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It's the Way...
By Faithx5452

Part 1 - Allie's POV

It's the way…

It's the way you've managed to hold onto your child-like innocence, that not even the slaying of your father could be taken from you. His killing forced you to grow up quicker than anyone else at your age should have.

It's the way you're willing to do anything for me, dropping everything at the drop of a hat if need be. Sometimes I find it scary at how much power I have over you, that if I were to ask you to jump off a bridge to your own death you would without questioning my request.

It's the way you're able to walk with your head held high through the hallway, knowing what people whisper behind your back as you walk past. I couldn't imagine having your strength to face their judging looks or their hushed whispers. You tell me all of it doesn't mean anything to you but I can tell their cruel words hurt you more than you would ever care to admit.

It's the way you make everyone take notice when you enter a room, conscious of their leers that follow you and yet oblivious to your own beauty. You exude sensuality and danger, making you a tempting seductress who unconsciously catches everyone in your web of desire.

It's the way you're able to look cute-innocent-sexy and loving all at the same time.

It's the way you didn't force me into anything I wasn't ready for, even though I knew you're more than willing to act upon it if given the chance to. It was your consideration for my uneasiness that strengthened my feelings for you; you could have left me to pursue someone else who was willing to satisfy you're every need but you still chose me.

It's the way you whisper my name into my ear after we've made sweet love, your words coming out huskier as your voice lowers a few octaves than usual. How you bring me to that special place with a slow buildup that leaves me begging and taking me over the edge as you hold me in your arms, whispering sweet nothings as my body trembles under yours.

It's the way you're always able to be considerate during our love making. Sometimes, we're not as gentle with each other as usual when we become rushed and desperate to rid our minds of the troubles that plague us. But even when you get like this, a part of you always makes sure to never hurt me. You could never hurt me though, because making love to you…even when its rougher it's still making love. I know without a doubt that you love me, so I could never imagine you hurting me while you're making love to me.

It's the way you're always quick to surprise me with your surprisingly romantic ways. You've never shown that underneath your mask of indifference that you were secretly a romantic at heart. Sometimes I'll find little trinkets and gifts stowed away in my locker. Whenever my life gets too complicated for me to handle you're always there with your own way of telling me you love me. You told me when we were first going into this relationship that you didn't have a clue of how love went but I know that was a lie. Even if you may have been inexperienced in the love department, you were a quick learner. I told you about my fascination with the stars, that the night of my arrival to the dojo when I had gone out to look at the stars but instead to find you crying beside your beloved motorcycle accidentally. On our first anniversary you presented me with a certificate saying I was now the owner of my very own star. It was under that very star we claimed one another as we finally gave into our passion.

It's the way you keep surprising me when you tell me 'I love you'. How you choose the most random moments to pronounce your love for me. Whether we're in the cafeteria with our friends and you whisper into my ear those three words I've come to adore hearing from your lips. Or when I'm all sweaty from our training session, you'll tell me you love me…despite how I may smell at the moment. But it's the moments when we're laying on the grass at our special meeting place, the one we discovered a few weeks ago, you'll turn to me and softly declare your love under the night stars.

It's the way you act as my safety blanket whenever the real world gets a little too scary to face, knowing I can wrap myself in your arms with the knowledge that you'll scare off anyone who dares ruin the one good thing either of us have going for us.

It's the way time seemingly stops, as the world consists of only the two of us when you look at me. Everything else just seems to fade into the background, all that exists is our love for each other and that's enough.

It's the way you look at me, your gaze burning with so much love and devotion that my breath catches. When I was younger, I once asked my mother how I'll know when I've fallen in love. She told me that if you see your own soul reflecting back at you through their eyes, you just know you're meant to be together as your souls become connected with one another. Looking at you, I see myself reflected in your eyes and I know…you're the one.

Part 2

It's the way…

It's the way your tender touch seems to wash away all my pain and at the same time sends other parts of my body into a frenzy all at the same time.

It's the way you've taught me new things I could have never imagined sharing with someone. I had been more of an action-kind-of-girl, not willing to risk the pain that would eventually come with putting your heart into someone else's hands. But that all changed when you came into my life

It's the way you're able to read my moods, knowing when to approach me and when to just let me wallow in my own self-pity. The only person who ever could do that before you was my father. You see who I really am underneath these walls that have been put up throughout the months following my father's death.

It's the way you're quick to console me when my anger spirals out of control. I was afraid I would hurt you somehow, that my anger would be taken out on you but you never had any doubts that I could hurt you like that. I would never willingly hurt you, even if tomorrow you were to decide I wasn't the one you're searching for.

It's the way you ease my doubts, knowing my habit of reading too much into a the simplest comment.

It's the way you say my name, spoken in such a way that makes me feel like I do belong here with you. I never thought my name could be uttered with such love and tenderness than when I first heard it pass through you're lips.

It's the way you make sure I'm included into your group of friends who don't consist of misfits like myself and others like me. I remember the first time you introduced me to your friends and the looks they gave me. Looks that clearly said they couldn't believe that someone like you could be with a freak like me. But you took me by the hand, smiling at me and eventually they began to smile at me as well.

It's the way you make me feel loved. When you called me beautiful, I felt truly appreciated, no one had ever called me beautiful before without wanting something in return.

It's the way you stick up for me when you know you don't have to, even when you could end up losing the friends you've known for the better part of your childhood.

It's the way you showed me how to live again.

The End

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