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A 'Cat' Story
By dthstlkr


Kimberly kissed Katherine's cheek. "I'll be back in a week. Have fun with Tiger. And remember to feed him?" She lifted the orange cat with white stripes up, and it licked her face.

Katherine's eye twitched and she coughed slightly. "Okay..." She glowered when the cat rubbed up against Kimberly's leg.


"Have fun at the spa babe." Katherine smiled sweetly and watched her wife walk out of the house before spinning around and glaring down at the cat.

The feline hissed at her and Katherine lunged at it. "Time to be put out of your misery kitty-kitty!" She snarled, hearing the car leaving the driveway.

Tiger let out a loud warning hiss and jetted off. "Get back here!"

Katherine scrambled to her feet and rushed for the stairs, her fingers clamping around his tail, but Tiger managed to slip through, clawing at her arms. "OW! You rotten fur ball!" She rushed up the stairs on all fours and got a slash across the face when she came face to face with Tiger.

Tiger rushed off and Katherine scurried after him. "Get back here!"

(6 Days Later)

Katherine growled as she put the pot of water on the burner. She was ready to kill the little mongrel. There was war paint galore, in the form of mascara, on her cheeks. "Here Tiger. I have a treat for you..." She called sweetly.

Katherine grinned sadistically when Tiger poked his head around the corner curiously; she lunged at him with wild eyes, catching him by his tail and yanking him towards her. The blonde Australian laughed manically and lifted Tiger by his sides, carrying him to the pot. Tiger scratched and yowled as she held him over the steamy pot. She prepared to drop him.

"You are the weakest link. Goodbye." She grinned.

"KATHERINE JANE HILLIARD! YOU PUT MY CAT DOWN THIS INSTANT!" Katherine's eyes widened and she turned her head to see her livid, ex-Pink Ranger of a wife.

Tiger gave Katherine the smuggest look he could muster and Katherine knew her fate; she'd lost the battle. She'd have to chuck this battle into the trashcan and try to make good with Kimberly.

"But he always gets the cuddles!" Katherine pouted.

Kimberly snatched Tiger from Katherine's still outstretched hands and kissed the top of his head, stroking his fur. Katherine watched as Kimberly stalked up the stairs. "And don't even think for a second that you're sleeping in our bed tonight, Katherine. You can sleep in the cat bed."

Katherine gave Tiger a look of pure malice and turned the burner off. "Stupid cat…"

"I heard that!" Kimberly shouted.

"Kim!" Katherine shouted, walking up the stairs, "You can't expect me to sleep in the cat bed!"

Kimberly stuck her head out of their room. "You tried to kill Tiger! Shoo! I don't want to see your face!"

"Can I at least have some clothes?" She was answered with a pair of boxers and a wife beater, "And a pillow?" Her pillow smashed into her face and she rolled her eyes. "And my blanket?" Her favorite quilt came soaring towards her in a pile and Katherine sighed. "And Mr. Huggles." Her teddy bear crashed into the wall behind her.

The blonde bowed her head and made her way down the staircase, clutching her belongings. She tossed them on the couch and went for the downstairs shower.

(9.00 PM)

Katherine surreptitiously made her way up the stairs, clutching Mr. Huggles to her, she tapped on the door to their room, knowing Kim would still be awake. They usually didn't get to sleep until 10. Kimberly came to the door and glared at her. "What, Kat?"

"I'm sorry I tried to kill Tiger… can I please sleep on the bed?"

Kimberly glowered, "Get." She closed the door in Katherine's face and the blonde's bottom lip quivered, "Stupid cat…" She walked back downstairs dejectedly and grabbed her jeans, slipping them on before slipping on her shoes.

(Oliver Residence - 5 Minutes Away)

Tommy opened the door and smiled, "Hey Kat."

Katherine scowled, "Kimberly's mad at me." Tommy chuckled, holding the door open for her.

She walked in and plopped on the chair. "Want something to drink? Beer? Coke?"

"Be-Coke… Coke…"

Tommy raised his eyebrow. Katherine was his drinking buddy during the hockey season, "No beer? You're sure?"

Katherine idly touched her stomach, "Positive."

His eyes widened. "You…" She nodded with a soft smile. "We need to celebrate! What'd you say I cook up some popcorn… we watch a few movies… you can go home tomorrow afternoon… tell Kim the good news… and she'll forgive you for whatever you did!" He exclaimed and she laughed.

"All right."

(That Night - Midnight)

Kimberly tossed and turned on the bed uncomfortably. She was so used to having Katherine in her bed. She sighed and sat up, silently getting off the bed. She stealthily made her way out of their room, down the hall and down the staircase. Kimberly made her way into the living room and frowned. Katherine wasn't on the couch and wasn't in the kitchen. All she found was a note in the place of where she should have been sleeping.


You love Tiger more than me.

Kimberly sighed and walked back upstairs. Kat was the one who'd gone and tried to kill Tiger, but she didn't have to go and leave. Kimberly plopped sadly onto the bed and pulled the blankets over her head, sniffling.

(11.00 AM - Next Day)

Kimberly frantically called Jason. "Yalo Kim."

"Oh Jase! I can't find Kat! She left last night and she hasn't come back. I don't know where she is." Kimberly choked out.

"Huh? Oh. Kim… she's at Tommy's… she's out like a light. Both of them are. I think they pulled an all nighter with horror flicks. It's kinda cute… granted it's my boyfriend and your wife… but still."

Kimberly clamped her cell phone closed and walked out, grabbing her keys.

(Oliver Residence)

Tommy snored as he lay on the floor, Katherine laying over him, drooling on his shoulder. Jason stood over them, snapping photos without the flash on when he heard a loud rap at the door. His eyes widened when Tommy let out a snort, but didn't wake. He rushed over to the door and pulled it open, wincing when Kimberly rapped her knuckled on his forehead.

"Where-" He clamped a hand over her mouth, making a shushing sound.

"I'm getting blackmail." He breathed and led her inside.

Kimberly rolled her and knelt down next to Katherine, running her right index finger over Katherine's brow, "Kitten…" She whispered and Katherine stirred, groaning slightly.

"Kim?" She asked and Kimberly wrapped her arms around her. "What're you doin' here?" The blonde asked groggily.

"Come on. We're going home."

Katherine glowered, the sleep clearing immediately. "I'm not gonna share my bed with that fur ball." She huffed. "I swear Kim. That cat gets more attention than I do!"

Kimberly chuckled, "Do I hint a small amount of jealousy?"

Katherine gave her a death glare. "Fuck you. Not nice to be so cruel to the pregnant lady."

Kimberly's eyes widened. "What?"

"The. Pregnant. Lady. Me." She stated, slower this time.

Kimberly started to grin. "Huh?"

"I. Am. Pregnant. In Vitro. Work-" She was cut off when Kimberly kissed her hard, both falling over Tommy, who was just starting to get up.

Kimberly ran her hands down Katherine's body, massaging her sides. "Really?" She asked, pulling back.

Katherine nodded grumpily, "I don't wanna share you with the fur ball…" She grumbled.

Kimberly wrapped her arms around Katherine, kissing her cheek, "I'll deprive the cat of loving and give you extras." Katherine grinned triumphantly. "On one condition."


"You don't ever try to kill Tiger again."

The End

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