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The One Office Affair
By Babydykecate


"Hi best-looking-woman-in-the-company, possibly the universe..." Linda slurs energetically as she leans against Veronica's office door.

"We've done this already," Veronica interrupts, not bothering to look up from her paperwork. Linda's inadvertent energy drug high was turning out to be more exasperating than Veronica had previously expected. It was now 9 at night, and Linda was interrupting her plans for some quality time alone with the projected profit figures.

"Stupid Ted used up his one office affair with you, so I think that means you owe me," Linda replies, pouting slightly.

Veronica looks up, her head tilted. "I don't... never mind," she replies with a sigh, "Just walk away-"

"Tall," Linda finishes with a smile. Instead of walking away though, she enters Veronica's office, locking the door behind her. "But I said you owe me. You know, like you owe me an office affair," Linda insists, as she undoes her top button.

"Are you insinuating that we...?" Veronica asks, raising her eyebrow.

"You are so pretty," Linda continues, her shirt now completely unbuttoned to reveal her lace bra. "Your calves are like silk wrapped in granite... or maybe that's granite wrapped..." Linda rambles in a low sultry murmur as she tugs off her shirt and reaches for her bra hook.

Veronica saunters across the room, her hand pulling Linda's away from the bra hook. She then moves a foot back, appraising Linda. "I find you to be adequately attractive... and well, I'm very good, we'd certainly enjoy ourselves. You're obsessed with me, and I like that about you. Can you assure me that when you sober up you won't sue me for sexual harassment, or further complicate your working relationship with Ted?"

"Your skin looks soft... is it soft everywhere?" Linda replies dreamily, her fingers playing with the neckline of Veronica's blouse.

"Oh hell," Veronica replies with a resigned sigh. She closes the gap between them, pulling Linda into a kiss. When Linda gasps as Veronica's fingers slide under her slacks, Veronica can't help but congratulate herself on another win.

The End

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