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Eden Ashley Chronicles
By EdenAshley


Part 11

Amelia Ashley is a strong woman, a woman that usually gets what she wants. And today she is in New York to do exactly that. She has been successful in everything she has done in life. With one exception, one blemish on her record, one failure, her eldest daughter Eden.

She enjoys nothing more than bringing her down a peg or too, and that is exactly her reason for being in town today. She steps into the elevator at the New York crime lab, and pushes the button for the correct floor. She is going to enjoy this.

As she steps into the elevator she notices a very attractive man, he must be pushing 40 but he is handsome, he smiles at the eye-catching older woman as she steps in next to him. Jack Walker has just moved back to New York and is hoping to pick up where he left off with a certain Stella Bonasera, he last saw her about 2 years ago, and he was looking forward to seeing her again.

The elevator pings and they both step off, once again smirking at each other, Amelia heads to the reception desk as she has no idea where she should be heading, Jack makes a beeline for Stella's office. Silently hoping that Stella is still as pre-occupied with work as ever, and that there is no boyfriend or husband in the picture.

Ashley steps out of the trace lab with her head in a folder. She is so engrossed in the results she doesn't notice Stella in the hallway. Stella smirks, and falls into stride next to Eden. She laughs as Eden still doesn't notice she's there. She clears her throat.

Ashley looks up and instantly smiles when she sees Stella. But is puzzled when she sees the expression on Stella's face.

"What?" Ashley questions raising an eyebrow. Stella just smiles.

"Nothing sweetie you where just off in your own world there."

"Ha sorry. Very into my case. What are you up too?"

"Nothing, just heading to my office. I'll catch you later." She sweetly smiles at Eden, and then they both go off in their own direction.

Stella looks into her office before she enters; she is surprised to see someone sitting in there. More precisely the back of someone's head. She can't really decipher who it is. She guesses there is only one way to find out and strides into the office.

"Can I help you?" As the gentleman turns to face her, she instantly recognises him. Jack Walker, they had dated for a while in the past.

"Jack Walker. What are you doing here? I thought you moved out of state?"

He smiles appreciatively; at Stella she is still as beautiful as ever, age has only improved her.

"Stella Bonasera. It's been too long." He raises out of his seat and envelopes her in a hug. Although she feels slightly uncomfortable she reciprocates. He is an old friend after all. He continues.

"I've just moved back into the city. Who was I kidding thinking I could stay away? It's great to see you."

"You too." She means it, she was sad when he left, and it really is good to see him.

"I was thinking maybe we could hook up sometime." It takes him all his courage to complete his sentence. "Maybe carry on from where we left off?"

Stella's expression changes instantly, he notices it. "Unless I'm too late." He guesses from Stella's face that he probably is.

"That's a really nice offer. And if it had been any other time, I would have seriously considered it." He knows exactly where this is going, Stella smiles to try and soften the blow. "But I'm in a very serious relationship, and happier than I've ever been."

To say he is devastated is an understatement, but really he should have known, why wouldn't someone have snapped her up?

"Wow, well I'm glad. I would still really like to catch up, just as friends."

"I would really like that." Stella pulls him into a hug, and kisses him on the cheek. He appreciates the gesture.

"So who is the lucky guy then?" He is dying to know who has finally snared her. Stella is overwhelmed by an uncomfortable feeling, he doesn't seem to notice, just carries on with his trail of thought.

"It's not Mac is it, the sly dog?"

Stella smiles. "No." For some reason she doesn't want to reveal, that it's Eden she's dating, this feeling has never really come across her before, and she doesn't really know how to deal with it. But she feels like she would be betraying Eden if she didn't tell him. Awkward.

"It is someone who works here in the lab. But no one you know." She still can't bring herself to tell him, and she is starting to hate herself a little for it.

"Aw so it's some new guy, that's swept in from out of town. I might have known." He chuckles, he can tell from the way Stella is acting that she is holding something back. "What's his name so I can congratulate him?"

Stella looks at the floor, he's asked her outright now, and she will not lie about her relationship with Eden, but she is not looking forward to his reaction. Oh well, here goes, she gulps.

"Actually, it's not a he, it's a she." She looks up momentarily; the look of shock on Jack's face would be funny if it wasn't for the circumstances. "Her name is Eden Ashley."

He can't believe it, like literally cannot believe it, he knew Stella was holding something back, but he never thought in a million years it would be this. To say he is shocked would be a massive understatement. He needs to get away.

"I've gotta go." Abruptly he leaves, Stella just sighs, that was horrendous, but ultimately she is glad she had the courage to tell him, but the underlying issue in the pit of her stomach, is why it was such a problem to tell him in the first place.

Amelia Ashley is tapping her false nails against the receptionists' desk, she is rather impatiently waiting for her to finish her current phone call, she is trying to locate her daughter. Amelia is not impressed with the receptionist, and believe me the feeling is mutual.

The receptionist replaces the handset. "Detective Ashley has just left the trace lab, I will page her and request her to come to reception immediately."

Amelia exhales loudly. "Well how long is that going to take?"

The reception smile sweetly, this woman is really starting to piss her off. "It will take as long as it takes, why don't you take a seat ma'am."

Just as Amelia was about to protest, she notices something in the corner of her eye, unmistakable, she hasn't seen her daughter since she was 15, but there was no denying this was most definitely her.

Ashley is about to head out of the lab, to follow up a lead on her case with Danny she is stopped in her tracks when she hears;

"Well, well, well." She instantly looks to the direction of the sound and immediately recognises her mother, it's a massive shock to her system, it's been a long time since she has seen her mother, she is looking old, and Ashley can tell she has definitely had some work done.

"If it isn't my daughter, the apple of my eye." Danny instantly notices the malice in her voice, and how Ashley tenses; she goes rigid like a board. Ashley still can't quite believe her eyes; she hasn't had any contact with her mother since she disowned her over 15 years ago for being gay. She guesses she better find out what she is doing here, she expects it won't be anything good.

"Mother, to what do I owe this pleasure?" sarcasm is always the best policy when it comes to her.

Amelia, smiles, here it is the moment she has been waiting for. "It's your Grandmother." She says is dramatically on purpose knowing the effect it will have on her daughter.

Ashley instantly panics, a million thoughts run through her mind, surely she would be the first to find out if anything had happened to her grandmother, after all she hadn't spoken to her mother for the past 15 years either, disgusted that any child of hers could disown one of their own. This quells the panic in Ashley, and she motions for her mother to continue.

"I've decided that she is no longer mentally able, to deal with her assets." Ashley clenches her teeth, her Grandmother is in her 70's but she still has all of her faculties about her.

"I have gone to the courts, and they have granted me legal rights to take control of all of her assets." This is the part Amelia has been waiting for; she can't help but smirk as she finishes what she has to say. "That includes that beautiful apartment you live in. Keys." With this she holds out her hand in front of Ashley and motions for her to give her the guys. "Now please." There is that self-satisfied smug grin again.

But instead of the look of despair she is expecting to see on her daughters face, Ashley breaks into a huge grin, it takes all she has not to laugh out loud in her mother's face. Now it's Amelia's turn to look perplexed. Ashley decides to put her out of her misery.

"Wow you really haven't done your research have you?" Amelia's confusion grows. "You know I think Gran always suspected that you would try and pull something like this, so she sold the apartment to me, all legal and above board, and all of her faculties present."

Amelia starts to panic, this can't be true, her daughter could never afford to buy a place like that, before her brain can stop her, she verbalises her thoughts.

"That's not right; you can afford a place like that."

"It only cost me 100 bucks." The look on Amelia's face is priceless; she actually looks like her head is going to explode.

"But, but, the place is worth at least one million." She can barely speak her blood is boiling; her hatred for her daughter is certainly rising.

"Three actually, but I think you'll find that any consideration is good consideration, even if it's not reflective of the actual value."

"You haven't heard the last of this, you'll be hearing from my lawyer."

Ashley has no doubt that she probably will hear from her lawyer, but she knows there is nothing her mother can do. Thankfully.

Amelia storms past her pushing her on her way, she can barely breath, such is the rage inside her, she just catches the elevator as the doors are about to close, once she is safely inside, she exhales loudly, and then carries on to take several deep breaths. She hasn't noticed that Jack is also in the elevator, which is why she almost jumps out of her skin when he speaks.

"You look like I feel."

Startled, she immediately turns to the voice, and sees the attractive young man from earlier; he looks like he's seen a ghost. He continues.

"Didn't get the news you were looking for in there?" He gestures his head towards the elevator doors.

"You could say that." Amelia has composed herself after the fright he gave her, her heart was in her mouth.

"Me either." He looks her up and down, and decides to bite the bullet for the second time that day, hopefully with better results.

"Say I don't suppose you'd like to grab a drink?"

Amelia can think of nothing she'd rather do more. "Sure, a great big bucket load."

Jack smiles, and she immediately mirrors it, maybe this day wasn't going to be the worst after all.

They arrived at a wine bar close by, and were currently sitting in an awkward silence. Amelia decides to bite the bullet.

"So, what happened?" She looks over at Jack, she can see from his face, he isn't really comfortable talking about this; he sighs however, and decides to share.

"Erm, my ex works in the crime lab, I was going to see if she wanted to get back together, but she's seeing someone else."

Amelia didn't really understand why this was so bad, people move on, there is obviously more to it, and she isn't one to beat around the bush.

"That's it? That's not so bad, unless there's something you're not telling me?" She eyes him suspiciously. He is quite taken aback by this woman's abruptness.

He takes a large swig of his drink. "You're right."

"Come on then spill it."

"She isn't seeing another guy." He can barely bring himself to say his next words, so much so that they come out as a whisper. "She's in a relationship with another woman."

The penny drops immediately for Amelia. "Let me guess. Eden Ashley?"

Jack can't believe it. "Yeah, how did you know?"

"That girl causes pain and destruction wherever she goes." She looks up at Jack, who obviously wants her to explain further. She shakes her head, "She's my daughter. Well I used that term very loosely, she's my biological daughter."

Jack is taken aback, by the level of venom in her voice, towards her own flesh and blood, despite his devastation at Stella being with another woman, he could tell she was extremely happy.

"I take it you two don't get on then?" This seemed to be the understatement of the century, which is confirmed when Amelia laughs manically.

"You could say that." That's when it hits her; an evil plan starts to form. She wasn't able to bring her daughter down a notch or two with regards to her apartment, but another opportunity has presented itself to her with regards to her love life, and she would take immense pleasure in ruining that.

Jack can see a plan formulating in Amelia's brain, he dreads to think what it could be. It looks as though he's about to find out.

"You know my daughter is always doing this, with straight women." She of course has no foundation to base this opinion on, as she doesn't know Eden at all, but she isn't going to let silly things like facts get in the way of her pleasure.

"She loves the thrill of the chase, and the conversion, but she always loves them and leaves them."

Jack is dubious about what she is saying, but decides to hear her out.

"You know if you like this woman as much as you seem too, you'd be doing her a service, if you were to get her away from my daughter, before she leaves her heartbroken."

"I don't know." Stella did seem happy.

"Listen Jack, my daughter will ruin her, and leave her a shadow of her former self, the woman you fell in love with will be lost forever. Is that what you want?" She wants this to happen so badly she is practically shouting at him now.

Jack feels flustered and confused; this woman is applying a lot pressure. "Well no of course not."

"Well it's agreed then, we will split them up." Amelia is very pleased with herself.

Jack isn't entirely sure what he's gotten himself into, but if what she's saying is true, then he really owed it to Stella to save her, I mean after all this woman is her mother, she should know her best.

"And how on earth are we going to do that."

Amelia smirks, she has him right where she wants him. "You leave that to me. I'm not just a pretty face."

She smirks at him and takes a large drink of her wine. She is going to enjoy this.

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