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Ground Zero - Eureka, 2.19am
By trancer

  Ground Zero – Eureka, 2:19am

"Wait! Don't leave," Zoe yelped. She shoved herself between the closing metal door and its frame. "Not before you kiss me goodbye."

"C'mon Zoe, I'm coming back," Carter grinned all goofy and dimply, leaning in towards his daughter.

"Eww," she squeaked, shirking away from his fish-puckered lips. "Not you!"

"What? Well then, who?"

"Jo," she pointed with her finger. The woman raising her eyebrows in surprise.

Carter whirled around. "Jo!" He said her name dragging it out.

"What?" Jo lifted her hands defensively. "I haven't touched her."

"Ha!" He wagged an accusatory finger. "You said 'haven't' instead of 'didn't'. Haven't implies intent."

"Oh my God. Are you high?" She gaped, looking at him as if he'd grown a third eye. "That's ridiculous!"

"Oh yea, then why'd she bake you cupcakes? Zoe doesn't bake. Ever."

"And that's my fault, how?"

"Dad," Zoe slugged him in the arm. He grabbed his shoulder, mouthing 'ow' as he turned to look at his daughter. "I'm serious."

"So am I," Carter leaned in closer, attempting to put his voice at a whisper. "And in case you haven't noticed, Jo's not a lesbian."

"She's not?"

"Hello? She's dating Taggert."

"Oh please," Zoe snorted. "Jo might as well have 'I have no intention of dating men ever again' tattooed on her forehead."

"Hello?" The Aussie drawled loudly and clearly, poking his head from around a corner. "I'm standing right here."

"Zoe.." He tried to state her name firmly and authoritatively, instead it came out in a less than manly whine.

"Dad," she cut him off. "Imagine if you were sixteen.."

"Fifteen," he corrected.

"Fine, whatever," Zoe rolled her eyes. "Imagine you were fifteen and the woman of your dreams.."

"Technically," Henry interjected. "It would be the man of his dreams."

"Not helping, Henry," Carter snapped. "Not helping."

"Anyway, what if the woman of your dreams were about to fight an army of the dead and there was the possibility you'd never see her again. Wouldn't you want to kiss her goodbye."

"Carter," Allison gently placed a hand on the Sheriff's shoulder, she had absolutely no intention of getting involved in this latest drama, but there were more pressing matters at hand, like a zombie horde currently eating its way through Eureka. "We don't have time for this."

"I know," he placed his hands on his hips, craning his neck back to stare blankly at the ceiling. He could feel Zoe's pleading eyes boring a deep penetrable hole into his skull, waiting for an answer. "Fine," throwing his hands into the air, he made a general pointed motion towards his Deputy. "Jo, kiss her."

"Is that an order?"

"If it'll make you feel better. Yes, it's an order."

Jo ran the back of her hand under her nose, sniffing loudly. She shouldered her gun, pulling on her gun belt before stepping into the doorframe.

"You ready?" She asked, cupping Zoe's jaw with her hands and tilting the teen's head up.

Zoe nodded, her eyes moving from Jo's eyes to her lips and back again. "I'm ready."

Jo closed the distance between them. Their eyes closed in tandem as lips pressed softly and firmly against each other. Zoe gasped at the slight contact, mouth opening enough for Jo to capture Zoe's upper lip between her own and suckle lightly.

She'd known there was 'something' between them. And Jo didn't want to think too hard about it because anything more than friendship was vaguely creepy and totally wrong. But, all things considered, she might not survive the night. Or live to see Zoe's eighteenth birthday when the vaguely creepy and totally wrong thoughts lurking in the dark recesses of her mind would no longer be illegal. Which creeped her out to no end. Because the last thing she wanted to think about was the 'Zoe Will Be Legal In X Day's' countdown ticking down in the back of her head. So, she kissed her. Kissed her like she'd never get the opportunity again, made possible all the 'maybe's' and 'what-if's' and 'could be's'. Channeled it through the hands cupping Zoe's face, and her lips, tender and sweet and open just enough to taste Zoe's breath in her mouth.

Carter tried not to watch, covering his eyes with his hand. But, he couldn't quite keep his fingers closed, and it was soo hard not to watch with all the smacking and moaning and Zoe's hands wandering across certain parts of Jo's body where Zoe's hands should totally not be wandering.

After what seemed like an uncomfortable eternity for the others standing in Carter's tiny, dank foyer, the two women finally broke apart.

"Wow," Zoe exhaled dreamily, licking her lips.

"Wow," Jo repeated, her eyes hooded and smoky and unable to look away from Zoe's lips. Her hands still holding Zoe's face, Jo dove back in.

"Okay, okay!" This time, Carter did intervene. Just around the time Zoe's mouth opened with a low, throaty moan he never wanted to hear uttered from his daughter's lips again and he could see the pink of Jo's tongue as she jammed it into his Zoe's mouth.

He pulled them apart, shouldering his way between them. "You," he pointed at Zoe. "Back inside and lock the door. And you," he turned his face towards Jo. "Go kill zombies!"

"Don't you die," Zoe smiled, wide and toothy, as she closed the door.

"Not planning on it," Jo stepped backwards with a newfound swagger in her hips, her eyes still glued onto Zoe's.

Carter waited until the door completely closed and he heard the lock clanging into place before turning fully towards Jo. "If I'm not eaten alive and actually live through this, you are soo totally in big trouble."

"It could've been worse," Jo shrugged, pulling her weapon into her hands and cocking the barrel, raising an eyebrow and smirking. "She could've said she didn't want to die a virgin."

"Oh God!" He groaned, face twisting in disgust as Jo marched her way up the stairs. "Big, big trouble!"

The End

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