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Make-up or Make-out
By ralst


Jessica sat primly at her desk, her pens neatly aligned, and a pristine legal pad perched at a jaunty angle before her as she awaited Wendy's arrival. And waited. And waited. She adjusted the pens, momentarily forgetting she was meant to look professional as she pretended to fly one over the desk, only for it to crash land into a firestorm of exploding paper-clips. She coughed, checked the doorway for signs of life, and straightened up the carnage.

Twenty minutes later, there was still no sign of Wendy, and Jessica had the almost overwhelming urge to scratch. She abandoned her professional pose and contorted in such a way that her little finger could just reach the middle of her shoulder blades where ten thousand hip-hop addicted ants had just taken up residence. She sighed in orgasmic relief as the thunderous trail of tiny ant boots was decimated by a good, slightly painful on the arm joints, scratch.

"Jessica?" Wendy titled her head to one side. "Are you okay?"

Pens clattered to the floor, and papers floated on an imaginary breeze as Jessica quickly righted herself and tried to take up her previous pose; the image of professionalism somewhat sullied by the red silk bra that peeked out through the gap in her formally pristine white shirtfront. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Wendy allowed herself a moment to enjoy the sight before stepping further into the office and pointing out the fashion faux pas. "Your shirt, it's gaping," she explained, even though she would have much rather offered to adjust the crisp fabric herself.

With a tug of annoyance, Jessica righted that particular wrong and once again turned to smile at Wendy. "How can I -"

"And you've forgotten your lipstick ... again." It was the fourth time that week Jessica had forgotten to wear lipstick, and Wendy was beginning to suspect that she was doing it on purpose; well, technically, she wasn't beginning to suspect, she knew it for a fact, but she still liked to hold onto a shred of false innocence. "Here, let me," she cooed, her voice a mix of innocence and seduction that had ensnared more than one heart in the office.

Jessica swallowed, the routine familiar after nearly a month of similar encounters, but the look in Wendy's eyes was still new and frighteningly exciting. She puckered up her lips in preparation as she felt the cool touch of Wendy's hands on her hair and the whisper soft breath ghost across her skin before the anticipated touch was complete.

The contact was brief, the exchange of lipstick almost perfunctory, just as it had been on that accidental first morning, but the second touch was different. The facade of ingenious makeup sharing was shattered, as their lips met time and time again, until the sheer momentum of their passion had them sprawled back in Jessica's chair, clothes disarranged, and hands going on adventures they'd only dreamt about.

"Jessica, there's another person in my office..." Andy's words died in the air as he finally rounded the doorway and spied the two extremely busy women. "But suddenly, I don't really mind," he decided, a smile blossoming on his face as he ever so slowly began backing out of the office.

Jessica looked up from where she'd been busily popping the buttons of Wendy's shirt loose with her teeth to spy the now closed door. "Was that Andy?" she asked, her befuddlement compounded by the delicious thing Wendy was doing to her earlobe.

"Andy who?"

"Good point."

As the employees of Pickering Industries continued to go about their humdrum business, Jessica and Wendy discussed makeup tips and fashion accessories until Bob in the next office started banging on the wall and shouting for them to 'get a room'.

Life was good.

The End

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