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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written For: themirrorofsin. Prompt: Elsie/Sarah/Cora, You don't see me like I see you. Erm, mostly focuses on the duality of a one-sided romance between Elsie/Sarah and Sarah/Cora.
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The Break
By Ros Sawyer


Elsie Hughes was a quiet woman, a hard worker but someone that people saw very little of. She had one person she truly cared for besides Carson, and that person didn't even see her. Not now and not ever.

Sarah O'Brien was focused solely on Cora's needs. Yes, she was the woman's lady's maid and yes, she was completely in love with her. Sadly, she knew she could never speak the truth, much less act on it.

It had been a slow day when the truth came out. Thomas had, as usual, been spurring Sarah and Elsie into squabbling, although Sarah soon backed off a little, she knew she was risking her job. Thomas' last comment had spurred her into anger and she had turned to cuff him sharply around the head.

Elsie had moved to the doorway, calling Sarah to her. The moment the doors were closed she had turned on the woman, demanding an excuse. Sarah had had nothing but sharp words.

"For Christ sakes…"

Elsie had spat the words, angrily.

"I know you don't see me like I see you… but can you just for once trust that I'm trying to help you?"

Sarah had been silent, stunned. Elsie had not taken it like that.

"Or you can pack."

The End

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