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Eureka Maru
By Preygurl

Beka moaned into the kiss that she and Rommie were sharing. Rommie pulled back, tilting her head slightly to the side.

"As nice as this is, and as physically pleasant my poly-synthetic texturized skin finds this experience, I am afraid that the Eureka Maru is approaching. Captain Dylan Hunt is hailing the Andromeda. He has Tyr, Harper and Trance Gemini on board with him. "

At this moment, Beka didn't really care if the Magog were hailing the Andromeda. She grasped Rommie's hips tighter, snugging the Avatar in between her legs. Staring deep into almost black eyes, Beka licked her lips, then whispered. "Have Holo-Rommie and Andromeda make the docking connections. I just want a few more minutes with you."

Rommie leaned into Beka, brushing their cheeks together. "I can't do that. I don't want to be a tease, really. We are needed on the command deck."

Beka nibbled on an earlobe then whispered again, "Just remember an old saying that I'm sure Harper programmed you with..."

Rommie sighed at the feel of Beka's lips and breath in her ear and on her neck. "What saying is that?"

"Hmm," Beka almost growled, "Payback is a bitch, Rommie. Payback is a bitch."

With that, Beka pulled away, dragging her left hand up and then down Rommie's spine, trailing her fingers lightly over the Avatar's well-formed ass. And then slowly pulling her right hand off Rommie's hip, she slid it up and across Rommie's abdomen, feeling the muscles flex and twitch at her touch. She licked her lips and smiled sweetly. Brushing past Rommie and out the Machine Shop door, she called back, "Let's hit the comand deck."

Rommie felt heat rise in her cheeks and then a tremble throughout the ship. 'Oooh, Harper is going to have to fix that. The pleasantries are nice, but the frustrations are seemingly a detriment.' She spun on her heel and followed a smuggly smiling Beka Valentine.

Once on the command deck and at her station, Rommie radioed Dylan on the Eureka Maru, letting him know that it was clear for him to dock in Hangar 14. She glanced over at Beka, who was leaning against the railing at her station, "Beka, stop that."

"What?" Beka smiled softly, but there was a look not unlike that of lust in her half-lidded eyes.

"You know what."

"No, I don't. I'm just looking at you. Appreciating you."

"Well, stop it."

"Hmm," Beka ran her tongue over her lips, she couldn't seem to keep them very moist right now. "No."

"I'm afraid that you need to attend to the controls, the Eureka Maru is approaching the hangar. So stop staring and do your job."

Beka turned to her console, tapped a few keys. "There, my codes are entered. The Maru can dock."

Rommie, in turn tapped a few keys, then turned to Beka who was once again staring at her. "Beka, this is not helping."

"You're right. I'm not feeling any more relaxed, but I do love to watch you work." Beka waggled her eyebrows.




"Um, no."

"Fine, the Eureka Maru has safely docked" the Avatar turned back to her console, knowing full well that Beka was not just staring, but something else was happening. The Andromeda Ascendent linked to the Avatar Rommie, sending her Beka's heart rate and body temperature. Beka's heart rate was very elevated and her body temperature had risen considerably.

Beka continued to stare.

Holo-Rommie appeared beside Beka, "You seem to be anxious, agitated or distressed Beka. Are you okay?"

Beka took in the hologram, she smiled. "Oh, I'm just fine. Maybe you and I can have a chat about what your Avatar friend over there is doing to me..."

Just as Holo-Rommie began to reply, the command deck doors opened and in walked Dylan and the rest of the crew, seemingy in the middle of a conversation, oblivious to the tension in the room.

Dylan was speaking, "So, what I'm suggesting is this. When on a recon mission, Tyr, it is best that you do just that reconaissence, not gambling, not brawling at a local pub, reconaissence. You know gathering information, not disclosing information. And certainly not giving away the fact that your Captain is meeting with the leaders of the so-called rogue planet you are on."

Tyr looked down sheepishly, Trance just giggled and Harper shrugged his shoulders. Trance took a stand by Beka, noticing her flush cheeks, she leaned into her. "Beka, are you okay? Are coming down with something?"

Beka placed a hand on Trance's shoulder, "No Trance, I'm good. Rommie and I were just chatting."

"Oh really," Trance slid closer to Beka. "What about?"

"Nothing of importance really. Just bantering, you know. So, how was the recon?" Beka changed the subject as smoothly as she could.

Trance noticed her friend's unease about the topic and thought it better to let it slide for the moment. Better to approach it later on, after everyone was rested up, she thought.

"Oh, you know. Recon mission gone bad, as usual when visiting a rogue-planet. Bar brawls and gambling seem to be Tyr and Harper's forte these days. I'm sure Dylan and then Tyr and then Harper will fill you in. But as for myself, I am off to Hydroponics. I have missed my plants." With that Trance turned, waved good-bye to the crew and exited the room.

Beka watched her friend leave. Dylan was at his console typing away. He glanced at Rommie and then Beka, "It seems that your systems check went fine and Beka got you up and running just fine."

Rommie flushed a little at the comment, "Yes Captain, it seems that I am good to go, as they say."

Beka smiled internally, then casually stepped in between Rommie and Dylan, slapping the Captain on his back. "Yep, I'd say she's good to go Cap'n. And on that note, I'm going to go crash on my much missed baby. Thank you for not smashing up the Maru while you were gone."

Dylan shook his head, "Well thank you for taking good care of Andromeda while I was gone."

Beka chuckled as she turned to leave. Walking out the door, heading to the Eureka Maru, she could hear Rommie speaking to Dylan.

"She took fine care of me Dylan. I think maybe I should go thank her," Rommie turned to follow Beka.

Dylan was busy monitoring the consoles and typing to really notice, "Yeah, whatever. We'll be hitting slipstream in a about an hour. Everyone can get cleaned up and rest a little until then."

Rommie wasn't really listening as she stepped up her pace, trying to catch up with Beka.

Aboard the Eureka Maru ~

Beka entered the Maru, went straight to the controls, and began to check her ship over when there was a buzz at the ship's door. She quirked her head and pushed the door's release button. She heard footsteps behind her. Not thinking that it would be anyone but Trance, she continued her inspection of the control room. "So, Trance? You wanna fill me in on the recon now? You didn't "brawl"? Did you?"

Arms slid around Beka, lips brushed her neck. Beka gasped, realizing it wasn't Trance's arms around her. She decided to play it cool, even though her temperature was rising again. "Trance, really it's been a long couple of days. I've missed you, too, but I need a shower and some sleep."

The arms disappeared. Beka's shoulders were gripped and she was spun around. Now facing Rommie, she grinned.

"You really thought it was Trance?" The Avatar cocked her head to the right quizzically. "Does she often greet you like that?"

Beka smirked. Closing the distance between them, she pressed her lips to Rommie's, letting her tongue brush against pouting lips. "Oh yeah," Beka mumbled as she pulled away. "And like that, and like this," she smiled as she ducked under Rommie's chin and bit lightly on the soft flesh just above her collarbone.

Rommie pulled back, looking at Beka with interest, "Really?"

Beka laughed. "No."


"No. But she has told me that in the future she and I..."

Beka was cut off as Rommie dove into a kiss with Beka. Pushing Beka back against the console she had been standing at, she grabbed her hips, then turned her around so Beka was facing the console again. "Is that the payback? You making me wonder about you and Trance Gemini? Is that the bitch? The payback?"

Beka moaned as she felt Rommie push a leg between her thighs from behind. "Mmm, what?" She thought on it a moment, "Oh, payback."

Beka didn't really have much more time than that to think about it, she felt Rommie's arms encircle her again. Breasts against her back, a hot center pushing into her ass. Hot lips on her neck again. She tried to turn around, but the Avatar's strength was too much for her.

"Oh no, you don't move," Rommie whispered in her ear. "I want you just like this. Right here. Right now."

"No arguements here," Beka moaned softly.

Beka heard Rommie call out to Andromeda, "Privacy Mode on the Eureka Maru."

And almost simultaneously, she felt one hand slide under her short black pleather vest-shirt and the other began unlacing the string on the front of her pants. Rommie slid her hand inside the shirt up to find an already turgid nipple, she squuezed gently, then harder. Encouraged by the sounds elicited from Beka, she continued to the other breast, all the while continuing to loosen the ties on Beka's pants.

Finally unable to bear it anymore, Beka pushed back hard against Rommie. Rommie took a step back, "What is it? Am I not doing this right?"

Beka didn't turn around, she just grabbed the sides of her pants and shoved them down. "No, whatever programming you're reading this from, it's good. It's great. I'm just speeding things along."

Rommie laughed out loud, "Great, huh? Harper has this thing for girl-girl videos. I think he placed some in my memory chips. I like it."

Beka leaned forward onto the console again, closing her eyes. "Me too. Now shut up and do me."

"Very well."

Rommie needed no further instruction. She grabbed the hem of Beka's vest and pulled the garment over her head, dropping it to the floor. Reaching around Beka again she found the rock hard nipples still begging to be touched. Beka began making the little moaning noises that Rommie was quickly learning were indicators to keep going, so she did. It made her feel like she was purring.

As she continued the ambush on Beka's nipples, she let her left hand slide down over Beka's belly to the short curls below. Twining her fingers deeper into the fur, she let one finger graze the opening of Beka's nether lips, encouraged by Beka's trembling, she made another sweep with her finger, this time pushing between the lips and touching the hot, slick inside. Beka pushed forward onto the finger, only to sigh in disappointment as the finger was withdrawn. Beka felt the damp finger slide up her belly over a nipple and then it disappeared behind her. She heard Rommie as she sucked on the finger.

"Flavorful, not unlike honey. I think I want more," was the last thing Beka heard as the hand on her breast was removed, as well as the heat on her back. But then she gasped for air as her ass was grasped, then separated and a tongue delved in bewteen her thighs.

Beka tried to open more to accommodate Rommie, but was distracted by a thumb now caressing her ass and another finger stroking her from the front. The Avatar clung to Beka as she sped up the ministrations, her face buried in between Beka's thighs. She slid the hand that was rubbing Beka's ever hardening nub, so that a finger teased entering her.

"Do it," murmured the blonde, as she gripped the console even tighter, then she gasped as Rommie used not one, but two fingers to finally penetrate her. The tongue that was replaced by the fingers, now sliding upward to where the thumb had been. Beka couldn't help but shudder as the beginnings of climax were upon her.

Thrusting her fingers harder and faster into her lover, Rommie was amazed at the sensations running through her. Even though she was not being 'serviced', she felt incredibly stimulated. This and the fluids now coating her fingers caused Rommie to be vigilant, she kept pounding and licking.

Finally able to take no more, Beka screamed out her release as her whole body tightened. She tried to hold onto the console, but felt herself losing her grip. Rommie stood up quickly behind her, pinning her to the console. Not removing her fingers from inside Beka, she liked the feeling of Beka's hot muscles twitching around them. She leaned over Beka and softly licked her neck. 'Flavorful, much like salt.' She thought.

"Beka," Rommie whispered. "Do all women taste as good as you?"

Unable to turn around, or for that matter not wanting to, enjoying the weight of the Avatar pinning her to the console. Beka smiled deliciously, "Some do, some don't. I want to know what you taste like."

Before either could get a word out, Andromeda came over the ship-wide intercom, "Entering slip-stream in five minutes. All crew please report to your stations. Repeat, entering slip-stream in five minutes. All crew please report to your stations."

Beka groans out, dropping her head onto the console, "You gotta be kidding me?"

Rommie pulls her body away from Beka's and sighs, "No. Perhaps I should have mentioned that when I boarded your vessel."

"Ya think?"

"We should be going to our posts now. Yes?"

"This is like deja vu, really." Beka reached down to pull her pants up, shaking her ass to get into them, feeling the wetness in between her thighs. "Oh, this is just nice."

Holo-Rommie appears. She looks at Beka's naked torso, then directing her question to Rommie, "Is this why we went into Privacy Mode?"

Rommie smiled, "Yes, but nothing about it to Captain Hunt. Agreed?"

Holo-Rommie smiled back, "Hmm, agreed. Walk with me to the command deck?"

Rommie nodded. Turning to Beka, "Coming?"

Beka laughed out loud, "That's a loaded question if I ever heard one."

"Payback?" Rommie's eyes lit up as Beka grabbed her vest and pulled it on.

"Oh yeah Rommie," Beka adjusted her vest, combed her hand through her short blonde locks. "There will be payback. And you'll like it."

The three women, one human, one avatar and one hologram began their way out of the Eureka Maru and towards the comand deck of the Andromeda Ascendant.

Holo-Rommie looked oddly at both of the others and questioned, "Payback?"

The End

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