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Assignment in Love
By Tibbies


Chapter 1

Jo sat at her desk, hunched over pages and pages of mobile phone numbers. She thought to herself; it had to be there, it just did!. It was absolute bedlam around the pod area but her acute hearing could always pick out one voice…..Ros Myers, Team Leader at MI5.

Ros was standing ram rod straight with her arms crossed in the middle of the nerve centre at MI5 barking out orders to her team as they hurried around the room trying to gather information for the current operation.

"Malcolm! The tracking device I slipped under Slavovic's car yesterday, is it still working ok?" Ros shouted at the quiet technical genius.

Malcolm sighed, "Yes Ros, it's working just as well as when you asked me 2 seconds ago, don't worry it's one of my best, and it won't let you down."

The only way they all knew that Ros had not taken the ribbing from Malcolm seriously was a very small twitch at the corner of her mouth. But this didn't last long before she was calling something out to Lucas who seemed miles away. He stood staring into space undoubtedly thinking about his 8 year incarceration and torture by the Russian Secret Service.

Jo was so focused on the work in front of her she jumped when she felt a hand touch her shoulder, then slide across her back. She instinctively knew it was Ros because of the warm feeling that spread through her body. Ros leant forward over Jo's shoulder, her breasts touching her back, smelling her perfume, Jo's breath caught in her throat. All I have to do is turn and I could kiss her neck thought Jo absently.

"So, how are you getting on Jo?" Ros smiled, "We need that number and we need it now. It's the security code for Slavovic's safe and Ben only has 2 minutes to get in the house and out again. Slavovic has just left the house; this might be the only chance we get."

Jo turned and looked directly into the piercing slate grey eyes, time seemed to stand still as she found herself lost in them, but in the same breath wondered what horrors they would reveal. Ros did not break eye contact and felt the same thrill course through her body as she stared back into the younger woman's deep blue pools.

"Cough!" said Lucas who had just witnessed the interaction. Both women physically jumped, Ros immediately reacted to cover the situation, "Well?" her voice heavily weighted with authority.

"Err…um….yes Ros I am on the last sheet now, give me one more minute and I will have it ready for you," said Jo quickly.

I am ready for you! thought Ros. Reigning herself in and back to full professional mode, she thought, What the hell are you doing? For God's sake, you are in the middle of a sting and all you can think about is what you want to do with her. Get real, you can't let it happen, you are her boss. Look what happened with Adam, what a huge mistake; it was a typical example of what goes wrong when you have a relationship with someone you work with. At least Jo had the sense to end all things romantic with Ben before he joined the team.

Ros could not explain the attraction she felt for Jo but it had been building for quite a number of months. If she was totally honest Ros had always been attracted to women but had not been in a position to act on her desires. The main reason being the nature of her job, it was hard enough to have a relationship with a man, something which society accepted, let alone one with a woman, which, would undoubtedly lead to ostracisation and probable blackmail. Yes she had to become "friendly" with a couple of gay women in the past but that was part of her job. She had basically got the information MI5 wanted in exchange for the odd kiss of two, never seeing the women again.

Ros was ripped from her musings when she heard Jo shout, "Got it!"

Ros quickly put on her game face, "Good, now give the information to Ben so he can do his job and get out safely." Seeing the disappointment in the younger woman's eyes at the lack of praise regarding her work, Ros reached out, squeezed her shoulder, leant forward and whispered in her ear. "Nice job," before turning away and heading towards her boss Harry Pearce's office. What she didn't see was the 1,000 watt smile the small intimate act elicited from the young blonde woman.

Ros peered into Harry's office, only to find it empty. Instinctively she knew where he would be and made her way to the small secure conference room. Swiping her security card Ros entered the small room.

Harry didn't even looking up, "Well?"

Arching one perfectly shaped eyebrow Ros smirked, thinking; How does he do that, how did he know it was me? Looking up Harry caught Ros's deliberations, "I saw you approach on the CCTV over there."

"And there was me thinking you had super powers," Ros said sarcastically.

"Oh, I have them too," Harry smiled at his best operative.

"Yeah, we got it or rather Jo did, she is very good you know. I think it's time she got back out into the field," Ros stood with an emotionless face giving absolutely nothing away about her feelings towards the gorgeous blonde who sat no further than 20 yards away.

"Mmmmm…..….I noticed, she has come on leaps and bounds," said Harry, then adding, "But be careful what you wish for Ros. A job has just dropped into my lap which I will need to speak to you both about as soon as possible."


Chapter 2

Harry had been the head of MI5 for long enough to know that on occasion he had to send his operatives into some deadly and awkward situations. He often did this with a heavy heart but he was fiercely protective of his Queen and Country, doing whatever it took to keep them safe.

Sighing deeply, he pressed the communication device in the palm of his hand, "Ros? Can you and Jo please come to my office?"

The two women entered the room and stood side by side waiting for Harry to tell them why they had been summoned to his office. "Please, sit down, this will take some time to explain," Harry waved his hand towards the seats.

The two women sat down, not realising just how close they were until their thighs touched, heat spread through them but neither pulled away, enjoying the sensation this intimate act elicited.

Harry never, ever missed a thing and witnessed the physical reaction the women had. The corner of his mouth moved slightly as he thought; God I am good! They will be perfect for this job, it will take them a lot less acting and undercover work than they have had to do on previous assignments.

Taking a deep breath, Harry began, "Now before I start I need you to both promise me that you will wait until I have completely finished explaining what the job is before you say anything. I know that I usually just tell you to do operations, but how can I put this? The job would put you both in an awkward position. So once I have told you, I will leave it up to you to decide if you are willing to accept the mission, ok?" Frowning, both women nodded their heads in unison.

Ros couldn't help herself. "This is all very strange Harry. What do you mean by awkward, what is it? Do you want us to have a threesome or something with John Prescott or maybe set a lesbian honey trap for Anne Widdicombe?"

"You don't know how close that last one is," Harry mumbled under his breath. Standing up he proceeded to tell the two women in detail what the mission was and their roles within it. When he had finished, he looked up to see the stunned look on their faces.

Ros was the first one to break the silence. "So let me get this right. In a nutshell, you want me and Jo to start up a bodyguard agency, to pose as partners in both business and bed, be watched for as long as it takes, so a certain closeted lesbian CEO of one of the world's largest I.T spy ware companies will trust and believe our cover story. This will hopefully lead her to employing us, so we can infiltrate her business and find out what she is allegedly selling to the Russians on the black market?."

Not losing eye contact with Ros, Harry said, "Yep that's about it, obviously we will build you a legend that shows a booming company with some high profile clients. The particular CEO we are talking about, although closeted, will only employ lesbian bodyguards and gets them to sign certain waivers preventing them from disclosing anything they see their client involved in or talk about."

Finding her voice, a stunned Jo said, "So how do we know all this, if no-one ever says anything?"

Good question, she is good thought Ros.

Harry smiled, "Good question Jo. We know because her last bodyguard developed a bit of a drug problem. She was caught by an undercover MI5 agent trying to sell a sordid sex story to the tabloids about her client, who had slept with her and thrown her away for her next conquest. Fortunately we got in there first and cut her off at the pass. We couldn't afford for that to happen, it would have made the CEO shut up shop and obviously very suspicious of anyone else coming into her employ."

Ros would not look at Jo, she felt her face would give something away about her feelings for the attractive blonde, she stared at Harry instead. "I am assuming she already has bodyguards at the moment, so how are we going to take over that role? That is if we even decide we want to do it in the first place," Ros crossed her arms.

At least one of them is thinking about it, thought Harry. "Don't worry about that, if you both decide you can pull it off, I think you will find her current bodyguards will suddenly find employment elsewhere or we will set up a situation where you prove your metal to this CEO." Harry looked at the women without a flicker of emotion on his face.

Jo looked across to Ros, staring into those beautiful slate grey eyes she gulped, "Well, I for one need time to think about this, can I give you my answer tomorrow Harry?" The flush was creeping up her neck.

"Me too Harry," Ross added.

"Sure, no problem, you probably need time to discuss it between yourselves. Why don't you both finish off for the day, go for a quiet drink and see what you think," Harry said knowing that if he had not made this suggestion they would have both just gone their separate ways, not really making the decision together. That was what this mission all hinged on, whether or not they would make a convincing couple. Harry had seen the way they had looked at each other when they thought the other wasn't, so he knew 100% they would be more than believable.

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea," said Ros, "You up for a drink Jo?"

Jo wasn't sure about Ros' invite, she was certain she would give something away about the way she felt about her boss, but knew deep down there was no good reason she could decline the offer. She realised that they had to make the decision together otherwise the mission was set to fail before it even began. "Yeah, ok, let me get my coat. I know a bar we could go to," she said glancing across to Ros.

"Lead on," smiled Ros.


Chapter 3

As Ros walked into the club her eyes darted round quickly, by the time she had made it to the bar she had ascertained there were 20 patrons, all women, three probable exits and 4 items within easy reach she could use for weapons if needed.

Ros smiled, "Very good Jo, bring us to a lesbian bar, are you trying to prove a point, to see how uncomfortable we are so it becomes obvious we cannot do the job?"

Turning to face Ros, Jo smirked back, "So has it worked then?"

"I will tell you after a couple of drinks, mine is a gin and tonic by the way," Ros tossed over her shoulder as she made her way to a table in the darkest corner of the club.

Damn, Damn, Damn, why is that woman so cool all the time and so bloody gorgeous! Oh come on Jo pull yourself together, all you have to say is no. Harry has given you a choice, no strings, so take this get out with both hands Jo thought as she stood at the bar waiting for the bar tender to serve her.

"What can I get for you darlin'?" the bartender said looking Jo up and down, her voice full of innuendo.

"Erm, a gin and tonic and I will have a vodka and coke please," Jo made her order trying not to look at the bar tender; she didn't want any type of undue attention tonight. Paying for her drinks she made her way over to the table Ros had picked, smiling she thought I would have chosen that one as well, it gives a clear line of sight at all entrances and exits.

"What are you smiling at?" Ros asked, "Have you scored with the big butch bar maid?"

Keeping a straight face, without even thinking Jo fired back, "No not my type, I like mine blonde and femme."

They both looked at each other for a long couple of minutes and then burst out laughing until the tears rolled down their faces. Composing themselves, they sat in silence for 5 minutes, taking the odd sip of their drinks.

Ros couldn't stand it any longer and felt the need to break the ice and broach the subject they had come to discuss. She took a deep breath, "Look Jo, this is dangerous and let's not beat around the bush it's an awkward assignment as well. We have to remember that after it is finished we still have to work with each other, so if you say no I will totally respect your decision and we can tell Harry that we made a joint decision, ok?"

Looking up Ros' deep slate grey eyes bore into hers and she almost forgot to breathe, quickly masking this she rook another sip from her drink. "So from what you are saying, can I assume that you would accept the assignment but if I didn't want to do it then we would share the decision we give to Harry?" amazement evident in her voice

"Yes of course. I have been on Ops before that involved getting close to a woman target and it isn't something everyone could do, even I found it difficult. So if you are not comfortable taking this assignment with me then that's fine," Ros explained calmly.

Jo sat in silence for a while, a whole myriad of thoughts were whizzing around her head; one of them was certainly not how comfortable she would feel with Ros. It was actually quite the opposite, if she was completely honest it was all her Christmases rolled into one, but could she pull it off without alerting Ros to the fact that she fancied her like hell?

Jo turned, looking straight at Ros, she took a deep breath, "Ok, I have thought about it and although I am quite new to the service I know for a fact that Harry would not ask us to do something like this unless it was extremely important to national security and he thought we could actually do it. I want to do this." Jo thought to herself, God do I want to do this, I might not get another chance in this lifetime to get this close to such an enigmatic and beautiful woman.

"Great, now that's settled lets have another drink and just chat about anything and everything. We will give Harry our decision tomorrow and I am sure he will give us a full briefing on how this will all happen," Ros' voice was full of authority.

"Yep, sounds like a great idea, I'll go to the bar, same again?" asked Jo, receiving a slight nod from Ros.

As soon as Jo got up Ros thought; Oh god, I was sure she would turn it down, what the hell have I let myself in for. I have just got to remain professional, keep any physical stuff down to the bare minimum and everything will be ok…………..Yeah, right, sure it will. she kidded herself.

Jo had been a while getting the drinks, when Ros looked up she could see why. A large short haired woman had all but backed Jo into a corner and was trying to put some moves on her. Ros could hear snippets of the woman's conversation. "Look I know you are here on yer own darlin', I know you ain't with Blondie over there cos all you done is talk, you ain't touched or kissed, so you ain't together."

A voice behind the woman made her spin on her heels, "Actually, I think you will find we are together and she is very much mine, so back off before I crush your wind pipe," Ros smiled. As if to prove the point Ros stepped forward, cupped Jo's face and moved in for a passionate kiss, slipping her tongue past Jo's open mouth. Both women moved closer so their hips were touching and their lips moved silkily across each others, letting out involuntary moans as the kisses became deeper and deeper.

They were pulled out of their passionate embrace by a booming voice, "Ok, ok, I was mistaken, you are very much together." The large woman held her hands up in mock surrender. Both MI5 agents were too busy trying to get their breath and regain some composure to notice the woman walk away.

Ros felt she had to quickly rescue the situation. "Well if we fake a kiss like that in front of the target then we will have no problems!"

"What? Yeah…….Oh and thanks for saving me," Jo blushed whilst thinking, Yeah, yeah, fake kiss…….Someone wake me up, did that really just happen? That……that was wonderful. God I want her even more now! At the same time similar thoughts were going through Ros' mind but her facial expression would never give away what she was truly thinking.

"My pleasure, anyway, I think I will make my way home now, it's been a long day. I will see you tomorrow and we can speak to Harry first thing," Ros turned to pick up her jacket.


Chapter 4

Ros was already at her desk when Jo arrived for work. As she passed Ros' desk the older woman said, "When you are ready we will go and tell Harry our decision…….together," as if to emphasise the joint agreement.

"Yes ok. I'll just hang my coat up and grab a coffee then we can go along to his office," Jo replied with much more confidence than she really felt.

Knocking at Harry's door, they heard a gruff, "come" before entering the sparse office. Harry never was one for having personal items around his office, it was probably a throw back to his spy training instilling in him a sensitivity about the less someone knows about you the less they can use against you.

"Good morning Ros, Jo. Please take a seat," said Harry amiably, pointing at the chairs in front of him, "Have you come to a decision about the assignment?"

Ros was the first to speak, "Yes Harry we have," she looked across to Jo, who merely nodded her accord. "We will do it, but I have one condition Harry." The two women had not discussed any conditions; Jo looked at Ros with surprise written all over her face.

"What is it?" Harry asked evenly.

"If at any stage I feel that Jo is in any danger whatsoever I call an end to it and you extract her from the situation, no questions asked," Ros announced. Normally Jo would have leapt in to say something along the lines of "I can look after myself, thank you very much" but she could tell there was no one-up manship in Ros' voice, only concerned affection, so she remained silent.

Slightly taken aback by Ros' demand and the intent behind it, Harry took a couple of seconds to answer, "Yes ok, I agree," was his simple statement.

"Right what happens next?" said Jo wanting to fill the silence.

Harry quickly explained. "Now we get Malcolm to build you a fake business website, with thousands of bogus hits, a booming business portfolio with lots of satisfied customers. I will get Ben to contact some of his journalist friends to arrange some fake newspaper and magazine articles in the gay press about you as a couple with a thriving business. We need to get you both moved into a flat and living as a couple as soon as possible, so you are comfortable around each other and have it look like you have lived there for sometime."

"Well I can be ready with my things by tonight, if you have somewhere in mind," Jo said.

"Me too," replied Ros.

"I didn't want to pre-empt you agreeing to this assignment but yes we do have somewhere ready. Let's go through to the work area and confirm the details with Connie, she is quite proud of the accommodation she has secured for you." As they both got up Ros grabbed Jo's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze before quickly dropping it. Following Harry out of the room, she left a beaming Jo running to catch up.

"Hello girls," Connie smiled as they approached her desk, "Harry briefed me on the assignment and gave me the task of finding suitable accommodation for an up and coming lesbian couple."

"Oh, right, so lesbians have their own type of building they live in, not old bricks and mortar, like other folk," Ros said sarcastically.

"There is no need to be like that Ros, you know exactly what I mean, it must be the right area etc," Connie sighed, "Here it is, Knightsbridge! It is a medium sized one bedroom flat, with off street parking, panoramic views of all entry points and a security guard at the main reception. It has fully fitted Kitchen, bath/Jacuzzi and more gadgets than you could wave a stick at. It's yours for a snip at £3.7 million."

"Wow, nice work Connie, beats cold, smelly safe houses any day," said Jo appreciatively.

Malcolm walked over to the group and updated them on the surveillance equipment that had been installed in their new luxury flat. "Ok, listen up, we have put in high definition cameras in all the rooms except bedroom and bathroom, fitted alongside these are high frequency listening devices, so in all those rooms it will be like we are actually there with you. There are motion detectors which will trip the cameras etc on so we can tell if anyone pays you a visit while you are out. All these gizmos have also been fitted to the car you will be using, so we just about have you covered."

"Car? what type of car? I usually use my own for ops," said Ros pouting, something that Jo found very endearing at that moment in time causing the corner of her mouth to crinkle with the beginnings of a smirk.

Lucas turned to join in the conversation, "Well Ros if you want to use that clapped out heap you call a car you can but personally I would rather use the Lotus Elise Malcolm had kitted out," Lucas grinned.

Jo squealed, "Lotus Elise! Oh Malcolm it's my favourite car of all time!"

Malcolm blushed profusely, "Erm…..erm……well I sort of knew that. When I was told I have to procure a trendy sports car I knew exactly what to get."

"Thank you," Jo gave him a quick peck on the cheek.


Chapter 5

Standing in the lounge of her flat Jo gave it a last look over to check everything was ok before she slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way out to the pavement. She tapped on Mrs Sidney's door, waiting patiently for the old woman to open it. Mrs Sidney might be getting on in years and slow moving but she never missed a thing, coming or going she saw it all.

The door slowly opened, just an inch, "Hi Mrs Sidney, "Jo said smiling, "Just to let you know I am going away for a while, can you keep an eye on the flat for me like usual?"

"Hello Jo dear, going away again eh? Have you got yourself a young man at last? Yes of course, I will watch it like a hawk," said the wrinkle faced woman.

"Thank you Edna. Stop that teasing, you know my job as an air stewardess means it's difficult to settle down," Jo said with practiced ease, it was a story she decided on when she moved in a little over 5 years before and it had served her well, covering a multitude if sins and absences.

Stepping out onto the street, Jo's training immediately kicked in, she had ascertained quickly that no one was watching her and the car approaching was for her as it kept slowing down as if to read the house and flat numbers in the street. Smiling she knew it would be Ros, too proud to use Sat-Nav and too impatient to look at the A to Z.

As the car pulled up Jo looked into the windscreen and sure enough the sight made her heart beat that much faster and her breath catch. Ros smiled back, flicking the door open to let her gorgeous passenger in, "Hi, hop in, lets get round to our love nest before dark and get settled in, "Ros joked.

Laughing Jo slid into the seat, snapping on the seat belt before turning to Ros, in a serious tone, "Ros, we are doing the right thing aren't we?"

Taking Jo's hand into her own, like it was the most natural thing to do, Ros looked deep into Jo's blue eyes, "Yes, yes we are, but Jo we will not do anything we are both not 100% comfortable with, no matter what Harry or the assignment dictates, ok?"

Absently brushing her thumb across Ros' soft knuckles, Jo replied without breaking eye contact, "Ok and thank you Ros. Nice attempt about trying to keep your own car, now come on let's go and pick up the babe magnet car and then go to our love nest."

"Are you sure this is the right address?" Jo asked incredulously, which elicited a look from Ros which basically said 'I am never wrong.'

They had just pulled up outside the most sophisticated and expensive looking building in the street, which was quite some going considering which bit of London they were in. "Hey Connie wasn't joking about this place," Ros said appreciatively.

"Come on, race you upstairs, whoever wins gets to choose which side of the bed to sleep on," Jo giggled, grabbing her bag out of the boot. As she entered the elaborate foyer, a security guard stood to welcome her.

"Hello Miss, can I help?" he said officiously.

Taking over, before Jo could utter a word, Ros said in barely a whisper, "Yes we live in flat 4, don't you remember? We have done for a few years." She handed over a package to the guard, on opening it, his eyes widened, it was more money than he would earn in a year.

Immediately understanding the situation, he looked up, "Yes of course, welcome home, Miss?"

"I am Miss Bell and this is Miss Davison my partner, but you can call us Zoe and Caitlin. If anyone comes round sniffing, asking questions, we have lived here for 5 years and are very happy together. If these people offer you money for information, decline it, no matter how much, let me know and I will double what they offer," Ros said, then adding, "But don't get greedy…what's your name by the way?"

"Stephen," said the guard automatically, "I will keep my eyes open for anything unusual and let you know, nice doing business with you both. Do you need any help with your luggage?"

Ros smiled, "No thank you Stephen, we will go straight up."


Chapter 6

The lift ride was done in total silence neither woman wanting to discuss what lay ahead. Striding out of the lift, Ros marched down the corridor towards their flat, leaving Jo running to try and keep up. Standing outside the door, Ros stood stock still fingering the key in her pocket. This is it, no going back. Once we go through that door we will have to act as lovers. Oh God I am not to sure I can keep it to an act though she thought.

Ros was pulled out of her musings by Jo's voice behind her, "Ros…Ros, are you actually going to open the door or are we going to sleep in the corridor?"

"What? Oh….er…sorry……yes, I was just listening to check there was no-one inside," Ros stuttered covering her hesitation. Grabbing the hot key from her pocket she slid it effortlessly into the lock, opening the door she gestured for Jo to enter.

Jo grinned, "Aren't you going to carry me over the threshold?"

Ros stood staring like a bunny rabbit caught in car headlights, her mouth opening and closing of its own accord. Seeing Ros' stunned reaction Jo reached out, gently touching her arm, "Ros, I was only joking. I think when we get inside we need to do some serious talking about how we act around each other, ok?"

"Erm yeah," Ros managed as a flush crept up her neck and onto her pale face.

As they both entered the flat their reactions were exactly the same, "Wow, this place is absolutely wonderful," Jo was the first to say.

"I have to agree, Connie, I know you can hear me, great choice with the accommodation," Ros said loud enough for the listening devices to pick up. What she didn't see was a very proud looking Connie back at MI5, soaking in the compliments.

They spent 15 minutes looking around and familiarising themselves with the flat, checking cupboards and gadgets, neither one of them making a move to the bedroom.

Deciding it could not be put off any longer, Ros said, "I am going to unpack my stuff, you coming?" as she walked towards the bedroom.

"Erm…..er….yeah, sure," Jo quickly followed on Ros' heels.

As Jo walked into the bedroom, she let out another "Wow"; it was truly beautiful and romantically decorated. "This really is something, I've always dreamt of having a room like this. I would never want to leave it," Jo tried to take in all the splendour.

Folding her clothes, Ros stood storing them away in the fitted wardrobes, on hearing Jo's comments, she turned to face the blonde, "I know exactly what you mean, and it really is lovely."

It only took them a few minutes to unpack all their things and within half an hour they had made the place look like it had been lived in for a quite a while. They had spread snap shots of the both of them in various holiday hotspots with their arms around each other. Malcolm had done a brilliant job with a simple photo shop computer programme.

"Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?" Jo asked when they had finished.

"Ohhh, a cup of tea would be great, thanks Jo," Ros smiled.

Coming from the kitchen Jo had 2 steaming cups of tea, she set them down on the coffee table and sat down close to Ros, who automatically moved away to avoid Jo entering her personal space. It was not a conscious act; Ros was very protective over her personal space and was determined to keep it that way.

"See," Jo said.

"What…..what's the matter?" Ros was totally unaware of what had just happened.

"When I went to sit next to you, you moved away and earlier on when I made a joke about us as a couple you went redder than a Liverpool home strip. Ros if we are going to come across as a loving couple, that's exactly what we have got to start doing and being. We have got to throw ourselves 100% into this or she will suss us out straightaway. It is simply an assignment; at the end of it we can walk away and never speak of it again, ok?" Jo said honestly.

Ros looked down at the carpet, "I know……I know, it's just difficult, I don't know why, it just is. Look we have a few days in here before we have to actually go out and try to make contact with the CEO. It will give me chance to digest all of this and try to become more comfortable around you, I can't say fairer than that."

"And I can't ask more than that," Jo sipped her tea. Picking up the TV remote she flicked it on and they both settled down to watch CSI: Las Vegas.


Chapter 7

Jo woke with a start, they had both fallen asleep on the sofa, but as she looked down, Ros' head was in her lap, a gentle little snore escaping her mouth now and again. Jo smiled, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and she was reluctant to wake her sleeping beauty but knew they had to go to bed.

Gently shaking Ros, Jo started to say, "Wake u….." but was cut short with Ros grabbing her, flipping her onto her back, onto the floor and straddling her. Breathing hard both women looked into each others eyes for a few seconds, feeling lost in the intensity of the stare.

"Oh god, I am so sorry. I thought you were, well I am not sure who I thought you were, I just reacted," Ros apologised.

God, I am so not complaining. The woman of my dreams straddling me, what more could I ask for Jo thought. "Oh…..what…..oh, no problem. I just thought you would want to go to bed," Jo said as the blush crept up her neck.

"Yeah, sure, you go ahead and get sorted; I will turn off all the electrics. I'll be there in a mo," Ros stood and pulled Jo up.

"Ok, see you in a minute," Jo turned towards the bathroom. As soon as she closed the door she let out a long breath, grabbing her toiletries, she quickly washed and brushed her teeth. Looking into the massive mirror, she again questioned what she was doing, when she received no obvious response she turned to make her way to the bedroom. Just before she stepped outside a thought occurred to her: Well, teeth are clean, I had better smell good for my woman as well with that she picked up her perfume, dabbing some on her neck and cleavage.

Within minutes Ros entered the bedroom to find Jo standing daydreaming in a world of her own, looking out the window across the London rooftops. Ros' breath caught as she looked at Jo's shapely legs, barely covered in silk shorts, "Are you not tired?" Ros said a calmly as possible.

Turning towards her Jo simply stated, "I was waiting for you, I didn't know if you liked a certain side of the bed."

Ros smiled, "Actually I do, and you are very thoughtful. I'll take the right, if that's ok? It's just easier to grab my gun from under the pillow on that side."

"No problem, help yourself," Jo pulled back the covers and slid into the expensive linen. "Wow, this is gorgeous. I could never afford something like this!"

"Mmmmm…it is nice," replied Ros, rolling over she moved to her edge of the bed and switched off the light. "Night Jo, sleep well."

"Oh no you don't, nice try Miss Myers. We said we would talk about the physical side of this assignment and talk we will," Jo announced determinedly.

Sighing Ros switched on her light again. "Look Jo, everything will be fine, when we need to be, how can I say it, close, we will be, ok."

"No it's not ok, like I said we have a few days to sort this out. So what I propose is a gradual build up, where we both feel comfortable at each stage, ok?" Jo looked at Ros with more conviction than she felt.

"You have put a lot of thought into this but yes I suppose you are right, so what do you propose Miss Portman?" Ros smirked.

"Erm….. well…..ok, I have got it, tonight we will just hold hands until we fall asleep, that's not to bad is it? Jo's heart was pumping in her chest.

"Mmmmmmmm…….I could cope this that," Ros reached across taking Jo's hand, absently she brushed her thumb over the younger woman's knuckles, causing her to inhale quickly and start a coughing fit.

"You ok?" Ros asked, oblivious to the effect she was having on Jo.

"Yeah fine, sorry, tickle in my throat," Jo answered as calmly as she could, "Night Ros."

"Night Jo," Ros leaned over switching the light out for the second time.


Chapter 8

As Ros began to wake from probably the best nights sleep she'd had in years, her senses were immediately on full alert, something heavy was lying across her chest and she couldn't move her legs. She was just about to swing her arm, aiming it for the offending thing, when she turned and was met by a pair of sleepy but beautiful blue eyes.

"Everything ok?" Jo asked as she untangled herself from around Ros' warm body, trying to act as though it was the most natural thing in the world. "Sorry about that, I am a bit of a cuddler, I supposed I should have warned you about that before we went to bed," Jo looked sheepish.

Smiling, Ros still had hold of Jo's hand, "No that's fine, it felt fine, don't worry." Feeling she was giving away to much Ros promptly stopped talking.

"That's good you know that you are ok with that. Now I think we are ready for part two of the physical thing," Jo said, immediately feeling Ros tense up and try to pull away. "No, no it's ok. All I was going to say is that we could just lay here for a while and hold each other, I won't say cuddle because that would be way too much," she smiled.

Ros picked up on Jo's attempt to make her feel comfortable, "Yeah……yeah, I can do that. Look I am really sorry it's taking me a while to get used to the situation. I…..I….I am normally quite good at this." Ros looked away from Jo's face.

Without realising it, Jo pulled Ros into her arms, resting her chin on the top of Ros's head she said, "It's ok sweetheart, we can do this, don't beat yourself up, lets just relax hey?" She immediately felt Ros' well toned body relax against hers. Jo was sure that Ros could hear her heart beating rapidly at being so close to the woman she lusted after but this was soon dispelled when she heard a little snore escape Ros' mouth. Smiling she snuggled tightly into the older woman in her arms.

"Ros….Ros…..Ros darling, it's time to wake up," Jo said gently to the sleeping woman in her arms.

Petulantly Ros held her tighter, "Don't want to, I am too comfortable here."

Mmmmmmmm….. there's hope for her yet Jo thought to herself.

"Come on, we have loads to do today, get that cute arse out of bed," Jo stopped dead as she realised what she said.

Luckily Ros was stretching and yawning, so Jo was pretty sure she hadn't heard her comment. Smiling Ros got out of bed, thinking to herself So… she thinks I've got a cute arse eh?……..get in!

"Ok, what's on the itinerary today then?" Ros enquired through a mouth of toothpaste, some of which had dribbled down her chest.

Jo walked into the bathroom, "Well familiarising ourselves with the surrounding area. Then we need to go to our office, check that out and do some fake work." Without thinking Jo reached out, slowly wiping the toothpaste from Ros's chest. Ros pulled back, Jo quickly realised what she had done, "Oh god sorry Ros, I didn't mean….."

"No, no….it's fine, I just need to get used to intimate gestures, it is just so alien to me. Please keep doing all the things you are doing, it will get me used to it, ok?" Ros spoke gently to the younger woman.

"Yeah sure, but you need to know you can do the same," Jo smiled back.

"It's a deal," the women both said together.


Chapter 9

As the lift began to slow down towards the ground floor, Ros reached out and took Jo's hand gently in her, prompting Jo to give her a perplexed frown. "Well Caitlin, we have got to start acting like lovers to the outside world, so we might as well begin now," Ros smirked.

Jo sarcastically replied. "Oh right Zoe, I will remind you of that next time you forget and run a mile."

The lift pinged to announce they had reached their destination, as the doors opened they strode out hand in hand to the reception, where Stephen was sitting totally engrossed in reading a book. Ros leaned over, scanning the title "To Russia with love, Oh, I like a good spy novel myself." Stephen's head shot upwards to face them, his face blushing at being caught out.

He composed himself, "Oh! hi Zoe, hi Caitlin. How are you today?" without waiting for an answer he added in a whisper, "Nothing to report."

"We are great, aren't we darling?" Jo said to Ros.

"Yes sweetheart couldn't be better. We are off for a walk, we shouldn't be to long then we are off to the office. See you later Stephen," Ros brought Jo's hand up placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. Ros was sure she heard Jo gulp audibly but decided she was mistaken.

Walking down the street hand in hand with Ros felt so natural to Jo she almost said something out loud but did not want to make the older woman feel uncomfortable. What she didn't know was that Ros was thinking along the same lines, the only thing giving this away was the little smirk she had on her face.

Ros whispered causing Jo to lean into her to hear, "We need to keep an eye on this patch of garden and shrubbery, it would be very easy for someone with a telephoto lens or sniper rifle to get a good look into our flat. I might give Malcolm the heads up to see if he can set up some motion detectors."

"Yeah, good idea and I noticed the building opposite ours is empty, it would give someone a great vantage point or centre of operations, if they did decide to investigate or target us. I think it's probably worth asking Harry if he can get Ben set up as a homeless person in that building to cover that angle," Jo explained, her body still tight against Ros'.

Ros almost let out a small moan as she felt Jo's toned body pressing against hers, but just managed to answer, "Sure, that's good thinking, when I speak to Malcolm I'll get him to speak to Harry."

It only took the two women a further 30 minutes to scope out the whole neighbourhood, even stopping twice to speak to dog owners out for a walk. Not once throughout the 45 minutes they were out did either of them break contact, only when they got back into the flat did they stop holding hands, both feeling the loss immediately.

"That went well, the walk and the physical stuff. I didn't feel us tense up once," Jo said.

Ros grinned, "Yeah, I felt much more at ease."

"Good, because we need to move ahead to the next level," Jo stared not taking her eyes off of Ros. Seeing her whole body tense, Jo quickly said, "Don't panic, I was just meaning a kiss and not a remove my tonsils type of kiss, just a chaste one, ok?"

"Oh," Ros blushed. She wasn't worried about the kiss, what she was worried about was whether or not she could stop and control herself. Come on, you can do this, god you have faced bombers, assassins and murderers. This is just a quick kiss, get a grip woman Ros thought to herself. Taking a deep breath, "Yeah, you are right, ok then."

Slowly Jo walked over to the tall fidgety blonde, stopping within inches of her face. Gently cupping Ros' face, she brushed her lips delicately across Ros' bottom lip, causing the older woman's breathing to deepen and her chest to rise and fall rapidly.

This didn't go unnoticed by Jo, "Are you, what I mean is, was that ok?" she asked shyly.

"Mmmmmm….." Ros' eyes were still closed.

Jo smiled widely, "Do you want to try a slightly longer one?"

Taking her time Ros quietly said, "Er…..ok then."

Jo move in but was not prepared for Ros to grab her gently, pushing her lips fully onto Jo's, gently sucking first on her swollen bottom lip, before moving onto the top one, pulling away, Ros asked but not sure she wanted to know the answer, "Was that ok?"

"Mmmmm….." Was all Jo could say, she was sure she felt Ros' tongue slide along her lip as well. Quickly gathering herself she added, "Yeah that was fine, see we are getting the hang of it. Erm, I just need the bathroom and then we can go over to the office."

"Yeah, ok," Ros watched Jo's retreating back. God, that was wonderful, just like I knew it would be. Lets see what she suggests for the next level Ros thought to herself.


Chapter 10

"This car really is something you know, I would love to own one. Oh well, one can dream can't one?" Jo said stroking the steering wheel.

"One day darling, one day you will have one." Ros took hold of Jo's hand.

Smiling at Ros's intimate but natural use of darling and the hand holding, Jo thought: Well, looks like we are getting there, I think Miss Myers can handle the next level pretty soon.

Pulling up outside their office, Ros got out, walked around Jo's side of the car and opened the door. Taking her hand she helped her out of the car, as she rose to her full height Ros leaned forward giving her a gentle but long kiss.

Smiling, Jo leaned into Ros, "What was that for?"

"Two things really, one is trying to get used to doing it and secondly we have just been clocked by the office receptionist, so I thought we should show her we are very much together," Ros said through smiling but clamped teeth. Taking Jo's hand she led her into the building, walking past the open mouthed receptionist towards their ground floor office.

"Ros, shouldn't we be having a word with her, you know the way we did with Stephen our doorman?" Jo asked.

"Nah. She's already been approached and paid off. But it looks like they didn't go into to much detail about us being a loving couple as well as business partners. Well she certainly knows about us now," Ros laughed.

Walking into the office, they could see the usual equipment, stationary and furniture. On further inspection they spotted some very well hidden listening and filming devices. They sat at their desks which faced each other and started to put out various personal items, making the desk looked worked on.

They had been left thick folders, which contained the comprehensive details of their fake business, fake contracts, magazine articles and fake clients. Opening the folders they settled down for a long reading session, at the same time they both looked up at each other, "Bet you I finish this first," Jo said.

Ros raised an eyebrow. "Ok, you are on, what's the prize for the winner?

Jo didn't break eye contact, "Mmmmmmmm….the winner gets to choose when the next level happens."

Swallowing hard, Ros replied, "Erm……ok, it's a deal." Inwardly smiling Ros thought: I've got this one in the bag, she doesn't know I have a photographic memory and I have already seen half of this file when Malcolm was compiling it

As the pages swished, Jo kept looking up, Ros was rocketing through the file, something was bothering her about this whole bet. Wracking her brains, it just wouldn't come to her, Come on think woman, you know more about Ros than anyone else, you watch her all the time, read everything you can about her thought Jo. Then as if a light went on Jo thought; Photographic memory! The little sod, right then Miss Myers, lets call your bluff.

Ros was so engrossed in the folder, she didn't see Jo place her copy on the desk and walk round towards her. "Ahem! Is there something you would like to share with me Miss Bell?" Jo stood with her hands on her slim hips.

Ros realised she had been sussed, "Erm, I don't think so Miss Davison. Don't you think you should get back to reading your file?"

Taking the file from Ros's hands, Jo proceeded to straddle her, sitting firmly in her lap, leaning in close, breathing rapidly, Jo asked again, "Is there something you would like to share with me Miss Bell?"

"You know, don't you? But…..how?" Ros was perplexed.

This time it was Jo's turn to feel under the microscope, "Well…..I….I like to know as much about someone I….I…admire," Jo turned her head so she could look at the floor.

Taken back by Jo's honesty and sincerity, Ros took Jo's hands, replying, "I admire you to sweetheart." They sat looking into each others eyes, drinking in the beauty of each other, not wanting to break the moment. "This would be a good time to consolidate that last level, don't you think," Ros said as she brushed her lips across Jo's before pulling away.

Jo opened her glazed eyes, "Oh I think we can do better than that." Taking Ros' face in her hands she pressed her aroused lips hard against Ros', letting out a faint moan, she ran her tongue along her bottom lip. Automatically Ros opened her mouth allowing Jo's probing tongue access and commence the sensual massage of her tongue. Ros couldn't hold back her reserve any longer, she gave a small moan and pushed her desire swollen lips harder against Jo's, thrusting her tongue firmly into the younger woman's mouth.

Finally pulling away, both women were breathless, their faces burning with obvious arousal and hearts thumping. There was no mistaking what had just happened, but Ros immediately remembered the listening and filming devices. "Well, was that convincing enough?" she said out loud.

"What…what, what are you saying Ros?" The hurt tone in her voice coming through.

Realising what she had said and Jo's reaction, Ros leaned in close, whispering, "Remember we are not alone here darling, ears and eyes everywhere. We need to talk about what just happened, but not here, ok?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I think we have done enough here today, lets go home and I will make us a nice supper," Jo grinned.

"Sounds good to me babe," Ros got up grabbing Jo's hand, walking out and locking the office.


Chapter 11

The car journey home was quiet, both women analysing the recent events but never letting go of each others hands. Getting out the car Ros walked around to Jo's side and opened the door for her. "Thank you babe," Jo said as she straightened up.

"You are very welcome, darling," Ros took Jo's hand, wanting to feel its touch as quickly as possible.

Walking into the reception, Ros looked across at Stephen, who was engrossed in his book, but this time did not miss their entrance.

"Good evening Zoe, Caitlin. Been an uneventful day today, just been reading my book," Stephen said casually.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that, but thanks," Ros answered staring into Jo's eyes. So, no one has been snooping, good, now lets get home Ros thought.

Waiting for the lift both women stood close to each other, still holding hands. As the doors opened they stepped forward into its gaping mouth, turning to face them as they slid shut with a swoosh sound. As soon as they closed, Ros pushed Jo hard against the wall, her lips crashing against her young companions, teeth and tongues trying to win the dominance game. Jo knew she had won when Ros yelled out, "Oh, god!" when she sucked on her pulse point leaving a small mark. Jo's hand slid underneath Ros' blouse and she began to gently stroke her taut stomach, eliciting another moan. They could feel the lift slowing down and had just rearranged their clothing, as the doors pinged open to reveal an elderly well dressed gentleman.

"Ladies," he said evenly as they stepped out, then he added looking at Ros, "Your jacket is tucked into your jeans, Mmmmm…… lifts just don't give you enough time these days. Not like they did in old days." As the doors closed both women burst out laughing.

Sliding the key into the lock, Ros could feel Jo's hot body close to hers; it felt so right, making her heart soar. On entering Ros turned to face Jo, "Darling, I have got to make a report to Harry. But before I do, I need to know that you are alright with carrying on with the assignment?"

"Definitely," Jo replied without hesitation.

Ros smiled, "Fine, I will go and contact him." Moving towards Jo she whispered, "We will talk in the bedroom afterwards, no listening devices."

Nodding, Jo went off to the Kitchen in search of some food to make them supper. Ros made her way to the sofa, dialling a number from memory, she quickly started her report, "Hi Harry, Yes everything is going to plan….no one is snooping around yet, well they wouldn't be at this stage…… yes, yes, very funny, look we need to be convincing, so we are trying to escalate the closeness so we act and look natural around each other, that's all there is to it, nothing else, ok. We will have one more day around the flat and office tomorrow, then we with do a bit of covert surveillance on our CEO the following day. Ok, take care, speak soon. Oh and tell Malcolm he can delete any footage so far of what happened in our office today, I don't want to see it on u-tube anytime soon." Ros went onto explain about putting Ben in residence in the building opposite and Malcolm installing a few of his devices on the patch of land she had identified earlier as being a potential problem.

As Ros walked over to the Kitchen, Jo turned to her as she expertly chopped some peppers. "Everything ok with Harry?"

"Yep, fine, he is going to sort the Ben thing out and have a word with Malcolm, so all set really. Wow, remind me not to get on the wrong side of you when you have a knife in your hands," Ros said as she sat at the kitchen table.

Jo had a twinkle in her eyes. "Don't you know it!"

Ros gulped. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Mmmmmmmmm……. Now there's a question, with many answers," Jo answered. "But for now you could chop some mushrooms."

The two women worked effortlessly beside each other, Jo had soon cooked a delicious Mexican meal, consisting of Fajitas, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese. As they sat down to eat, Ros opened a bottle of white wine and poured them a drink. The meal was practically eaten in silence, both women contemplating the events of the day again.

"That was delicious Jo, there is no end to your talents," Ros said innocently.

Jo raised an eyebrow, "Well you will just have to find out." Getting up she collected their plates and put them in the dishwasher, knowing she was giving Ros a great view of her ass, she took her time placing the plates in exactly the right place.

Turning round, she could see Ros' chest rising and falling quickly, her eyes glued to Jo. "I think we need to have that talk…..Now!" Ros spluttered. Grabbing Jo's hand she led her towards the bedroom.


Chapter 12

Jo sat on the bed as Ros paced up and down, not knowing where to start. "Darling, please come and sit down, you are going to wear the carpet out in a minute," Jo said gently patting the bed. Deciding this was the best course of action Ros complied.

"Can I ask you one thing Jo, before we discuss anything further?" Ros enquired seriously.

Here we go, she is going to ask if I am gay, I just know it Jo thought to herself. "Yeah, sure, go ahead," Jo replied hesitantly.

"Tell me, what were your real concerns about taking this assignment?"

Taking her time, Jo knew at this point she had to be totally honest with the beautiful blonde sitting beside her, "I think my concern has already happened Ros." Jo sat looking at the carpet.

"What do you mean?" Ros cupped Jo's chin bringing it up level so they were staring into each others eyes.

"My concern was that this mission would reveal how I really felt about you and by doing that I would lose you," Jo answered honestly.

Ros did not answer for a few minutes, then taking a deep breath, "Yeah………me too."

Jo let out the breath she was holding, she took Ros' hand, brought it up to her mouth and kissed the palm, causing a sharp intake of breath from the older woman. "Mmmmmm…..You have no idea, what that does to me," Ros moaned her voice loaded with desire.

"I think I have a pretty good idea, probably the same as kissing you does to me," Jo smiled not taking her eyes from Ros'. "You don't know how long I've wanted to kiss you."

Ros smiled back, "I feel the same darling. Can I ask you something, are you gay? I mean you were with Ben for a while, weren't you?"

Taking her time to answer, Jo took a deep breath, "Look Ros, I have always been much more attracted to women than men. It was just easier to have a boyfriend, especially when MI5 were doing background checks. He was really just a cover so I would be accepted into MI5. I kept any relationships with women very well hidden. So, basically to answer your question, yes I am gay, is that a problem? What about you?"

"No it's not a problem darling. Mmmmmmm…….What about me? Where do I start?" Ros said ending the conversation.

"Oh no you don't Miss Myers, spill the beans are you gay?"

"Me? I honestly don't know what I am. A bit like you, it's been easier especially in this job to go with men, but I really only have a connection both sexually and emotionally with women. I always have, but I've not acted on it because before now there has been no one I've really wanted to be with," Ros said quietly.

"Do you know how cute and sexy, you look right this very minute?" Not being able to hold back any longer, Jo pressed her lips softly against Ros', flicking her tongue out she was immediately granted access by Ros who moaned out loud. Her breathing increased as Jo's hand came up to caress her breast through the blouse she was wearing, immediately causing her nipples to harden and elicited a feral like moan from Jo's lips.

Pulling back breathlessly Ros' eyes were on fire with unadulterated desire, "Oh….god that is wonderful," she gasped, "But we have got to stop before I lose control."

Jo's heavy lidded, glazed eyes met Ros' as she realised the older woman was right, "I…I...know, but God babe I want you so badly!" Jo almost yelled, trying to reign in her emotions.

Ros took Jo's hand, "Darling I feel exactly the same way but we have got to stay focused, when this is assignment is all over I want to take you out, you know on a proper date and see how things go from there, what do you think?"

Jo felt her heart would burst with happiness, she grinned like a Cheshire cat. "I hate it when you are all sensible. But yes as usual you are absolutely right, However for the record, I can't wait to be wined, dined and…………."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm…..me neither. Come on lets go to bed, I want to cuddle you all night long," Ros whispered seductively.

"That sounds just like heaven to me darling. Oh well, it looks like the next level is on hold for the moment," Jo laughed as she went into the bathroom.


Chapter 13

Ros woke up to feel the familiar heaviness across her chest and the inability to move her legs, but this time she knew why and enjoyed every minute. Gently shaking Jo's shoulder, "Come on darling, it's time to get up." Not being able to stop herself she leant over brushing her lips across Jo's taut stomach and was pleased to see a line of goose bumps erupt in there wake.

Jo stretched, "Now that's a feeling I could get used to waking up to." Without even thinking she drew Ros in for a deep passionate kiss, leaving them both breathless.

"Mmmmmm..and I could certainly get used to that," Ros smiled down at the younger woman in her arms.

"Ok, let's get ready before things get out of hand. I am off for a shower…… Want to join me?" Jo said flirtatiously.

"Jo!" Ros yelled, a warning tone in her voice.

"Ok, ok, but worth a try," Jo turned her back, wriggling her bum.

Flopping back onto the bed, Ros smiled to herself; I can't believe she feels the same way about me. God I wish this mission was over with! Mind you it's going to be fun having to tell Harry about us when it's all over and finished!

An hour later they had showered and changed, had breakfast and they were now stepping out of the lift into reception. Ros looked across to Stephen, who merely acknowledged their presence by confirming with a slight shake of his head that no one had been snooping around.

As they slid into the car, Ros said, "Ok, today we will just go over to the CEO's office, do some very discreet surveillance and feedback to Harry. Then we wait to see what he comes back with regarding our next steps."

"Sounds good to me darling," Jo held Ros' hand, eliciting a smile from her.

"You do remember there are listening and filming devices in this car as well, don't you?" Ros said seriously.

"Hellloooooo, Malcolm, Connie, Lucas, everyone! Yes I do remember, I am just getting into the part," Jo shouted loudly with a slight wink to Ros.

With Ros' expert driving it took them only 30 minutes to get through the heavy London traffic to their destination. Parking the car securely, they grabbed each others hand, making their way to a coffee shop opposite the CEO's office block.

Sitting down outside but still holding hands, Jo motioned for the waitress to take their order. "I'll have a latte, what do you want my darling?" Jo said to Ros.

"I will have a double espresso, thank you." As soon as the waitress had gone away to do their order, Ros added, "Ok, we have a really good view from here, if our Intel is correct she should come out around 11.00 and go to the coffee shop further down the street. Her two body guards should be in close attendance, we can get a good look at the way they operate etc."

The waitress soon came over with their drinks, Jo quickly paid her, leaving a decent tip but not over the top as to invite any unwanted attention. They sat there and generally chatted when dead on 11.00 the CEO exited the building. Jo could see one body guard walk about 10 yards ahead of her, whilst the other brought up the rear but much closer. Just like clockwork the woman got her coffee, all the time looking all around, before making her way swiftly back to the office.

"Short and sweet," Jo said, which Ros responded with a raised eyebrow. "Not her!" Jo laughed, "The whole operation, but I must admit that is one twitchy woman."

"Yeah, I agree, but I think the speed she does all that and gets back to the office will be to our advantage," Ros was in full professional mode. "We can pop back to our office, look like we are doing a bit of work, then I will brief Harry and let him know what I think we can do to get our foot in the door, ok?"

Jo drank her coffee, "Great, lets go play office worker for a while, but I need to go to the gym sometime today. I can feel my muscles disappearing as we speak."

"They all look absolutely fine to me babe, but hey who am I to deny a gorgeous woman her wants in life," Ros said seductively as she got up, making her way to the car, leaving Jo open mouthed.


Chapter 14

It was nearly 6pm by the time they got to the flat. While Jo was completing her fitness routine, Ros had found an authentic Italian restaurant that did stone baked pizzas in an oven which looked hundreds of years old. She ordered 2 pizzas; while she was waiting she indulged in a Peroni. There's Jo working that beautiful body into a hot sweat and here's me here downing an ice cold beer. Mmmmmmmm…… I can't wait to be working up a hot sweat with her soon Ros thought to herself.

"Miss! Miss! Your pizza itsa ready," the Italian waiter yelled promptly halting Ros' line of thought.

"Do you want to eat now or have your shower first?" Ros asked as they put their bags down in the hallway.

"Erm…. Eat now I think, while they are still hot. I did have a shower at the gym, so all I need later is a bath to soak my aching muscles. But I have a bone to pick with you, I am sure it's your way of sabotaging my fitness regime. That's right let me work my arse off for 2 hours then feed me Pizza, very helpful, I must say," Jo joked.

"Well once this is over, I have a much better work out routine in mind for you, which will mean you can eat anything you like and not put a pound on." Ros said in a seductive whisper, so the listening devices could not pick up the conversation.

"Ooohhhh, I think I like the sound of that one! Would you like a drink sweetheart?" Jo couldn't believe how natural the endearments towards Ros came out so easily.

"Yes darling that would be lovely, I think there is a bottle of white chilling in the fridge." Ros reached down into the cupboard for the plates. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity Jo stroked Ros' perfectly rounded ass as she bent over.

Slapping Jo's hand away, Ros nodded towards the cameras, "Oi! Watch it."

Leaning in close, Jo whispered, "Not where you are concerned, no I haven't." adding louder, "You had some fluff on your trousers."

They sat amiably through the meal, generally chatting about the day's events, snippets of news and the plan they were going to put to Harry.

"Do you want to brief Harry, while I sort out the washing up?" Jo asked, automatically falling into a domestic routine.

"Yeah that would be great, thank you darling," Ros smiled at the younger woman.

Going through to the lounge, Ros set the phone down on the coffee table; she switched it onto speaker phone as she dialled Harry's direct number. She knew he would still be at the office, because like all of them, their work was their life. Hearing a number of clicks and electronic noises, which, Ros knew were scrambling devices, she finally got through to their boss.

"Hi Ros, how are things going, what have you got for me?" Harry immediately enquired with not so much as a preamble.

Ros couldn't help herself. "Hi Harry, we are fine, the flat is lovely, we went for a nice coffee today and we have just had a really nice Pizza," she said sarcastically.

Harry smiled to himself. "Ha, bloody, ha, come on get on with it, some of us have lives outside this place you know. But Ros before you go on, I need to tell you that the plan to get rid of the body guards through blackmail or job offer is a no go."

As Ros was explaining to Harry the plan they had both agreed earlier, Jo came in, smiling she made her way over to Ros. She sat beside her and ran her hand up the older woman's leg. This caused Ros to shudder and lose her thread with Harry, Jo was rewarded with a slap and a very sexy smile.

"Ros? Ros? Are you still there?" Harry said down the phone. "Tell Jo to pack it in, I can see her on camera!"

"Oh, what, yeah she is just messing around," Ros was desperately trying to cover up Jo's activities as she looked up at the intrusive devices. "So, is that ok, can you get things into place? I think if you can send someone round her place tonight to rattle her a bit. Then when we do our bit tomorrow it won't appear as a one off event, it will be much more believable."

"Yes, that's fine Ros. I will send Lucas and Malcolm for the sting tomorrow; they will be in place by 10.45. Malcolm will distract the first bodyguard; you know how he loses his way in the big city. Lucas will take the second one, then he will move in on the CEO and you two will come to her assistance, be gentle with him now. Is that ok?"

"Yes, that's fine," both women chorused in unison. "Bye Harry," Ros ended the call.

Ros looked deeply into Jo's eyes and said slowly, "You do realise that I will get you back for putting me off just then."

"Oh God, I do hope so!" Jo squealed as she got up and ran to the bedroom.

Quickly catching the younger woman, Ros pushed her hard against the bedroom door, causing the breath to burst out of her already heavily rising chest. Ros proceeded to kiss Jo passionately, only realising things were getting out of hand when Jo began to ride her thigh and start moaning loudly. It was a sound that Ros knew she would never tire of, but knew things could not go further.

Pulling away Ros heard Jo's disappointed moan, smiling she said, "There, I told you I would get you, now into bed with you missy."


Chapter 15

"Does that much coffee not keep you awake?" Jo asked as Ros ordered her third espresso.

"Mmmmmm….sometimes, but for some strange reason I have been sleeping really well recently. I have no doubt it is due to waking up next to a certain gorgeous blonde woman." Ros sat there not taking her eyes off the CEO's building opposite.

Looking at her wrist watch Ros saw that it was nearly time for the CEO to appear. She had already spotted Malcolm sitting on a bench further up the road, reading a newspaper. Lucas, she knew would be much more difficult to detect, looking up and down the road, she almost missed him mingling in a group of tourists.

"I was just thinking," Jo said.

"Steady on now." Ros looked at her playfully.

Jo fixed her with a glare. "Oi you! No seriously, her bodyguards can't be that good or they would advise her to change the times and places she got her coffee from. You know alternate her pattern, that sort of thing."

"Yeah, you are right, but I suppose she pays them to keep her safe and if it's a certain coffee at a certain place and time, they can't really argue. Here we go, we're on," Ros said as the CEO exited the building.

Grabbing Jo's hand, Ros stood up and casually walked towards the group. It all happened very quickly, Malcolm faked a trip and threw a cup of boiling coffee over the first body guard, immediately putting her out of action. Ros turned to see Lucas, bundle the second bodyguard to the floor, knocking her out cold. He then leapt up, making his way with a raised knife in his hand towards the startled CEO.

Ros ran at full pelt for Lucas and intercepted him with a well timed rugby tackle, just before he made contact with the CEO.

"Oooofffff!" grunted Lucas, then adding as he wrestled on the floor with Ros, "I will kill the bitch, get off me, I'm gonna kill her."

"Not while I'm here you're not," Ros shouted as she punched Lucas hard in the stomach.

"Owwww, I'll get you for that one," Lucas whispered. "Ok, I am off now, good luck." He then pushed Ros off with all his might, jumped up and began running down the street, with Jo in hot pursuit.

As they rounded a corner into a deserted street, they both stopped to get their breath back. "That went well!" Jo gasped.

"Yeah, I hope so, Ros made it real enough though with that punch," Lucas smiled as he rubbed his stomach.

Jo laughed, "Well you know Ros, she doesn't do things by half. Anyway mate, I had better get back before the search parties are sent out for me. Take care, see you later."

Walking towards the group, Jo could see Ros talking to the CEO and could hear the profuse thanks being given some way away. Ros turned to her, "Oh, darling, are you ok?"

"Yeah I am fine babe, but he got away, certainly could move that one," Jo said as she took Ros into her arms and gave her a deep kiss. In the corner of her eye she could see a slight smile on the CEO's face.

"Hi, my name is Bette," the CEO said as she held out her hand to Jo.

"Hi, I'm Caitlin and this is my partner Zoe, if she hasn't already introduced herself," Jo said shaking Bette's hand. "Are you ok? You must be in shock after what has just happened."

"Yes, yes I am. I don't know what would have happened if you two hadn't intervened when you did. I can't believe my two bodyguards, didn't see this coming," Bette said. The bodyguards, one whom was still rubbing her head stood beside Bette looking totally ashamed but knew better than to reply to her accusations.

"Well, don't be too hard on them, I suppose it all depends on what training and experience they have had," Ros explained knowledgably.

"Well I pay them enough to know!" Bette said bitterly. "From what you just did and what you have said, do know something about that area of work?"

Ros smiled as she handed the CEO one of their fake business cards, "Yes, you could say that."

Reading the card, the CEO's head quickly looked up at Ros and Jo, "Well, well, it does look like you know."

Before the woman could say anything else, Ros decided they should make a hasty retreat, she didn't want to push this chance meeting any further than already had taken place. "Well if you are ok, we will be on our way, it was nice meeting you. Come on babe lets go and get something to eat," Ros took Jo's hand.

"Oh, right, yes, thanks once again," Bette said as she watched the two women walk down the street.

As soon as they were out of sight, Ros said, "That went as well as could be expected, now all we have to do is wait while she checks us out."


Chapter 16

Flipping shut her phone, Ros turned to look at Jo as she navigated her way through the London traffic on their way back to their office.

A small smirk appeared at the corner of Jo's mouth, "Well are you going to tell me what Harry said or are you going to stare at me for the rest of the journey?"

"Mmmmmmmm….what a choice," Ros smiled.

"Come on spill the beans or am I going to have to pry it out of you?" Jo asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ooooh, I like the sound of that," Ros replied in a whisper. "Ok, well it looks like she has taken the bait. Talk about quick off the mark, apparently she has already done a thorough search on the website, even trying to get beneath the top layer, checking properties, account details, hits etc. She has also googled us, knows where our office is. I think that is just the start, she comes across as a very cautious woman, so I doubt very much that she will be in touch for at least a day or two."

"Wow that is impressive!" Jo leaned in close and added with little more than a whisper, "Talking about impressive, you were pretty hot today babe. I went weak at the knees watching you tackle Lucas." Ros blushed and grabbed Jo's hand, giving it a quick squeeze before releasing it to allow her to drive.

Walking into their office they checked that everything was as they had left it. Ros placed a couple of banana skins and empty pop cans into the wastepaper bins to make the office look lived in. As she did this Jo moved files around and spread some paperwork out, ensuring that the current days date could be clearly seen.

Starting up the computers on their desks, Jo typed in a few fictitious memos, opened up some fake e-mails from Malcolm and completed some phoney invoices to non existent clients. Content with her work she shut down the computers.

Looking up Jo saw Ros come back into the office, "I have spoken to the receptionist, who said no one has rung asking about us. I have given her the heads up that someone will and soon. She knows what to say. I have put the phones onto forward to my mobile. So, if you are ok, I think we can head back home."

"Sounds good to me, lead on," Jo replied.

On the way home in the car Ros had already spoken to both Harry and Jo. It was agreed that because Bette had already started looking into certain aspects of their lives, it was safe to say that from this moment on they would have to act as the complete couple, in everything they did and everything they said.

Dumping her brief case in the hall, Ros turned to Jo, "I'm going to take a long bath, I feel a bit grubby after rolling around the floor with Lucas, you don't mind do you darling?"

"No of course not, as long as I am allowed to wash your back," Jo replied huskily.

"Mmmmmmmm…. That would be nice; I will give you a shout in a while." Ros made her way to the bathroom.

Jo had just changed into shorts and t-shirt and was settling down with a drink of white wine, when she heard Ros calling her from the bathroom. Smiling to herself, she got up and stood outside the bathroom door, "Yes darling, something you need?"

"I am ready for my back scrub now," Ros said through the door.

As Jo entered the bathroom, she was met by a vision of beauty; her only disappointment was that Ros was almost covered from head to foot in bubbles. "Had an accident with the bubble bath did we?" Jo said laughing.

Ros blushed profusely. "I didn't realise it was a Jacuzzi bath until after I had put the bath gel in and then it seemed to take on a life of its own."

"Well whatever happened, you look nice and comfortable." Jo reached for the soap on the other side of the bath.

"Yes it is lovely, come see!" Ros pulled Jo into the bath with her. Jo screamed out loud as she hit the water landing plum in Ros' lap. "Now that's better isn't it?" Ros said innocently.

"Don't look at me with those innocent eyes, now make it worth me getting all wet darling," Jo moved in for a deep kiss. A few minutes later Jo pulled away from their passionate kiss, looking down at Ros' chest, she said, "Is it getting cold in here?" earning her a playful slap from the older woman.


Chapter 17

They had been watching TV for an hour, Ros laying on the sofa with her head in Jo's lap, who had been absently stroking her hair, when the private mobile phone starting ring. Picking it up, Ros answered, "Yes?"

"Hi, love birds, it's Ben your local friendly homeless person and lookout for the less discerning," Ben laughed.

"Hi Ben, how's it going, bet it's a bit nippy out there tonight, we have got the fire on, it's toasty in here, isn't it darling?" Ros said loud enough for Jo to shout an affirmative down the phone to Ben.

"Yeah, Yeah, you are a wicked woman. Anyway, it's going fine. But you need to know you now have company, he is located in the building opposite your bedroom and he has a pair of binoculars staring straight in there. He must have been sent by the boss woman to confirm if you really are lovers. They haven't put any listening devices in yet."

"Oh, is he now, well I think we might need to put a little show on before we draw the curtains, thanks for the update Ben, take care, speak soon." Ros closed the phone.

She quickly updated Jo on the situation, which earned her a big smile from the younger woman. Feigning a yawn, Jo said, "Gosh, I am really tired all of a sudden, do you want to turn in?"

"Mmmmmm….sounds good to me," Ros took Jo's hand, leading her to the bedroom. Once inside, they switched on the light, knowing full well that this would give the observer a better view. Jo turned to Ros, quickly closing the distance between them; she cupped her face and brought her lips crashing against Ros'. Jo's tongue immediately sought access, which she was granted, beginning the sensual massage they both craved, small moans escaping both women as the kiss became deeper. Ros' hand moved under Jo's t-shirt and across her taught stomach causing Jo to catch her breath. Travelling upwards, Ros quickly found her destination, Jo's nipples were painfully hard as she brushed her thumb over the stiff nub.

Throwing her head back, Jo moaned, "Oh god….oh, oh Ros." Not wanting to neglect the other perfectly formed breast, Ros began to caress it, eliciting the same response she had with the first.

Leaning in close, Ros whispered, "Darling, we are going to have to draw the curtains now, I think we have done enough to convince him we are lovers without giving him the full Monty."

Jo stuttered with glazed eyes, "W..W..What…oh..oh…yes of course."

When Ros came back over from closing the curtains she could see Jo's chest still rising and falling rapidly. "Are you ok darling, you seem to be having problems breathing?" Ros stood over the younger woman sitting on the bed.

"I….I…I'm fine," Jo answered shakily, looking at the floor. Looking at where Ros stood she saw her dressing gown, slide to the floor and Ros take a step towards her. Raising her head she stared into those slate grey eyes which were so full of desire. "But Ros I thought we were going to wait until after……" was all Jo managed to say before she was roughly pushed back onto the bed and covered with her soon to be lovers naked body.

"I never was one for patience," Ros said as she thrust her tongue into Jo's waiting mouth. Jo responded by pushing her thigh between Ros' legs, coming to rest against her hot centre, causing the older woman to cry out loud, "Oh yes baby." Jo grabbed her buttocks pulling her harder against her taut thigh, building a delicious rhythm and coating it with Ros' moisture. As Ros' breasts hung above her, she stretched her neck taking an erect nipple between her teeth and rolled her tongue expertly around the tip, causing Ros to buck harder against her.

Jo could not wait any longer as she turned Ros over on her back, she sunk between her legs, thrusting her tongue into the throbbing centre, surprising Ros, she begged, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby that's it, soooo good!" Replacing her tongue with three fingers, Jo slid in and out her lover with ease, all the while keeping a circular movement on Ros' clit with her hard tongue.

Jo could feel the orgasm begin to build and Ros' muscles tighten around her soaked fingers, curling her fingers forward she found the exact spot which ripped an enormous orgasm from Ros, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. yesssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh," Ros screamed as she slumped down onto the bed, breathing rapidly and shuddering for minutes after.

Pulling Jo to lay beside her, Ros gasped, "Darling that was absolutely wonderful, I've never experienced……" As she embraced the younger woman the tears silently trickled down her face.

"Hey, hey, darling it supposed to be a good thing, why are you crying?" Jo soothed as she rested her head on Ros' chest.

"It's just that everything has finally fallen into place, I feel like I have come home," Ros replied earnestly.

"Mmmmmmm. Me too darling, me too," Jo managed just as her mouth was hungrily covered by Ros'.

Reaching past the elasticated shorts, Ros stroked through Jo's soaked folds finding the sensitive bundle of nerves. She began an exquisite massage causing Jo's hips to rotate in time with the intimate movement. Knowing her lover was very aroused, Ros immediately plunged two long fingers into her lover, pumping in and out, catching her clit with each outward stroke. "Yessss, oh yes, oh yes baby, harder darling harder," Jo grunted through gritted teeth, her back arched, exposing her beautiful neck. Keeping up the rhythm with her hand, Ros roughly took Jo's erect nipple into her mouth, biting down she sent the younger woman crashing over a wonderful orgasm.

"Fuuuuuuu……………." Jo yelled before coming again when Ros pushed her thumb hard against her clit.

Jo lay absolutely still for a few minutes, trying to get her breath. "Oh dear god Ros, that was unbelievable, better than my wildest dreams and take my word for it I have had so many involving you darling." Jo smiled at her lover.

"Me too babe, me too. Nothing comes close to what we……"

"I am glad you have no patience sweetheart, I am not sure I could have lasted. Come here, I want to fall asleep in your arms," Jo wrapped herself around Ros.


Chapter 18

Ros woke to the sound of the shower running, smiling at the previous nights events, she got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. The sight of Jo naked, rubbing shower gel all over her body made Ros' mouth go dry, she could help herself as she reached into the shower cubicle and stroked Jo pert bottom.

"What the he….." Jo squealed, turning round looking for the source of the touch. "Good morning gorgeous, you trying to give me a heart attack or something? Care to join me?" she grinned.

"Yes, I would like that very much," Ros dropped the silk dressing gown to the floor and stepped into the shower. Looking Jo up and down, the desire was clear in Ros' eyes, "God, you really are beautiful, come here," Ros whispered huskily as she moved towards her lover.

"I can't believe how hungry I am," said Jo devouring a piece of toast, "Can't think why," she winked suggestively.

Getting up from her seat, Ros went and sat on Jo's lap, "Me too and I know exactly why, I haven't had that much physical activity in years."

Taking Ros' hand, Jo kissed it gently. "Glad you enjoyed yourself, I know I did. Your hands are like prunes, been in the water a while?" Jo tried innocently.

"Well, I should think so, I don't usually take 45 minute showers, but I will make an exception for you anytime darling." Ros leaned in giving Jo a deep kiss. Jo's hand had just started to make its way towards Ros' breast when the phone rang, stopping her in her tracks.

Getting up, Ros made her way over to the fake business phone she had left on the coffee table the night before. Picking it up, she flipped it open, "Bell and Davison Security Services, how can I help?"

"Hi, is that Zoe?" The tentative voice said at the other end of the phone.

"Yes, who is speaking please?" Ros replied in full professional mode.

"Oh, hi, yes…..it's Bette here, you helped me yesterday."

"Hi, there, how are you feeling today? No more mad men after you?"

Bette laughed, "No, no, I checked under my bed before I went to sleep, it was all clear you will be glad to hear. I am fine thanks to you and Caitlin."

"Good, so Bette, what do I owe the pleasure of this call?" Ros asked gently.

"Well, I have been thinking, I would really like to thank you properly for saving my life yesterday. Could I please take you both to dinner this evening, if you have no other plans?"

"Oh, it was nothing, really. But thank you for the invite, if you wait a moment I will ask Caitlin if we have anything on this evening," Ros said placing her hand over the mouth piece. Not moving for a minute, Ros took her hand away, "She said we are clear and we would love to dine with you. What time and where?"

"That's great, time will be 8pm, don't worry about where, I will send a limo round to collect you. Oh and smart dress is required," Bette explained.

"Oh right, I will give you our ad………" Ros managed before she heard the dead tone of the phone. Smiling, she already knew that Bette had found their address.

Turning to Jo, Ros described the call, "I think we are in, a bit quicker than I had anticipated but hey, I'm not complaining. I will give Harry a ring, let him know what's happening and see if he wants to increase the pressure on her tonight."

"Great, you do that. I will get our bags ready. We need to pop into our office today, sort a few things out. Then, I don't know about you but I need to go shopping for something to wear tonight. I don't think it will go down to well, if I turn up in a tracksuit," Jo smiled.

"Yeah, you are right of course, I'll be ready in five. Then we can get away."


Chapter 19

As they stepped out of the lift, Ros could see Stephen discreetly motion for her to come over.

"Erm, won't be a moment darling, I just need to ask Stephen if anyone has handed in my mobile phone," Ros said casually to Jo.

"Ok babe, see you out by the car," Jo placed a gentle kiss on her lovers bottom lip.

Smiling, Ros walked over to Stephen, who she could see was absolutely dying to tell her something. As she reached the reception counter he leaned forward, whispering out the side of his mouth. "A man came round last night, after you had gone up, started asking questions. You know like how long you been here, together and business ventures etc. I said to him that I could not discuss our tenants but that the last people to move in here was over 5 years ago. He did try to give me some money but I refused."

Looking like a puppy that needed rewarding, Ros all but stopped herself from patting him on the head; instead she opted for saying, "That's great Stephen. I will make sure you are given some more money when we have finished here. If anyone comes around again, play hard to get and then give in and confirm that we have a thriving bodyguard agency. Keep your eyes and ears open."

As Ros approached the car, Jo asked, "Everything sorted?"

"Yes darling, they have spoken to Stephen, he has done well so far. Let's get going, I want to see you trying on little black numbers before the days out," Ros wiggled her eyebrows.

As they sat in the car, Jo slid her hand up Ros' thigh, "And I want to get you out of yours before the end of the day."

Ros audibly gulped, "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm……..definitely you," Jo answered suggestively.

The office work was quickly dispatched, ensuring that if anyone was watching they could see proper work being done. They stayed long enough for it to be believable, even fitting in a couple of passionate kisses to be on the safe side, so Jo said. Giving the place one last look over, Ros securely locked the door and they made their way out to buy outfits for that evening's meal.

The two women entered a very very expensive clothes shop in Kensington. Jo's eyes widened as she picked up the price labels of a couple of items they passed on their way to the more formal dress wear. Catching up with Ros, she whispered, "500 pounds just for a silk wrap! Jeez I am in the wrong business."

"Watch this," Ros said as a very snooty looking shop assistant came over, looking them up and down as if deciding whether or not they were worth her time or effort.

"Can I be of assistance?" the assistant asked haughtily, then adding as an after thought, "Ladies?"

"Well, yes you can," Ros replied innocently. "You see, this is my lover and we are going to spend more money on dresses today than you are ever likely to dream of. So cut the snotty attitude, treat us with some respect and do your job. Oh, by the way I like my coffee black and very strong." With that she grabbed Jo's hand as they made their way towards the clothing racks they were interested in.

"Ros you were a bit hard on the poor girl," Jo smirked. "But I must admit I like your style babe."

They spent the next hour trying on various outfits and being fawned over by the reformed shop assistant. At one stage Jo had to man handle Ros back into her own changing room because she was intent on removing every piece of clothing that she tried on. Keeping their final choices secret from each other, they soon made their way back to the flat.


Chapter 20

"Darling, will you please zip me up?" Ros called to Jo, who was in the bathroom. She had been in there for the last hour and a half wanting to look exactly right for her lover.

Walking casually into the bedroom, Jo stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth went dry and her hands began to perspire. Ros was dressed in a thigh length, figure hugging black dress, which left nothing to the imagination. "Ros…… you look…look, absolutely stunning. I am lost for words, you are so beautiful." Jo moved towards her lover trying to drink in all her gorgeousness.

Jo had the same effect on Ros, she was dressed in a tailored white trouser suit, "Well, darling, you look radiant tonight, I am so lucky to have you," Ros smiled as she took in the striking sight in front of her.

"The feeling is mutual babe," Jo grinned as she pulled the zip upwards leaving a trail of kisses, which were chased by a row of goose bumps.

"Thank you," Ros shivered at Jo's touch, "You haven't got your lip stick on yet, have you?"

"Not yet, why?" Jo replied.

"So, I can do this," Ros grabbed her lover for a deep passionate kiss, sliding her tongue gently into Jo's mouth, the younger woman let out a moan, so loaded with arousal it made Ros ache. Things were just starting to get out of hand, when they heard the sound of a car horn from the car park below. Ros reluctantly pulled away from Jo and walked over to the window, peered outside, spotting the stretch limo immediately. "Looks like we are going to have to cut short this making out session, our ride is here."

Both women grabbed their bags, each others hand and made their way down to the reception. As they passed Stephen, Ros touched the side of her nose; Stephen gave a slight nod as the women exited the building. Walking towards the limo, the driver side door opened and out stepped a huge gorilla of a man.

"Good evening ladies," the driver said as he held open the limo door for them.

"Good evening," they chorused as they slid inside the sumptuous interior. As soon as they were settled, a glass panel separating them from the driver opened.

"Ladies, you will find some chilled champagne in the silver fridge, flute glasses are in the small cubby hole to your right. There are also some nibbles in the fridge, including red and black caviar. Please have whatever you like," the driver explained, the panel promptly closed.

"Wow," Jo mouthed to her companion, as she poured them a glass of champagne. Kissing Ros gently and lifting her glass, she said, "To us."

"To us, my darling," Ros toasted.

The glass panel slid back, the driver smiled, "Ladies, would you like some music on?"

"Yes, that would be nice, we'll leave the choice up to you," Ros replied returning the smile. As K.D Lang's latest album floated through the car, both women looked at each other and burst out laughing.

The journey took about 45 minutes, both women had enjoyed the evening so far, feeling relaxed as the limo pulled up outside a very imposing, gothic style building. As the limo door opened, they were met by the matre'd whose white gloves didn't quite outshine his impossibly white teeth.


Chapter 21

The restaurant was luxurious to the extreme, both women trying to take in their surroundings as they were led to the table that Bette was seated. On seeing their arrival she stood up, kissed them both on each cheek and invited them to sit down.

Ros had already spotted the two bodyguards sitting at a nearby table, who merely nodded to acknowledge their presence.

"Hi, I am so glad you could both make it, I trust the travel arrangements were to your satisfaction?" Bette smiled.

"Oh, yes it was very nice, wasn't it babe?" Jo said turning to Ros.

"Yes it was darling. Bette you really shouldn't have gone to so much trouble."

Bette looked at her companions. "No it's my pleasure, now please I have taken the liberty of ordering some champagne and everything tonight is just my way of thanking you both ok? So knock yourselves out and order whatever you like from the menu, ok?"

"That's very kind Bette, by the way you look beautiful this evening," Ros smiled, which resulted in an imperceptible kick from Jo under the table.

"Thank you Zoe, you both look stunning as well. Oh, here are the drinks." The waiter approached their table. Picking up their glasses, "To my saviours."

The meal went really well, all the women enjoyed each others company, generally chatting about headline news, their respective businesses and aspirations. Towards the end of the evening, Ros saw a very well dressed Ben approach their table at speed and feign a trip towards Bette, immediately her bodyguards rose from their seats but not before Jo had jumped up and caught Ben before he landed on Bette.

"Sorry, sorry, my foot caught on the carpet," Ben apologised profusely.

"No problem mate, it can happen to anyone," Jo smiled as she helped him stand up.

Ros could see that Bette was very jumpy, her face was flushed and she was glowering at her body guards. Smiling to herself, Ros thought: I think we have got her

"You ok Bette?" Ros asked.

"Yes, yes, just a bit jumpy, you know after what happened the other day; just wish these two were as quick as you. Look I know you have your own business but would you consider being my primary body guards for a month and train these two, to your obvious high standards? I will ensure you are paid very well for your services," Bette asked seriously.

Ros feigned a stunned look on her face. "Wow, this is a bit out of the blue Bette." She turned to Jo, "What do you think darling? I know we have a couple of jobs booked in but I am sure we can get Harriet and Connie to cover them."

Jo thought about it for a minute. "Yes sounds doable babe. However, we can do a month tops but no more, we do have a business to run. I will make the arrangements for the cover later."

"That's great! Would you be able to start tomorrow? Just one other thing, I may need you to accompany my brother to some appointments, is that ok?" Bette literally bounced in her seat, full of enthusiasm.

Ros took the lead. "The answer is yes to both questions. Where and when do you want us to report to?"

"Shall we say 9 am, at the Plaza Tower building? It's the large office block, near where you stopped that lunatic the other day," Bette explained briefly.

"Sounds good, we will see you there, if that's all I think we will be making our way home," Jo smiled at the CEO.

"There is just one last thing," Bette shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she looked at the women. "I will need you both the sign a confidentiality clause. Obviously in my line of work, we are target for corporate espionage and there are other matters I will discuss with you once the clause has been signed."

"Fine, fine, we totally understand, of course we will sign the document. See you tomorrow Bette," Ros rose, holding out her hand to shake Bette's, who took it in both hers looking deep into Ros' eyes.

"Yes, you will," Bette grinned not breaking the contact.

Jo's hackles immediately rose. "Come on darling, let's get home, bye Bette," she said taking Ros' hand.

Jo was very quiet in the limo, finding the scenery outside, which was impossible to see through the tinted glass especially interesting.

"Darling are you ok? You seem a little distracted, "Ros asked.

"No, no I am fine, just a little tired," Jo answered unconvincingly.


Chapter 22

On entering the reception, Ros looked at Stephen who shook his head, so she continued on and followed a pensive looking Jo into the lift.

As it rose Ros punched the stop button, halting them between floors. She stood with her arms crossed. "If you don't tell me what's going on, then we will spend the rest of the night in here until you do."

Jo knew that Ros was deadly serious, she also knew that she had to be honest otherwise their relationship did not stand a chance. She took a deep breath and started. "Her……….and…and you! I could tell the way she looked at you tonight, that she wants you! She is beautiful, intelligent, influential and has more money than the queen. So why wouldn't you want to be with her instead of me?" Bursting into tears Jo turned away from Ros' piercing stare.

Walking over to her distraught lover, Ros gently took her arm and turned her to face her. "Darling, I won't lie to you, she is beautiful and few of those other things you said. But there is and will only ever be one woman for me and that is you my sweetheart. I have never had the depths of feeling I have for you before. Jo, I love you darling. I have no interest in any other woman, believe me, I only want you," Ros' voice was so loaded with emotion.

"You……you love me?" Jo spluttered, "I love you too darling, I am so sorry how I've reacted. I just saw red when she stared into your eyes. I want to be the only person to do that or the only person to hold you."

Smiling Ros released the stop button, "I promise that you will be darling, I only let her do what she did so we could seal the deal. Now lets get home, I think I need to show you, where you can hold and touch me."

Ros had updated Harry earlier that morning and was met by his normal cool reserve. Harry had told Ros to be very careful, having doubts as to why Bette had accepted them so quickly, when she was known for her fastidious background checks and almost obsessive caution. Ros had to admit, it had all happened smoother than she had anticipated but maybe they were just lucky.

Getting out the car, Jo pressed the locking and alarm system, before walking around to Ros' side. Taking Ros into her arms she gave her lover a deep kiss, slipping her tongue into Ros' moaning mouth. Several passionate minutes later Ros pulled away, gasping. "Wow, what was that for?"

Jo raised an eyebrow, "Just showing you and any of her goons who might be watching, exactly who you belong to."

Breathing heavily, Ros smiled, "After that kiss, I definitely know!"

"Come on lets get this show on the road." Jo started to walk towards the Plaza Tower.

Both women entered the impressive building, making their way to a long reception desk. A well dressed young man raised his head from the computer he was feverously working on. "Hello, how may I help you?"

"Hello, we are here to begin work for Bette Johnson, CEO for Cover-t Industries," Ros explained.

Checking the list he had in front of him, the young man frowned and then smiled, "Oh yes, there you are. Here are your temporary day passes, if you come back during the day I will arrange for photo's to be done and more permanent ones to be made. Please make your way to the top floor, then through the double doors and report to Bette's secretary. Have a good day."

"Thank you very much, "Jo said taking the passes and heading towards the lifts with Ros at her side.

Both women made the journey to the top floor in silence, knowing that the lift was likely to be bugged and probably had CCTV in place. Stepping out they walked towards a compact, well organised welcome desk. A very attractive woman looked them up and down, smiling as though she had discovered a deep secret, "Hi you must be Zoe and Caitlin. Bette has told me all about you. However, I must say she didn't do you justice. Please follow me, I will get you settled into the conference room and let Bette know you have arrived."

Following a pair of very shapely legs down the corridor, Bette's secretary showed them into a small but expensively furnished, glass surrounded conference room. "Can I get you anything?" she asked in a tone that bordered just on the suggestive but delivered with a totally innocent expression.

Ros really wanted to say something facetious back but Jo stepped in, "Two black coffees would be fine, thanks," she said raising an eyebrow at Ros and an expression on her face that said 'don't you dare'.


Chapter 23

Sitting enjoying their cups of coffee, they took in their surroundings, the whole place was the epitome of good taste, expensive but practical. Everyone around them seemed very busy but totally in control of the constant ringing phones.

They both saw Bette striding along the corridor towards them at the same time. She was dressed in a matching shirt and jacket, black high heeled shoes which showed off her longs legs beautifully. Opening the door, she smiled, "Hi ladies, oh good you have a drink, right then lets get down to business with the confidentiality agreement."

"Good morning Bette, lovely set up you have got here," Ros said genially.

A proud expression came over Bette's face. "Thank you very much, it has taken my brother and I a number of years and hard work to get this far, but it has been worth it."

Laying two pieces of paper on the table, Bette slid them towards Jo and Ros, after giving them time to read the documents she gave them each pens to sign. When she was satisfied everything was in order, she began to explain about all the secrecy.

"Ok, now that's all sorted. By signing the document it covers all aspects of the business, which goes without saying that anything you see or hear cannot be repeated to anyone."

"Of course, it's quite normal for a company like yours wanting to protect itself," Jo replied.

"But, there is one more thing," Bette blushed slightly, "I obviously know you are gay and in a relationship. I am gay as well, but I keep that piece of information confidential, hence the agreement you have just signed. I am not ashamed but it is necessary for business reasons etc. Those who need to know are aware of my sexuality but it is restricted and they are under the same agreement as you. I just thought you should know and tailor your behaviour towards each other accordingly whilst we are at any appointments outside this building."

"Bette, that is absolutely fine. We have worked for some high profile clients and some of the things they said and did, would make your hair curl. But if we went around blurting out all the secrets of our clients we would never get any work ever again," Ros said seriously, "You have nothing to worry about. Oh and one last thing, when we are on a job we are professional and our domestic circumstances do not come into it."

Clearly satisfied with Ros' answer, Bette smiled and rose from her seat. "Great, now let me show you around. I don't have any external meetings or appointments today, so you can spend the rest of the day familiarising yourselves with the building layout, employees and type of work we are involved in."

"Sounds good to me, lead on," Jo said following Bette out the door. Ros walked behind Jo but could not stop herself from caressing her lover's pert bottom as they exited the conference room, earning her a slapped hand in the process.


Chapter 24

Ros flipped her phone shut and turned off the shower she had kept running to cover her telephone conversation. She had just briefed Harry on the day's events and they had agreed to take things slowly, letting Bette set the pace.

On the way home, Jo and Ros had discussed that now they were in Bette's employ it was very likely that their flat was bugged. She had just said as much to Harry, who confirmed that Ben had reported in stating that a man had climbed up outside the building and placed listening devices to the outer wall. Malcolm had Ben take some close up shots and on examining the photos he confirmed they were very sophisticated, not actually on the market and were probably developed by Bette's company.

Walking into the lounge, she saw her lover stretched out on the sofa, her eyes closed and her chest gently rising and falling. Smiling, Ros sat down on the edge, leaning down she softly pressed her lips against Jo's forehead and stroked her face with the back of her fingers. Jo's eyes fluttered open, on seeing the older woman's face; a big smile crept across her mouth. "Hello gorgeous."

Ros grinned back at her lover. "Hello beautiful. Uncle Harry rang while I was in the shower, he says everyone is fine and things are good. As usual he said take care and he still has his ears open for that new mobile phone you are after."

Jo knew exactly that Ros was basically confirming that Harry was happy with their progress and that as they suspected the flat had been bugged by Bette. "Oh, that's so good of him." Jo winked, "I thought today went well, I really like Bette, she seems to be a very nice person, I am looking forward to working for her."

"I don't know about you but I can't be bothered with cooking tonight darling, how about getting a pizza delivered?" Ros asked stealing another quick kiss from her lover.

"Mmmmmm. As long as it tastes as nice as your kisses darling."

"The usual?" Ros said.

Jo frowned, they didn't have a usual, but she went along with the older woman. "Yeah great."

Flipping open her phone, Ros dialled a number from memory.

"Hello, Pizza al la speedy, can I help you?" came Malcolm's dulcet tones.

"Could I please order a large thin crust vegetarian pizza for home delivery?" Ros quickly reeled off their address.

"Yes, no problem, it will be with you in 30 minutes. Thank you for your custom," Malcolm said jovially.

"Thank you," Ros flipped her phone shut, "30 minutes darling, let's set the table."

Twenty five minutes later, the intercom phone went, it was Stephen saying a Pizza had arrived and was it ok to send the delivery man up. Within a couple of minutes of giving her consent their door bell rang announcing his arrival. Opening the door, Ros came face to face with a helmet wearing Ben, grinning from ear to ear.

Taking the Pizza, Ros handed over £20 and told him to keep the change. She had decided before anyone arrived she would not say anything, in case any conversation was picked up by the new listening devices.

Placing the Pizza box on the table, Ros opened the lid. Sitting there bold as brass were some very high tech listening devices to be inserted into their ears, some minute ones that could be stuck to clothing, some small receivers disguised as i-pods and finally some matchbox sized video cameras. A note from Malcolm explained how the various items worked and their ranges.

Carefully taking the equipment out, they began to eat the Pizza, each of them thinking about the next steps and how quickly the assignment had become so serious.


Chapter 25

As they exited the lift on the top floor of the Plaza Tower, they were met by Bette's regular body guards, who both Ros and Jo could tell were not happy about the current arrangements.

"It's your turn to part with all your vast knowledge and experience in the field of personal security," the taller dark haired woman said sarcastically.

Ros knew that if they didn't exert their dominance right now, they didn't stand a chance with these two women. Stepping up to the taller woman, Ros swiftly brought her fist back and sucker punched her straight in the mid drift. As the woman dropped to the ground clutching her stomach, Ros leaned over, in a low voice, "If you can't look after yourself, how the hell do you expect to guard Bette. Now stand up, shut up and get into the conference room now!"

The shorter woman thought about stepping forward to retaliate against Ros, when Jo moved to block her access, pinning her with such a stare that left her under no illusion the same fate would be bestowed on her if she tried anything.

Once settled into the conference and the dominant team had been established, the morning passed quite quickly with the two women hanging on Ros and Jo's every word and action. As they adjourned for coffee, Bette came wondering into the room.

"Hi, how are things going with my two meat heads?" Bette smiled.

"Fine, all they need is some solid ground work, a bit of mentoring and they will be good to go," Jo was in full professional mode.

"That's great. I have a job for you this afternoon, if you have finished with them for the day."

"Yeah, sure, what is it?" Ros enquired.

"It's my brother; he has a meeting with an associate at 2.30. I would like you to go with him. It shouldn't take more than an hour," Bette answered.

"Cool, no problem." Jo placed her hand on Bette's shoulder, which earned her a dazzling smile.

As Bette walked away, Ros turned to Jo and out of the side of her mouth said, "You just placed a listening device on her didn't you?"

"Hell yes," Jo responded under her breath.

At 1.45 Bette's brother Daniel came to look for Jo and Ros, they had just finished their day tuition with the two body guards and were packing up.

"Hi, you must be Caitlin and Zoe. Nice to meet you, I am Daniel, Bette's brother. Wow my sister really does have good taste in women." The smile on his face didn't reach his dark eyes.

"Yes I am Zoe and this is Caitlin," Ros said ignoring his sexist comment as she introduced Jo.

Without a further pre-amble he ordered, "Right lets get a move on, my client does not like to be kept waiting."

As they entered the underground car park, a sudden noise caused Jo to pull Daniel behind a concrete post. Taking the opportunity of their closeness she placed a listening device to his shoulder.

Daniel tried to feign macho noctulance. "God, you two are jumpy, are you always like this?"

"Better to be safe than sorry," Ros said sternly.

"Lets get to the car, I don't like it here, it's far too exposed," Jo said leading the way.

As soon as all three were safely in the car, Ros turned to their passenger, "So Sir, where are we off to?"

"Victoria Embankment, on the lovely Thames. I will tell you exactly where when we get nearer. Close the panel, I have some private calls to make!" Daniel barked officiously.


Chapter 26

They had only been travelling for about 10 minutes when their passenger made his first call. Both Ros and Jo had their ear devices inserted and could hear his conversation clearly, recording every detail on the fake i-Pods.

"Yeah, I am on my way, calm down, calm down. Yes it will be worth your effort. Listen have I ever let you down, well the answer is no, isn't it. I am not going to say over a non secure line. I will explain when we meet face to face, ok?" Daniel said in almost a whisper.

The next few calls were the usual business and personal calls, which were of no interest to the two women in the front of the car. A tap on the glass, alerted Jo that Daniel was about to give them the final destination details. Sliding the panel back, Jo asked, "Yes Sir, how may I help?"

Daniel sat with a cold nasty sneer on his face. "I could think of a few ways, if wasn't for the fact that you are probably a dyke. Anyway, it's another 200 yards down this road. I want you to drop me off, stay in the car. I will only be a few yards away."

Although they had him bugged, so there was real need to actually attend the meeting Ros knew they had to keep up the bodyguard façade. "But Sir, we are here to protect you. We can't just let you wander off away from us."

"You will do exactly as I say or you will be out on your ears before you know it, ok?" Daniel made it clear the conversation had ended.

Ros pulled the car up to the point Daniel had instructed, he quickly exited, scanning the area as he made his way towards a man sitting on a bench.

"Remind me that if I ever get the chance during this assignment to break that sorry excuse for a man's nose to make sure I take it," Jo said through gritted teeth.

"Sorry darling but seniority gets that reward," Ros stroked her lover's leg.

Jo wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Ok but what reward do I get for letting you go first?"

Ros was about to respond in a similar vein, when a high pitched static sound caused the women to grab their ears. The sound soon settled down and they could hear Daniel speaking to the man on the bench.

"Hello Dimitri, how are you?"

"How many times do I have to tell you, no names!" a Russian accented voice bellowed at him.

Daniel held his hands up in mock surrender. "Sorry, sorry I forget. Do you have the money?"

"Of course, but only if what you have is worth dealing with," Dimitri countered.

Reaching into his jacket pocket, Daniel pulled out an envelope, opened it and passed the document to the Russian sitting beside him. Quickly scanning the paper, the Russian's head shot up. "Is this authentic? This really is the new communications device the British Army is going to use in all military operations from now on?"

Daniel smiled because he knew how significant this information was to foreign powers. "It is being trialled at the moment but yes it will be, included in that document are the scramble deciphers as well."

"And you are sure that your sister is ok with you selling these secrets to us, like you said she was with the other information?"

Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, Daniel said in his most convincing voice, "Yes sure she is, I wouldn't be here otherwise, we are a team, brother and sister. We have no secrets from each other. Now let's talk price."

The two men spent the best part of 10 minutes negotiating a price which resulted in Daniel walking back to the car just having made a cool £250,000. Sliding into the car, he said, "Right ladies; take me home, I have a proper woman to give some serious attention to."

Jo could only just hold herself back from launching through the open panel and grabbing Daniel by the throat. The only thing to stop her was Ros' tight grip on her thigh.

"Yes Sir, certainly," Ros said through barely gritted teeth.


Chapter 27

After they had dropped Daniel off, the women began the journey back to the office, although it was late, they decided to pick up their car before driving home. Pressing the electronic pass key, they entered the under ground car park, exiting the car and quickly making their way to the lift.

The ping of the lift announced the arrival on the top floor; although it was only 6pm the place was deserted. Making their way towards the lockers, they could hear a noise coming from one of the offices, Bette's office in fact. Thinking she was being attacked Ros and Jo stealthily moved closer to her room.

As they rounded the corner, they were met by the sight of Bette on the edge of her desk, back arched, blouse open and a dark haired woman sucking her nipples. Ros quickly grabbed Jo's arm, pulling her out of sight.

"Come on; let's get out of here, before she spots us."

"Wow, looks like our employer uses her desk for a number of things," Jo said smiling as they walked towards their lockers.

On the journey home, neither women discussed the day's events; they have previously agreed to assume that everything had been bugged and not to talk about the case in confined areas.

As they crossed the reception, Stephen nodded his head. Ros walked over but soon caught up with her lover. "He didn't have much to report just the same person asking the same questions. I am not sure if Stephen is trying a scam but at least he's keeping his eyes open."

Opening the front door, Ros turned to Jo, "Darling do you fancy a nice bath together, it's been a long day?"

Taking her lover into her arms, Jo kissed Ros deeply, "Mmmmmmm…that would be lovely, you go run the bath and I will get the radio for some relaxing music and then light a few candles," she dropped her bag to the floor.

As the two women settled beneath the bubbles, Ros said in a whisper as Enya played on the radio, "So what do you think, you know about Bette's involvement in all this?"

Jo took her time to answer, not because it was a difficult answer, it was more to do with what Ros was doing with her big toe. "I just can't see it, two reasons really. One because you heard how proud she was of her company, so why would she jeopardise that when she is already making millions and secondly, she is frightened at being outed, so I can't see her having the balls for espionage, can you?"

"I agree; my thoughts exactly. So, I think we need to concentrate on the brother, try to catch him in the act but at the same time ensure Bette is not dragged into it."

With an impish look on her face, Jo said, "You know when we caught Bette at it tonight?"

"Yes, indeed I do." Ros smiled.

"You don't know the number of fantasies I have had about doing exactly the same thing to you over a desk at work," Jo's desire dripping off her tongue, reaching forward the caress Ros breasts.

Ros arched her back. "Oh God Jo. I have as well. Please take me to bed, now!"

Jo didn't need asking twice, she rose out the water pulling Ros with her. She slid her thigh between Ros' legs pushing up towards her hot centre. Still caressing Ros' erect nipples she thrust her tongue into her lovers moaning mouth. The intimate massage continued as Ros rode Jo's thigh, coating it with her own slick wetness.

Ros' voice was loaded with arousal, "Bed, now!" She pulled Jo out of the bath and pulled on their dressing gowns as they crossed the lounge to their bedroom.

Not wanting to give anyone a show tonight, Ros quickly drew the curtains. Turning towards her lover she dropped her dressing gown slowly to the floor and climbed onto the bed. Jo drank in the beauty of her lover before shedding her gown and making her way up the bed towards Ros.

They lay gently caressing each others breast, staring into lust filled eyes. Taking Jo face in her hands, Ros sucked on her bottom lip, then gently bit, causing Jo to moan out loud, "Oh baby!"

Pulling back, Ros looked deep into Jo's eyes, "I want you on my mouth," she barely contained her aroused state. Jo understood what Ros was implying as she watched her lover lay back on the bed. Jo moved up, placing her knees either side of Ros' face, hovering just above; Jo grabbed the top of the head board.

Reaching up Ros stroked Jo's soft bottom, finishing at her hips she pulled Jo down, as she thrust her tongue upwards into Jo's soaking sex. "Ohhhh my God, oh, oh," Jo yelled. Pulling her downwards again Ros pumped her tongue in and out, moving forwards, she took Jo's engorged clit into her mouth, sucking it roughly, whilst flicking her tongue across its tip. "Oh, fuck, oh, yes baby, oh god," Jo screamed as the rhythm got faster and her orgasm built. Keeping Jo's clit between her teeth, Ros reached up and plunged two strong fingers into the moaning woman above her, keeping them in sync with her tongue she brought Jo to a mind blowing orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh yesssssssssss," Jo begged as her muscles clamped around Ros' delicious fingers and the touch of her exquisite tongue. Falling backwards onto the bed, Jo lay not moving a muscle trying to regain her breath.

Several minutes later, when Jo still had not moved, Ros asked, "Darling are you ok?"

Stirring, Jo looked up, "I think so, but I don't think my legs will ever move properly again."

"Oh, I think they will, once they know what's waiting for them up here," Ros looked at her seductively. With that comment, Jo had leapt up and was quickly kissing her way up the inside Ros' long slender legs.

Stopping half way up, Jo looked up, "Well I know what's at the top of here, so I think that's a good starting point," as she continued towards her ultimate goal.

"Oh I am so glad you worked that one out," Ros arched her back and spread her legs wide for her lover.


Chapter 28

Ros and Jo were sitting in the conference room, having just finished their teaching session with Bette's body guards, who were becoming much more receptive to their help. "Wonder what Bette has got in store for us this afternoon?" Jo said to Ros.

"Well I think we are just about to find out." Ros looked up as Bette entered the room.

"Hi Ladies, I've got another job for you this afternoon. My brother has an appointment, so I would like you to take him and bring him back safely. He will be along shortly."

Ros smiled at the CEO. "That's fine. Bette, we have been reading up about your business and it looks very impressive. I know you have contracts with the British Military Forces but I was wondering if you double up and sell any of the idea's to a wider field. I mean it would make sense, you invest so much money into these things, I would want as much back from my investment as possible."

Smiling, Taking her time to answer, Bette answered honestly, "I can see how that would seem quite lucrative. But if I have a contract with someone, I take it very seriously. They have put their trust in me to produce a certain item for them and only them. My business is similar to yours in that if we poison a working relationship then we would no longer have a business. That is why I get all my employees to sign the confidentiality agreement and have their e-mails and phone calls scanned every day in order to detect such behaviour."

"That is very admirable Bette, it's nice to know in this day and age that someone puts honesty and loyalty above profit," Jo said earnestly.

"Thank you," Bette blushed slightly at the compliment.

"Bette, we have an appointment later this afternoon, so the place we need to take Daniel isn't too far, is it?" Ros asked.

"Oh no, I am led to believe it's the same place you took him yesterday."

Just then the conference room door burst open and in strode an arrogant looking Daniel, "Right you two get your shit together, I've got a meeting, meet you at the car in 5 minutes."

Bette raised her eye brow as if to say sorry about his behaviour, saying, "Well ladies I will leave you to it."

As they travelled down to the car park, Jo whispered to Ros, "Aww, please just one punch to his stomach, that's all I ask."

"Now, now darling," smiled Ros. Flipping open her phone, she dialled Harry's number, "Hi Uncle Harry, how are you, good, good. Yep we will meet you at the usual place. Yeah bring your camera, we can do some sight seeing. Can you tell auntie that she is clear to buy the cookery book for Caitlin, Ok bye, take care."

Hanging up from Ros, Harry turned to his team. "Right listen up, that was Ros, Malcolm you need to set up cameras etc to record Daniel's meeting in about 30 minutes, it's in the same place as yesterday. Ros has just confirmed that the sister has nothing to do with selling the information to the Russian. Come people lets make this happen!"

Rounding the corner, the women saw Daniel casually leaning against the car, "Where the hell have you two been, come on I've got important things to do!" Daniel bellowed harshly.

"Sorry sir, just that Bette wanted something," Jo looked down submissively.

"Yeah, I bet she did," he said under his breath. "Let's get a move on, same place as yesterday."


Chapter 29

As they approached the meeting place, Ros' eyes were busy scanning to see if the cameras were in place but like the pro he was Malcolm had hidden them out of sight. Luckily Daniel had worn the same jacket as the previous day, so the listening device was still in place.

"You two stay here, like good little girls," Daniel said facetiously.

"Sure thing boss," Ros replied as he got out the car, making his way to the bench.

Daniel was unable to help himself as he approached the Russian. "Good afternoon how's the spying business?"

"Daniel! Will you stop that, you have no idea who could be listening!" the foreigner exclaimed.

"Will you chill out man, who the hell is around, can you see anyone, the answer is no. Now, you called this meeting, what is it you want?! Daniel said getting straight to the point.

"We have heard that your sister has almost finished the development of a new sonic, ground to air missile targeting I.T programme. We want what she has done so far, so we can finish it and sell it to the highest bidder right under her nose," Dimitri had a devious smirk on his face.

Daniel shifted uncomfortably in his seat, "I don't know, everything I have given you so far is stuff that's finished and the company has already been paid by the contractor. If I do this she will definitely know someone is stealing secrets. I am really not sure I can do that to her." He sat staring across the Thames River not liking the direction the conversation was taking.

Placing his hand on the younger mans shoulder, the Russian squeezed hard enough to cause a stabbing pain. "Daniel, Daniel. You wanted to play with the big boys and reap the rewards. This is not a request, it is an order, you will of course be paid handsomely but also the pictures of you taking drugs in the toilet cubicle at your gentleman's club will not find their way into all the national newspapers. Are we clear, this is non negotiable." The Russian grinned menacingly.

The blood drained from Daniel's face as he realised this was one deal he could not back out of. "Ok, ok, so when do you want this information by," he asked nervously.

Dimitri smiled, "Daniel, I am a reasonable man and so are my employers, let's say by tomorrow evening. I will meet you here at 7pm. It will be nice to see the river lights."

"You can't be serious! I have to plan these things. I have to make sure Bette is out the office so I can access her computer and safe!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Oh, I am sure someone as resourceful as you can come up with something and obtain the goods," Dimitri stood, "Daniel, there is no room for error, my employers are not the type of people to disappoint, am I clear?"

"Sure, I understand completely," Daniel's voice dripping with anxiety.

As he approached the car, the two women could see his face contorted with anger. Ripping open the door, he slumped down hard, "Get me back to the office, now!"

The journey back to the office was completed in total silence, Daniel not even waiting until the car had come to a halt before he leapt out and headed for the lift.

Jo said to his retreating back, "No sir, you are very welcome, glad we could have been of service."

Ros smiled at Jo's annoyance. "He really is a piece of work that one. Now we need to focus on what to do next. Daniel needs Bette out the office tomorrow so he can steal the information. He won't attempt it tonight; he needs to do some planning. Once he has gone, we need to get into her office and set up some recording devices both visual and listening to catch him in the act. I think we can come up with a reason to get Bette out the office for an hour or so tomorrow."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Jo smiled at her lover.

They spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening, showing the two body guards how to check the company cars for explosive, listening and image recording devices. By the time they stepped out the top floor lift, the place was deserted, Jo quickly looked through all the offices and confirmed they were alone.

Expertly and efficiently they silently set up all the equipment required for the sting. Happy with their work, they made their way to their car and began the journey home.


Chapter 30

As the women entered the Plaza Tower, the clock chimed 7am. They had decided to get an early start and try to clear their work with the two body guards. Exiting the lift they saw Bette hunched over her desk pouring over pages of data, then turning and feverously punching information into her computer.

Standing at her office door, Jo lent against the frame, watching Bette who was totally oblivious to her presence.

"Morning Bette, early start?" Jo said causing Bette to jump.

"Oh, what, oh sorry Caitlin I was miles away. No I usually start about 6, it's not so busy, I can get loads more done before the bedlam begins," Bette smiled.

"All work and no play, you need to take a proper break. I know about this new coffee shop that's just opened down the street. It had really good reviews about its afternoon menu. Do you fancy joining me this afternoon," Jo spoke with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

"I don't know, I mean I am busy. What about Zoe, will she be coming?"

"I am afraid not, she has to wait for a delivery of some bullet proof vests and clothing for your body guards," Jo replied, "So are you up for it?"

"Oh go on, you are right, all work and no play would indeed make an extremely dull girl and we can't have that, can we? See you at 2."

"Can't wait," Jo casually walked away.

Approaching her lover, Jo said, "All sorted, meeting her at 2, I will keep her out for an hour or so."

They saw Daniel go into Bette's office. The listening device they had placed on Bette's jacket was working well even though it was hung up across the room.

"Hi sis, how's it going? What you up to today?" Daniel asked casually.

"Same old, same old. Oh, I will be out from about 2, Caitlin has asked me out for a coffee. We shouldn't be any longer than an hour or so. Do you think you can steer the ship while I am gone, little brother," Bette teased.

"Very funny, take your time sis, enjoy your coffee," Daniel replied innuendo obvious in his voice.

"You can stop that right now, she is in a relationship with Zoe. It will be nice just to sit and talk to an intelligent, beautiful woman."

Turning to walk out of her office, Daniel spun round, "Yeah, yeah, you stick with that story sis."

The day went very slowly, Ros and Jo were both distracted thinking about their respective responsibilities. Jo keeping Bette entertained and Ros ensuring Daniel had free reign in Bette's office.

At exactly 2 o'clock Bette appeared at the door, "Are you ready?" she asked Jo shyly.

"Certainly am. See you later babe," Jo turned to Ros.

"Have a good time," Ros called after them and if she was completely honest about the situation, she was more than a little jealous about Jo having coffee with another woman.

Within 15 minutes of Jo and Bette leaving the office, Ros saw Daniel casually stroll into Bette's office and close the door. She sat watching the door for about 10 minutes when she spotted one of Bette's body guards heading for the room. Leaping up she intercepted the woman, giving some feigned excuse that she needed to show her something. By the time she returned 20 minutes later, Bette's office was empty.

Flipping open her mobile phone, Ros dialled the all too familiar number, when the male voice answered, she said, "Hi Uncle Harry, how's things, yeah we miss you as well. Oh good you got the photo's developed and you captured everything. That's good news. All you need now is to get them put away for safe keeping. Yeah, you take care and see you later in the usual place."

Just as she finished the call Jo and Bette stepped out the lift, "Hi babe everything ok, did all the stuff arrive," Jo enquired.

"Yeah everything went smoothly thanks."

"Well Caitlin, that was a lovely break, now I must get back to work, thanks again, "Bette said as she walked away.

"Nice coffee?" Ros said sarcastically.

"Yes it was actually and you can calm that green eyed monster that's on the verge of appearing. You have nothing to worry about, she is very taken with the dark haired beauty she 'showed' her office the other day."

Letting out the breath she didn't realise she was holding, Ros said, "That's ok then. The meeting with Uncle Harry later is on. The sightseeing photos have come out just fine."


Chapter 31

It was nearly 5 o'clock and the two women were packing up their things to finish for the evening, when Daniel barged into the room, "Right you two I need you to take me to an appointment later, pick me up from my house at 6.30 sharp!" he barked, not stopping for an answer.

Putting their things back on the table, Ros flipped open her phone, "Hi Uncle Harry, sorry but there's been a slight change in arrangements later. All three of us are going direct, so see you there."

It wasn't worth Jo and Ros going home, it would take them all their time to get through the rush hour traffic. They decided to go across the road, have a coffee then make their way over to Daniel's house.

They had literally just sat down when the waitress brought over their drinks. "Your usual, enjoy ladies," she smiled, her eyes lingering on Jo.

"Thanks Debbie," Jo smiled back causing the woman to blush.

"Think you have a not so secret admirer there," Ros teased.

"I know I am fighting them off, first Bette, now Debbie, where will it end," Jo joked back.

"Talking of Bette, I feel sorry for her, or rather the fact her company is going to get caught up in all this. I dread to think what this will do to her reputation, once it gets out what Daniel has done," Ros had real concern in her voice.

"Mmmmmmm…I know what you mean. It's not really fair; all she has done wrong is to trust her brother implicitly. Is there anything we can do?"

"Maybe," Ros replied surreptitiously. Taking her phone out once again, "Hi Uncle Harry, look I am so sorry for bothering you. It's about aunty B, I know she's not invited tonight because of the family feud but she shouldn't be penalised. Can we make it up to her? Oh that's great thanks. See you later."

At exactly 6.30pm they arrived at Daniel's palatial house. Jo got out, walked up to the front door and rang the bell. It immediately swung open, "About bloody time," Daniel snapped as he roughly brushed passed her and headed for the car.

Following Daniel to the car, Jo heard him bark out the orders, "Same place as yesterday, for gods sake hurry, I can't afford to be late!"

"Certainly Sir," Ros answered coolly.

They arrived 5 minutes early, but Daniel remained in the back of the car. They could hear him taking big gulps of air as if to build up courage for the meeting with Dimitri. A few moments later they heard the door open and the familiar order, "Stay here" levelled at them.

Although it was just turning dark outside, the bench the two met sat at was pooled in an eerie yellow light. Ros knew from experience that Malcolm would have set up infra-red cameras giving absolutely clarity of who was at this meeting.

"You got it?" Dimitri enquired.

"Yes, but I have been thinking," Daniel answered nervously.

"A dangerous thing to do; for a man in your position, don't you think?" the Russian joked back.

"Look, I don't care about the money. What I do want is the negatives of those photos. Then we can both walk away from this with what we want and we never need to see each other again," Daniel tried.

Dimitri took his time answering the younger man. "Daniel, if only it were as simple as that. You wanted to play with the big boys and you got your wish. I am afraid you will not walk away with anything. You are our property now to do our bidding. This is just the start my friend. Now give me this information before I lose what little patience I have," Dimitri said menacingly.

Gulping, Daniel quickly realised his life as he knew it was over, slowly taking the package out of his pocket he handed it to the Russian. Then all hell broke loose, Ros could hear "Go! Go! Go, in her ear piece.

The surveillance team quickly rounded up Daniel and Dimitri, efficiently with the least amount of attention. The men were unceremoniously bundled into the back of a black van after they had been frisked of weapons and documents, with Daniel pleading his innocence.

A tap at the car window made Ros jump, pressing the button, the window slide effortlessly open. Smiling Harry peered in, "Well ladies, a job well done. I knew you could pull it off. We now have in custody, a traitor and a very senior Russian diplomat dealing on the black market."

"Excellent," Ros said, "What's happening about Bette?"

"Well as we speak, Malcolm is hacking into her personnel, company and payroll database and is downloading information which basically says that Daniel was sacked over 6 months ago due to expenses irregularities. Once details of Daniel's arrest are know, she can confirm that he has not been in her employ for a number of months etc etc. That should be enough to satisfy the City and her clients," Harry explained. "I trust you will want to tell her this information yourselves tomorrow?"

"Yeah we will. I suppose we should get back home and pack our stuff up," Jo said sadly.

"Why don't you stay till the end of the week, take a couple of days off, enjoy yourselves," Harry said, then added, "Together."

"But …..Sir…..how did you know?" Ros asked before seeing Harry's raised hand.

Harry smiled. "I might be older than both of you but I can see when two people care for each other, I have seen it build between you for months now. You don't think I would have chosen you for this mission if I wasn't absolutely certain you would be perfect for it now would you?"

"But, we didn't really know until this mission," Jo said perplexed.

"Well, great wisdom comes with age," said Harry, "Oh, don't worry about the team, they know as well. Ben won the final sweepstake about how long it would take you to get together."

The End

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