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The Time Elizabeth Kissed Mary
By Babydykecate


There are moments when it feels the same. There's the gun, the confidence, the snarky sense of humor… There's that same sense of safety she feels whenever she's with Mary.

But Mary isn't really like Olivia, and it's better that way.

Alex has given up comparing them, accepting that her life exists in two parallel universes. Alex was happy with Olivia, and Elisabeth is now happy with Mary.

The first time Alex… Elisabeth kissed Mary; Mary kissed back… and then promptly freaked out. Mary ranted about danger, procedure and professional boundaries, but Alex saw right through her. Mary didn't follow any rules she didn't want to. Mary was scared to get involved and then break up if Alex was relocated, and even more afraid that a romantic relationship would compromise her ability to keep Alex safe. If Alex read her right, Mary was also scared that she couldn't keep Alex at an arms length the same way she did with men.

Alex reminded Mary that she was a big girl, and that she'd been in the WPP long enough to know what she was doing. Mary sighed, and pulled Alex into another kiss.

The End

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