time?" The doctor asked as he walked in Faith's room. It was three days after Fred attacked her and she was about to have her first ultrasound.

"As ready as I'll ever be." she said and pulled down the sheet giving the doctor access to her stomach. She watch the screen as the doctor moved the probe over her abdomen.

"There's your baby." the doctor announced pointing at a dot on the screen.

"Oh my god," Faith whispered teary eyed. The Doctor smiled.

"Is this your first baby?" She didn't respond she just stared at the monitor in awe.

"Her third." Kim answered for her after a moment passed. Faith continued to watch the monitor until something caught her attention.

"Please tell me that's not what I think it is." Faith said point to a grayish blob on the screen . The doctor looked at the monitor where Faith was pointed and a wide grin appear on his face.

"Well it depends on what you think it is." he smirked

"That's not a second baby is it ? It's a shadow or something right." she asked sounding almost terrified

"No, it is another baby. You have a very good eye to pick that up."

"Oh God." Faith groaned softly

"Sh-she's having twins" Kim stammered not believing what she just heard.


"Why didn't the fetal monitor pick up the second heart beat?" Kim asked now staring at the monitor along with Faith

"You have to place the probe on different parts of the stomach to find a heart beat once they found one the must of stop looking." he explained

"Both babies are okay though right?" Faith ask getting over her shock

"Yes they both look very health." He assured her.

"Faith what's wrong." Kim asked an hour after they had the ultrasound done.

"What's wrong?! Kim you can't be serious."

"Everything going to okay baby."

"How…How is everything going to be okay? Huh ? I really would like to know how everything going to be okay." she snapped.

"It will Faith, it will."

"He beat me. e beat me Kim. I'm a police officer how am I suppose to protect people and I can't even myself?" She replied angrily trying to hold back tears. "I can't believe let him beat me." she sobbed

" You didn't let him beat you fought back." She ran her fingers through Faith's hair trying to sooth her.

"But it wasn't good enough, my best wasn't good enough and just when I think that was the worst part I find out I'm pregnant with not one but two of his kids." she pause and tried to get her emotions in check. " I…I don't... I don't know how I'm going to do this, be a mother to four kids, by myself. I barley have time for the two kids I have now. What...What am I going to do." She cried losing the battle with her emotions.

Kim wasn't used to seeing Faith like this, sure she saw her cry before that's how relationship started, comforting each other after a long day at work or when Faith have a hard time at home. But she never seen her like this, going through a range of emotions all at once. Faith was scared, angry, hurt, and worried , Kim didn't know what to do. She knew she had to say something to comfort her so she just spoke from the heart.

"We will figure out something I promise. I told you not going anywhere I meant it. Faith I love you." she whisper honestly

"Yeah for how long." She asked sarcastically, but Kim still heard they questioning tone under Faith's sarcasm.

"Forever." she kissed her temple "and ever," her forehead. "and ever," her cheek "and ever." She whispered and finally kissed her lips softly.

Bosco stood at the door stunned. He witness the whole scene from Kim telling Faith she love her right up to Kim's kisses on Faith's face. When Kim kissed her on the lips he didn't know that to believe. When he heard Faith whisper she loved Kim back everything fell into place. They way Kim acted when Faith was first hurt. The way they acted at Ty's birthday party.

He was more than little surprise, not so much on the fact that she cheated with a woman, that part really didn't surprise him. He always kind of knew she liked woman. The part that really caught him off guard was the fact that she cheated, he never thought she would ever do anything like that.

Not knowing how to react he turned around and left the hospital without visiting or confronting his partner.

To Be Continued

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