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SERIES/SEQUEL: This is the first part of the Vessel series.
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By Preygurl

"Beka?" the voice of Andromeda echoes everywhere within the warship.

Rebecca "Beka" Valentine, first officer of the Andromeda Ascendant chuckled wryly to herself. 'This was going to be fun.' Gripping the master controls, wringing the handles slowly and smiling as she spoke, "Surely, you weren't looking for me Andromeda? I know you know where everyone is on the ship."

"Don't call me Shirley, and yes I do. I know where everyone is, unless they are in their quarters. When Harper created the Avatar me, he re-programmed the warship me to give the crew a little privacy. Just as I can't detect what you do when on the Eureka Maru, I cannot tell what the crew are doing in their quarters." Andromeda deadpanned back to Beka. But before she could continue, Beka interjected.

"Oh-kay," Beka was smiling still as she continued to slide her hands over the master controls. Now making her way around the command deck, sliding her hands easily over the high-tech sleek machinery. "So, Harper re-programs you to give the crew privacy, but then he throws in bad B-flick humor from ancient planets?"

Andromeda sighed, "Beka?"


"Please stop moving, stand still."

Beka stopped in front of Rommie's station, hands laying on the plasma-like monitor in front of her. "Is this better?"

Andromeda sighed again, "Please Beka, use the code Harper gave you to wake my Avatar. The maintenance program he was running has been completed."

Beka licked her lips, then smiled again, "Ah, but Andromeda, you are in my control and I like it."

"Beka," Andromeda began to plead.

"Shh, Andie," Beka liked the sound of that nickname. "I'm almost ready to enter the code, to give Rommie release. Tell me how it feels?"

"How what feels? I cannot feel. I am a warship."

"And a fine, fine warship you are," Beka started moving around the command deck again. Dragging her fingertips gently over every surface she could touch. "Tell me, Andie?"

"Tell you what?"

"C'mon. I know you can feel it. Through Rommie. Right?"

"Ye-esss," Andromeda's voice actually seemed to hitch, then hiss.


Beka left the command deck, making her way towards Machine Shop 17. She continued running her fingertips gingerly along the walls, as if caressing a lover. "Very nice."

Andromeda's response wasn't vocal, but Beka felt the warship quake as her engines fired then powered down again.

"Extremely nice. You like my touch. Yeah?" Like stroking a purring kitten, Beka didn't let Andromeda respond, she continued on.

"You are a very fine warship. Sleek, powerful, loyal, and," Beka approached Machine Shop 17, allowing the doors to open. She observed the Avatar sitting silently in the middle of the room.

Rommie, Andromeda Ascendant Avatar, created by Harper, sat in stasis hooked to the mainframe computer via several CAT-52 cables and a pair of magnetic stabilizers to which her feet were grounded.

Beka entered the room and circled Rommie like she was prey to the hunter. Coming to the front of the Avatar, she let her hands rest on Rommie's knees and knelt down between them. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and slid her hands along Rommie's thighs.

"And..," she almost growled, continued her conversation from before, "extremely fucking sexy."

At this comment, Andromeda's power source flickered and Beka heard a sound something between a sigh and a groan. Almost content, Beka thought, then thought better of it, no not content, frustrated.

Beka rose from between Rommie's knees, went to Harper's main terminal and punched in the maintenance program end-code. She heard the release of the cables and before she could turn around, Rommie was there. Behind her. Engulfing her. Spinning Beka around, Rommie captured her lips without warning. Crushing against her, then just as quickly pulling away.

"You are such a tease," Rommie gasped for breath as if she needed it, she didn't but arousal was a strange thing to her. She stared at Beka's lips, now red and swollen. She wanted to taste them again.

"Am not," Beka breathed out, catching breath that she did need.

Rommie stepped back from Beka, taking in the first officer. She let her eyes roam over the once-rogue, now loyal-to-the-cause warrior pilot. When Harper programmed her, he didn't realize that he had given her some of his traits. In this particular instance an appreciation for the fine female specimen in front of her. She was seeing Beka for what seemed like the first time, she could only place the reasoning with the wonderfully gentle, soft caresses that Beka had been administering to her warship. She saw sexy. She saw sultry. She saw soft? Wondering if Beka was soft and supple under that pleather and vinyl, she stepped forward. Let's find out shall we.

"You're not, huh?" Rommie closed half the distance between them.

Beka had been acting like a Magog caught in an ionizing- laser beam, shying away a little under Rommie's intense inspection. She had forgotten the conversation, the comment.

"Huh?" was the best she could come up with for a reply.

Rommie continued to close the gap between them, steeping directly into Beka's personal space. The Avatar brushed her knuckles along the jawline of the first officer and then slid her hand behind her neck, pulling them nose to nose. Wisps of blue streaked brunette bangs brushed fluttering blond eyelashes as Rommie leaned in, tasting Beka's lips between each word.

"You," featherlight kiss.

"Are," butterfly kiss.

"A," nibble of Beka's bottom lip.

"Tease." Rommie's tongue flicked across Beka's top lip and then pulled away, licking her own lips before drawing her tongue back into her own mouth. She then took one step back.

Beka's eyes were still closed, she was basking in the feel of those soft, sensual lips and those sweet, simple tastes. Seamus Harper was a genius. Then her eyes snapped opened. She caught dark orbs gazing at her and the warmth that lingered on her lips shot to the center of her desire faster that she could hit a slipstream. The desire hit her core and bounce through her veins, bypassing her brain, straight to her eyes.

Rommie saw the slate blue eyes sparkle, dilate, then cloud over with lust, as Beka husked out, "Baby, I am not a tease."

With that, Beka initiated the next kiss. She took Rommie's hips in her hands and pulled her to her. She felt Rommie's abdomen flex as it fell flush to hers. Bodies meshed together. Beka could care less that Rommie was synthetic, man-made. She wanted her and wanted to command her.

The End

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